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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 31: That Time a Russian Managed to Noclip Out of Reality


Salutations, dear reader. Welcome back to my blog for the final time this year. This month has been filled with the wildest, strangest, and most unbelievable stories I’ve ever written about in the five years that it’s been around. Or, well, four years if you wish to pretend 2022 didn’t happen, given I only wrote a single movie review that year. Thank you, COVID brain fog, for robbing me of a year of my life.

But I digress. When I put the two Decemysterys together, the capstone entry for 2022.3 remained the same; the Professor Oak story was always what I had in mind. However, the one for today was not what I originally had in mind. I won’t spoil what it is since I’m hoping to use it as next year’s capstone entry, but I will say that I began work on it earlier in the year. I believe in June. I can’t remember precisely because of just how much I wrote in such a short amount of time.

However, I ultimately decided to hold off on finishing it because it would have been disgustingly long. It’s a case that’s extraordinarily personal to me, and I believed that if I’d rushed it, I would have felt so disappointed in myself for not giving it the proper love and care that I believe it deserves. So, that left me in limbo for a bit; I wasn’t sure what I’d use to end this absolute beast of a month off.

The biggest challenge in finding what I believe to be a truly worthwhile case was that this month was a never-ending one-upping of strangeness. Almost every story was just pure, unadulterated: “What in the world!?” through and through. So, in order to find what I felt was a proper capstone entry, I went looking for something that was not only weird but also encompassed everything that made this month special.

That story came to my attention a few months ago, in October, when I was looking at sustained_disgust’s Obscure Unsolved Mysteries Iceberg. We started out this month over there, and we shall end it off there. So come along, dear reader, as we end off 2023—and Decemystery—with That Time a Russian Managed to Noclip Out of Reality!

Decemystery (2022.3) 31: That Time Professor Oak Kidnapped A Child


Content warning: this write-up contains mentions of child sexual abuse.

This month has been filled with an absolutely massive amount of weirdness. From space penguins to vampiric caterpillars and tongue monsters to dancing bulls, this December takes the cake as the strangest of them all. Though, as is the case with Decemystery, I’ve saved the oddest story for last. For the capstone of Decemystery 2022.3, I have whatever you can call this story.

Despite being a rather harmless series on the surface, Pokémon has had a bizarrely large amount of controversy surrounding it throughout the years. While nowadays, it’s primarily criticized for the lackluster graphics and, in the case of the two most recent releases, polish, its early days had some other criticisms. From one side, you had PETA lambasted it for animal cruelty. On the other side, you had some religious groups accuse it of being Satanic for teaching evolution.

Today’s story will take us back in time to that time period, a time when video games had controversies that didn’t involve loot boxes and microtransactions. No, it was a simpler time. So to round off this Decemystery, let’s discuss That Time Professor Oak Kidnapped A Child. This one’s going to be a doozy.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 30: The Glowing Dancing Bulls

I believe I’ve said this on this blog before, but I like to dance, slow dance, to be exact. I don’t know why, but I find it relaxing and soothing. Unfortunately, I have no one to dance with, so I often dance around my room alone. Not that it matters that much because I’m not exactly the best dancer.

Thankfully, I have my writing; that means I’m not at risk of hurting my dance partner. Also, it means I get to go down all sorts of weird rabbit holes that lead to all sorts of strange, bizarre discoveries. That includes today’s story. For the penultimate entry of Decemystery 2023, we have the tale of The Glowing Dancing Bulls. Come along, dear reader; this is gonna be a really memorable one!

Decemystery (2022.3) 30: The Giant Lunar Spider


I’ve made it no secret that I am deathly scared of spiders. I cannot stand the sight of them; if I see one—even a small one—I will freak out and ask someone to kill it for me. In spite of that fear, though, I find them fascinating, and as I said earlier this month, stories of giant spiders remain one of my favorite topics to read about. I guess it’s my adoration for horror; being scared is quite fun. Well, it’s fun when the thing that’s doing the scaring isn’t anywhere close to me.

In the case of today’s story, the thing doing the scaring is nowhere close to me—or any of us, for that matter. Rather, it’s on Earth’s closest neighbor, the Moon! So, for the penultimate story of Decemystery 2022.3, we have the otherworldly account of The Giant Lunar Spider! Come along, dear reader, and get ready to experience a whole new level of arachnophobia!

Friday, December 29, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 29: The Light with a Thousand Voices

I’d like to take this moment to say that the header image for this write-up has absolutely nothing to do with the story itself. I had it picked out months upon months ago when this was going to be about a much different case but ultimately decided to hold off on covering it until a future date. However, I loved the close-up image of the owl from the film “The Fourth Kind” so much that I opted to keep it. It’s one of the very few things about that movie I actually like.

Now, why did I go on a paragraph-long tangent about that movie? Well, you see, I have absolutely no conceivable way to introduce this story. With this story, I could not—in any natural way—begin it without forcing the writing process to begin. The only way I could get everything in motion was a tangent; that’s the only way, in my eyes, this write-up could begin naturally.

When I plan out Decemysterys, I like to save the weirdest for last, specifically the final week, since I like to round out the year with a week of extraordinary strangeness. The thing is that this month has had a lot—and I mean a whole dang lot—of weird stories. To try and say that the last week of this month was any stranger than the previous weeks of this month would be ridiculously hard to sell.

I think the perfect example would be one of the first stories we covered this month, that of The Bagodemon. That monstrosity, whether you agreed with my assessment of it being a hoax or not, was said to move around by launching its arm at trees and sticking to them like it was made of gum. To call that “strange” would be like saying the Tsar Bomba was a firecracker.

However, today’s story is one that I cannot begin to introduce to you. It’s not a story that can be “described” or be eased into. It’s something that you just need to experience; you need to read it for yourself in order to bask in the incomprehensible madness that it offers. It sounds like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story; someone awakes to see a radiant light, and within it, he hears a thousand voices in it.

It was a story I randomly found while combing through NUFORC’s archives. My hope was to find an easy UFO sighting to write about so I could finish this month’s write-ups quickly. Instead, I found… whatever the heck this story was. So come along, dear reader, as we explore the story of The Light with a Thousand Voices!

Decemystery (2022.3) 29: The Vampire Caterpillar of Scotland


A needless bit of detail: I’m listening to “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith while I write this. A lovely piece of music for a story like this; it’s my specialty to have inappropriate background noise while writing about absolute silliness.

As I have said countless times, I pick some stories solely for the name. It’s just how I operate; I know that plenty of folks gravitate toward eye-catching titles. Trust me; I have friends I talk to—they’re just Internet friends. Nonetheless, if I ask them which story piques their interest more, ones like The Space Penguins of Tuscumbia will be chosen over The Kecksburg UFO Incident nine times out of ten.

Names carry a lot of weight, and that’s one reason I chose today’s story. With a name like The Vampire Caterpillar of Scotland, how could you not want to learn about it? Vampires are awesome, and caterpillars are interesting. Put them together, and you have an unbeatable duo! Right? Well, the only way to find out is to dive into this enigmatic tale of vampirism in the form of a giant creepy crawly! Also, I choked on a piece of a chocolate chip cookie shortly before writing this part. Still listening to Aerosmith, by the way.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 28: The Vampire of Ward End


Hello, dear reader! Let me tell you about something: I’m prone to wanting to write about things if they piqued my curiosity enough. That means I’ll abandon plans to cover a story if I stumble across something that catches my eye. This write-up right here is an example of that; I found it by complete accident and was like, “I want to write about this.”

I’ve already discussed vampires once this month, and it’s not the last time we’ll be covering them (no, the finale comes tomorrow in spectacularly weird fashion). So come along; this is the story of The Vampire of Ward End!

Decemystery (2022.3) 28: The 2010 Bratislava UFO Sighting


Hello, hello; welcome back to Limitless Possibilities, the only place on the Internet where one man can spend several thousand words talking about UFOs and not think to himself, “Will my readers get bored of this topic?” I am that man, and today, I am here to talk to you about another UFO sighting.

Okay, there is a reason why I’ve covered so many of these cases. The first is that I do find them genuinely interesting; it’s interesting to take a gander at them and speculate on whether or not they really happened and, if they did, what was actually seen. What can I say? I like to think about things.

The other is that I thought it would be a smart idea to do 64 write-ups; I got properly started in July—and am still writing at the tail end of December. It just so happens that UFO sightings are the easiest topic to cover without covering the most bottom-of-the-barrel nonsense that can be written off in 150 words. Sure, I did that with one story this month, but that was an exception to the rule because I found something more unusual within its nonsense.

Anyway, that brings me to this case. Yes, it’s another UFO sighting, but it’s quite interesting in my eyes. The eyewitness claimed to be a pilot, which is always interesting. When someone’s familiar with aircraft, it definitely comes across as more credible—to me, at least. So come along, dear reader, as we travel to the nation of Slovakia to discuss The 2010 Bratislava UFO Sighting!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 27: The Tajikistan Cloud Monster


Just a quick FYI: That image has nothing to do with today’s story, directly anyway. I simply went with it because I didn’t want to use my S-tier Microsoft Paint skills today.

Anyways, greetings! Welcome back to my blog, the little place where I ramble on for thousands of words about something weird I found on the Internet and share with you! Given that this is one of two ongoing Decemysterys, that means I’ve been posting daily. That also means I’ve been sitting on my bed for months now, typing and subsequently making my carpal tunnel worse. Ah, but that’s beside the point; no, you’re likely here to read about something strange.

Lucky for you, I have a never-ending supply of weird stories. After all, I spend most of my time reading about strange happenings from around the world; it’s one of the few things I do day in and day out. So, for today’s serving of Fortean goodness, I present to you the story of The Tajikistan Cloud Monster! Come along, dear reader; it’s time to dive into the world of alien sightings once more!

Decemystery (2022.3) 27: That Time Someone Saw Mickey Mouse


Growing up, I was a big fan of Disney. Mickey Mouse was one of my favorite things, as were Mickey’s friends. I also adored Winnie-the-Pooh; I still do to this day. The Hundred Acre Wood is easily my favorite place in the entire world of Disney.

So color me surprised when I saw a story featuring ol’ Mickey Mouse in real life. This was a story I didn’t intend to cover this month, but I simply couldn’t wait. So let’s take an impromptu trip to Disney World. This is the magical story of That Time Someone Saw Mickey Mouse! Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those stories.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 26: Boneless


I did say that today would have two stories about giant slugs. I only wish I’d been lying because this one is considerably more horrifying. Oh well, I’d rather delay this; the sooner we’re done with it, the sooner I won’t have this uneasy feeling in my stomach. Strap in, dear reader; this is the story of Boneless!

Decemystery (2022.3) 26: The Crimean Slug


In my life, I’ve seen only one or two slugs; I believe I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. The poor fellas had salt poured on them by the kids I called my friends. Their reason for doing this was “it made them look like scrambled eggs.” You know, in hindsight, this behavior really explains why they are the way they are today.

Lucky for me, I did not end up like them. Unlucky for me, I’m here to talk to you about not one but two stories related to slugs. You see, I don’t like slugs. In fact, I don’t like anything that’s small and crawls on the ground. They all scare and gross me out. That’s why today, I’m going to be telling you the story of larger-than-normal slugs, starting with The Crimean Slug. Just saying: the fact they’re larger actually makes this considerably worse.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Decemystery (2023) Bonus Entry: The Screaming Stars


Hello, hello; Merry Christmas! It’s time for the second Christmas Day bonus entry; this one is going to be vastly different than many other write-ups I’ve done. Today, we’re going to be looking at a 4chan greentext story. If you don’t know what those are, they’re basically bullet-point stories. I thoroughly enjoy reading them; they come in all kinds of genres but are normally comedic in nature.

Now, full disclosure: greentexts are by absolutely no means true stories. Sure, some may be, but to take them as true without question is a stupid thing to do. After all, this is 4chan we’re talking about. The site is notorious for pranks and spreading lies for a laugh. However, I want to share one of my favorite scary greentexts with you guys; this will still read like any other write-up from this month (or in general), but just know right off the bat that what you’re about to read isn’t being viewed as a “real” mystery.

With that out of the way, for Decemystery 2023’s bonus entry, look to the heavens and gaze in wonder at the infinite cosmos. This, dear reader, is the story of The Screaming Stars.

Decemystery (2022.3) Bonus Entry: The Ghosts of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Good evening, dear reader! Merry Christmas to you; have a seat near the fireplace. I have a story for you. A few of them, actually. This write-up isn’t focused on any one case or report; it’s more of a collection that I’ve amassed when researching the topic.

When I was putting together this year’s Decemysterys, I wanted to cover some stories related to NASCAR. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to all of them; the one about the Talladega sabotage ended up being considerably longer than I thought. So, I decided to forego most of the other stories.

There was one, however, that I kept. One that I thought was simply too good not to cover. You see, one of the most iconic tracks in all of motorsports stands in Indiana. It’s known as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, nicknamed “The Brickyard,” and it’s a beast that has a bloody history. So, for our first Decemystery bonus entry, we’ll be talking about The Ghosts of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Come along, dear reader; let’s go ghost hunting!

Decemystery (2023) 25: “It will come over the hill when it comes.”

I debated on how I should introduce this story. You see, I’m really bad at starting up stories (I’ve said that before), but I’m especially bad when the story is in quotes. I’ve done it only once, and that was three years ago. So, when it came time to kickstart this write-up, I was left wondering how to do that.

Ultimately, I decided to just jump into it; this is the story of something known as “It will come over the hill when it comes.” This is going to be a really weird one, dear reader!

Decemystery (2022.3) 25: The 1974 Talladega 500 Sabotage


This write-up is dedicated to my closest friends, most of whom I know thanks to my love for NASCAR. To each and every one of you, thank you for being among the greatest folks I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

I make it no secret that I’m a die-hard NASCAR fan. My late grandfather was a Dale Earnhardt, Sr. fan, and it’s thanks to him that I got into the sport. The very first race I watched—in full—was the 2004 Daytona 500, won by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I remember being really unhappy because I wanted Tony Stewart to win. My reason was I liked the color orange, and Stewart’s car was orange (he was sponsored by Home Depot). I envy my 8-year-old mind; the littlest things made it happy.

Also, as a random fun fact for those who don’t watch NASCAR: the number in a race’s name refers to the number of miles raced. This fact has no actual bearing on today’s write-up; I just wanted to share it.

Anyway, I eventually stopped watching NASCAR for quite a while; I forget the exact year. However, last year, I spontaneously decided to resume watching it. To my delight, my love never faded as I’ve been following it religiously once more. In fact, I attended my first race this year—the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. It was awesome!

Though, I digress; this isn’t meant to be about the life and times of yours truly. No, we’re here to talk about a mystery—and as you can likely tell, it’s related to NASCAR. It’s one I’ve had my heart set on writing about for the entire year. It’s also one that has an incredibly small amount of documentation; I honestly cannot believe a case like it isn’t talked about much more.

But let’s not delay any further. With the engines roaring with life and the green flag waving in the air, let’s get the show underway. This, dear reader, is the story of The 1974 Talladega 500 Sabotage!

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 24: The Television Demon

Hello, dear reader! I hope your Christmas Eve morning is a fantastic one; if you aren’t reading this on Christmas Eve, then I hope your day is still amazing. Anyway, welcome back to my blog; it’s time for another round of Decemystery fun. This story is one that caught my eye for a multitude of reasons, not the least being its title.

When I was a wee lad, I remember two horror movies very fondly: The Ring and The Grudge. If you weren’t alive back then (2002 and 2004, respectively), they were American remakes of two Japanese horror films: Ringu and Ju-On. Their success led to an abundance of Asian horror films being remade here in the United States. Most of them were absolute trash. In fact, I think the aforementioned two films were the only ones that were deemed good in some capacity.

Anyway, those two movies had a huge influence on me. The Grudge scared the living daylights out of me as a kid; that croaking will forever haunt my nightmares. Meanwhile, The Ring always stuck with me for the visual of a ghost crawling out of a television. It’s equal parts surreal and terrifying; I absolutely adore it and wish more horror movies did more creative things like that.

That brings us to today’s story. When I was searching for things to write about, I stumbled across an account that reminded me a lot of The Ring. I knew right away that I had to cover it; there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to cover something like that. So come along, let’s take a look at The Television Demon!

Decemystery (2022.3) 24: The Humanoid Phoenix

It’s the eve before the happiest time of the year—or so the saying goes. Indeed, today is Christmas Eve; I wish you all the merriest of ones. I have no idea what I’ll be doing when this post goes up, but I’m sure it will be peaceful. God knows that I need it after writing 64 write-ups one after another.

With those festivities in mind, let us get to the write-up. I love humanoid sightings; stories of Pale Crawlers, aquatic humanoids, and all other manner of human-like creatures fascinate me. Though, arguably the most interesting to me is the winged humanoid, beings like the legendary Mothman captivate me like little else.

So, for today’s story, we’re headed down to Texas. It’s there where we’ll find a report of a winged humanoid that is truly out of this world. It’s not just strange; it’s downright dumbfounding. It’s known as The Humanoid Phoenix, and even though the story is absurdly short, it’s nonetheless worth hearing about. So come along, dear reader, and let us celebrate Christmas Eve with one of the weirdest humanoid encounters I’ve ever read!

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 23: The Oklahoma Fly Man


I have had some really bad experiences with Flies. I remember once when I was playing Dead Island; one was inside our house; this little bastard decided to fly near me, so I clapped at it, hoping to kill it. No dice, though, but it decided to fly in front of me like, “Haha, you missed!” To this day, I swear it momentarily gained sapience because there’s no way it didn’t know what it was doing.

Oh well, it got it deserved because my mother eventually killed it. I’m incapable of doing anything worthwhile when it comes to insects; I’d resort to throwing television to try and kill a gnat. Too bad I’d miss it; further proof that I’m incapable of doing much of anything outside of finding weird stories on the Internet.

Anyway, now that you know my history with pests that had wings, you can likely guess why I picked today’s story. Well, outside of the name (which I’ve said plenty of times, I pick stories if the name is eye-catching). With a name like The Oklahoma Fly Man, I knew right away that there was no way I’d pass up the opportunity to cover something that brings to mind memories of both The Fly and my utter disdain for those aerial jerks. So come along, dear reader; it’s time for yet another tale of high strangeness!

Decemystery (2022.3) 23: Terry Lopi's Disappearing Barn


I won’t lie; I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to think of an introduction for this story. I swear, this is the hardest part of these write-ups; it wasn’t always that way. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain too much about my woes because today’s story is one I alluded to earlier this month!

Back when I wrote about The Kentucky Horsewalker, I said that I hoped there were no stories of disappearing barns. Well, surprise, surprise, there are. One of two safe havens for one man in Utah disappeared; that’s like a 50% Defense nerf! But what could cause one man’s barn to up and vanish? Well, come along, dear reader, let’s find that out; it’s time to dive into the story of Terry Lopi’s Disappearing Barn.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 22: The Giant Golden Mosquito of Missolonghi

Growing up in suburban New York, I was accustomed to summers being filled with mosquitoes. I hated it with every fiber of my being. It was made worse by my friends talking about West Nile Virus and talking about how mosquitoes would be the death of me and the rest of us. Thankfully, I didn’t die because of those winged demons, so I can continue to write about the wild mysteries I find.

For today’s Decemystery entry, we’ll be taking a trip over to Greece. Somehow, this country has never been featured in a write-up on this blog until today—despite thousands of years of history being readily available for me to cover. Well, better late than never!

Today, we’ll be headed to one of Greece’s many coastal areas—specifically Missolonghi (or Messolonghi; I’ve seen it spelled both ways, but I’ll be going with the former). It’s here where one Greek citizen’s world would be changed forever; I am not good at setting a dramatic mood, I know. Anyway, come along, dear reader; this is the story of The Giant Golden Mosquito of Missolonghi! Would you believe me if I told you that this was a UFO sighting? Yeah, this is a UFO sighting. Trust me, I’m just as confused as you (possibly) are.

Decemystery (2022.3) 22: That Time Someone Saw the Joker in Their Closet


I remember as a child that I, for whatever reason, never had a real fear of monsters under my bed or in my closet. I guess that’s because I slept on a couch (I still do—old habits die hard) and because my duodenal ulcers hurt too much for me to be afraid of the dark.

That said, I will admit that closets can be pretty dang scary. Tight, enclosed spaces with little-to-no light are unsettling. For me, though, my fear isn’t some monster leaping out to attack me while in them. No, it’s if there’s a spider in there with me. That chick from The Grudge could be in there, ready to kill me, and I’ll still be more terrified of the spider that’s as big as the tip of my pinky finger. 

Although I never got to experience the fear of monsters in the closet, though, plenty have. In today’s story, someone found that fear to be all too real; our eyewitness insists that it was neither a dream nor her imagination. Indeed, this lady believes that one of the most iconic villains in comic book history was peering out from her closet. So come along, dear reader, let us dive into the story of That Time Someone Saw the Joker in Their Closet!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 21: The Bat Boy of Roswell


I have to say, when I opted to do two concurrent Decemysterys, I had no idea that I’d be working on them into November. I know that sounds absurd; there are 64 write-ups in total, after all. The thing is, I have absolutely no understanding of “foresight.” That means I frequently end up overworking myself and getting exhausted to the point of burnout. Add on a great many inconvenient happenings (not to mention procrastination), and you have a recipe for wanting to curl up and hibernate until, say, next Halloween or so.

Unfortunately, such a thing is not permissible, thanks to my undying desire to see this project through; my own desires for a year-long sleep be damned! There’s writing to be done, and today’s story is one that must be written lest I feel a great level of regret for not covering it. It’s one that caught my attention for one very specific reason—one that I won’t be delving into until the theories section. However, anyone who recognizes the header image likely knows why. For everyone else, just know that it’s because it holds a very special place in my heart.

Now, then, onto the story itself. This month has been chock full of weird, unbelievable stories, and this one is no different. Come along, dear reader; it’s time to head to the southwestern United States to one of the most important locations in UFO lore. Let’s dive into the absolutely glorious case of The Bat Boy of Roswell!

Decemystery (2022.3) 21: The Gigantic, Metallic, Aerial Snake-Lobster of Chile


Welcome back to my blog, dear reader. It’s officially the first day of winter, which is nice for those of you who like winter. Personally, I’m more of an autumn and spring guy. Winter signals to me that it’s Decemystery, which I always enjoy doing deep down. It’s a time when I get to test my writing capabilities by jumping from story to story without much of a break. It’s a great deal of fun until I feel like I’m losing my hair. Ah, but whatever; let’s get into today’s mysteries.

Our story today for Decemystery 2022.3 is one that caught my attention due to the name. It’s also one that’s on “Think About It Docs,” which is a website dedicated to UFOs, aliens, and all other things extraterrestrial. Despite that, this story sounds a lot like a cryptid story, but believe me, it isn’t, not in the slightest. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; you’ll see what I mean in due time.

Now, then,  let’s take a trip to South America. The weather is warmer, the wildlife is exotic, and both the UFOs are truly something else. Today, we’ll be discussing one that I call The Gigantic, Metallic, Aerial Snake-Lobster of Chile! Strap in because this is going to be one of the weirdest rides of the month yet.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 20: sophia_red_room.avi


Content warning: this write-up contains a mention of rape and heavy violence. If that upsets you, it may be wise to gloss over this write-up. I don’t blame you if it does; it sure as hell upset me.

Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to my blog. If you read the write-up posted just before this one, then you’ll see that it’s one of two that I mentioned earlier this month. I had said I wanted to cover it at a future date. Well, I never did specify when, so I hereby say that that time is now.

Now, before I even get to the story, I want to address one thing—something related to the title. This story technically has to do with red rooms, which is a topic that’s been on my to-do list since 2019. I debated on whether I wanted to dive into them in any meaningful capacity, but I ultimately opted against it. My reason is simple: I think Internet mysteries are so over-talked about that there’s absolutely nothing I could add that would be worth a damn. All I would be doing is parroting the same thing dozens of YouTubers have said. Only it would be in text form instead of a video. But, who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind.

With that said, there is something I can add to—even if it’s only a bit. That is the horrifying story of sophia_red_room.avi! One of the many obscure entries on the Conspiracy Iceberg, this is one that caught my eye the day I first laid eyes on it. So, without further ado, let’s once again take a trip down the Conspiracy Iceberg!

Decemystery (2022.3) 20: Fox is Here


Well, I had said in a previous write-up this month that I wanted to cover this story at some point in the future alongside another. After much consideration, I decided that I may as well do both of them today!

I’m a simple man. While I’ve read about a lot of wild stuff and looked into a ton of weirdness, there is a lot I know little about. Two of those topics are mysticism and anything new-age. I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my head around either topic, even though I’ve tried.

Ideological stuff is another thing that I struggle with, but I’d rather save that for another day when I tackle a story that’s ideological in nature. For now, today’s story is something that dives into some mystical mysteriousness. Thankfully, it doesn’t require a whole lot of knowledge in order to get it. So I won’t need to give a half-baked lecture on anything.

Fox is Here is a story from the Conspiracy Iceberg. That’s about where the sensible stuff ends; this is easily one of the weirdest entries on that Iceberg. So come along, dear reader; it’s time to pull some Dan Brown-level shenanigans and find out the real names of God and The Devil!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 19: The Gargoyle at the Window


Have you ever gotten that feeling you’re being watched? I sometimes do, though it’s that someone is watching and more that there’s a spider looking at me from on the wall. I’ve driven myself into anxiety attacks because I get so paranoid that one is near me. How I achieve such amazing feats of idiocy, I will never know, but I do.

The concept of being watched by something is a core part of today’s story. It was one that caught my eye for two reasons. The first was the title. Aside from sounding interesting, gargoyles are something I’ve not talked about since Decemystery 2018—half a decade ago. I have no idea why it’s taken so long for me to talk about them again, but it has.

The second was the creep factor. There are stories out there that have sent a shiver down my spine, but this one hit a chord few others do. I was listening to a video by Sacrow—whose content is outstanding—and he mentioned how he has an innate fear of being watched through a window. Or, well, something to that effect. I’m in the same boat; I find the idea of being watched through a window or anything like that incredibly scary.

So, as you can tell by the name of today’s story, this is one that evokes a sense of paranoia that I seldom feel. Given I’m writing this a week before Halloween, however, that means I’m all for it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the story of The Gargoyle at the Window!

Decemystery (2022.3) 19: The Kentucky Horsewalker


One of the things I love the most about operating this blog is that I never know what will catch my eye next. Sometimes, I have a story in mind, but then I stumbled across this really crazy or outlandish-sounding cryptid, UFO sighting, or conspiracy theory. Whatever it is, it’s so crazy that I just have to cover it next.

That’s the case with today’s story. It was by pure chance that I came across it; after reading it, I knew right away that I needed to write about it. So come along, dear reader; it’s time to talk about The Kentucky Horsewalker!

Monday, December 18, 2023

Decemystery (2023) 18: The Polish Flying Man & The Polish Flying Leg

A random fun fact about me, I have crippling acrophobia. Despite that, I kind of wish I could fly since it’d be convenient. For starters, I could avoid traffic. I could also get a really good view of things. You know, stuff that I think would be useful.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to fly outside of my dreams, so I guess I’ll have to try and find a genie’s lamp. Until I do, there are always mysteries that yearn to be talked about. Luckily for you and me, it’s still December, so mysteries are on the menu every day!

If you read the entry that preceded this one, you’ll know that today, I’m covering two stories from the 17th century. This one will see us jump ahead from 1646 to 1693 and will take us from the Netherlands to Poland. Let’s take to the skies and discuss the truly baffling tale of The Polish Flying Man!