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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

So, Where Is It From? Well, That's The Beauty of It! It Isn't From Anywhere!

I want to take a minute to ask you all a question. Tell me: have you ever heard this in a film or television show before?

“So, what does it do?”

“That's the beauty of it! It doesn't do anything!”

I went around and asked 42 people if they'd ever heard that line and their answers were all quite surprising to me.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Video Game Review: Pokémon – Altered Emerald

Life's taken me to many places this year and as of late, the places it's taken me have been nothing but the best. However, these past few days, I've diverged to an area I've not been to with any level of genuine enthusiasm in several years: the world of Pokémon.

I've not really cared for the Pokémon games since Black & White's sequels, though I did complete Pokemon Y and most of Omega Ruby. I never played through any of Sun, Moon, or their… sequels—if that's what Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were. I digress however, one thing I've always quite enjoyed were the ROM Hacks that the fan community make. There have been a few that I've enjoyed, though I never dove into that many. Lately however, I have. So, today, I'm gonna review one that I've played through—most of it anyways. I've not done too much with the post-game content, but I may do a follow-up review when I do.