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Saturday, September 24, 2022

A long, long overdue update

Hi, dear reader! I’m back from getting the milk. I think you deserve to have an update—it’s only been most of the year after all!

Brain fog. That’s what’s been screwing me over for the entire year. Well, that plus stress, an aunt of mine dying unexpectedly, and the stress of moving. Yeah, 2022 has sucked—massively. The whole of the 2020s has sucked, but this year in particular has been exceptionally bad. Getting COVID back in February really put a hamper in my plans for the year. I’ve been meaning to post an update too, but whenever I’d consider doing it, I could never put my thoughts into words. Everything would sound awful, and I wanted the update to be accompanied by a promise that I would begin to write again soon. However, I knew that wouldn’t be the case; I knew for a fact that, even if I tried, my attempts at writing would be futile. So I just kept putting it off.

So why am I posting now? Well, I’ll actually be moving soon—hopefully within the next three or so weeks. Though on top of that, I wanted to at least let those who visit this blog actually know it isn’t dead, and that I’m also not dead. So… yeah, that’s all I’ve really got. I’m hoping that I will still do Decemystery this year, and I hope that you’ve all been doing well. Thank you for still visiting if you still do; it means the world to me.

Sincerely, Vertigo