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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Decemystery (2019) 11: Roberto Ferreira Nobrega

Time Warp joke goes here.
Time travel. She’s a fickle thing. The basis for many stories, this concept has been utilized to great effect (Back to the Future) and to disastrous results (2005’s A Sound of Thunder). The reality of time travel has been debated heavily for decades. Whether or not you believe it is entirely up to you, though one thing is for certain: the Internet has an immense fascination with it.

Throughout its existence, there have been a plethora of individuals who have claimed to be time travelers. The legendary John Titor comes to mind, who I briefly discussed when I went over the Conspiracy Iceberg. Today’s entry involves a time traveler whose claims are more recent, which wasn’t as wide spread in their coverage, This is the story of Roberto Ferreira Nobrega.

Whooo Are You?: The Mystery of Roberto Ferreira Nobrega

The photo shown at the start is allegedly of Roberto, who claims to be from the year 2075. The photo, which was the first to be posted by him and was posted on Facebook, was one of three to be posted on July 28, 2017. The other two were his cover photo and one with the description “In meeting.” I should point out that given Roberto is supposedly from Brazil and as such, everything he posted was in Portuguese. Anyways, here are the other two photos.

As for Roberto’s life: he looks to be in his 60s or maybe early 70s. I cannot find exact birth date. However, one can gauge it based on the information provided. Roberto worked at Hospital de Traumatologia e Ortopedia de Paraíba do Sul as a clinical psychologist (which he left in 1998). He also studied psychology at the University of Vassouras (which he graduated in 1997) and later attended CE Lions Clube of Paraíba do Sul (where he graduated in 2001). He later settled down in Paraíba do Sul, which I should mention is located in Rio de Janeiro. However, some claim that Roberto may have moved to Jaboatão dos Guararapes as he would later reply to a commenter stating that was his address. Given that I don’t know if the address is a public location or private property, I will not state what it is.

Over a year after these photos were posted, Roberto made a post on December 20, 2018 that read as follows.

Wanted: 623 gb machine with generators, partners for time travel for 1910

No one commented on this status, but four people liked it. The following day, on December 21, Roberto posted another status. This particular status was posted at 11:20 A.M. and contained three rather vague prophecies. They are as follows:

2019: Civil War will happen

2024: great hunger that will affect the whole world

2075: Cure of anger has been discovered

The first prediction is one that I want to assume relates to Brazil given that’s where Roberto lives. However, it could be the United States, France, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand for all I know. There are few countries where one could say that a Cold Civil War is taking place—one of which is the United States. Due to the rift between the progressive left and the traditionalist right, some have come to say that it's only a matter of time before conflict breaks out. However, don’t take my word for this as I’m merely the messenger.

The second one predicts a great famine. One can guess that this would have to do with climate change or something else. Thanks to the vague nature though, I cannot tell.

The third and final prediction is a mistranslation that should actually read “Cure for Rabies”.

These three predictions are the only time that Roberto ever channeled his inner Nostradamus. He never elaborated upon them, though four people once more liked the status and two people commented on it.

Three hours later, at 2:20 P.M., Roberto posted again. Whether this timing was by pure coincidence or was planned, I don’t know. This status read as follows:

Partner Status to travel to 1910: already found; wait trip

It was on this post that someone asked if there was room for three on this trip, a person by the name of Eduardo Ferreira. This person had also commented on the profile picture that Roberto original posted back in 2017. The entire conversation read as follows:

Eduardo: Hello, friend. Would like to get on the trip too! Do you have room for three?

Roberto: Yes yes

Roberto: We're almost there

Roberto: [Address Post]

Eduardo: Ok

A second commenter also responded to Roberto’s original post, a person by the name of Samuel Oliveira. Their comment simply read:

Lol lef

A mere two hours and twenty-seven minutes later, at 4:47 P.M., Roberto posted once more. The post read:

Time travel for 1910 completed: contact with Amadeo De Souza-Cardoso done; we witnessed the revolt of the chibata; we were part of the foundation of SC Corinthians paulista

The SC Corinthians Paulista, according to a quick Google search, is a Brazilian sports club that’s based in São Paulo. They’re comprised of a variety of sports, but it’s primarily associated with football.

Twelve minutes after that post, Roberto followed it up with this:

I want to congratulate my partners George Duckham and Eduardo Ferreira for helping me my time trip to 1910

I have no idea who George Duckham is—or was. He never commented or liked any of Roberto’s posts. This particular post did get a comment from Eduardo though. It read:

It was very good the trip, buddy! Good luck from now on!

The following day, at 6:27 A.M., Roberto posted one final time. The post read:

I will return to year 2075 to 20:14. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my time trip to 1910.

True to his word, Roberto vanished off the face of the Earth. He also changed his name and removed his profile picture. His name now reads Pedro Higino Marques da Silva and the profile picture is of the default icon that all Facebook profiles have when no picture is being used.

That would be where the story ends, I decided to Google the name that’s now being used and I was met with a post on the Real Life Heroes Wiki about a mongrel dog named Jonas. Apparently, in December of 2017, a boy named Pedro Higino Marques da Silva went out for a ride with his dog, Jonas, to look at a river. It’s there that he sat on the rocks. Some time later, he got up to leave, but ended up slipping on the rocks and fell into the water. He screamed, which alerted Jonas, who bit into his shoulder and managed to drag him back to shore.

Pedro returned home and, as he cried, told his father, a man by the name of Salvador Marques da Silva, about what had happened. The two hugged Jonas (to which the entry states that Pedro did this more) as they both cried. Ending things off, it’s stated that Jonas is “now remembered as a hero in the Higino’s family.”

Tragically however, Jonas passed away on August 18th of 2018 from complications due to an infection.

I cannot find any information on why this name change was done. Nor do any of the upcoming theories connect the two together. Though with that now mentioned, let’s move onto them.


1. He was a real time traveler

Our first theory states that Roberto was the real deal; that he was a real time traveler. This theory… really only stems from those who commented on Roberto’s Facebook posts. Those people, whether they be real people or puppet accounts owned by Roberto, clearly believed that he was the real deal. As such, there are people who do presumably believe this.

2. It was a hoax

Whether it was a prank, someone looking for attention, or merely someone who was really bored and used a photo of a family member or friend, this theory posits that the entire thing wasn’t real. It was a hoax; it was just a prank, bro.

Evidence for this theory stems from one simple fact: every other time traveler’s predictions haven’t come true. Given that Roberto predicted that there’d be a civil war in 2019 and we’re now less than three weeks from hindsight proving to be 20/20, one can more or less safely assume that he wasn’t a time traveler. Yet, some still cling to the idea that it may have been real. Or, at least, I assume they’re out there. The law of probability states that someone out there thinks he was legitimate—and I’m excluding the people who commented on his posts

My Take

I’m not someone who thinks time travel exists. Or, at least, I don’t think that people who do time travel actively announce it to the world. If any real time traveler has stated it, I think that either they were ignored because of the numerous people who claim to be time travelers that drowned them out with their nonsensical lies or they did it on a super fringe website.

That said, I don’t think Roberto was a real time traveler. No civil war has broken out around the world from what I can tell. Unless he meant a Cold Civil War would occur, which in the eyes of some is what’s happening in many western countries between progressive leftists and traditionalist right-wingers, This claim alone is something that can debunk Roberto’s claim for being a time traveler, but there’s also his lack of credible evidence for being someone from any other time period.

I cannot explain the name change either. It may have been done as a reference to the story or it may be because Roberto was Pedro all along.


Some day next year, I’ll go over an array of supposed time travelers—including those that were supposedly interviewed by ApexTV. Until that day, however, we have twenty more days for a civil war to break out in the United States or another country. Should one occur in America, I’ll gleefully retract this entire blog and fund the war effort with written accounts of what happens in the streets where I live. After the war ends, I’ll sell it all, make a killing, and retire to a war torn beach side resort.


  1. Dear god, that ending snark... Yep, can't make your stance any clearer than that I think.

    Prank, definitely a prank.

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    1. I'm... flabbergasted to see you found so much. This is extremely fascinating. When I get the opportunity (my dog was put down the day before yesterday and I'm feeling out of it), I'll gladly do a follow-up on this! If you'd like to, throw me your e-mail and you can assist in whatever way is possible.

      Also, thank you for going through with finding all of this. It was astoundingly helpful and I'm so glad to see someone else took interest in this story!

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