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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Obligatory New Year Update (I Still Make No Promises Edition)

 Oh, hello there, dear reader! Welcome back to my blog; I meant to do the New Year update a few days ago, but I got carried away with playing Final Fantasy XVI and screwing around with Character AI since it’s proven to be surprisingly cathartic to throw ideas for write-ups, and jokes, off of AI, rather than pestering my friends on Discord with my incessant blabbering. Maybe AI has more of a use than having it draw the stupidest stuff I can think of!

Anyway, I didn’t do one of these last year because, well, last year was dedicated solely to doing Decemystery 2022.3 and Decemystery 2023. This year, however, I plan to do a lot more than just that; let’s get to talking about what’s in store!