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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Greatest Idea I've Ever Had (An Update and Preview)

I’ve had a great many ideas in my life. Most of them never come to fruition due to a lack of motivation or something happens that makes them falter and eventually fade into the realm of every other idea I’ve had that’s floundered.

One of the few ideas I’ve had that’s ended up making it to the world of completion is that of the megalist of conspiracies I wrote back in February. That, admittedly, had no reason not to get mad. I had a severe bout of stomach trouble and I was determined to see it become a reality, if only to showcase that I can indeed write something lengthy.

Not even two months later and that’s the case yet again. With the Coronavirus pandemic raging and my dog having passed away last month (an event that’s honestly still taking a toll on me in spite of it not outwardly showing whenever I talk to friends), I’ve found myself in something of a slump. I had wanted to do another daily blog post series last month, but I ended up capitulating due to, well, the aforementioned events. As such, I turned my attention to another megalist that ended up blowing up from a 1,000 list of cryptids to 5,000 unsolved mysteries.

That’s why I’m making this update. I’d call this the greatest idea I’ve ever had. The reason for its existence is simple: I find many Top X Lists on the Internet to be regurgitated in content and generally redundant. As such, I want to make the ultimate list; something where any content creator can look and poach from if they so wish to. As for why I’d make something so massive and not try to make it into a book: I did have that idea, but I’m hoping that this will be some sort of genuinely helpful thing. I’d rather have it be up on the Internet for free. That and I’m a bit hesitant to write it as a book. I’d rather try to get a much bigger and more thorough work published.

So with that said, I’m hopeful to have it out by the Summer time. Until then, enjoy a preview of what will be the first 1,000 entries (in name only because they’ve yet to be written). As an FYI: repeated names aren’t an error, they’re two separate cases.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

I guest wrote on another website!

Hello, dear reader. While I'm hard at work on another megalist, I have some super cool news. I guest wrote on a small mystery website called! It's a wordpress site operated by a YouTuber named Barely Sociable. For my contribution, I covered The Croglin Grange Vampire! I hope you all check it out. Also, give some of the other articles a look. But give mine a look first—because I'm more important.

Hi, Kairo!

Edit: I posted a second one. This is likely to be the final one for a bit as I continue work on some other projects for this blog. I hope you all enjoy it though. This one is on the Az’-i-wû-gûm Ki-mukh’-ti.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Mystery: The Oviedo Dick Monster

Oviedo on a map of Florida.
Salutations, dear reader. I’ve been extremely busy with a massive list as of late, so I apologize for not posting much lately. I don’t know when I will be posting regularly again, but it’ll hopefully be sometime in the not too distant future. For now, let’s have a bit of fun.

I recently tried to get ads put onto this blog so I can make a bit of money—or at the very least to make some so that I can forward it to a good cause, such as me not starving during the dreadful thing known as quarantine. Alas, Google had other plans. Namely, that this blog commits the act of “scraping content”. That’s actually something I’m unfortunately aware of. When it comes to writing, I’ve always been hyper self-conscious and even a bit displeased with how I tend to not add anything new to the table. I’m merely a parrot when it comes to many things, but I want to change that today—or at least I hope to. Okay, maybe not really, I just wanted to post something for the month of April and being told I scrape content motivated me.

Our story today is one that I found while browsing the cryptidz wiki. It was on a page called “The Top Ten Ridiculous Cryptids” and it got a really good laugh out of me when I first saw it. There are a fair number of nonsensical entries and even one that I talked about already (Gef the Talking Mongoose). The one that got the biggest laugh out of me though is called the Oviedo Dick Monster. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s everything you’d likely imagine it to be.