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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Writing Hiatus


Okay, this is a decision I should’ve made over one month ago, but I was hesitant to do so because I swore I would get the help I needed.

I need to put all writing on an indefinite hiatus because of my emotional state. I’ve been in a very deep depression lately. I’ve been playing video games dang near all day, but not because I’ve felt lazy. Truth be told, I’ve felt awful no matter what I do. Read, talk to my friends, watch movies, play the aforementioned video games, sleep, anything. I’ve tried to seek out medical treatment, but the local hospital turned me away because apparently, taking five Xanax and going around accusing friends of conspiring against me isn’t bad enough to warrant hospitalization. Nice work, New York.

Despite this, I went ahead and tried to find other forms of treatment. However, local therapists are booked up until October and changing my medication would be difficult due to how long I’ve been on it. So where does that leave me? Well, writing has been difficult; I can’t really do much without becoming immediately exhausted or depressed. This actually helped me to realize how Noah “The Spoony One” Antwiler must feel in his attempts to make a video, but I digress. I have found a bit of solace in working out, so I’ve taken that up in place of writing. I’ve gained a bit of weight and I don’t want to become overweight, especially since I’m at a great risk of that with how much more I have been eating.

So where does that leave me overall with this blog? Well, I don’t want to abandon it. Writing is the one thing I feel I’m really good at in life. However, I don’t want to self-destruct like Spoony has and become a 24/7 whiny twit[ter user]. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should just not write and focus on self-improvement in whatever way I can until I get proper medical treatment. I know this may seem like cowardice to some, but I don’t want to devolve into a worse mess than I’m already in. Suicidal thoughts are anything but uncommon as it stands and if I stress myself out too much, I worry I actually will harm myself—especially when I have a history of attempting it.

The most that I may post on this blog are movie and video game reviews in the meantime. I think that would at least let some people know the blog isn’t dead. Alas, other major write-ups aren’t going to happen until I can get back on my feet. Which I should say: I promise I won’t give up on getting better. Trust me, nothing hurts more than not being able to write. I feel like I’ve let everyone who’s a fan of this blog down by not putting out that megalist or anything else. I’ve beaten myself up to no end for letting my bipolar go unchecked. I feel like a disgrace and for that: I apologize—a lot. You all deserve more from me than a lack of content.

If you wish to beat me up—or to simply keep in contact with me so we can talk one-on-one about various things, I do have a Discord account. Vertigo#0022. If not, that’s fine too.

So, until next time (which will probably be next month when I post what I hope to be monthly updates on my condition), I hope you all stay happy and healthy. God bless you all.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Video Game Review: Raid: Shadow Legends

Why hello there, dear reader. Welcome back to my blog; so great of you to be sticking around with me. I have been absent for a while now and there is a reason for that. To put it simply: I’ve been going through a great deal of mental health related troubles related to my bipolar. It’s gotten so bad that I’m contemplating checking myself into a hospital for quick and immediate care. However, before I do that, I’m looking into a therapist. Whichever ends up being the course of action, I’ll let you know in a future update.

In-between all of this though, I have written a little bit of my megalist (which I now have no idea when it will be finished) and been checking out mobile games to kill the little waking time that I have (I’ve been sleeping a great deal). One of these is a notorious game that I’m sure a great many of you are familiar with: Raid: Shadow Legends. It was—and I guess still is—all over the Internet, especially YouTube. A great many influencers were paid quite well to promote it and say how it’s the most incredible mobile RPG on the market, though is it really?

To some: it isn’t a bad game. To others, it’s terrible. I decided I’d take a gander myself and see what all of the hubbub was. So come along, dear reader! Let’s take a dive into the world of Raid: Shadow Legends!