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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Decemystery (2021) 14: Gargantuan Globulous


Ayy, I’ve been wanting to cover this story ever since I found it. Rather than waste time on setting up any sort of atmosphere/tone, I wanna just dive right in. This is the Gargantuan Globulous. Man, I adore that name!

The Story

There are two main sources for this story: the ObscUrban Legend Wiki and Cryptopia. The former has a much shorter version of events, while the latter goes into more detail, so for the most part, I’ll be citing from that one. Still, I wanted to make mention of both since the former is where I initially found this story (which can be said for the vast majority of this month).

Our story begins on October 4, 1965, in northern Argentina. Three kids—Luis Ramirez, Maria Abela Cabana, and Rosa Carbajal—were outside, enjoying the lovely autumn day. At one point, they decided to go get some water. While on their way there, they saw something.

That something, according to the kids—who later told their encounter to some journalists from a Buenos Aires’ newspaper named “La Cronica Matutina”—was a very large, spherical creature. The color if it isn’t specified, nor are any possible details as to what it may have looked like (e.g., if it appeared to be jelly-like, sponge-like, or gooey). There’s no information on if it had eyes, a mouth, or anything inside of it (which leads me to believe this wasn’t a transparent or translucent creature).

As for what they saw when they encountered it, that’s a real head turner (in my eyes anyways). The trio said that it was rolling on the ground—and very quickly at that. As it did so, it kicked up a large amount of dust and dirt, creating a cloud around it. After some time, the creature simply vanished. At no point did any of them attempt to approach it or throw anything at it. They simply watched in disbelief as this giant glob spun around on the ground.

That’s where the story ends unfortunately. Although the trio had their encounter publicized, no one else ever encountered the creature themselves; it appears that the creature known as the Gargantuan Globulous disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. That isn’t to say there aren’t theories though, just that it came and went like time. So let’s get onto the theories.


1. A cryptid

The first theory is that it was a cryptid. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of any land-based cryptid that’s glob-like, but it’s certainly interesting. I guess the idea would be that the creature is chameleon-like and can blend in, though that’s more speculation on my part. Given that I’m unfamiliar with other possible globular cryptids, I’m a bit hesitant to try and add to this since I think it would begin to tread into personal opinion territory (and I’m well aware that I do that more than I should).

2. An extraterrestrial

Although this write-up is marked as being a “cryptid”, this is the most popular theory out there. Well, if I’m to judge things by the very, very, very few sources who’ve covered this story.

Let’s face it: given that we’ve covered carjacking aliens, beer can aliens, flowery aliens, food city aliens, telepathic football aliens, Middle Earth aliens, and breakfast aliens, this theory isn’t all that crazy. The only problem with it—aside from personal grievances (which we’ll get to in the theories section)—is that there weren’t any sightings of UFOs in the area (which typically precedes a full-blown sighting of an extraterrestrial). It’s rather odd for there to be a report of an alien without reports of a UFO. So make of this what you will; it simply breaks the mold on tradition.

2b. An extraterrestrial vehicle

Near the tail-end of Cryptopia’s article, the writer mentions a booklet entitled Les ‘Extra-Terrestres’, which was written by Jader U. Pereira. Within the pages of said booklet, Pereira puts forward the idea that the Gargantuan Globulous was an alien vehicle.

I don’t own the booklet, so I can’t say exactly how this would have worked, nor can I even fathom how such a vehicle would function, but it’s I think the only time in my life where I’ve heard of such creature being a form of transportation and not an outright living organism. So that’s a new one for me.

Also, if anyone can draw me a picture of a giant glob being driven by Vin Diesel, I would greatly appreciate that. No context, I just want to see that image. It amuses me greatly.

Fast & Globulous 10.

3. An interdimensional entity

Perhaps the second most popular theory, this one posits that it was an interdimensional creature that phased into our universe before crossing back into its own. Why was it rolling on the ground? Ehh, I dunno. Maybe it couldn’t breathe in our world or maybe it was doing The Cramp.

Your guess is as good as mine; though that’s besides the point. Besides it rolling around, this theory really hinges upon whether or not you believe in the idea of multiple realities/dimensions. If you do, this could have some appeal to you. If not, I sincerely doubt anyone can convince that a giant blob from another reality crossed over into ours for a bit to roll around, scare some kids, then went back to its own.

That’s just silly.

4. A hoax

Let’s face it: kids make up stuff for attention and for fun all the time. The idea that some friends/schoolmates would make up seeing a giant creature for a laugh isn’t exactly novel. However, it does bear mentioning that not only do we not know the trios ages, but they’ve also never come forward in the decades since the sighting to say that it was made up. So this theory does have a bit of faulty ground to stand upon.

5. A misidentification

What would normally be the skeptics theory, this theory may be the one of people who know far more about biology and zoology than me. I don’t know of any terrestrial animal that looks like a giant glob. Perhaps there is one out there, or perhaps there’s a condition that turns animals into glob-like masses that make them very immobile, but I’m highly skeptical of this theory. I also don’t know how it would’ve vanished (unless there was a nearby forest and the kids missed it moving—or rolling—in there).

6. A government abomination

More of an obligatory inclusion on account of the endless stories of national governments doing top secret experiments to create something for some innocuous purpose, we have the theory that this was an Argentinian super weapon/mutant/whatever. I have no idea what Argentina’s government is like, but I doubt it’s anything like the United States’ or United Kingdom’s. As such, I think this theory will depend on how much you trust the government of any nation.

7. My face

Fear me.

My Take

When I first came across this story, I honestly thought this was some sort of bizarre meme cryptid. Learning that it did make the news (even if only locally) surprised me far more than it probably should have. At the same time though, it made me second guess this as a meme and as such, I had to put my thinking cap on.

First, I had to wonder what this thing looked like. Given that it’s spherical, I imagined something akin to the aforementioned Slime from Dragon Quest. If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s a picture of one.

Now here’s a picture of a “King Slime”.

The latter is closer to how I imagine the creature being size-wise (what with it being called the Gargantuan Globulous and all). However, in both instances, there’s something that irks me: neither have legs. Yet, this creature was said to be kicking up dust and dirt. That puzzles me since I’m unsure as to how it would’ve been moving (in the Dragon Quest games, Slimes hop around, but I have no reference on how they’d move if you were to tip them onto their size; I imagine they’d roll around).

The reason I mention this is because the idea that this was a hoax is the first thing that came to mind. Without any real details as to what this thing looked like in the way of even the tiniest of details (like color) really had me questioning the validity of things. Even if the kids were pissing themselves in fear, I imagine they would’ve been able to remember its color. I can excuse possible facial details as the creature possibly being upside-down or maybe it flat out didn’t have any, but the lack of anything beyond “it was very big” made me want to dismiss things.

However, I quickly realized that I’ve been rolling my eyes at story after story this month, and that I do go against what I said earlier about the idea of it being a hoax having faulty ground to stand upon. As such, I wanted to maintain an open mind and went back to think things over. I read through each theory and truly thought about what this might have been. After all, I try to have this blog not be outright dismissive of every single story (especially since I have my own views on various cryptids and extraterrestrial stories that would make me look hypocritical as heck for denouncing a story about a giant slimy thing).

In the case of this being a cryptid, I had to wonder exactly how a massive glob can exist without eventually being discovered. One also has to wonder how big it is. Although the creature in question has the prefix “gargantuan”, there’s no information on how “gargantuan” it is. The image I get in my head is something the size of a modest bean bag chair, but it’s possible it’s the size of a sedan or SUV.

Because of that, I’m very skeptical of this being a cryptid. While I know that this isn’t the craziest thing out there (the Bermuda Beast sure has that title on lock), I can’t help but wonder how something like this could go undiscovered. Surely someone would one day walk into it and end up being consumed by it.

As for the idea that this was an interdimensional entity, I guess it isn’t the craziest idea. I mean, this theory really depends on if you’re into the idea of multiple realities (I personally think it’s plausible). So the idea that this creature somehow crossed over into our world, was possibly suffocating because it doesn’t breathe oxygen or whatever, then got transported back into its world isn’t too crazy to me. I just have to wonder why it was spinning and kicking on the ground. That really isn’t what I’d expect a glob to do if it was suffocating. Whatever, I went over this earlier.

The theory of it being a government experiment is one that I sincerely doubt. I may not know anything about Argentina, but I question the purpose of making a giant glob. I also question why the kids wouldn’t have gotten visits from strange men in black suits telling them they saw nothing.

As for the idea of a misidentification, that’s about the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I can’t imagine mistaking anything for a gigantic glob/blob of… something. Unless this was a massive pufferfish on land, I simply cannot see that being the case. You’re free to argue with me on this, but I don’t think I can be swayed.

That leaves us with one theory (besides it being my face). Said theory is that it was an alien—or an alien vehicle. The latter of those two is, in my honest opinion, nonsense. I can’t imagine any hyper-advanced extraterrestrial seriously considering a globular vehicle as reasonable. That, to me, is silly beyond belief. Though for all I know, that’s how they travel, and it works. Though from the point of view as a human, who is accustomed to starships, cars, planes, boats, and trains, I think it sounds dumb.

Now as for an alien, I can see it—I truly can. In spite of my skepticism, I feel like I’d be really silly to dismiss the idea of an ET like this, especially when there are stories out there of equally weird, crazy alien-types that have been reported throughout the years. I mean, as stated earlier: we covered a story of what amounts to alien beer cans; and we haven’t even gotten to the craziest one this year (that comes towards the tail-end of the month).

So, in my eyes, there are three possible theories: it was an interdimensional entity, it was an alien, or it was all made up. I still lean towards the third theory, but the first one is very plausible. The idea of it being an alien isn’t too crazy, but it does raise the question as to why it was here. The only thing that can come to mind is that it was sent down to collect information on Earth, but it ended up suffocating because the atmosphere is toxic to it, so it was transported back up. However, I’ve never heard of an alien story where there isn’t something like a beam or flash of light. So yeah, the first or third theory is my guess.


Not going to lie, this is one weird story. Though hey, we here at Limitless Possibilities love weirdness. So I ask you, dear reader, to tell me what you thought this creature/vehicle/thing was—and until tomorrow, stay happy and stay healthy!

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