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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Decemystery (2020) 6: The Akashic Records

Hello dear reader! It’s another day in the wonderful month of December and that means it’s time for a new entry in this year’s Decemystery. Today’s story is that of the Akashic Records, a story I’ve been meaning to cover for a fairly long time now. So come along, let’s open up the doorway to the new age Book of Life. Tally-ho!

The Story

Said to be something akin to the Book of Life, the Akashic Records is said to be an archive of everything that has been, is, and will be here on Earth. All desires, all conversations, all thoughts, everything is stored in there.

It’s said that anyone can access the Akashic Records at any time, but in order to do so: one must first purge any and all negativity from themselves. That more or less means that the odds of me ever being capable of gaining access to them is so low, I may as well try to survive a fall from 35,000 feet in the air. Geronimo!

However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t access them! Heck, it’s said that some folks actually have. There’s a claim that Dmitri Mendeleev—creator of the Periodic Table—accessed them while in his sleep. As the story goes, in a dream, Mendeleev saw the elements on what would become the Periodic Table “fall into place”. When he awoke, he immediately began to draw down what he’d seen.

So how can one purge themselves of all negativity? Well, in order to achieve that, one would need to simply achieve a higher state of oneself. That’s fancy talk for shell out about $7,000 to new age spiritualists and organizations like Gaia—which I actually have a subscription to since there’s a lot of entertainment there that’s perfect for write-ups that I want to do (that, and I have no idea how to pirate their shows).

If you think this is a joke by the way, I genuinely have never heard of a way to access these Records without someone first asking for a boatload of money. Given that they’re strictly tied to new age beliefs, any sort of Prog Guru will take advantage of a gullible person to first ask for your money, so good luck trying to find anyone selfless enough to help you. Ironic, no?

So yeah, that’s the Akashic Records. There’s not a whole lot more to them, but could they be real? Well, most of you will likely have the default answer of “no”, but I digress. Let’s head into the theories to talk about why they may and may not be real.


1. It’s real

The first theory is that they’re, well, real. As I mentioned earlier with Gaia, there’s a show on there from someone who claims that he accessed them. Then there’s the story of Mendeleev. There are other stories from people who claim to have accessed them—presumably without the need of a new age spiritualistic guru who they paid thousands to for “enlightenment”. So it stands to reason that they exist, right?

Ehh, that’s up for debate.

I’ve had plenty of lucid dreams that I can interpret as having been me accessing something far greater than what we know and I’m sure you have too—in some capacity. Because of this, I’d be hesitant to immediately jump to the conclusion that they exist. However, many ardent believers in the Akashic Records generally hold a very firm belief that they are, in fact, real, so I think that many would likely have my head on a pike if I dared to argue in any capacity other than “they’re real”. Though maybe I’m being a bit cynical.

2. It’s nonsensical hooplah

The second and final theory is that they’re not real whatsoever; a complete fabrication for those who want to believe there’s a way to access the answers to life without having to do much of anything other than throw money at a person they can follow.

You’ve likely been thinking to yourself during this write-up that this all sounds like complete and total nonsense and if I’m to be honest, I’d be surprised if you didn’t. The Akashic Records sound like something far too big to ever be real without having to subscribe to the belief that a God exists. While I’m Catholic, the mere thought that something so massive can exist where everything is archived is like something out of a ridiculously high concept fantasy series.

However, given that the Records themselves are said to exist in an entirely different plane of existence, most will also argue that there’s no way to disprove their existence. As such, you’re really stuck in an endless loop where every retort will consist of “yes, but…” Because of this, I think that continuing this theory is pointless since we’ll be here all day.

My Take

Truth be told, I like to think that the Akashic Records could be real. I hold the belief that life is far, far bigger and more fantastical than we believe it to be and the Akashic Records fit into that belief perfectly. At the same time, I also think that they’re a little too big. While yes, they’re said to exist on a different plane of reality, I think that something that holds the answers to everything past, present, and future is so monumentally gargantuan that I cannot even begin to fathom how on God’s green Earth anyone could ever feasibly access what it is they specifically want.

Well, unless the answers come to them and not the other way around.

With that said, I think that if they do exist, it will be a long, long time before any human can freely access them—unless they live in some sort of isolatory environment where anger is more or less unknown to them, yet the knowledge of the Records is also a prerequisite to living in said isolation. Or, in simpler terms: I think that living a lifestyle akin to that of Buddhist Monks would likely be an easy way to access them. It makes me want to read more into the stories of fantastical achievements by Monks in all honesty.

On one final note: I think that the stories of Mendeleev and the fellow from Gaia are something I’d have to look more into before I came to any sort of concrete conclusion. If anyone’s familiar with other stories of the Akashic Records, I would really appreciate it if you told me them. Any and all information is always welcome and this story is something I wanted to keep short as it’s very off-the-cuff.

So in short: I think the Records fit into the type of beliefs I hold, but I think they’re a bit too fantastical, even for me. Still, it’s a really amazing and unique concept; I hope they’re real. It’d be super cool.


Let us now close the door to the archives of this spiritual location and make our way to tomorrow’s destination. Where is that? No spoilers now! However, if you can access the Akashic Records, you will know what is to come…

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  1. Consider Cormac McCarthy's The Kekulé Problem. It might shed some light on this topic.