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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Decemystery (2020) 19: Can Dreams Be Connected?


Theeeese dreeeams go on when I close my eyes. I’m gonna get sueeeed by Stevie Nicks and it’s gonna really suuuuck!


Hello, hello, dear dreaming reader. Welcome to the next installment of this year’s Decemystery. It’s time to take a trip back into the world of “Vertigo rambles as he talks about a mystery of life”. Today’s topic: can dreams be connected?

Well, can they?

I ‘unno. Some say yes, others say no. One thing’s for certain though, it’s time to talk about it!

The Story

First of all, I want to make something very clear: this is not about the concept of “dream telepathy”. That’s an entirely different topic—and if you’d like to know what it is: it’s basically the idea that when you dream, you can communicate with someone who’s awake. I don’t know for certain if you can do so with another person who is dreaming, but the concept itself isn’t what we’re going to be discussing. So, we’re going to talk about the idea that you can have a dream with another person who you either know or have never met in your life.

There are stories out there about this—some of which come from 4Chan. I know of one with someone who dreamt about someone who they sorta became friends with and later met them in their life. While they had both changed, the two remember the dreams they shared and could recount them fairly well. Their account ended by stating they were seeking out another person they’d dreamt with—or about, depending on how you would desire to word such a thing.

So exactly how does this concept work? Well, as you may surmise based on how you’re fully aware that you’re with another person, it would relate to lucid dreaming. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you’re fully aware that you’re dreaming and can control said dream. I’ve trained myself to be capable of taking control of my dreams and I must admit that it’s a lot of fun. Heck, I’m pretty sure that I’ve dreamt with other people, but that’s not the time for this; lucid dreaming is another story on its own that I wrote about last year. It’s an enigma that’s worthy of its own mammoth-sized write-up and I may do that next year if I get the chance. Though all you really need to know is: if you lucid dream and desire to climb Mount Everest with your crush, you can.

With the idea of sharing dreams with someone, you’d both be lucid dreaming and sharing one dream. This wouldn’t be a case of “my reality and your reality”, you’d both be dreaming about, say, fighting dragons, riding giant eagles, or dancing in a ballroom having a romantic moment. How this would be achieved seriously depends on how you perceive dreams and where one goes when they dream. So allow me to quickly list off some of the concepts of what dreaming is.

#1: The first idea is that the realm of dreaming is an astral plane or realm where dreams are sort of house; the space within this realm is infinite and from time-to-time, two dreamers are brought together because they have the same dream.

#2: The second idea involves the simulation theory; the data brings two together and they proceed to dream together. Whether by the masters who operate the simulation or not is up to you to decide. Then again, whether you even believe in the simulation theory is up to you to decide. Me personally? I think it’s a load of hoopla!

#3: The concept that dreams bring us to an alternate reality is by no means something new, but if two strangers were to meet up within the alternate reality, one could feasibly say that the dream was connected. That’s the third idea.

#4: The fourth and final idea I’ll mention involves the idea of dream telepathy—sort of. The idea that two dreamers can communicate would more or less leave you with the idea that the dream was connected, but it begs the question as to how two total strangers are communicating. Unless you subscribe to the idea that not being able to control said telepathy leads to unbridled chaos.

With that now stated, how could one achieve this dream? Well, in the case of dream telepathy, experiments have been performed, but nothing of merit ever really came of them. At least, that I know of. However, some believe that if you and someone else meet up within a dream, you can connect your minds and become one in the realm of dreaming; a sort of partner if you will. This concept seriously depends on how open-minded you are to the world that we live in being far greater and more complex than what science can explain and as such, I would recommend you not roll your eyes too much. I don’t want them to fall out of their sockets and turn into miniature wheels.

If you are of the open-minded kind or simply subscribe to the paranormal through and through, I would say that you’re more than capable of finding a dreaming partner if you learn to lucid dream. There are countless websites out there dedicated to it, but the one thing I would forewarn you about is not spending a penny on learning it. There are also a great many con artists who will nickel and dime you for false information and advice. So if you want some sort of stranger within your dreams, try to learn without spending any money.

WIth that little tangent out of the way, let’s begin to wind this down by summarizing what I’ve said. Connected dreams exist within the realm of lucid dreaming; you are both (or you are all in—it stands to reason that more than two can share a dream) within a single dream and are able to communicate and interact with each other. The experience is presumably a joyful one because I’ve yet to hear about someone who shared a dream with another person who murdered them over and over.

Exactly how the concept of connected dreaming works in and of itself is a mystery and not something I can find information on. Unless we subscribe to the idea that dreams exist in an astral realm where the threads of fate and reality are able to connect and disconnect at will, the idea of connected dreams seems like something astronomically bizarre and weird since it would mean you’re just dreaming of a stranger. Yet, somehow, this stranger—should you meet them—knows about it.

So in short: connected dreaming is a strange phenomenon, but it’s one that people appear to find fascinating because it opens up a whole new world of peculiarities for us to explore, dissect, and contemplate. It’s also quite fun to imagine that you can meet a future friend in your dreams. I mean, how cool would that be? You meet a friend within your dreams. That would be so wicked.

Oh well, I digress. That’s our story, so let us move onto the theories. There are only two though, but that’s okay. Maybe we’ll dream of more some day!


1. Yes, dreams can be connected

Our first theory is that dreams can be connected.

Given how popular the realm of the paranormal is nowadays, and with the advent of the Internet, people can share their experiences with ease. It’s also possible to sway the minds of those who are on the fence to your side if you’re a good talker or capable of structuring an argument better than “lol it’s all fake, dummy”.

Why yes, Reddit, I know I’m a dummy. How could you tell?

Anyways, given the anecdotal evidence and accounts from people, one can also reasonably say that something is happening, but how can one go about proving it? Well, that’s something that I genuinely cannot answer. Nothing, from what I can tell, really puts forth a realistic idea to prove that dreams can be connected. As far as I’m aware, no sort of brain waves can help in proving that two dreamers can meet and communicate while asleep. I also don’t believe Alpha Waves have anything to do with it.

In short: while there are plenty who will claim that they can dream with others, there’s no way to prove it beyond anecdotal evidence. Even then, it’s possible they’re making it all up.

2. No, dreams cannot be connected

The second and final theory is that they cannot be connected. The dreaming WiFi is down and now I can’t look at my half baked memes on r/memes! Ah Lordy, this is the worst day ever!

If you’re a skeptic or simply think that everything that you’ve read in this write-up is the ravings of someone who has too much time on his hands, then you’re probably going to subscribe to this theory. Backing that up is there’s no evidence to substantiate the idea that dreams can be connected. I doubt most will even experience the phenomenon in any meaningful capacity, so there’s also that.

There’s also the fact that, as I stated above: there is precisely no way to prove that dreams can be connected. Like, at all. As far as my meager research goes, nothing backs it up in any way, shape, or form. I’ve found more evidence to back up Project Blue Beam than I have for the idea that dreams can be connected. So make of that what you will, lads and lasses.

My Take

As I said earlier, I swear that I’ve dreamt with others before. I remember when I was younger that a few schoolmates and I had a shared dream. I also had a dream involving some other folks at a school, yet we all appeared to be aware of each other and even said goodbye at one point. It was a surreal experience, but a rather saddening one as I didn’t want to go.

With that said: I believe that dreams can be shared as I’m someone who believes there is an astral realm. However, to what extent they can be connected, I don’t know. I think that dreams are by and large a subconscious thing that can haunt you and bring about a great sense of peace. So I think you can dream up people if you’re a lonesome person like me and desire human connection because you have no friends where you live.

At the same time, I would happily say that I believe our dreams can be connected and that yeah, you could in theory meet friends through them if your dream was connected to another person. Why do I think this? Well, in my eyes: our world is much bigger than what science gives it credit for. I think that a lot of people are dismissive of the paranormal and supernatural because of a lot of grifters and charlatans who exploit the gullible. Though given my own experiences in life, I think there’s a lot more to this world than we give it credit for.

So in short: I think dreams can be connected and dang it, I think that’s freakin’ awesome. I mean come on guys, imagine if you got to dream with your crush or some random person you end up befriending! That sounds awesome—albeit kinda creepy. Maybe I’m just strange, but the concept is so awesome!

Oh well. I must add one final note to this all since I mentioned it in both theories. I’ll freely admit that there isn’t any way to prove that dreams can be connected. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s more realistic to not believe in the concept than it is to believe in it. Unless I overlooked something, the lack of anything to back it up makes it a hard pill to swallow. So, yeah. There’s that. Yeet?


Sweet dreams.

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