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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Decemystery (2020) 27: Greys


Hello, hello, how goes it, dear reader? I want to ask you a very simplistic, easy to answer question: do you believe that we’re alone in the Universe?

In my experiences, I have gotten a generally consistent answer from my friends, family, and acquaintances: “no, we are not alone”. Every now and then, I will meet someone who believes we are, but the general consensus is, in my circle of friends, that somewhere, intelligent life exists. You know, ayy lamps.

Unfortunately for me, in my infinite wisdom, I’ve never asked any of those friends exactly what they believe those intelligent life forms are like. As far as I’m aware, none of them believe there to be other humans out there, nor do any of them believe that Mass Effect is real. So, we are without our Liara waifu. A truly sad day for us all. Alexa, play Mad World by Gary Jules.

Though what of those who are outside my little circle? Well, that’s where the fun lies. Not that my circle of friends is boring—far from it. It’s just that a lot of the magnificently bizarre and exciting theories lie outside of it. You see, there are a plethora of theories regarding what people believe intelligent life is like.

Some believe that there are Reptilians. I’m pretty sure that most of you are familiar with these guys. They’re said to be very tall, scaly, and in some cases, can shapeshift. They’re also said to appear like humanoid lizards (which is why some refer to them as “lizard people”). David Icke has made them extremely famous thanks to his claims that political leaders like Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, and Barack Obama are all Reptilian shapeshifters. So I guess that it goes without saying that it’s almost universally believed that Reptilians are said to be extremely evil and malicious in nature.

Others say that there are “Nordic Aliens”. These entities are among some of the oddest because they’re said to resemble humans—even if they’re a tad bit taller than us. Most put them at about 7 feet (2.1 meters), though I’m sure their height can be closer to that of an average human.

Said to be blond, white, and generally appearing like someone from a Nordic country (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to be exact), Nordic Aliens are said to be benevolent and nonthreatening. What their goals are, I don’t know, but they appear to care for humanity in some capacity. Some also say they reside underground or deep within mountains/caves.

Then there are the Venusians. These folks are like the Nordic Aliens, but they apparently like to have sex with humans. At least, that’s what it seems like. Whenever someone is abducted by a Venusian, it usually leads to the UFO’s bedroom. It’s kinda weird.

Draconians are up next. These folks are like the Reptilians, but their appearance is closer to that of a dragon. They’re kind of rude and don’t like humans, though I believe at least one account states that they’re benevolent.

Robots are next. These folks are generally non-threatening and are just… robots. If you remember that weird story about the Dade City flower aliens, they fall into that category. There are also other stories like those guys, such as living cans and other weird things. I think these guys may be new to the whole “alien” thing given those living cans got hit by a car.

Little Green Men! These folks are said to be mischievous and generally pranksters. The Ririe Carjackers fall into this category. They don’t really care, they’re just frat boys who want to go around having a good time. Also, if that sounds really casual, it’s because everything I know about aliens comes from my own experiences of reading stories. So, apologies if this isn’t exactly “in-depth”. We’ll get to the point soon enough though.

Bigfoot… oh man, I have been dreading this one for a while. The belief that Bigfoot is an alien comes from the correlation of UFO sightings, followed by a rash of Bigfoot reports. It’s definitely odd that the two can go hand-in-hand, but the general belief that Bigfoot is an alien doesn’t really hold much water among the UFO community as far as I’m aware.

Rods/Skyfish are up to bat now. These folks are generally without a real form; they’re wispy and/or seen in the sky. It’s better if you look them up on your own because explaining them is exceedingly difficult without sounding crazy.

Last, certainly not least, and far from the last supposed species of alien, there are Greys. These are without a shadow of a doubt the most famous type of alien—bar none. They’re said to be tall (though this isn’t universal), have grey skin, large eyes that are almost entirely black, are thin, and their motives vary—heavily. They’re the focus of today’s write-up too, so we’ll get to go over what exactly those motives are!

However, I would like to say that most of this write-up will be written based on what I know. As such, I won’t go over an array of supposed sightings, encounters, and alien abductions. I want to focus on what Greys are. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The Story

Where exactly the origin of the Grey comes from is unknown, but Wikipedia mentions that one of the earliest mentions of them is from a novel by H.G. Wells called “Man of the Year Million”. In it, Wells writes of a man who evolves into a grey-skinned being (more on this much later). Regardless of where they come from though, the modern day Grey is likely derived from the supposed corpses found at the 1947 Roswell Incident.

Now, on their surface, Greys would look human. Well, if you exclude the fact their heads are massive, they lack a nose, ears, and genitalia. Still, their general outward appearance from afar looks human. They stand upright, have arms, hands, legs, feet, and mouths. Oddly though, I’ve never heard of a story where they actually speak. Instead, it’s said they communicate telepathically.

A large focus of Greys tends to come from their eyes. It’s always the first thing most notice with them. They’re generally very sizable, typically taking up a large portion of their face. Though in some cases, the eyes of a Grey can be slanted and oval-shaped. In almost all cases, the eyes are almost pure black and instill a great deal of fear into those that see the Grey.

As mentioned before, Greys are said to be capable of telepathy. This is where one learns whether or not the Grey is benevolent or a monumental dick. In some cases, the Grey will tell the witness that they mean no harm and are simply there for something (water, wheat, metal, or some other benign thing), though they may warn the witness that if they make any sudden, aggressive moves, they will get hurt. Now, if the Grey is a dick, they will just use their brain to paralyze or knock out the victim before performing experiments. They may also outright threaten to kill the person. Real nice folks.

The motives behind Greys is really, really difficult to understand because it seems like it changes from encounter to encounter. Some say they want to destroy us. Others say they wish to simply learn about us (that’s why they abduct about 700 of us and poke around at our bodies). In other cases, they want to enlighten and help us. I’m shocked they haven’t said they want to genetically modify our bodies so we can shoot lasers out of our spleen.

What’s even stranger about their motives is that most of them come from abductees. Even in the cases where the aliens are said to be “benevolent”, the actions undertaken during these abductions sound extremely mean, cruel. Some abductees report having their eyes taken out, devices implanted into them, and having fluid injected. It’s among some of the most insane, ridiculous stuff, yet the idea of calling it benevolent is like saying that me shooting your pet was me trying to help it get to sleep.

Speaking of abductions, Greys are the most commonly reported alien species to be reported by abductees. They’re also the most likely to return to perform follow-up abductions. Such a factor, I believe, warrants this: folks, get yourself a significant other that clings to you like a Grey. They’ll always keep their word (unlike me, who won’t be covering a second numbers station like I said I would back in May).

So where does all of this mad rambling really take us? Well, there have been some supposed corpses, but more often than not, they’re proven to be hoaxes. Most are also unlikely to be of Greys—the extremely small ones, while their heads appear to be like Greys, are almost certainly something else. Greys are said to be around 6-and-a-half feet (1.9 meters) to 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall. So, the best piece of evidence as far as I know is the Alien Autopsy video (which is believed to be a hoax).

Greys are also suspected of being the species that aided in the buildings of the pyramids; this makes them the infamous “Ancient Aliens”. That’s a massive topic for another day and to be honest, even if I wanted to, I have zero desire to so much as stick a microscopic portion of myself into that pool. It’s such a chaotic, ravenous topic that I would be here for the next 50,000 words talking on and on about aspects that I simply couldn’t care less about.

That rundown of Greys brings us to the theories section. Yes, while it may be anticlimactic, there’s really nothing else to go over in the way of Greys beyond their pop-culture prominence. Roger Smith from American Dad, Cryptosporidium from Destroy All Humans!, and Paul from that insufferable film Paul are all based on Greys. So now that I’ve said that, I think it’s time we finally asked: what exactly are these creatures? Are they aliens? Well, there are several theories and we’ll be going over them… now!


1. They’re human

Woo boy, this is a theory for the ages. It’s one of the most popular out there and it’s present in a great many truth seeking circles. It's actually kind of crazy how many subscribe to this theory actually.

You see, dear reader, the first of our theories posits that Greys are humans—either from another part of the Universe or they’re time travelers from the far-off future. I don’t know exactly how this theory came to be, but it’s garnered a fair bit of support because of how Greys take semen samples from men and examine the eggs of women.

If you were to ask an astronomer, let alone any sort of scientist, about this theory, they would likely laugh it off. However, most truth seekers and even some average Joes seem to like the idea. Perhaps it’s because it gives a sense of comfort that humanity won’t wipe itself out or perhaps it’s because it just seems cool. However, there’s never been an explanation as to how humanity evolved to become grey-skinned creatures that are usually said to have four fingers. At least, I don’t believe there is an explanation.

2. They’re aliens

If I seriously have to explain this theory to you, then I question where on Earth you’ve been reading this from. The idea here is that Greys are extraterrestrial beings..

There really isn’t much else to talk about aside from what their motives are. That isn’t the central focus of this write-up as I think it’d be better suited for its own since the variables warrants a lot more discussion than just a brief summary. Because of that, I’ll be refraining from going over them here. Sorry folks!

3. They don’t even exist

Clocking in at theory number three is the one that posits that Greys don’t exist. Though mind you, this doesn’t mean that aliens don’t exist. It’s possible to believe that Reptilians exist, but that Greys are nonsense. The two aren’t tied together at the hip, even if it would be funny to imagine a Reptilian and Grey fused together.

Anyways, there are indeed some that believe that Greys don’t exist. Whether that be based on personal experiences, the concept that Greys are just silly, or something else, there are some who think they don’t exist. There are also some who don’t believe that aliens exist and as such, Greys are also hoopla. I guess it’s a personal belief.

4. They’re demons

From the religious angle, there are some who believe that Greys—and aliens as a whole (in some cases)—are actually demons; some considering them Nephilim (at least from the Christian perspective, I don’t know about other religions).

This theory is one that seriously depends on your religious views. Of course, Atheists are likely to disregard this theory, though plenty of religious people are too. I personally knew someone who subscribed to this theory and I found it interesting to say the least. Though I don’t know exactly where in the Bible this idea comes from, so I can’t really add much to this. Heck, I don’t even know much about the Nephilim. So I think it’s best if we simply march on.

5. They’re disinformation

Some ardent truth seekers are adamant that Greys are a government disinformation campaign to keep us from finding out the truth behind aliens.

Bizarre as it may sound, this is a real conspiracy that I didn’t know about until writing this. It’s something that I honestly find the theory to be quite peculiar given that Greys would, from the sounds of it, be the most logical alien race to exist. Alas, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest and to believe what the government puts forth is forbidden. At least, that’s how I interpret it.

So in closing, this theory is out there if you wish to subscribe to it. What? Expected more? Nah, I don’t want to linger on this theory for too long. It may take me down a rabbit hole I’d rather never tunnel through. There could be spiders down there!

6. They’re interdimensional entities

Rounding out our theories section, we have the idea that Greys are interdimensional beings that can travel between Universes to pay us a visit.

I have talked about interdimensional entities far more times than I care to count and going over it has gotten so tedious, I think I’d rather be coated in honey and left outside for insects to kill me. So I’ll make this quick: this theory depends on whether or not you subscribe to the multiverse theory. If you do, congratulations, this theory may be up your alley. If you don’t, disregard it and please save me from the ravenous bugs.

My Take

I really don’t know how to really put my thoughts into words for this section, so I’m going to keep it really short. I simply don’t care to linger here ranting about the various intricacies to this story because, to be honest, I don’t think there should be much to say. It’s about an alien type—the most famous—and it should remain at just that.

So, for starters, I’ll say this: I think Greys are real. I mean, I’ve always thought that aliens were real and Greys strike me as what I imagine aliens would look like. I think that they are also one of many, many types of aliens. I doubt Greys are the only kinds in this galaxy (if they even are from it) and I doubt there is one kind of Grey. I believe there are probably a fair number of “types”, hence why some are malicious and others are more benevolent. I also don’t believe in the Ancient Aliens stuff. Sorry, truth seekers.

WIth that said, I don’t really know what more there is to say than that. My other thoughts on Greys are generally just rambly and insignificant. I don’t think they’re out to vaporize us, but I also don’t think their interests in us go farther than human biology and likely abducting us because a Grey kid needs to finish their biology homework. Though that’s a topic for another day—one that will likely come farther in the future than I care to think about.

On one final note: as for the interspecies breeding angle of aliens… I don’t even want to get into that. I know I left out the story of Crescent (the supposed Grey that had intercourse with a human), but it’s such a weird topic that I thought it would be an odd note to just “include” in the main story. If you want to read about it… I’m not linking anything here as there are paintings that contain nudity and I have zero desire to hyperlink that stuff. Yes, I will talk about NSFL topics, but I don’t want to actively link to anything that contains said NSFL material. We’ll cover Crescent some time in the future though—maybe.


The idea of alien life is likely one we won’t get an answer to in our lifetime, dear reader. Rather, we’re almost certainly going to spend our time here on Earth pondering what exists beyond our little Solar System. As sad as it is to say that, I firmly believe that is where we’re headed.

However, just because we won’t have the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries doesn’t mean we can’t speculate on what lives in, say, the Andromeda Galaxy. We can always speculate on what lies out there together; that is what makes life so wonderful. Nothing stops us from wondering what is waiting to be contacted.

So, with that said, I want you, dear reader, to tell me what you believe is the answer to the question ‘are we alone in the Universe?” Leave a comment below telling me your honest thoughts on that and as always, I hope to see you back here tomorrow when we discuss something else.

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