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Monday, December 28, 2020

Decemystery (2020) 28: Rose Eater

Hello once more, dear reader. The final few stories for Decemystery are going to be a bit unique. You see, I’m feeling very sick and sadly, due to this year having been what it is, I don’t have the energy to write up something lengthy; that’s why this year’s Decemystery has largely been filled with shorter-than-average write-ups. However, for the final four, I sadly feel it’s best if we take it nice, slow, and easy. So, for the first of the final four, I want to break the rule I set at the start of the month and cover a conspiracy. I know, that’s really cheap of me, but they’re one of the easiest things I can do when I feel like I’m going to die. So, to start things off, let’s talk about Rose Eater.

The Story

For a story that’s a part of the Conspiracy Iceberg, Rose Eater is far from anything that would strike me as conspiratorial. In fact, it’s so unlike any of them, I actually wondered if maybe it somehow got slapped onto the Iceberg because someone saw the name and figured it had to do with something like Bohemian Grove.

A user on 4Chan’s /x/ board has posted twice about the Rose Eater—other times, it involves something that I don’t believe has to do with the Conspiracy Iceberg and then you have Anons asking what it is. The user who’s described it states that it starts with a man eating fried rose petals. Therefore, you roll the credits and yadda yadda, CinemaSins reference. Anyways, our rose eater is staring into the camera, eating at his questionable delicacy. During this, there are stairs that are visible, but alas: the top is out of sight.

At some point, the shot cuts to a hallway camera. In this shot, there is a motionless female figure that is standing at the top of the stairs (I don’t know if it’s the same set of stairs as the ones we can see with our rose eater), but her head is at an “unnatural angle”. Then, out of nowhere, the woman bolts downstairs. With that, the video cuts to black.

That’s one heck of a short story and, again, it doesn’t strike me as a real conspiracy iceberg story. If anything, it sounds like some sort of short film that someone made as their film school project; one of my closest friends is in film school and I could probably ask him if he’s had any of his classmates make a film like this. Though I didn’t because I’m lazy and this is a blog dedicated to giving everything the benefit of the doubt. At least, when it’s within the realm of reason.

So you see, dear reader, I went ahead and wandered around the realm of Google pondering if there was any truth to this video…

And it doesn’t look like there is.

You see, the Conspiracy Iceberg has been made at times with the intention of tricking actual conspiracy theorists into going on wild goose chases. In other cases, it has user-created content added to it for fun. So, in all likelihood, it’s possible that this story was one of many that wasn’t actually meant to be taken seriously.

Though is there any chance that it could be real? Well, let’s go into the theories and have a looksee.


1. It was made up for the conspiracy iceberg

For our first theory, we have the idea that it was made up. I already went over this, though I would like to reinforce the aspect that a lot of Conspiracy Iceberg conspiracies are, in fact, made up for the Iceberg. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find anything on there that wasn’t made up—at least at higher tiers (which would be farther down on the iceberg mind you).

I have seen countless stories that aren’t actually real get made up on /x/ threads by creative Anons; most of these are then used to fool new visitors for a good laugh. This theory would posit that the Rose Eater video is but one of many.

2. It’s a real video

Our second theory is that it’s a real video.

You know, dear reader, the Dark Web has some really interesting stuff. The Silk Road, Barely Sociable’s “Highly Sociable” account, and my writing talent. Though deep beneath all of that hunkydory stuff, there does exist a fairly seedy underbelly. No, I don’t mean Red Rooms or any of that nonsense. I mean there are some shady websites out there, but nothing that would exactly be “snuff” related. I mean, come on, have any of you been to LiveLeak or Best Gore (hey, who remembers that site?).

My rambling aside, the idea is that the video was something really dark—maybe a demon killed someone—and it was leaked to the dark web. What are the odds of this being real? Next to zero, but I included it because it’s the only way I could think of a theory which would be in any way plausible and why the video wouldn’t be accessible on the surface web—if it’s even real.

2b. It’s an art/film school project

This theory is, in my eyes, the most plausible if it is a real video. It’s that it was an art project or a project for film school.

There are a ton—and I mean a ton—of weird videos out there that are art projects. In this case, the video sounds nothing like a conspiracy-esque video and more like a regular old art project that someone didn’t get and was weirded out by.

You know, since I type that, I really want to make a weird as heck video and throw it onto YouTube and see how many gullible hasbrains end up thinking it’s something worth sending to a third-rate YouTuber to react to. Maybe I’d have someone claw at their eyes and ripping their skin off. I just need some make-up and you know what, this is getting really dumb, let’s get back on track.

The ultimate point to this theory is that the video isn’t called “Rose Eater” and it was a nickname given that took off. I’ve seen some videos that are kind of like this one (I can’t recall their names sadly), but the content is far from anything revolutionary or novel. So, if you were to ask me, this is technically the most plausible.

My Take

Despite saying it’s the most plausible, that doesn’t mean that it’s the immediate winner. I cannot prove that the person who’s described this video isn’t the person who made the content up. If you were to ask me, given that there doesn’t appear to be any reference to this video prior to November 18th of 2020, I’m heavily inclined to suspect that it was made up to troll new/gullible users. Though that’s just me.


I would like to simply state that it isn’t a good idea to eat a rose. Also, don’t go looking for the Dandelion Eater video.

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