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Friday, November 22, 2019

Conspiracy: The 2006 Volleyball Incident

It's time to don these, lads and lasses!

Let's have some fun with this write-up folks. We're taking a deep dive into a very strange story today. It's one I found while poking around for something to write about. I wasn't searching for anything special really, but Lady Luck decided I was a good boy and I deserved something extra special.

Nowadays, with how divisive the topic of the second amendment of the United States is, any school shooting—or mass shooting for that matter—is guaranteed to spark a 24 hour long debate about how we should repeal or regulate it. At the same time, the pushback against such a topic will cause the former group to push even harder.

That makes today's story all the more peculiar in its name. It's something called the 2006 Volleyball Incident and it's been called both a conspiracy theory and a case of the Mandela Effect. I try to avoid conspiracies when I can as I try to focus more on your normal mysteries of the world and crime. However, this particular one I'll make an exception for as it's truly something bizarre.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What Could Have Been: B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations

B.O.O. was a DreamWorks film that was roughly 60% complete when it was canceled thanks to corporate restructuring (roughly 500 animators were laid off thanks to the underperformance of films like 2014's How To Train Your Dragon 2). Originally slated for a release in June 7, 2015, the film was sent back to being "in development" seven months prior to its release. Below, you'll discover what this film could have been.