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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Decemystery (2019) 24: Gary Sudbrink's Phone Calls

I can't find a photo of Gary Sudbrink. So here's a Man in Black.
Information on this case is as scarce as can be. Despite it being something that one would think UFO researchers would latch onto like there’s no tomorrow, there aren’t many videos available on YouTube related to this story. As such, most of what I’ve grabbed is from a few Reddit posts. So without further ado: this is the story of Gary Sudbrink’s Phone Calls.

Ring A Ling: The Mystery of Gary Sudbrink’s Phone Calls

Our story centers on an Air Force Captain by the name of, well, Gary Sudbrink. He’d planned a surprise return trip to New York to visit his friends and family without telling them. Upon arriving at the airport, Gary was approached by a man he’d later describe as looking normal and being well groomed. The man, who had a clipboard, asked Gary what his name was, how it was spelled, where he was headed, and other personal questions.

Believing the man was attempting to sell him something, Gary ignored the man and got onto his flight, but a second man (Gary specified that it wasn’t the same person) got onto the plane and sat next to him. Yet again, he was asked for personal details, though it didn’t take long for a stewardess to request to see the man’s ticket. After being given it, the second clipboard man was told that he was in the wrong seat and he had to move.

Upon arriving in New York, Gary contacted a close friend of his and told him that he’d just landed in New York City. To his shock, his friend responded by saying:

“What are you talking about? You told me you were coming to New York yesterday.”

Gary stated that he’d done no such thing, but his friend is insistent that he’d called him, even going so far as to say that he sounded like had a “stuffy nose” and was coming down with a cold. Not wanting to bicker though, Gary ignores it and goes to his parent’s house to surprise them. All goes well until that night, which is when things got really weird really quickly.

That night, someone called Gary and requested to speak to him. The caller was said to have a robotic voice—which Gary was quick to begin recording (almost too quick if I may add). These calls would take place until the following night; four calls total. Three the first night and one the following night. After the fourth, they ceased entirely.

For the bulk of this story, I’ll give you a choice on how you’d like to proceed. First up, there are recordings of the phone calls. If you want to listen to all four, click here.

For those uninterested in listening to the calls themselves, have no fear. I managed to find a transcript of the calls on Reddit via a post from a user named pnut_butterjelly, so all credit goes to them for being incredibly skilled for managing to transcribe the calls (which at times seems like a feet that would be harder than wrestling a lion). If you also want to read their entire write-up on this case, then you can read it if you click here.

Either way you go, enjoy the creepiness and I’ll see down below!

Call 1 (February 8, 1993 at 10:30 P.M.)

GARY: I’ll tell you who it is.

VOICE: Hello?

GARY: Yeah. Do you want to speak to him?

VOICE: Is Gary Sud–Sudbrink there?

GARY: Yeah, who’s this? Steven? Are you playing games with me or what?

GARY: Huh? Steven if you’re playing games here, I’m going to kick your ass.

VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: Huh?

VOICE: You’re being impersonated by the other voice.

GARY: Yeah this is you Steven—you idiot. You’re pissing me off. Jerk. I’m gonna get you on…let’s see what it says. Review. One new call. Out of area? Is Steven out of the area?

VOICE (interrupts): How long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: Wait, say that again.

VOICE: You’re being impersonated by the other voice.

GARY: Wait, hold on. Is Steven out of the calling area or what?

MOM: How do I know?

GARY: What do you mean, you don’t know? He’s in Queens.

DAD: Well who are you talking to?

GARY: I don’t know who the f*** I’m talking to…

VOICE (interrupts): Hello?

MOM: Hello?

VOICE: Is Gary Sud–Sudbrink there?

MOM: Who is this?

GARY (in background): Let me talk to him.

MOM: Somebody sounds like a robot.

GARY: Hello?

VOICE: How long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: What was that again, sir?

VOICE: You’re being impersonated by the other voice.

GARY (to family): Oh be quiet—else, eh? Sorry, will you say that again?

GARY: Hello? I’m being impersonated by what voice?

VOICE: Hello?

GARY: Yeah. Hello?

VOICE: Is Gary Sud–Sudbrink there?

GARY: Yeah, hold on a second.

MOM: Who is that?

GARY: It’s Steven. Okay. Yeah what is your question? I’ll answer it.

DAD (in background): …a strange voice.

VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: How long–

VOICE (interrupts): You’re being impersonated by the other voice.

GARY: Right. When am I coming back? Is that your question?

VOICE (quieter voice): Sudbrink there?

DAD (in background): What’s a matter with you?

GARY: Okay there was a break, hold on. You wanna know when I’m coming back to Texas. Uh, is that your question?

VOICE: So how long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: How long am I going to be back from Texas…

VOICE (interrupts): You’re being impersonated by the other voice.

GARY (talking overtop): …that question doesn’t even make any sense.

GARY: Okay. I’ll be coming back eventually. Um…I can’t tell you when. You should know that question—the answer to the question because you seem to know more about me than I do. You know what I’m saying?

DAD: Are you a…intergalactic…uh…person?

GARY: Are you a space alien?

DAD: Sounds like he hung up.

GARY: I can’t believe this.

DAD: It’s—he hung up Gary.

GARY: See if he comes back.

DAD: Alright, I’ll hang up.

(Dial tone.)

GARY: Jesus Christ. Oh my God man. I’m calling Mike back.

(Two beeps on the dial pad.)

Call 2 (February 8, 1993 at 11:10 P.M.)

GARY: What is your question?

(Unidentified beep—From telephone or answering machine?)

GARY: Yes, uh speaking.

VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?

GARY: Yes.

GARY: Could I answer any questions for you?

VOICE: Are you back from Texas–ss?

GARY: I’m not back yet. No.

VOICE: How long are you going to be back from Texas?

GARY: Let me answer…first you tell me—where are you calling from?

VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?

GARY: Yeah. Why don’t you tell me where you’re calling from?

VOICE: Who is this?

GARY: What do you mean who is this? You should know who it is. It’s me, Gary.

GARY: Uhhh… Wait, let me…let me ask you this question. Where are you calling from?

GARY: Okay, I’ll be back—

VOICE (interrupts): Keep an eye on the skies.

GARY: Excuse me?

VOICE: Near Orion.

GARY: I can’t hear too well.

VOICE: The full moon.

GARY: Yeah there’s a full moon out, that’s true.

(Sound of someone hanging up on the other line.)

GARY: Could you identify yourself?

GARY: Identify yourself.

DAD: Ask him what’s the purpose of the call.

GARY: Why are you calling me?

VOICE (interrupts): Keep an eye on the skies.

GARY: Excuse me?

VOICE: Near Orion.

GARY: I cannot hear too well.

DAD: Get on the other phone, it’s better.

GARY: Hold on, let me switch phones.

(Sound of other phone being picked up.)

GARY: Okay. Okay hold on. Now who are you?

VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.

GARY: Keep an eye on the sky he said.

DAD: Keep an eye on the sky?

GARY: Yeah.

VOICE: Orion.

DAD: Ask him can I talk to him–

GARY: …shhh…shhh…

DAD: I had a sighting already–

GARY: …okay, hold on. Say that…repeat that again?

GARY: Please repeat?

VOICE: Keep an eye on the skies.

GARY: Okay.

VOICE: Near Orion.

GARY: Near Orion.

DAD: Holy Mackerel. Tonight or this a when—

VOICE (interrupts): The full moon.

GARY: The full moon.

DAD (in background): They talk…they hung up…

VOICE: Show double of you.

DAD (in background): Keep an eye on the sky near Orion…

GARY: Repeat?

DAD: Tell him I’d like to talk to him.

GARY: Okay…repeat…repeat last word?

(Static on the telephone line.)

GARY: I’m hearing static.

DAD: Tell him I’d like to talk to him.

(Sound of caller disconnecting.)

GARY: He hung up.

DAD: He hung up?

GARY: Hello?

Call 3 (February 8, 1993 at 11:38 P.M.)

GARY: Okay. Yeah, it’s taking time for him to talk. Who is this?

(Sound of someone picking up the other line.)

GARY: Steven, I’m gonna—this is not funny you know.

VOICE (barely audible): Who is this?

DAD: Brian, it’s not Steven.

GARY: What do you mean Brian?

DAD: I mean, uh…Gary.

GARY: How do I know it’s not Steven?

DAD: It’s not Steven.

DAD: Hello? I had a, uh…UFO experience in West Virginia, which you probably know. And I know that you’re inter…uh…an intergalactic person.

VOICE (…very low, unintelligible…possibly “Who is this?”)

DAD: Can you speak a little louder? Sir? Can you speak a little louder?

VOICE: (even lower…unintelligible…)

DAD: Louder?

GARY: Let me speak to him, Dad. I guess, I don’t know…

DAD: Okay I’ll hang up so you can talk to him. He wants to talk to you.

GARY: Okay.

(Sound of the other line hanging up.)

GARY: Hello? Can I help you?

VOICE (louder than before): Hello?

GARY: Yes.

VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?

GARY: Yes, that’s me.

VOICE (fainter again): Here is Gary Sudbrink.

GARY: Yes, could you please identify yourself?

GARY: Identify—

VOICE (faint, interrupts): Are you back from Texas–ss?

GARY: Yeah I’m back. I’m in Texas right now.

(Sound of Gary’s dad in the background.)

GARY: Well, he asked me a question.

VOICE: (very low…unintelligible…possibly “How are long are you?”)

GARY: No I’m in New York right now. You know that. Why are you asking me such a question?

DAD (in background): …Assuming he’s going to call back three times in a row, what are you going to do?

VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?

GARY: Yes. Steven if this is you, I’m…I swear to God I’m gonna be pissed.

(Sound of Gary’s dad in the background.)

VOICE: Who is this?

GARY: Huh?

(Static on the line.)

DAD (in background): It’s not Steven.

GARY: I’m trying to listen to him. Who are…excuse me?

DAD (in background): You keep playing games with Steven and it’s not Steven—

MOM (in background): Well, shut the hell up.

(Intense static on the line.)

GARY: Okay. Eventually I’ll be back from Texas. Could you speak more? Please speak more.

(Intense static on the line.)

VOICE (barely audible): …eye on the skies…

GARY: I guess it’s not Steven. I believe it because I’m getting static.

DAD: Steven would not leave three times.

GARY: Let…let me go on this phone because I could never hear on this phone. Hold on.

(Sound of the other telephone line picked up, followed by a quick beep.)

GARY: Okay. Okay, please speak. Hello?

VOICE (louder than before, but still soft): Keep an eye on the skies.

(Sound of writing or scratching, followed by another quick beep.)

GARY: Okay, should I go out right now?

VOICE (interrupts): Orion.

GARY: Right now?

VOICE: The full moon.

GARY: Okay, see…I’m not sure where Orion is now, but we’ll go outside.

VOICE: Show double from you.

GARY: It will show double from me?

(Static on the line.)

GARY: Repeat that again?

(Static on the line.)

(Caller hangs up.)

(Gary hangs up.)

Call 4 (February 9, 1993 at 10:21 P.M.)

VOICE (with more reverb and echo): Is Gary Sudbrink there?

GARY: Yes, this is me. Can I speak to…can I ask why—

VOICE: Is Gary Sudbrink there?

GARY: Yes, can I ask why you’re calling?

(Static on the line.)

GARY: Can I please ask—

VOICE: Is this Gary Sudbrink?

GARY: Yes, this is.

VOICE: Gary Sudbrink.

GARY: Yes, that is me.

(Static on the line.)

VOICE: We come. To be within this planet

GARY: Say that again?

VOICE: In this planet.

GARY: Leave?

(Unknown sounds.)

VOICE: We come.

GARY: I’m standing right here.

VOICE: To be within this planet.

GARY: Is this a joke or what?

(A whirring sound on the line.)

VOICE: To visit the many. To be contacted. As the same. With you.

(Sound of door being shut in the background.)

GARY: Umm…

(Static and whirring sound on the line.)

GARY: I have to think about that. I’d like to see you—

VOICE (interrupts): To visit the many. To be contacted. As the same. With you.

UNCLE: Hey, let me tell you something. I’ve been listening to you. And I’ve had contacts with you.

VOICE: Beware. Government interference.

GARY: Government interference?

(Static on the line.)

VOICE (faint): You—

GARY: You have? Please explain what type of interference.

(Whirring sound on the line.)

VOICE: Beware.

GARY: Okay.

VOICE: Government interference. Visitations to be disrupted by them.

(Strange unidentified sound on the line.)

VOICE: (…unintelligible, faint…) …appears. The sun will rise on…dark side of moon. World. Know.

UNCLE: The sun will rise…

VOICE: (…unintelligible…)

UNCLE: ..on the dark side of the moon?

GARY: Okay, umm…

VOICE (very low…unintelligible…maybe “on the moon”)

GARY: What branch of the government?

(Intense static on the line.)

VOICE (very low): Show double from you.

(Intense static on the line.)

GARY: What uhh…what should I do?

(Intense static on the line.)

VOICE: Beware. Government interference. Visitations to be disrupted by them.

GARY: Okay. Is that good for me or bad?

(Caller disconnects the call.)

GARY: They hung up.

Dad (in background): So, did you get…?

UNCLE: Yes. Uh.

That call was, as stated before, the final time that Gary ever heard from the strange man. The rest of his visit went off without a hitch, as did his trip back to Texas. As such, the story of Gary Sudbrink’s strange phone calls end. So let’s move onto the theories.


1. It was the Men in Black

Gary’s family had a fascination with UFOs and aliens. As such, it’s only natural that this would attract the attention of the infamous Men in Black. The supposed government agents that go around and intimidate those who’ve either seen a UFO or research them. Though I can only name one instance where they’ve ever called someone and that’s in the case of Dr. Herbert Hopkins, the man who was paid a visit by a man in black after he received a phone call from a supposed witness who wanted to give the story of his UFO encounter. However, that’s a story for another time.

Despite that abnormality when it comes to the behavior of the MiB, the mannerisms, speech patterns, and general robotic tone of voice fits the image of the elusive and enigmatic government spooks. Though beyond these comparable traits, there’s nothing to directly pin the blame on them. Then again, we don’t even know if they truly exist.

2. It was a prankster

Theory two is that the caller was a prankster who wanted a cheap laugh. Little more than that. Through either a worn out tape recorder or a voice modulator, they decided to harass Gary for a bit before either growing bored, getting caught, or deciding they’d had enough. Little more than that.

2a. It was his own family

A slight offshoot of the prankster theory comes from a comment I saw. It posited that his family were the ones behind the calls in an effort to make Gary a believer in UFOs. I mention this as it seemed interesting, though unless his parents had a family friend take on the role of the caller, his family was nearby when all of the calls happened.

3. Gary faked it

The final theory is that Gary himself faked it and either his family was in on it or he had a friend be the caller. Evidence for this theory comes in the form of the call being sped up, which some claim makes the caller sound like they have a New York accent. If you want to listen to it, click here. Personally, I think they do sound similar, but I have no idea how Gary could’ve pulled this off without his family knowing. It feels only logical that they would’ve said something, especially given the frequency at which the calls took place.

My Take

Let me start off by saying that I don’t think the calls were faked by Gary. I firmly believe that they’re legitimate. If he’d faked them, I think he would’ve come forward by now. That said, I don’t know who or what made them.

Supposedly, the Men in Black have made phone calls before, be it requesting to be “interviewed” by someone (only to turn the tables on the would-be interviewer) or for some other nefarious purpose. Coupled with Gary’s father and brother both having seen a UFO and the idea that it’s them is decently solid. However, I don’t understand why the caller would specifically ask for Gary when he’s never seen a UFO. Also, the sightings that his father and brother had were some time prior to these calls. Generally, the MiB don’t wait to pay a visit to the witness of a UFO sighting. Quite the opposite in fact; they’ll usually visit within days of the sighting. They also don’t play weird mind games like Gary’s caller did.

In the case of it being a prankster: I guess it’s possible. Kids have done more inane stuff when bored and the idea of it being a few jokesters who want to mess with someone is always possible. That said, the consistency in the way the voice speaks is quite remarkable and I find it hard that a prankster would be able to pull off such a feat. Not unless this was done with a tape record.

As for it being faked, I don’t get why. Besides me thinking that Gary would’ve come forward to confess it by now, I don’t see a motive for such an action. The case doesn’t feel as well known as it could be (I tried searching 4chan archives for something like this and got nothing, which is odd given boards like /x/ would usually dig into this story like a fat kid at McDonald’s). If he wanted to get attention, he could’ve made up numerous different oddities to get publicity rather than faking some phone calls with a creepy voice modulator.

All three theories have their pros and cons and I guess if I were forced to pick one, I’d say it’s most likely that he was being pranked. By who though, I couldn’t tell you and why is even further beyond me.


Sudbrink’s story is one that I’m astounded isn’t more well known solely for how weird it is. Even if it’s fake, the story is something that’s closer in nature to a creepypasta as opposed to something real. That alone makes it feel a bit exceptional to me.

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  1. Prankster, it's defintely a prankster. A admittidly well thought out prank, but it's the more probable solution than jumping to aliens.

    Plus, as you said if was the Men in Black they'd be with Gary in just a few shory days. Why wait so long? But then again, the consistancy here is staggering. This is one of those where... I just don't know.