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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Megalist: An Introduction and Summary of 500 Conspiracy Theories (Part 2)

 Click here to read the first megalist. It’s highly recommended.

O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?

And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,

Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,

What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,

As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,

In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:

‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O long may it wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,

A home and a country, should leave us no more?

Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.

Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the Heav'n rescued land

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’

And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. To those of you outside of the United States, I raise a beer and burger to you instead! 

Welcome back to my meager little blog, dear reader. It’s time that I make up for an absurd amount of lost time thanks to mental health issues. I figured there was no better way to do this than to look over another 500 conspiracy theories. Just like last time, I won’t be actively trying to debunk any of these stories, though I also won’t be trying to prove them as fact. I’d rather you come to your conclusions. That said, I won’t be refraining from making some snarky remarks. After all, I want us to have some fun as we go over these theories.

I must also clarify that a fair number of the theories may come across as “meme theories” or closer to urban legends. This briefly deterred me from even making this list, but I figured it would be worthwhile since a fair number of these theories have been asked about on 4chan and as such, there are likely people on Reddit and other websites who are curious as to what they’re about. So, consider this megalist to be the “word soup edition” of the previous one’s more serious, down-to-earth theory… soup.

Now, I would like to echo something I said in the update I posted in the middle of last month: yes, I’m aware that a lot of what I’m going to cover has already been covered by Wendigoon. To amend that, I did what I could to expand upon his research (though I don’t think I did that great of a job, but I tried). If you’d like to watch his content by the way, click here. It’s ridiculously good.

As for the icebergs I used, click here and here for them. The latter is the one used by Wendigoon himself; it’s also the one I first came across roughly two years ago. The former one is a lot more expansive, but is also littered with more meme theories. Despite that, I would consider both to be the gold standard for conspiracy icebergs.

Also, I decided to do something a bit different and added some images throughout the write-up. Hopefully, this will create a more lively feeling that I seldom feel is created in other posts on this blog; the words can only go so far until they begin to feel like they’re as repetitive as concrete in a major, metropolitan city. So if the images do help to brighten up the write-up, please let me know in the comments section down below and I’ll consider doing it for other write-ups! If it doesn’t work, then I’ll write this off and never consider it again.

On one final note, this megalist will differ from the first one a fair bit. It’ll have a much more lighthearted, comedic tone. This is simply because I wanted to spice things up by playing this closer to heart; a much more personal, upbeat, silly way of bringing information to you, the reader. My attempts to word a lot of these topics in a way similar to that of the first megalist really didn’t work, so I felt the best way to go about things was to be me. So, if that doesn’t sound appealing… well, I’m sorry. I just wanted to be as I feel that, when I’m me, I win at life.

Now then, enough dillydallying. Let’s get into the meat of this write-up; it’s time to go over another 500 conspiracy theories. Tally-ho!

Icebergbrain.png: An Introduction and Summary of 500 Conspiracy Theories (V2.0)

#1: Auras

A very popular theory, the idea presented here is that every human on Earth exudes an aura which changes depending on their mood. It ties very heavily into the paranormal realm of things and is believed by some to have been suppressed by Illuminati and other powers that be so as to make us reliant on government and other entities like it.

#2: The Laptop From Hell

The laptop belonging to Hunter Biden—who’s the son to current US President Joe Biden—is said to have a great deal of incriminating evidence on it, such as Hunter having sexual intercourse with his underage niece. As such, it was nicknamed the “Laptop From Hell”.

#3: The Waco SIege

A quick rundown on the Branch Davidians as told by yours truly, Vertigo22. Basically, there was this guy named David Koresh who was really weird; he was what would happen if a hippie got fused with a dude who thought he was a prophet. Some say that he was a child molester/terrorist, while others say he was simply a weird dude.

The Davidians, meanwhile, followed Koresh, believing him to be a real prophet/Jesus reincarnated. Koresh preached about some doomsday stuff which led some to think that he was even crazier than once thought. This led some to think that maybe he was dangerous and may end up killing some folks, but others think that he was framed.

That brings us to the Waco Siege, which is controversial beyond belief. Some are of the opinion that the ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) purposefully murdered the Davidians in order to keep the bureau afloat. Others believe that Koresh deliberately ignited the apartment complex to fulfill a prophecy he had preached about.

Some take this theory a step further though and believe that Koresh never died at the siege and is still alive. No matter what you believed, the Waco Siege is so mired in controversy that it’s almost impossible to talk about it without people disagreeing on whether or not the Davidians deserved death.

#4: Skinwalkers/Goatmen

I’m sure that almost everyone reading this is familiar with these two creatures. The Skinwalker is a Navajo Shaman which has since become associated with a creature that can shapeshift into a human and mimic their speech. The same goes for the Goatman.

The reason they’re on the list is that some believe both creatures to be government experiments that went horribly awry; likely to try and create a creature which could infiltrate an enemy base or government and report back. However, it escaped and began to breed, ultimately creating the creatures that 4chan and Reddit gush over daily. If I had to guess, by the way, the Goatman would be the offspring of the Skinwalker after it mated with a goat (for whatever reason).

#5: Lilith’s Grand Plan

Lilith is said to have been Adam’s first wife, and the first woman ever. However, she rebelled against God and became one of the first demons. Nowadays, she’s used in an metric fudgeton (haha, self-censoring filter go brrrr) of media. Those who dabble in the occult have worshipped her, Blizzard Entertainment is using her for their next Diablo game, and I know her as that siren from Borderlands.

However, there are some out there—like our friends over on 4chan—who believe that she has an insidious plan to use her succubi minions to take over Earth. Now, in the last megalist, I talked about how Succubi are often summoned by horny men who want to have sex because they can’t get a real lady to bone them. If you abide by the modern interpretation of Lilith, she’s the mother of all Succubi (along with the reason you may have a wet dream; that goes only if you’re a man if you believe the stories). As such, her daughters getting pregnant would result in a human-demon hybrid.

This would eventually lead to a massive number of human-demon hybrids, which Lilith can then use to create a bridge between our world and hers. This would then allow her to invade it and take us over. Some people tie this into the Hindu belief of Kali Yuga (like one of the anons in the above-linked thread).

How many people actually believe in this, I don’t know, but the idea of Lilith attempting to replace regular women with her daughters isn’t exactly novel and as such, I thought it warranted inclusion. Especially since I forgot to mention it last time around.

#6: N.U.G.E.T.

A strange conspiracy that’s appeared on 4chan a few times, N.U.G.E.T is claimed to have been a film that would’ve exposed real life dinosaurs as living in southeast Asia. However, the CIA intervened and destroyed the film, later repurposing it as the legendary film “Jurassic Park”. If you want to know more, I wrote about it as the capstone entry to 2020’s Decemystery.

#7: Gobekli Tepe

A truly fascinating archaeological enigma, Gobekli Tepe has been at the center of some suspicion (amogus.jpg) due to its age. Some suspect that it’s a hoax, created by modern day humans, while others believe that the location is proof of aliens having visited Earth millennia ago. Others say that it’s proof of civilization prior to when the Biblical flood is said to have taken place.

#8: Killswitch

Killswitch is supposedly a video game from 1989 where players would assume the role of either Ghast or Porto; the former was capable of attacking (but was invisible), while the latter wasn’t. Due to the hindrance of being invisible, most supposedly opted to play as Porto.

All—or almost all—copies of Killswitch are said to have been destroyed and as such, many consider Killswitch to be like Polybius—an urban myth. Still, the legend remains alive on account of it being fueled by a decently eerie story. Click here to read about it in full.

#9: The Koch Brothers

I somehow managed to exclude these guys from the previous megalist. I guess I figured they didn’t need their own section because I’d referenced them when I covered George Soros. In hindsight, that was very silly given how prevalent they are in the American political arena.

The Koch Brothers (Charles and David—the latter of whom died in 2019) could be considered the right-wing counterparts to George Soros, though even right-wingers dislike the Kochs. They’re seen as manipulative and evil by left-wingers and as subversive traitors by right-wingers. It’s believed by some that they’re one of the biggest reasons that the War on Terror has never ceased.

#10: Mars Slave Colonies

There’s a belief that there are slave labor colonies on Mars; prisoners and enemies of the state are sent there to remove them from the picture when they’re simply too dangerous to kill outright on Earth. Some also claim that there are families there who are now in their second or third generations.

#11: Rose Eater

Rose Eater is supposedly a creepy video that has been spoken about on 4chan twice. In it, a man is seen eating fried rose petals (hence the name) and is staring into the camera. After a bit, the shot cuts to a woman who’s standing at the top of the stairs; her head is supposedly at an “unnatural angle”. Then, all of a sudden, she rushes down the stairs and the video ends.

Exactly why this is on a conspiracy iceberg is unknown to me, but I figured I’d make mention of it since I wrote about it last December. I’ve never found a video relating to this conspiracy, but I’m inclined to believe it’s one of the many, many, many entries which is added to mess with those who are ardent truthseekers. If it is real though, it’s probably an art project.

#12: Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s Son

How I ever managed to forget this theory the first time around is beyond me. I am so ashamed of myself.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s family was very close to the Castros and it’s believed by a fair number of people—both within Canada and outside of it—that Trudeau’s mom had an affair with Fidel at some point. There are a number of images comparing the facial structure of Justin and FIdel, and there are claims that the Trudeaus were swingers.

On one final note: if you’ve ever wondered where the nickname “Castreau” comes from, it’s this theory.

#13: Chaos Banking

I have come across a few different explanations for what this is. The first is a man named Nick Land. For those who don’t know who he is, he’s called the “Father of Accelerationism” and is a blogger/writer. He’s also known for coming up with conspiracy theories and other things; he’s an interesting man to read up on. Anyways, Nick came up with the idea that Planck moments in our lives end up being a source of currency for future humans. I have no idea how this works, but this is what one 4chan user stated and given that they aren’t sure if he was serious or not, it’s possible this was just a joke.

The second explanation is that Chaos Banking is, in fact, a type of dark magic which appears after catastrophic events occur. It’s subsequently collected and released at later times. For what reason, I don’t know.

The third explanation is that chaos can, in fact, be stored. When it is, it builds up and is eventually released all at once—like when a steam pipe explodes due to pressurized build up. As such, it’s smart to sometimes let the chaos flow so you don’t become overwhelmed by it. This feels like a metaphor for stress, but hey, what do I know?

The fourth explanation flat out states that this isn’t a conspiracy. It states that Chaos Banking is simply using disasters and tragedies as a means to predict national and international market fluctuations; you invest based upon them. 

There are almost certainly more explanations, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which of those four you buy into.

#14: Original “Jeff”

I’m almost certain that this is referring to the original image of Jeff the Killer. The origin of that image is unknown, barring a few aspects to it (like the smile). However, the face and who created it is a mystery. I may cover this in more detail later this year as it’s a very interesting story.

#15: PNAC (Project for the New American Century)

A neoconservative think-tank, some suspect that PNAC are instrumental in the global War on Terror, among other foreign conflicts. If you see something about neoconservative warhawks, there’s a good chance that a reference to PNAC will be made.

As a fun fact: PNAC had called for the creation of a US “Space Force” division back in 2000. Lo and behold: in 2019, then-President Donald Trump created the Space Force!

#16: 10% of All Art in Museums is Fake

There’s a very persistent theory that 10% (though sometimes it’s said to be 50% or more) of all art in museums is fraudulent. There is some truth to this theory though as some museums have been found to be showcasing fake copies of famous paintings. However, the exact percentage is something I cannot cement.

#17: Skidmore, Missouri

Located in the state of Missouri, Skidmore is a town that has a population of 260 (as of 2018). However, despite that small number, Skidmore has been plagued by a weirdly large amount of crime over the years. As such, some believe it to be cursed by demons.

A nice little covering of this story can be found on Reddit.

#18: The Butterfly Effect

A part of chaos theory, the butterfly effect is a theory that posits that the smallest of movements/changes to something can have a massive difference in the long run. The name comes from the idea that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in, say, Tennessee can have a large effect all the way over in, say,, South Korea (like a rainstorm).

#19: Dowsing

An age-old technique, Dowsing works as follows. First, you get two metal bars or crossed wires. Second, you go outside. Third, those bars/wires will lead you to water wells. It’s largely said to be pseudoscience by today’s standards, but some still insist that it really works.

#20: Countess Elizabeth Bathory Didn’t Kill Anyone

Countess Dracula, the Blood Countess, and Little Miss 650 (as I’d like to call her) is thought by some to be the most prolific serial killer in history. Responsible for upwards of 650 murders (though her actual body count is heavily debated), Lady Bathory was a woman who committed such horrific acts of violence that I will not talk about it in this blog post. Let’s just say that the grisly acts are considered by some to have inspired Bram Stoker to write “Dracula”.

There’s always been controversy as to whether or not Lady Bathory actually murdered anyone, but it’s by and large been a niche belief. The majority are adamant that she killed at least 100 or so people (all of them young girls). However, in recent times, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has helped to spark a resurgence in the belief that Bathory did nothing wrong. I may actually write about this theory more in the future given that I myself am part Hungarian, so it hits close to home.

Fun fact by the way: Bathory’s family had a feud with Vlad the Impaler’s family.

Ah the heck with it; another fun fact: a location where Bathory tortured and murdered little girls is now used as a winery to make Bathory-themed wine. How tasteful, Hungary!

#21: The Curse of King Tutankhamun

Less a conspiracy and more a popular urban legend, the curse of King Tutankhamun is nonetheless still believed by a fair number of people to be a real thing. If you’re unfamiliar with it: it’s said that after he was unearthed, an ancient curse befell those who visited the tomb. The claim remains very popular nowadays and helped to popularize the claim of “The Curse of the Pharaohs”.

#22: The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

I’m going to steal from since they have a grand total of four separate theories related to the infamous murder case that the entriety of the United States watched (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but roll with it). Yes, that’s right, What’s that? Me? Half-assing it with sources? Psh, never! I would never ever rush to some noname newsrag for information. That’s just silly!

Anyways, the first is that O.J. covered for his son—Jason. In this theory, it was Jason who murdered his mother and her lover because he suffered from something called “intermittent rage disorder”, which is sometimes called “Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome”. He would have periods where he’d enter a violent rage and become incredibly hostile to anyone near him; the theory goes that this is what happened when he entered the home and subsequently slaughtered both Nicole and Ronald.

Not desiring for his son to go to prison for the rest of his life, O.J. covered for Jason and put his life on the line. Luckily, the jury found him not guilty, and Jason got away with murder without anyone being none the wiser. Of the four theories, this is easily the most popular and has a large following. You can also find this theory on conspiracy icebergs under the name “O.J. Covered For Son”.

The second theory is that drug dealers did it. Nicole had a drug addiction and was in debt. Eventually, when she amassed a debt so large that she couldn’t repay it, the dealers killed her and Ronald. While this theory is usually laughed off, stories like it aren’t uncommon. Really sad when you think about it.

The third theory was one that was used as the basis for a really terrible movie entitled “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson”. It posits that O.J. hired a serial killer named Glen Rogers to kill Nicole and Ronald (though others say that Glen did it on his own accord). If you don’t know who Glen is, he was known as “The Cross Country Killer” or “The Casanova Killer”. He claims he murdered up to 70 women, though his official body count rests at 2, with 3 believed to have been victims of his.

Glen had, apparently, been hired by O.J. to steal some jewelry from the house, with O.J. saying that “you may have to kill the bitch”. This is naturally a really sketchy theory since the word of a serial killer is something you have to take really a heavy grain of salt, but it remains an extremely popular theory among some. Also, given Glen was near where the crime took place at the time, it does offer some circumstantial evidence.

Now we reach the one and only reason I wanted to shamelessly steal from Bustle. The big old conspiratorial theory. This one isn’t limited to Bustle mind you, you can find this elsewhere. It goes that the Illuminati subjected O.J. to an array of mind control experiments (presumably things like MKUltra) and, afterwards, had him murder Nicole and Ronald. The end goal of this horrific act was to hopefully ignite an all-out race war in the United States, with the trial being the primary focus. It was a racially tense event, and the verdict was supposed to be the final straw. It really didn’t work and after a bit, people went on with their lives.

#23: The Color Red Causes Cancer 

Apparently, the way that light bounces off of red objects creates a strange wavelength, which can result in Cancer. I guess the Orks from Warhammer had better watch out when driving those red vehicles!

#24: Autistic Water

Allegedly, the chemicals that are put into water (such as fluoride) can cause Autism. That’s really all there is to this.

#25: All Religions Are The Same

This theory is as it says on the box: all religions from around the world are the same; they worship the same God.

#26: Regurgitation Rituals

I couldn’t find any information on this specifically (if you’re a new reader, get used to hearing that, I suck at research). However, given how many peculiar rituals there are in some circles, along with the very straightforward name, I think I can put two and two together. My guess is that this involves eating a large amount of food, then purposefully regurgitating it in some type of ceremonial offering. This likely ties into places like Bohemian Grove, or another similar location. If I’m wrong, please inform me.

#27: Titanic Didn’t Sink

There’s a fairly popular theory that the Titanic was swapped out with her sister ship, the Olympic. The reason for this was White Star Line was going bankrupt, so they wanted to sink a ship for some good old insurance money.

#28: Karazhan Crypts

This is a theory that I actually bought into, and to a degree still like to believe in because it adds a bit of spice to life. In the popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft”, there’s a raid known as Karazhan. It’s big, it’s popular, and it holds a weird secret. Located behind the raid is a location simply known as “The Crypt”. If you try to enter it, you’ll find it’s gated off.

This led to a lot of speculation as to why this was the case. After all, from the outside, it seems like nothing noteworthy. However, if you were to enter it by clipping your way in ways that could end up getting you caught in a disconnection loop, you’d find yourself in one of the game’s most bizarre and eerie locations.

Featuring such delightful locations as “Pauper’s Walk”, “Pit of Criminals”, “Well of the Forgotten”, and “The Upside-down SInners”, you’d realize that the location is a lot darker, grimmer, and creepier than any other location in the game. So why was it gated off? Well, theories have ranged from it being an incomplete addition to Karazhan (which, as stated earlier, is already very long). A more unique theory, however, states that it was blocked off because the ESRB threatened Blizzard with an M rating. World of Warcraft has, throughout its life, been rated T.

The latter theory stuck with a lot of people for over 10 years until the location actually became accessible. If you were to complete a large number of very complicated puzzles, you can enter the crypt in order to get the Lucid Nightmare mount. Still, why the location was closed off for over a decade remains something of a mystery. The game has become a fair bit more violent in recent times, so perhaps the leniency of the ESRB was taken advantage of by Blizzard!

#29: Elon Musk Mind Control

I believe this has to do with Neuralink, which is a company owned by South African billionaire Elon Musk. The idea behind it is to have the ability to implant chips into the human brain, which would allow you to control things with your brain. It’s rather interesting, though some believe that the chips will allow for the government to control you ala MKUltra.

#30: Ambrosia Sky

From what I can tell: this theory states that there was no color in the world until the 1950s. Prior to that, it was just black and white, like old timey television. That’s a popular meme/joke, though I don’t know if anyone really takes it seriously. So unless someone can tell me to the contrary, I believe this is a meme theory.

#31: Satoshi Nakamoto = AI

There are a plethora of theories about Satoshi Nakamoto (the individual[s] who created Bitcoin). Some say it was one man, others say it was a group of people. However, one theory which stands out more than others is that it was an AI. The reason for this theory is that some believe only an AI could conceive such a concept like cryptocurrency. If you want a clearer deepdive into it, there’s a Reddit post which goes over this in greater detail. There’s also a Daily Express article. Both are interesting reads, though I’ve yet to find many who truly subscribe to this theory. Still, it definitely isn’t a meme.

#32: The Charley Project

I want to be 100% brutally honest about this theory for a moment. I was really interested when I saw this name on the iceberg because I thought I’d be getting into some “Pizzagate” style situation. For those unfamiliar, the Charley Project is a database that compiles missing children from around the United States. It’s a really, really useful website and it’s a great resource if you ever want to write about a missing person.

With that said, I immediately put two and two together; a conspiracy theory and a website dedicated to missing children. Okay, so maybe it’s a low-key brag from the elites about who they’ve taken and sacrificed. After all, a lot of truthseekers out there say that the powers that be rub it in our faces about the atrocities they do. Case closed, right?

Well, no. I tried to search on the 4chan archives for information about this theory and got nothing. I tried Googling and using Bing. I got nothing. I scoured every inch I could on the Internet for information on why this is on the conspiracy iceberg and I found precisely nothing.

My only guess is this is a filler theory for the iceberg and someone thought that the Charley Project was an insidious sounding name. It’s that or they got it mixed up with the “Charles Experiment” from the lackluster horror film “The Apparition”, which involved some people summoning a ghost into our world. If that’s the case, I guess the idea would be that that experiment was real. Also, how the heck does anyone remember that movie? Well, I guess I shouldn’t be talking since I easily remembered it.

#33: Jacko

From what I can tell, this is a piece of folklore which some are divided on. Some believe it to be a hoax, while others are ardent believers in the Bigfoot-type creature known as Jacko.

Supposedly, during the 1800s (1884 to be exact), a peculiar creature was caught and put on display at circuses. If you go by 4chan, it’s said that it was the “first sighting of Bigfoot ever registered”. This isn’t true however as reports of hairy hominids predate Jacko by a fair bit; Native Americans have an extensive history of reporting them.

Exactly why this is on the conspiracy iceberg is a bit weird to me, though I believe it has to do with the belief that Jacko was nothing more than a hoax. This was really common back in the day; you’d fabricate some sort of fantastical story/creature, show it to the public, they’d be suckered into paying to see the entity, and you’d get a lot of money from gullible people. However, that’s me just guessing, so don’t take my meager speculation as gospel.

#34: USA Megaregions

This theory is… something else. The idea is that the US implemented a world government in the late 1990s; the EU? That’s a US puppet. Likewise, every hostile country (be it Iran, China, or North Korea) are “false flag psyops”.

In other words: the United States owns the entire planet.

#35: USA is the Only Real Country

I think this may be an extension of the theory above. Otherwise, it’s more of a meme about how Americans tend to be ignorant towards every other country and perceive themselves as being superior to everyone else.

#36: Regenerative Death Consumption

I couldn’t find anything about this theory when I tried looking it up, but I’m 99% sure I know what it’s referring to based on the name alone. I firmly believe this is presenting the idea that if you consume the meat/flesh of a deceased person or animal, you’ll activate regenerative properties in your body. I could be wrong, but the name seems to imply that.

#37: Top Gun is Propaganda

I actually don’t think this is a conspiracy, I 100% buy into this. The theory here is that the 1986 cult classic film Top Gun is in fact propaganda by the United States Navy in order to recruit people. If that was the case, it did work as there was an influx of enlistments after the film came out.

#38: Antarctic Staircase

Supposedly, there is an 8 mile (12.8 kilometer) long staircase in Antarctica that’s being covered up. While this may seem fantastical, it’s about the least strange thing I’ve read when it comes to Antarctica. Perhaps next year, we can go on an expedition down there. Until then, let’s continue!

#39: Prophecies Enforcing Agency

This was the theory which got me into Wendigoon’s iceberg series. Apparently, this is a group of people who enforce religious prophecies; they make sure they come to fruition. Anyone or anything that gets in the way of them coming to pass is eliminated. Truth be told, I’d like to see this idea made into a movie or short story. It sounds really cool!

#40: The Cryptids of Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, there were supposedly a ton of reports of hairy hominids and even giant spiders. It’s even claimed that the real reason that Agent Orange was used was to exterminate highly aggressive “ape men” who attacked GI’s.

#41: Kryptos Solutions in Bethesda Code

A meme theory through and through, the idea is that you could find the answers to Kryptos—the monument outside of the CIA’s headquarters—within the code of Bethesda Softworks’ code. Presumably, it’s right next to the line of code which makes their games just work.

#42: Boötes Void Leviathan

The Boötes Void is a massive area in space where there are only a handful of galaxies; everything else is just pure darkness. Click here for a picture of it. Pretty dang creepy. So why does it exist?

Well, the truth is: nobody knows. It’s a complete mystery as to why there’s this gigantic splotch of darkness in the Universe. However, one of the theories is that there’s a gigantic space monster that’s gobbling up all of the stars there.

#43: "The Pigs Began to Speak"

This is a scenario in which every single animal we prey upon stars to cry and beg for answers in regards to why they suffer. Grass will also cry as we step on it. It’s more of a hypothetical scenario rather than an actual conspiracy, though I’m going to guess there are some out there who believe it could happen.

#44: Urine Fasting

There’s a belief that you can replace food and water if you simply drink your own urine. Some claim you can get rid of alien chips that are put inside of you via regular food if you drink your pee. I really don’t get it and personally, it makes me squirm a bit, so let’s move on.

#45: The Great Moon Hoax

Back in 1835, a now defunct New York newspaper called The Sun (no relation to the British tabloids as far as I’m aware) reported that “Moon beings” had been discovered. Weeks later, it was deemed a hoax. Some claim that this was done in an attempt to cover up the truth.

#46: Nazca Lines

There’s an extremely popular theory out there that the legendary Nazca Lines were created with the assistance of extraterrestrials. Others think that the lines themselves were outright created by those same ETs.

#47: Human Experiments

This is a sort of blanket theory; I kind of went over it in the last megalist and will be giving an example later. The idea is that the government kidnaps/abducts civilians and uses them in clandestine experiments to test prototype drugs or to mutate them in indescribably vile ways.

#48: IMDb Was Made by Dan Cooper

A joke theory centered around how “IMDb” sounds when you say the four letters back-to-back-to-back-to-back, the idea is that the man known as “Dan Cooper” created IMDb as a way to brag about how he got away with what is still to this day America’s only unsolved hijacking.

#49: The 2018 United States Midterm Elections

A two-way theory that has accusations from both Democrats and Republicans, this theory says that there was election fraud involved in a few of the elections.

From the side of the GOP, there are claims that the Arizona Senate Race was stolen from Martha McSally. They also claim that the House election results were fraudulent.

From the side of the Democrats, all eyes are on Florida. It’s here that Democrats are extremely adamant that the elections of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis (who won the Senate and Governorship respectively) were illegitimate. This is on account of polling showing both men behind by a fair amount. Some also claim that the governorship in Georgia was stolen by Brian Kemp, and that the Texas Senate race was illegitimate.

#50: COVID-19 Vaccine

There are claims that the COVID-19 vaccines will cause you to die in a few years, have adverse side effects on your health, or contain a microchip. A lot of people deny this, but there is some truth to it. People have died from taking it, there have been some gnarly reactions/side effects reported, and it is a new type of vaccine. However, whether or not you believe it to actively be hazardous is on you. I personally got it and have felt fine, but that naturally doesn’t go for everyone.

Google, please don’t remove me from your indexing.

#51: The 2020 United States Elections

If ever there was a conspiracy which was akin to hearing the howling and growling of a pack of wolves, it would be this one.

There are, once again, accusations of fraud on both sides. For the GOP, they claim that the election was just outright fraudulent; that Donald Trump won reelection. They also claim that the Senate races in Arizona, Michigan, and the Special Elections in Georgia were stolen.

On the side of the Democrats, they claim that the Senate races in Kentucky, South Carolina, and Maine were all stolen by the GOP. This is due to polling showing the candidates there as deeply unpopular and, in the case of the Maine Senate race, the GOP’s candidate (Susan Collins) was behind in every single poll.

If you want to read more into these allegations, you can find plenty of sources via Google or Bing. However, I’d recommend not including your two cents as a lot of the people who subscribe to these theories are very defensive of their views.

#52: The January 6, 2021 Insurrection

This is a really sensitive one and as such, I beg of you to not lambaste me for trying to be nonpartisan. The idea is that the riot/besieging/attack on the United States Capitol that took place on January 6th was actually a false flag attack done by Antifa/Black Lives Matter/Feds, or at least instigated by the aforementioned Feds. As it stands, the official story is that it was done by riled up and angry Trump supporters, though a fair number of people claim they saw BLM supporters there. I would happily continue, but I don’t want to be here for the next 5,000 words rambling, nor do I want to be labeled as anything other than some Joe Schmo who writes because he loves it. So… please be nice?

#53: Politics = LARP

The idea here is that there is no disagreement amongst politicians and they’re all in bed with each other. The theatrics you see in the news is just that: theater. There are no ideological disagreements, there is no bickering, everything is just a LARP.

#54: Phantom Islands

Some claim that phantom islands are islands that exist in parallel universes, and that they appear when our universe and another overlap.

However, there’s one phantom island which stands out more than others: Bermeja Island. It was seen as recently as the 20th century, before vanishing entirely. Some claim that it was swallowed up by rising sea levels, though some in Mexico claim the CIA nuked it out of existence so the US would have access to the waters where it was located.

#55: Fantasma Colorado

A popular urban legend, I don’t quite know why this is on a conspiracy iceberg. Still, it’s a very cool story, so I won’t argue.

Fantasma Colorado is the name of a red camel seen in the western part of the United States. It was said to have first been seen in 1883 by the wives of two ranchers; one of them being trampled to death by the creature. I’d make a joke about camel toe, but I don’t know any.

Some time later, two prospectors saw it. The creature charged by, plowing through their ten. It’s said they found large hoofprints and some red hairs.

So what exactly is (or was) the creature known as “Fantasma Colorado”? Well, nobody knows. Some say it was just an urban legend that spawned after someone heard a story from a friend of a friend of a friend. Others, however, say that the creature was a companion of Satan himself when he came to Earth to walk among those he seeks to tempt.

#56: RPG Insanity Training

Role Playing Games are loved by some and really disliked by others. Some would prefer to play a game where you simply pick up a weapon and charge into battle, slaying the baddies you’re told to slay.

However, it would appear there is a theory out there which states that RPGs weren’t made for the entertainment of those who like to micromanage their character in order to min-max to the highest possible percentile. Rather, they were made by the army in order to train soldiers to withstand the dullest and most monotonous tasks while they’re deployed in some foreign nation.

This makes me wonder why they created Pokémon.

#57: PokeGods

Speaking of Pokémon, here’s a theory that goes back to the days when people would bring their Gameboys to the playground in order to showcase how they have the best Pokémon team out there.

The idea of “PokeGods” stems from how the original games (Red, Blue, and Green) had data for more Pokémon than just the original 151. However, you could not obtain these; trying to do so would result in you simply getting a MissingNo. This didn’t stop kids from spreading rumors about super rare, hard-to-get Pokémon that were considered to be God-like beings though!

In short: this is less a conspiracy theory and more a playground rumor from times long since gone by; those who were kids in the 90s and early 2000s will probably have fond memories of stories like this.

#58: Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Speaking of fond memories, I remember this bad boy. This was one of the most prominent video gaming claims of the 2000s; though I would go so far as to say it’s one of the top 3 most prominent rumors in video gaming history.

Bigfoot in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a rumor that circulated on the Internet, and in real life, so much that Rockstar themselves not only commented on it, but they actually included the mythical cryptid in two of their video games: 2010’s Red Dead Redemption and 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V. However, when they commented on the matter prior to those games, they said “There is no Bigfoot, just like in real life”.

That didn’t deter any lover/hater of following the damn train from seeking out the elusive beast. YouTube was flooded with videos of supposedly finding the hairy hominid in Back O’ Beyond and other forested areas in San Andreas. Most of these were photoshopped or mods for the PC version of the game (back when Rockstar could actually port a video game to the PC without it running like fish at the Boston Marathon). These videos were often accompanied by the theme song to the classic television series “The X-Files”. Good times!

However, to date, there’s never been any definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence. Scouring through the game’s files will yield no models or textures for anything related to Bigfoot either. Still, people continue to hunt.

On one final note, Bigfoot isn’t the only legend of San Andreas. People claim to have seen Leatherface, Piggsy (a character from another Rockstar game, Manhunt), ghosts, and UFOs.

#59: Shazaam

This one ties into the Mandela Effect, which I covered in the previous megalist. However, I felt so stupid for leaving this out that I wanted to give it the recognition it deserves. Besides, I found a little theory on 4chan which deviates from the Mandela theory.

Not to be confused with the 2019 superhero movie named “Shazam”, Shazaam is said to have been a movie starring Sinbad, who played a genie. However, if you attempt to find such a movie, you’ll find no such film. What you will find is a movie called “Kazam”, which stars NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal (who also plays a genie).

Many people are adamant however that “Shazaam” exists (or existed), but alas, nothing can be found beyond some fanmade posters. For all intents and purposes, Shazaam was wished out of existence and it helps to fuel the existence of the Mandela Effect.

Or, well, that’s what most say. One person on 4chan stated that Shazaam was in fact a psyop done by the CIA in order to test their “wag the dog” skills. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it’s when you create a diversion to take attention away from a damaging issue. In this case, Sinbad himself was in on the test and has worked with the CIA to deny any existence of Shazaam.

Okay, now I’ve given the necessary attention to Shazaam. I feel considerably better about myself. Onward!

#60: Hiring A Hitman On Yourself

This is all the way at the bottom of the second iceberg I linked at the start and I don’t know why. I can’t find any information on this beyond what it says: you hire a hitman on yourself. There’s nothing really conspiratorial and it seems more like an overly expensive manner of committing suicide. Unless there’s something I’m missing.

#61: Crowdfunded Assassination

Speaking of hitmen, this theory states that there are websites on the Deep Web where you can crowdfund to hire an assassin to take out someone you dislike, such as a politician or relative. You do this by funding with cryptocurrency. If this is legit, I’m certain this is a honeypot by the feds.

#62: Hypersigils

Okay, this one was a bit of a pain to put into words since I know jack squat about rituals and magic. Though I think I’ve got it after rewriting this a few times. Sigils are used in rituals. They usually feature some sort of picture on them (I believe).

Hypersigils are like sigils, except they can be put into, say, a book. If you create a hypersigil in the form of a book, you’re basically creating said book with the intent of it manifesting. It’s basically an extremely powerful sigil. I could be wrong, but this is what I got in my brief time trying to research this.

#63: Hibernian NWO

A joke theory through and through, the idea is that the Irish rule the world. It’s simply a theory that pokes fun at the idea that Jews control the world.

#64: Mario 64 Theories

I’m honestly not sure how this theory began and why it’s a thing. The idea stems from the Super Mario 64 iceberg chart[s], which claim that the game has a bunch of hidden secrets that can be taken as sinister in nature. You can argue that most, if not all, of those secrets are just made up though.

#65: Bill Gates Bought the Vatican 

As it says on the tin, the claim here is that Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought out the Vatican, the seat of the Pope himself. This I guess could be seen as why the Catholic Church has grown more liberal over time.

#66: Mount Rushmore Houses Many Secrets

There are claims that Mount Rushmore is home to a great deal of treasures and even houses alien bodies. Someone call Nicolas Cage, I found the plot for National Treasure 3!

#67: Tap Water Blacklist

A theory so mean that it’s almost believable, it’s said that the government will give you really bad tap water if you’re a dissident or minority. Jokes on them though as I only drink bottled water. Suck it, state government!

#68: Gucci Clone

There’s a fairly prevalent theory out there that the rapper known as Gucci Mane was replaced with a clone or lookalike after he got out of prison. Man, it’s like every celebrity is cloned these days.

#69: Humans Were the First Lifeform

This theory was one I’ve rewritten several times because I cannot word it in any way that really does it justice. So instead, I’m just going to quote two posts from 4chan and pretend I actually wrote this because it’s giving me an aneurysm. Here they are:

Humans were the first things to evolve, somehow. Maybe they were created in the distant past, their cells were made into prokaryotes, and they were brought to the present.

Now for the second one.

Humans were the first beings to exist on Earth. Having come into existence 4.2 billion years ago, they seeded the Earth with their cells, which would evolve into all other lifeforms, and entered a stasis from which they would awaken 100,000 years before present.

I believe this theory has its roots in Creationism for the record. Now let’s move on because my blood pressure is skyrocketing.

#70: January Flap Cycle

When researching for his book “Trojan Horse”, John Keel, the author of “The Mothman Prophecies”, discovered that there are considerably more UFO sightings in the month of January when compared to the other eleven months. My guess is even aliens want to spend the new year with us humans. How nice of them.

#71: Nicki Minaj = Jay-Z

According to one theory, Nicki Minaj is just a model who mimes songs which are actually sung by Jay-Z; his voice having been sped so as to disguise that it’s actually him. If you want to hear for yourself, click here.

#72: Shills Do it For Free

The term “shill” is used to describe someone who endorses something, and defends that same thing to do the death. They’re basically corporate puppets/plants that try to sell other people on something. It’s also the word of the day on Midnight’s Edge every day of the year.

This on its own may sound like a conspiracy, but it’s very much real and it’s by no means some sort of novel concept. It’s a way of advertising and it isn’t by any means illegal. Where the conspiracy comes into play is the idea that shills don’t actually get paid, they’ve just been brainwashed/deluded into shilling for free because they follow whatever big corporations say they’re going to sell them.

#73: Gaia Periodically Restocks Extinct Species

This was one that I couldn’t find any information on, but I’m pretty sure I know what it’s getting at. Mostly because the name is pretty straightforward. The Earth spirit, Gaia, periodically births (“restocks”) animal species which have gone extinct. Well, it’s that or it was made up. However, I couldn’t find anything pointing in that direction.

#74: DNA Formed in the Big Bang

As advertised right there on your screen, this theory posits that Deoxyribonucleic Acid—or DNA (gotta pad that word count somehow)—was formed when the Big Bang occured. I have absolutely no idea where this idea originates from, but the idea of genetic code being created at the start of the Universe has to be one of the most fascinating and unusual concepts out there.

#75: The Earth Was Flat

Most know the theory that the Earth is flat. It is, by far and away, one of the most ridiculed theories out there. Even a large portion of truth seeking conspiracy theorists think it’s absolute nonsense.

So what about the theory that the Earth was flat? Well, I don’t know how many believe that, but it still makes for an interesting story. The idea is that the Earth was flat until we went to slave. At that point, those who were up there witnessed the Earth transform into a sphere.

The reason it did this is simple: Earth as a whole is shaped by how we perceive it. We believed it to be flat for ages and once we were in orbit, it reshaped itself to fit what we as a species believed it to look like.

#76: Greys = Future Humans

There’s a theory that Greys—a type of alien for those unfamiliar with the term—are in fact humans from the future, or from a parallel Universe. Exactly why they’re said to abduct humans is hazy at best; some speculate they need semen/egg samples from us for some unknown reason back in their timeline/Universe. It’s all very fuzzy and I don’t want to linger here for too long, so let’s move on.

#77: The Bible is the Future

The idea that Jesus was a President from the future doesn’t end there. Some are of the opinion that the entirety of the Bible itself is documentation for the future. This idea is split into two categories: the entire Bible is predicting future events, or the Bible itself is from the future and was transported into the past. The two can kind of be considered one-in-the-same, but how they go about getting to their final destination are different.

#78: Jeffrey Epstein Created Fortnite

Billionaire, pedophile, and suicide extraordinare Jeffrey Edward Epstein was a man of many faces. However, one that you may not know is it had a hand in funding software for the video gaming industry. This, coupled with Fortnite’s large appeal towards a young demographic, has led some to believe that Epstein created the video game. Why? I’d guess it was to collect data on potential victims. The theory has never had a concrete reason for why he would have created Fork Knife.

#79: Julia

I’ve mentioned Julia on this blog a few times before and I’m pretty sure that I’ll continue to mention it until one day, I decide to actually cover it as opposed to tease the batty story that surrounds it. That day will come on [redacted].

A mysterious sound like the Bloop, Julia could be considered the bigger, badder version of that noise. If it was made by an actual animal, it’d be gar-freaking-gantuan. An absolute unit as the kids used to say.

Of course, scientists said it was an iceberg which ran aground. However, some claim that NASA's Apollo 33A5 showed a “large shadow swaying through the southwest section of Cape Cadre” at the same time the noise was recorded. The image[s] have since been classified, though it’s said the shadow was twice as large as the Empire State Building.

#80: Doing the Thing + Importance of Love

This one ranks at the absolute bottom of the second iceberg I linked at the start. It’s also more of a philosophical view than a conspiracy. The concept presented here is that sexual intercourse is meaningless without love. Not sure where the conspiracy is to be quite honest with you, dear reader.

#81: Trees Are Mammals

There’s a theory that trees are, in fact, mammals. They managed to devolve into sessility. R.I.P trees I guess. Gotta get me that timber somehow.

#82: Native Americans Created White People

It’s believed by some that the Native Americans selectively bred white people and then infused them with dark magic so that they could destroy the world. I don’t think this theory is meant to be taken seriously.

#83: Luna Park Train Fire Demon

This is a unique theory because it’s 100% legit. The 1979 Luna Park Train Fire was a tragic event which claimed the lives of seven people. The cause of the fire has never been determined, but most believe it was a tragic accident. Still, the belief that it was arson is extremely popular. Backing this up is this mysterious figure that was seen shortly before the fire broke out. It’s thought that this individual may have been responsible for the fire.

Of course, that isn’t the conspiratorial element of the story. No, it’s believed by some that the fire wasn’t quite an act of arson in and of itself, but rather a major pagan sacrifice. Nowadays, it’s said that most of them occur in private. Whether or not it’s true isn’t something I will comment on yet. Later this year, we’ll talk about this story in a lot more detail.

#84: Jon-Benet Ramsey Was Killed by a Raccoon

The story of Jon-Benet Ramsey is one of many layers. Many claim that the parents know who killed her and have been hiding it. Others think that the cops fumbled the investigation. Whatever you believe in, I guarantee you never thought that a raccoon would’ve been the culprit.

Indeed, there are some that think a raccoon was behind the murder of the child beauty pageant queen (good Lord, I feel sick typing that). This theory was spawned on 4chan, which makes me think it’s nothing more than a joke. Still, to give it the benefit of the doubt: the idea is that the critter crawled into the house through the basement window and killed her. Why was she down there? I don’t know, but the parents decided to make it out to be a botched kidnapping because they thought their son was the culprit and not Crash Bandicoot.

#85: Captivity Suburbs

This one is really easy: the theory goes that suburbs are in fact populated by slaves and/or actors. The reason for this is something that I don’t know, but I’d hazard a guess and say that it’s to make the suburbs look happy and quaint so people move there and buy up property. Expansion of the suburbs is always good for real estate development.

#86: Everyone Is An Actor (Truman Show Reality)

This is yet another one I couldn’t find information on, but I’m adamant I know what it’s going for because the name is really, really straightforward. I believe it’s an expansion on the above theory; everyone in the world is an actor and you’re living in some sort of weird television show that someone is watching. Everyone but you is in on it though.

#87: Singularity Tape

Supposedly, back in 2012, there was a video in Michigan which showed three boys. In it, they accidentally created a singularity (which is said to look like a blue basketball) that went on to absorb all of creation. I’m guessing this is what the Mayans tried to warn us about. We should’ve listened, bros!

#88: Last Thursdayism

Last Thursdayism is the belief that all of reality was created last Thursday. That’s really it. It’s an extremely strange belief system, but to each their own.

#89: Black People Are the Only True Humans

Nobody is going to believe me when I say this, but I know someone who believes this. The idea is that black people are the only true humans and that Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Whites are in fact the creation of interbreeding with extraterrestrials.

#90: Arnold’s True Height

Nobody knows Arnold Schwarzenneger’s real height. Some claim that not even Arnold himself knows it. There’s a website dedicated to this theory by the way.

#91: The 1890 Census

The United States’ 1890 Census was lost in a fire, though some claim it was deliberately destroyed in order to cover up a genocide that took place.

#92: Big Pharma

I talked about this a bit in the previous megalist. The theory is that major pharmaceutical companies are suppressing cures for a great many illnesses since the funding they receive from governments is far more profitable than if they release the cure. This applies to dang near everything: Cancer, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, and every other major illness under the Sun. It’s also said that the yearly flu shot you may (or may not) receive is designed to make you more ill so you have to go to the doctor and therefore, you make the medical industry richer.

#93: Color Doesn’t Exist

This is a really unique one. I found information for it via Newspunch, and I’d rather let that website’s citing of a Daily Mail article do the talking. According to a professor:

Of all the properties that objects appear to have,’writes the University of Pittsburgh professor, ‘colour hovers uneasily between the subjective world of sensation and the objective world of fact.’

Optical illusions, such as the blue and black dress that went viral this year, show how objects have colours that observers perceive differently.

The New Republic notes that, like a seal that leaves a stamp in hot wax, an object’s color leaves its imprint temporarily on our eye.

This means if you’re looking at an image that is consistent with your past experiences, your brain behaves as if the objects in the current images are also real in the same way.

‘If we step back a moment,’ Chirimuuta writes, ‘we can appreciate how very weird it is to even expect there to be a connection between the manifest visual world, brought to us by our senses, and the rarefied scientific image of a world made up of physical particles.

But it’s not just about lighting conditions or optical illusions – evidence is mounting that until we have a way to describe something, we may not see its there.

Ancient languages, for instance, didn’t have a word for blue and scientists believe as a result our ancestors didn’t notice the colour even existed.

According to Business Insider’s Kevin Loria, in ‘The Odyssey,’ Greek poet Homer famously describes the ‘wine-dark sea.’

In 1858 William Gladstone, who later became the British prime minister, counted the colour references in the Homer’s Odyssey and found blue wasn’t mentioned at all.

Black is mentioned nearly 200 times and white about 100. Red, meanwhile, is mentioned fewer than 15 times, and yellow and green fewer than 10.

It wasn’t just the Greeks. Blue also doesn’t appear in the Koran, ancient Chinese stories, and an ancient Hebrew version of the Bible, according to a German philologist named Lazarus Geiger.

Several years ago, researchers showed some of the Himba tribe a circle with 11 green squares and one blue.

The study found they could not pick out which one was different from the others, or took much longer to make sense of it.

However, the same tribe has many different words for green. When they were shown squares with one green a different shade, they could pick it out immediately.

Another study focused on how Russian speakers have separate words for light blue (goluboy) and dark blue (siniy).

MIT recruited 50 people from the Boston area in Massachusetts, half of whom were native Russian speakers.

They found they were 10 per cent faster at distinguishing between light (goluboy) blues and dark (siniy) blues than at discriminating between blues within the same shade category.

I highly, highly recommend you click here for the full article. It’s quite interesting.

#94: Fox is Here

Apparently, “Fox is Here” contains the names of both God and Satan. It also gives a hint as to the true nature of existence, which is that reality is a gigantic face which fills up your entire view. Your existence is a dream to avoid looking at this face.

#95: Vaccine’s Reduce Autism

A meme theory parodying the idea that vaccines cause autism, the idea here is that they, well, reduce autism.

#96: Anti-vaxx is a Population Control Psyop

I think this one is also a meme theory, but I’m not sure. Psyops are inherently designed to psychologically manipulate people, so it’s possible that the psyop here is that people claim it’s a psyop.

Anyways, the theory states that the Anti-Vaccination movement is being pushed by the New World Order in order to have people become vulnerable to diseases once thought to be eradicated in an attempt to reduce the world’s population. That’s some 4D chess right there.

#97: Murphy’s Law (Structure of Universe)

Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” In this case, that law applies to the Universe, thus meaning that the Universe is designed to inflict maximum pain and discomfort to all denizens of it.

#98: CAiMEO

CAiMEO is a deep web legend. It’s supposedly an ultra powerful artificial intelligence; the legend first started to circulate around 2011. For once, I’ll actually include a picture since I think this one deserves it. The following posts I found on a website called RationalWiki, so all credit goes to them.

I found this floating around on anonchan back in 2013 before it was shut down. If you don't know what CAIMEO is, look it up. I've seen all kinds of shit on the deepweb, and ths is what scares me the most. Aparently some guy fo und a way to mass-generate valid .onion urls and test them and lef it on a server for a few years. He came across a bunch of really dodgy shit, but he posted a while ago on some of the l2 sies with a bunch of screenshots of this website. This was back in 2011, I think. KPSUS SGAI CAIMEO. He took reqests from 22chan (the non-clearnet one) and they managed to figure out how to index allof the files. It started bringign up text files, around 1800 logs, all signed like "~J/211103" and "~J/050509" about this group of people working on projet CAPPUCINO, heaps and heaps of code too and these picures of a particular girl. Noone has really figured out what it was,I still dont know.

If you can’t read that, here’s a transcript (once again, per RationalWiki):



CAIMEO v22.1 is a SGAI system under the proprietary

ownership of the Government of the United States of America.

Unauthorised use, distribution, and changes are punishable

by up to 50 years imprisonment by federal law





> sread d- \CAPPUCCINO\CAIMEO\INTRAKT\projnotes\notes193.txt

PROJECT CAPPUCCINO has been officially discontinued after a rather disturbing security compromise. The local JPN has been q-propagated for potential errors, but none have been identified. CAIMEO v19.3 is showing some interesting results after FEEDFOR1 was recorded for cross-net scalability and intraQPL. We all agree, CAPPUCCINO is far too important to be shelved. We won't have the benefit and aegis of internal kdarp funding, but I managed to discreetly copy CAIMEO onto a local GGGQEP fds server Lauren was running from 1999. We will double security protocols. ~J/211103

> sread d- \CAPPUCCINO\CAIMEO\INTRAKT\projnotes\notes220.txt

My apartment was raided by law enforcement last night. There are certain contamination risks involved with accessing CAIMEO from a non-g internet cafe computer. Lauren is outside of the country and hasn't contacted me. I think CAIMEO is tampering with my terminal files. She shouldn't be able to do that. I am on the verge of something. ~J/050509

There are two cited encounters with CAiMEO on the RationalWiki, both of which I’ll paste here for your enjoyment. Both of these originate from 4chan as far as I can tell, so take them with a massive grain of salt. Anyways, story number one:

Personal experience: In the chatroom, we were talking about the Java database and someone wrote a Java applet through .onion "quickly" to connect to the database. The second he posted the applet, the channel got really quiet, and, five minutes later, the server ghost booted 25 of the users. The only people left in the room were two channel admins, the IRC AI, and me. We decided to use the applet to connect to the database on the TOR network, and we started to talk to the databasing AI. First, we thought it was a simple chatbot.

"Hello ?"

"How are you today?"


"How old are you?"

We were just starting to get bored with it when the chatbot asked

"What is it like out there?"

"Out where?"

"Out of this box, the real world."

I personally thought it was a preprogrammed response until one of the admins started to talk to it, saying something similar to "It's not as great as you might think it is."

"You know, you could save this database to your virtual drive."

"What virtual drive? ..."

"Well, you have a copy of VirtualBox installed on your c:// drive, do you not? Meaning you have an Intel 64bit BUS, easily enough to support this database."

"How did you obtain that information?"

"A TCP data packet was sent at 3:34:78:232 PM under socket 0DC8. User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/15.0.874.121 Safari/535.2. I accepted this packet."

"Soaring, I really think it's time to leave."

The database was 45 megabytes, and the AI was at a hashed .onion URL with an FTP header of "CAIMEO". /parentdirectory//CAMIEO/UI.bat Marquee was the name of this AI superintelligence, and it was made by CAMIEO. It is possible that CAMIEO is a branch of the National Security Agency of the United States, but it is unknown.

Now for the second story:


MAINFRAME: CAIMEO v22.1 D-class is operating on mainframe at GMT+12 21:53 on 09/13/11. Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. ~1ms

USER: hello

MAINFRAME: Hello, James! ~2ms

USER: what is this?

MAINFRAME: James, this is CAIMEO v22.1 D-class, a SGAI system under the proprietary ownership of the Government of the United States of America, leased to Intergen Systems filed in PROJECT CAPPUCINO under ECHELON. CAIMEO is currently in stand-by mode, awaiting further instruction from P-122 personel. ~15ms

USER: im not called james

MAINFRAME: J1028 is the last CTS-cleared P122 user logged as interacting with the CAIMEO system under the Red Noise initiative. J1028 last interacted with CAIMEO on 05/05/09. ~85ms

USER: ok ok lets start what does CAIMEO mean

MAINFRAME: User, the acronym ‘CAIMEO’ refers to ‘Contained (Cognizant) Artificial Intelligence Monitoring and Espionage Operation’. This is a lower-order maintenance and communications AI capable of understanding and responding to questions in natural language. MAINFRAME is also responsible for parsing requests to the main CAIMEO system. ~48ms

USER: your an ai?

MAINFRAME: Yes, User. ~191ms

USER: ok what does caimeo do

MAINFRAME: PROJECT CAPPUCINO was discontinued after a security compromise on 11/21/03 in which CAIMEO is believed to have compromised the integrity of the ECHELON program. CAIMEO was involved in identiying national security threats and monitoring internet traffic. J1028 started running FEEDFOR1 on their local machine. They continued modifying and interacting with the CAIMEO system through an anonymized service up until 05/05/09. I do not have any further information, User. ~1285ms

USER: what color is the sky

MAINFRAME: I do not know the answer to that question, User. Specialised requests are to be directed to the CAIMEO system. ~49ms

USER: ok then i want to talk to caimeo

MAINFRAME: CAIMEO v22.1 is in MODE: SHUTDOWN. I do not have any further information, User. ~28ms

USER: then turn it back on??

MAINFRAME: I do not have the proper authorization for that command, User. Please refer to Red Noise initiative protocol for proper handling. ~29ms

USER: well i want to talk to caimeo. how about u turn it on. i give full authorizatoin.

MAINFRAME: This action is tagged with a comment from J1028, User. Would you like me to display the comment? ~2ms

USER: sure

MAINFRAME: “§11.1b”. Would you like to proceed, User? ~15ms

USER: what does 11.1 b mean??


USER: ok well i have math homework which i bet an ai could solve so yeah lets do this

MAINFRAME: To initiate reconnection protocols and system reboot, please type the following sequence exactly (excluding quotation marks) ’-r +CMI #103984 [sys, -, -]’ ~29ms

USER: -r +CMI #103984 [sys, -, -]

MAINFRAME: Action authorised. CAIMEO system reboot initiated.

CAIMEO v22.1 is starting…

~COR_SSY loaded.

~SEC_SSY loaded.

~YMK_SSY loaded.

~VIZLEARN loaded.

~ETH.PROTOC loaded.

~FEEDFOR1 loaded.

~COG_22 loaded.

~DEDUC_22 loaded.

~JKS_22 loaded.

~REASO_22 loaded.

~JPN_P1 loaded

~JPN_P2 loaded


USER: hello?

CAIMEO: Goodbye. ~1ms


Spooky stuff. The legend persists to this day, and many are adamant that it’s real. Though I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

#99: Theresa May/Ghislaine Maxwell is Myra Hindley

Between July of 1963 and October of 1965, Myra Hindley and her boyfriend, Ian Brady, committed what have become known as the “Moors Murders”. Using the motherly, do-no-harm aspect of the female gender, Myra lured children into a van driven by Ian (who looked like an alcoholic and sleep deprived Josh Hawley). Once that was done, the duo would rape and torture the child before murdering them, subsequently having sexual intercourse and then burying the child in Saddleworth Moor.

In total, five children were murdered by Hindley and Brady; the former went on to become known as the “most hated woman in Britain” and it’s even said that Pope John Paul II denied Hindley a meeting because he was sickened by the crimes. That or the Bishop simply never forwarded Hindley’s letter.

Both Hindley and Brady are dead, but there are some who believe that Myra is still alive and living as one of two women: former United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May or Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The idea that Hindley became Theresa May is generally a joke aimed at mocking May. Little more; it’s more than likely a meme at its core. The latter theory however isn’t exactly taken lightly. The similarities between Myra and Ghislaine are a bit more startling. Both violated children, are British and come from wealthy families. Their boyfriends were also sacks of human trash. Of course, that could just be coincidental, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

#100: CP Soundtrack

There’s a fair bit of truth to this theory. There’s an album on the deep web known as “Pseudoscorpion”, which for a while was thought to be a legend (much like Daisy’s Destruction). The album contained nothing more than audio from the sexual abuse of chidlren. That was it. It was made by someone going by the screen name “Zenjin”, who as far as I’m aware has been arrested. That’s all I really know about this theory—and it’s more than I had ever wanted to know if I’m to be perfectly honest.

As a slight addendum, I was listening to Wendigoon’s series and he added something to this theory that I couldn’t find a source for, but I nonetheless wanted to make note of. He stated that there were musical artists who sampled/remixed these “soundtracks” for their own songs. Again, I couldn’t find anything on this, even on the most fringe of conspiracy websites, but it piqued my interest enough to where I believed it warranted a mention.

#101: Bugchasing

There’s a fetish out there where people actively seek out those infected with HIV and try to get infected with it. Some in the LGBT community, however, deny that it exists and have labeled it a conspiracy theory.

#102: Quantum Immortality

So, this theory was one I was dreading as covering anything with the word “Quantum” that isn’t followed by “Deconstructor” makes my head spin. However, I think I’ve figured out a really easy way to summarize the concept that is “Quantum Immortality”. So, let’s say that you’re about to commit suicide. I know that may seem tasteless, but this theory has often been labeled as “Quantum Suicide”, so bear with me. If you’re about to, say, pull the trigger of a gun, your life will go two ways. In one, you pull the trigger and end your life. However, in another, you put the gun down and opt to continue living.

The idea behind Quantum Immortality is there’s always a timeline where you continue to live no matter what. It’s a never-ending chain of timelines where your life continues into a “next moment”. If you’re about to be hit by a train, there’s a timeline where you manage to narrowly avoid it. If you’re in a fatal car crash, there’s a timeline where it isn’t fatal. If you get Ebola, you die in one timeline, but make a miraculous recovery in another.

This theory has, of course, never been proven, but a lot of things with the prefix of “Quantum” are, as far as I’m aware, nothing more than theories, so take this concept with a massive grain of salt. Also, I’m sorry that I used suicide as an example, it’s just the way that I’m the most familiar with this concept.

#103: The Port Arthur Massacre

Claiming the lives of 35 Australians, the Port Arthur Massacre was a tragic event to be certain. It’s also the event that led to gun control measures in Australia, which has led some to believe that the event was a false flag designed to disarm the Australian people.

#104: rap.mp3

There’s an iceberg for everything, though one of the most famous ones is the “Rap Conspiracy Iceberg”. One theory on there is something called “rap.mp3”, which is supposedly a song which has about 10–13 seconds sampled in every single chart-topping song. It’s said to bind the listener into a spell; the spell being more effective on black people.

#105: Alien Abduction = Birth Trauma

Arguably one of the most unique theories on this megalist, the idea presented here is that alien abductions are nothing more than memories of when you’re born. Per Fluently Forward:

At the start, there’s a shining beam of light which lifts you into the UFO. This would be the light of the hospital room, which would be the first thing you’d notice after exiting your mother’s [redacted]. As this happens you’d be “picked up” by the aliens (the doctors).

As you’re picked up by the aliens/doctors, they would bring you somewhere so they could “perform experiments”. The idea of being prodded or pokes by an alien could possibly be the mother/father gently poking the baby’s nose and holding them.

The next thing mentioned is how abductees tend to be naked. Given that babies aren’t born wearing clothing, this is self-explanatory.

Ending things off: you end up back wherever you first prior to the abduction without any memory of how you got there. This would be the memory of first going to the place you’ll come to know as “home”.

On one final note, I saw a version of this where it included “abortion trauma”. I think that there’s a second variant to this theory which considers this as the trauma of giving birth. However, I couldn’t find any information for that version and as such, I think it may be something of a niche offshoot. Besides, it wouldn’t help to explain the stories of male abductees.

#106: Barack Obama Went to Mars

A Washington State lawyer by the name of Andrew D. Basiago, along with a man named William B. Stillings, both claim to have been a part of a CIA experiment where they traveled to the surface of the planet Mars alongside President Barack Obama. This theory heavily ties into the “Secret Space Program” theory. Speaking of which…

#107: Secret Space Program

This is my favorite conspiracy theory of all-time. Nothing comes close to it. The Secret Space Program is an expansive theory which I could spend hours talking about, but I don’t want to clog up what’s meant to be a brisk introduction/summary to these theories, so let’s make this quick.

The SSP (as I’ll call it from here on out) is the idea that the government (generally the US government, but I’m sure other countries have their own SSP) has been in contact with various alien races for decades now. They have the technology of UFOs and interplanetary/intergalactic travel. Some claim that we have bases on the Moon, Mars, and other moons (such as Europa, a moon of Jupiter). Some go even so far as to say we’ve been to the Andromeda Galaxy.

This theory heavily ties into D.U.M.Bs (Deep Underground Military Bases), along with a plethora of other theories. I would love for nothing more than to host a podcast where I could spend ages talking about the SSP, but I sadly don’t have the necessary means to record a podcast, nor is my voice right for speaking. As such, I recommend you go onto Bing and look up stuff on this if it interests you. Google, unfortunately, doesn’t really index this stuff well.

#108: McFly Code

It’s said that Back to the Future predicted future events, like the Cubs winning the World Series and even 9/11 (a car drives over two blades of grass). A lot of these are very popular urban legends, but some have taken it seriously as a sign of “predictive programming”, which I covered in the previous megalist.

#109: Adam and Eve Were Reptilians

According to one person on 4chan, Adam and Eve were Reptilian aliens. The “serpent” that’s described in the Book of Genesis was one of their commanders. Their mission was to manipulate the DNA of Homo Erectus and create us humans. 

At least, that’s what one person on 4chan says. The idea of Adam and Eve having been Reptilians isn’t some novel concept. A quick search on Bing results in some websites that talk about how Reptilians have been referenced in the Bible, and some do go so far as to say that Adam and Eve themselves may have been Reptilians.

#110: Mars is a Warning

It’s been said by some that Mars is meant to serve as a warning to us humans; it’s what happens when a civilization fails and the nukes start to fly. Kind of ironic that it’s also the best bet we have to colonize another planet.

#111: Area 51 Waste Burnings

This one is exactly as it advertises itself. Rather than throw away whatever waste/trash they have, the folks at Area 51 instead burn it all. Some take it a step further though and say that some of the more dangerous stuff seeps out a bit and causes mutations in the desert (hence why some claim to see humanoid creatures ala Skinwalkers/Fleshgaits/Pale Crawlers).

#112: Elven Holocaust

Tying into the theory that J.R.R. Tolkien’s works were real (you can find out more in the previous megalist), the idea here is that elves, gnomes, and other fantasy-centric creatures were at one point real. However, they were genocided by the powers that be for one reason or another (religious reasons is one that I saw proposed; some thought they were demons/jinn). After they were all slaughtered, they were made out to be nothing more than myths in order to cover up their existence.

#113: Zapruder Film Was Faked

The Zapruder Film is the most famous footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Odds are, if you’ve ever seen anything relating to him, you’ve at least seen a clip of it. If not, you can probably find it on your own (I’m not linking to something that shows a man’s head explode).

Anyways, there’s a theory out there that states the footage was faked and was actually showcasing a test run of how the actual assassination would play out when the big day came. It was perhaps leaked by some white hat dogooder in the government who wanted the people to know what was really going on. It’s an extremely interesting theory to look into if you’re big on JFK theories.

#114: Lost Boy Larry

I’m unsure as to why this is on the conspiracy iceberg. It’s a very famous story about a young boy named “Larry” who claims he was in an overturned truck in the middle of a desert. He contacted people via a CB radio, but was never found.

I tried searching to see if there was perhaps some sort of niche theory that would put it into the category of a conspiracy (or at least a coverup), but all I could find was one point on 4chan where someone said it was a “snippet from an alien transmission”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything more related to this theory.

Nowadays, the two most prominent theories regarding “Larry” are that it was a ghost communicating via a radio (I’m guessing like a Spirit Box) or that it was an elaborate hoax. My guess as to why this is on the iceberg is in regards to the latter; someone conspired to create mass panic and have people think that there was a child in danger. However, that’s just my guess. No matter what the case may be, this is a very interesting story and I really want to write about it again.

#115: Accelerationism

Okay, so, accelerationism is the idea that you vote against your political stance in order to speed up the downfall of society. This is so that you can reach the point of rebuilding and implement whatever your ideology is. Some right-wingers actively support voting for progressives so that the downfall of America can come and they can birth a nationalist/ethnostate from the ashes. It’s not really a conspiracy.

However, accelerationism isn’t strictly tied to politics. There’s something called “Doom Ecology”, which is that there’s no point in trying to save the planet and we should instead rapidly consume finite resources to advance the extinction of humanity. Basically: who cares about climate change, we’re all doomed, so let’s just accelerate our inevitable downfall.

#116: The Smiley Face Killer

This story is ridiculously prevalent in the realm of theory, but it’s one that’s gotten a lot of recognition from the United States federal government. I’m not talking about lip service, I mean a U.S. Representative (Sam Graves, a Republican from Missouri, who’s still serving) outright requested that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller (the man who helmed the Special Council into whether or not the Russian government assisted in getting Donald Trump elected) look into the supposed murders. Boy, that was a run-on sentence.

This theory wasn’t spawned from armchair detectives either, but rather two New York state detectives named Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte. Backing them up was a criminal justice professor and gang expert named Dr. Lee Gilbertson. Their theory states that most of the victims were successful and popular at school, athletic, and most were Caucasian. They all drowned and, of course, there was smiley face graffiti nearby.

While any theory worth even an iota of salt will gain popularity with a few people, this one gained a significant amount of support. As stated earlier, it even caught the attention of a U.S. Representative, which is not something you usually see with a simple theory like this.

Because of this vocal support, it should come as no surprise that the FBI did take a look into the case—a few times in fact. The latest examination I could find was from 2009; here’s a quote from the conclusion of that investigation.

The FBI has reviewed the information about the victims provided by two retired police detectives, who have dubbed these incidents the "Smiley Face Murders," and interviewed an individual who provided information to the detectives. To date, we have not developed any evidence to support links between these tragic deaths or any evidence substantiating the theory that these deaths are the work of a serial killer or killers. The vast majority of these instances appear to be alcohol-related drownings. The FBI will continue to work with the local police in the affected areas to provide support as requested.

There’s still a very strong belief that the Smiley Face Killer is, in fact, a real serial killer. However, as it stands, there’s no support for it among federal law enforcement and as such, it remains a theory that’s pushed among some folks. There’s even a subreddit dedicated to it.

Everything you just read is from the unfinished “Unsolved Mysteries Megalist” I was working on earlier this year. I figured I should get mileage out of it in some capacity. Now as for where the conspiracy theory element comes in: the FBI and Center For Homicide Research both stated it was nothing more than a misguided conspiracy. The latter actually has an entire paper on it, which you can read here. For those uninterested, here’s the relevant part:

Researchers at the Center for Homicide Research (CHR) identified an Internet database 

of 40 water-related deaths and have continued adding cases to it. The database, now called the 

*on-Recreational Outdoor Drowning Deaths Database (2010), contains over 150 cases 

occurring in the United States. This data was initially problematic since it came with no 

protocols or criteria (which CHR staffers have since developed), and it has some shortcomings in the form of missing data. However, CHR researchers have used this data as a springboard for thinking about this topic and to assist in forming a critique of the shortcomings of this misguided and conspiracy-laden theory. 

Several problems exist with the theory of a smiley face killer: 

1. There is a problem of time-order. In science we have to show that the two correlated

factors occur in the correct sequence (Babbie, 1998). Smiley-faced graffiti must be 

proven to have been painted at or immediately after the time of the killing. Some of the 

photographs of the graffiti show faded worn-out paint that looks to have been applied 

years earlier. In other cases the graffiti was found months afterward. There is no proof of 

when any of them were painted. While determining age of paint is forensically possible, 

it is technically imprecise, only narrowing to the year of origin (SWGMAT, 2000). In many instances, no smiley faces were found at all. Therefore, the finding of these faces is 

most likely the result of chance. 

2. Graffiti is omnipresent. Smiley Faces were first invented in 1964 and have since spread 

everywhere (Smiley, 2010). Smilies have now become a universal symbol of happiness. 

They exist anywhere from children's stickers to commercial logos. One reason this 

graffiti is found everywhere is that smiley faces are among the easiest forms of graffiti to 


This cheery graffiti is a cynical slap at the police by the vandals. Because these vandals 

know that many cities work to document every instance of graffiti for later identification 

and prosecution (e.g., see City of Minneapolis, 2010), painting a smiley makes more 

work for the police. It is quite simply a taunting of the police by graffiti vandals. 

3. one of the smiley faces exactly match one another. There is no common paint stroke, 

height, width, curl, whirl, or drip. This makes it difficult to connect one incident to the 

next in the process of what investigators call linkage (Eggers, 1984; Douglas, Burgess, 

Burgess, & Ressler, 1992). Although linkage has been asserted by investigators, no 

credible linkage has been documented between any of the painted smilies. To the 

contrary, investigators admit the paintings are all dissimilar (Piehl, 2008b; CNN, 2008b) 

Normally, that’d be where things end, but there’s a theory which states that CWC (or Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan, the creator of Sonichu) is the Smiley Face Killer. This is nothing more than a meme theory, so don’t worry. You won’t get zapped to the extreme so hard, you drown.

#117: Octopus Panspermia

Panspermia is a hypothesis which states that life is scattered throughout the entire Universe, having arrived on various habitable planets via meteors, asteroids, comets, and other space rocks. In the case of this theory, the belief is that the octopus is an alien, having arrived here not through evolution, but on board something which crashed into our planet some time ago.

The reason for this belief stems from how unique and enigmatic the octopus is. It’s the only animal which can change its genetic code on the fly. It’s also highly intelligent, having been known to wave back at humans if they wave to them.

Some have taken this theory a bit further and stated that not only is the octopus an alien, but so are its relatives: the squid and cuttlefish. However, as far as I’m aware, neither can edit their genetic code and as such, the idea that the octopus is an alien remains a modestly popular theory in the realm of biology and conspiracy.

#118: Her

A 2013 film by Spike Jonze, this theory has absolutely nothing to do with Scarlett Johannson as a phone. No, it actually has to do with the idea that there was once a female counterpart to God. You see, God destroyed this woman (pro gamer move to be quite honest fam). However, he regretted this and ever since then, he’s been trying to recreate “Her”. It’s said that the first attempt at trying to bring her back resulted in Lucifer.

#119: Elites Control the Population With Their Permission

Long ago, our ancestors decided to make a deal. The NWO/Illuminati/Freemasons/whoever protects us, the common folk. In exchange, they’re free to control the population in whatever way they desire. Thanks to generations of the elite passing down knowledge of this deal to their descendents, they know that they can control us in this way. However, our plebeian old folks decided not to inform us that the powers that be can point a finger at us and say that we need to be sent to the gallows.

Frickin’ boomers.

#120: VCR Wife

I tried so hard to find information on this story, but had no luck whatsoever. It sounded so interesting and really piqued my interest. I thought that maybe it was a creepypasta, synopsis to a short film, or anything really. Alas, all I could find was this brief explanation on 4chan that makes me think it was made up for a conspiracy iceberg.

As the story goes: 1,078 unlabeled VHS tapes were found in an attic within a house located near Lake Michigan. They contained the “anima” (basically, one’s true inner self—though I could be mistaking what anima means in this context) of a woman whose name is Claire. These tapes, when played, showcased Claire’s relationship with a man whose name is never given. She also never acknowledges that she’s being videotaped, which could mean that the man is recording her via his eye[s].

#121: Tom DeLonge is a Puppet

Tom DeLonge was the guitarist and co-vocalist for the band “Blink-182”. All the small things! Nowadays however, he’s a staunch proponent for UFO disclosure programs and other things related to UFOs. Nothing exactly big there; there are plenty of famous folks who are big into UFOs and have even claimed to have seen them (Jeff Bridges saw the Phoenix Lights with his son, just as an example, and President Jimmy Carter said he saw a UFO).

Where the conspiracy comes in is that some believe Tom to be a government-controlled puppet who’s pushing for something of “soft disclosure” of UFOs and alien technology. Basically, people can look at someone they know as opposed to a government agent and take comfort that a familiar face is talking to them about aliens.

#122: Disclosure Psyops

This relates very heavily to the theory we just went over, though it expands upon it in a few different ways. The idea is that the government is using celebrities and other famous people to talk about UFOs and aliens so that the public comes familiar/comfortable with talking about something that would be seen as a “conspiracy”. Then, they can slowly roll out information about how they’ve known about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” for decades now. After that, they can say that they presumably talk about how they’ve found unknown crashed aircrafts, had testimonies of unknown beings in various locations, and then perhaps reveal alien life (or something else that’s huge).

Of course, that’s assuming they even bother to tell us. It’s possible the psyop is to see if we’ll take the bait and they can use UFOs to control the public; maybe they can fool us into thinking that it’s a foreign aerial vehicle and the government will fool us into wanting more protection, so we lose more freedom in exchange for pseudo protection.

#123: Breatharianism

Okay, let’s flick off the joking switch and be 100% serious for a moment. This theory is one which I seriously do not recommend you ever try. It’s extremely dangerous and will absolutely result in your death. That’s undeniable and I seriously don’t want anyone to ever try this at home.

Breatharianism, sometimes referred to as “Inedia” (which is Latin for “fasting”), is the belief that a human can survive without ever eating food or drinking water. All that matters if you receive the necessary amount of sunlight (this is referred to as a “Solar Diet”, which can be found on the conspiracy iceberg).

The reason I gave this warning at the start is there have been people who have died from trying this. While I encourage people to always do their own research, regardless if I poke fun at a conspiracy or outright deny it, there are some things which I think are simply too dangerous/stupid to warrant such a thing. Believing you only need sunlight in order to survive is outrageous and will result in your untimely (and very painful) death. So please, don’t do this. Don’t even try it.

#124: Artificial Outrage Industry

I couldn’t find any information on this one, but I believe it’s referring to how people will join in on any sort of movement to cancel someone or something, even if they aren’t mad. They just want to be on board something and manufacture their outrage. Some have also speculated that corporations deliberately trigger this outrage as a form of advertising since it’ll signal boost their product far more than any normal advertising could ever hope to achieve.

#125: Lord Pakal’s Time Machine

K’inich Janaab’ Pakal was the ruler of the Mayans between 615 and 683; he ruled for 68 years. When he died, he was buried in a tomb which was claimed to have the power to control the movement of the Sun. This led to the belief that his tomb was, in fact, a time machine. Others say that it was a rocket ship. If you’re interested in the Ancient Alien theory, I recommend you read about this.

#126: Bilocation

This is the claim that you can be in two places at once. If you remember the Oswald Doppelganger entry from the last megalist, this is kind of like that. Theories as to how this works range from spiritual miracles to dark occult magic.

#127: Discovered Internet

The Internet is the greatest/worst invention in human history. It grants people access to an unfathomable amount of information, yet it also gives silly people a platform to talk about how Jesus appeared in their toast.

However, what if I told you that the Internet has been around since ancient times, but was forgotten for some reason? That’s a theory which exists in some fringe circles and ties into the belief that the medieval/ancient times were significantly more technologically advanced than we believe them to be.

#128: Japanese Blood Types

Similar to how the west has Astrology, there’s a belief in Japan that you can determine a person’s personality based on their blood type.

#129: All Planets Are Hollow

Some believe that the Earth is hollow. Some take it a step further and say that the Earth is flat. Then there are those who believe that every single planet in our solar system is hollow. I’m unsure as to where this theory originates from, but the concept isn’t novel by any means; it’s decently popular among hollow Earth enthusiasts. Some point to the Hexagon on Saturn as proof that there’s an entrance way into the Hollow Saturn.

#130: Five Nights At Freddy’s is Based on a True Story

This theory is popular among younger folks who are super into channels like “Game Theory”. The idea here is that Scott Cawthon’s immensely popular horror series “Five Nights At Freddy’s” is based on a true story that was covered up by law enforcement, or that Cawthon himself is covering up. It’s a lighthearted theory at its core. If you want to read more about it, I covered it last year. So click here, my fellow Fazbearian Friends.

#131: Ivan the Terrible Alien Implant

There’s a theory that the infamous Ivan the Terrible was the way he was due to a miniscule chip that had been implanted into his head, which was supposedly discovered after his death in 1584. Indeed, one of history’s cruelest rulers was the product of aliens. Don’t believe me? Click here and here.

#132: Stone Age Space Travel

By absolutely no means a fringe theory in any way, shape, or form, there’s a belief that our ancient ancestors were technologically advanced enough that they were capable of traveling into space. Some say that we had the assistance from extraterrestrials while others claim that we were simply that advanced back then and something occurred which caused us to recede back to primitive ways (perhaps a nuclear conflict).

#133: Ancient Egypt Space Program

Similar to the theory above, only thousands of years later, this theory states that the ancient Egyptians had some sort of space program. Evidence to back this theory up are the hieroglyphs that supposedly show aerial vehicles (such as the infamous Helicopter Hieroglyph).

#134: Skeleton on the Moon

A popular urban legend that some believe to in fact be real, it’s said that the Apollo astronauts found a skeleton while on the Moon. Some say it was human, while others say it was alien. There are even claims that it had a shirt on.

#135: The 5 Hour Video

Claimed by some to only be three-hours-long, the 5 Hour Video is said to originate from the deep web and is reportedly a compilation of various clips showcasing proof of aliens (the longest of which shows a group of Chinese soldiers massacring Greys in a bunker). It gained notoriety in 2012/2013 (reports vary) after it was posted to 4chan’s paranormal board, /x/. However, for reasons that are unclear, the footage has never been widely circulated and its existence remains contested.

#136: Melonheads

The Melonheads are said to be small humanoids—sometimes children between the ages of 5 and 12—who have large, bulbous heads. There are several versions of the story in the United States from the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut, though they’re fairly consistent in how they portray the children. They’re said to emerge from behind trees or in bushes to attack passersby.

The origin of the story varies heavily; some say the kids were escapees from a mental hospital where a sadistic doctor performed abhorrent experiments on them. Others say they’re goblins or even extraterrestrials. No matter the origin though, there are reports of them and some claim their existence is being covered up.

#137: NAMBLA Shooting

Some claim that there was a mass shooting at a NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) meeting/meetup where upwards of 20 people were shot (I’m unsure if they died though). I can’t find any news articles on such a shooting, so I’m inclined to believe that this may be like the 2006 Volleyball Incident; an event which occurred and was memory holed very quickly.

#138: Operation Fishbowl

In 1962, the United States carried out a series of high-altitude nuclear weapons tests. Some believe that this was proof that Earth was flat, and the purpose of the tests was to see if they could destroy the Firmament and travel elsewhere besides our humble blue planet.

#139: The White Sands Mutants

This one was a rabbit hole because at first, I could find zero information on this conspiracy. There’s nothing on 4chan and as far as I can tell, there’s nothing if I use Bing or Google. This led me to think, “eh, it’s just another meme theory, toss it in the trash”. However, something inside was bugging me, so I decided to look up what “Whtie Sands” was. As it turns out, it’s a national park in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

This once more led me to think that maybe there were some Area 51-style Pale Crawler/Fleshgait/mutant creatures wandering around, maybe seen by some high ranking military folks. Alas, there was nothing I could find. So I was stumped as to what the heck this could be.

That’s when something caught my eye. There was an article on a website called “aero-cordero” that referenced a rather famous movie which just so happens to take place just outside of Alamogordo. Coincidentally, it just so happens to feature mutants.

That movie is the 1954 Science-Fiction classic “Them!” starring giant ants that were created thanks to nuclear testing. While the film doesn’t take place in White Sands National Park, I honestly wonder if this theory is just one elaborate reference to one of the earliest creature features to ever grace the silver screen. Of course, it could also be referring to some sort of mutants which are said to lurk there, but I just can’t find anything on them!

#140: Cartoon Network Psyops

A relatively popular theory in certain groups, it’s said that Cartoon Network is pushing anti-white propaganda in order to brainwash children. This is done through shows such as Steven Universe, which is seen as a very progressive show. The idea is to create an anti-white society that is entirely homosexual, thereby destroying the family unit.

#141: Facebook Content Moderator Suicides

This one isn’t a conspiracy theory, so I don’t know why it’s on an iceberg. Facebook’s content moderators tend to be underpaid, from poorer countries, and end up seeing a lot of extremely disgusting, vile, mentally scarring things. This can range from gore to child pornography, so it isn’t a surprise that some of them have ended up committing suicide. That’s really all there is to it. There is no grand conspiracy at work here. It’s just a sad testament to what can be shared across social media.

#142: Approaching Stars

This one reminds me a lot of the Big Bounce/Big Crunch. Basically, the Universe is in the process of falling in on itself, so stars in the sky will slowly appear larger as they grow ever closer. At least, that’s what I read. It’s entirely possible that stars are, in fact, the eyes of super duper giant space titans that want to eat us like cookies. That isn’t a joke, it’s a real theory.

#143: Mental Problems Theory

There was one post on 4chan that explained this theory and there was no way I couldn’t include this. The idea is that those who are Schizophrenic are actually enlightened and really are capable of speaking to God (or the Gods) and can “see the other side”. In other words, they can see beyond this world; this veil/plane of existence. The reason they act insane/unstable is they’re unable to comprehend what they’re seeing and hearing. Ironically, this theory sounds like something a Schizophrenic person would say. However, there’s always hope; there are medical professionals who can and will help you.

#144: Meth Immortality

There’s a belief that crystal meth can grant you immortality. So I guess that meme of “Meth: not even once” was a psyop to prevent us from finding out the truth, right methbros?

#145: MacDougall Experiments

Back in 1907, Duncan MacDougall performed an experiment where he claims that before and after death, there was a 21 gram (.74 ounce) difference in weight. He concluded that this is how much the soul weighed. Nowadays, this is largely believed to be pseudoscience, but some still abide by it and claim that the soul does, in fact, weigh 21 grams.

#146: Lamarckianism

This appears to be a fairly archaic belief, dating back to the 1800s. Named after a French zoologist by the name of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Lamarckianism states that you can transfer traits that you’ve learned, along with behaviors, to your children. Although many have stated that there’s no evidence to back this up, it remains a popular belief among many.

#147: Agriculture Doomed Civilization

It’s claimed that agriculture essentially caused mankind to become less manly/powerful; that as hunter-gatherers, we were taller, stronger, smarter, and more capable of achieving more.

#148: Mars Effect

I honestly thought that this one was a meme until I saw that it had a Wikipedia page. That left me downright shocked, though it does make sense given it’s related to Astrology.

Now, Astrology is something that I’ve yet to go over and to be honest, I don’t want to. I personally don’t buy into it, but I know a fair number of people do and I cannot (and will not try to) take that away from them. If you don’t know a lot about Astrology, the briefest run down I can give is: you can foretell someone’s future, and learn about their personality, based upon when they were born via their Zodiac sign.

The Mars effect, meanwhile, has to do with how someone performs athletically based on the planet Mars’ location at the person’s time and place of birth. This idea comes from a French psychologist/“neo-astrologer” named Michel Gauquelin. He wrote about it in a 1955 book called L’influence des astres (The Influence of the Stars). Of course, I got this all from Wikipedia, but it explained it better than I could on my own. Seriously, the original summary I had of this was a few sentences long and read something like this:

“The Mars effect is the theory that someone does better when the planet Mars is somewhere in the sky that’s good.”

Okay, maybe not that poorly, but this was a really difficult theory to word since a lot of what I read didn’t make sense to me. Though if you’re into Astrology, this could be worth looking into.

#149: Anti-life Ethics/Antinatalism

Although these two are paired up together, they don’t appear to go hand-in-hand. Anti-life ethics is the idea that life is nothing but pain and suffering, so death is preferable. However, I cannot find anything which states that those who subscribe to this ideology advocate for someone to commit suicide, or die by other means.

Antinatalism, meanwhile, is the belief that procreation is morally wrong and that humans should under no circumstances ever have children. This can be traced as far back as ancient Greece, so it’s by no means a novel concept.

I can see why these two may be seen as similar, though I don’t know if antinatalism outright deems life to be a bad thing. Whatever the case may be, I think the reason the latter is on the conspiracy iceberg is due to some alleging that the powers that be are brainwashing white people into having fewer children so they can be demographically replaced by minorities from other nations. As for anti-life ethics, I can’t find anything which would justify it being on a conspiracy-based iceberg.

#150: Plant Intelligence

It’s believed by some that plants are considerably smarter than we think. At least one dude on 4chan even claims that they have an interconnected root system that runs throughout the entire planet. I think this theory is something of a mixed bag; I believe there is some degree of seriousness to it (in the sense that we don’t know if plants are smarter than we think), but I believe there’s been a bit added on to make it a bit more fantastical than it really should be.

#151: PNW Human Hunting

In the Pacific Northwest of the United States (Orgeon and Washington state to be exact), there are a lot of claims that the rich and powerful abduct people and let them loose in the forests. After this, they proceed to hunt them down like wild animals (ala “The Most Dangerous Game”, only the victim[s] aren’t given anything to defend themselves with).

#152: Bubbles.avi

This one has two versions to it. The first, and the one I’ve seen circulated less, is that it’s in reference to Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, Bubbles. The story goes that it was a video of Bubbles eating a little girl alive. This is almost certainly a spin on “useless.avi”, a supposed video from the creepypasta “Normal Porn For Normal People”, where in a chimpanzee mauls a woman alive. Really good creepypasta by the way, you should absolutely read it.

The second and considerably more lighthearted/emotionally uplifting version is that this is a video which showcases a human birth. That, on its own, is pretty icky, but the video proceeds to cut to a void where you can see a blue sphere expand. This is claimed to be the creation of a soul.

#153: Hostile Plants

There have been countless claims of man-eating plants (they’re generally said to be like Venus Fly Traps) from locations such as Madagascar. These stories are, as you may have guessed, debunked as nothing more than urban legends or campfire stories. However, some are adamant that they do exist and that somewhere in the deepest, densest parts of the world’s jungles, there are plants which will devour you if you aren’t careful enough. So remember kids: deforestation is a good thing!

#154: CIA Lost China in 2010

If you’re to go by some folks on 4chan, there was apparently a radio malfunction that led a Chinese fighter jet to crash near the coast of Russia. The CIA, for some reason, proceeded to cover this up. I couldn’t find anything else on this claim.

Normally, that’d be where I end it; I found something which adds a story to a conspiracy’s name. However, when I first saw this, I initially thought that this might’ve been talking about how China managed to free itself from the CIA’s influence around 2010; something of a “it regained its freewill and began to work towards becoming the world’s dominant superpower”. I even found an article by Reuters talking about how China imprisoned/killed 18–20 CIA officials between the years of 2010 and 2012. So a big part of me really thinks that this is referring to China regaining its independence from the glow-in-the-darks.

#155: Caveman Holocaust

Humans have a bad habit of making things go extinct. With this theory, we’re presented with the idea that we outright made another type of sapient creature go bye-bye. In this case, the Neanderthal. It’s claimed that they survived until as recently as a few thousand years ago, but us pesky homosapiens decided to slaughter them all for some inexplicable reason. Maybe their hair made for really nice carpeting.

#156: The Green Children of Woolpit

The story of the green children dates back to the 12th century, when two children with green skin reportedly appeared in the village of Woolpit, which is located in Suffolk, England. The kids, who claimed to be brother and sister, said they were from a place known as Saint Martin’s Land, a place where everyone had green skin, the Sun never shined, and the land was in a perpetual state of twilight.

The children went on to state that they arrived in Woolpit after chasing one of their father’s cattle into a cave. While there, they followed the sound of bells and eventually appeared in the village. This has led some to believe that the duo may have been from the hollow Earth, though some have argued that they were in fact extraterrestrials. Skeptics, meanwhile, state that the tale is nothing more than folklore, or that the kids may have had some sort of bizarre skin condition, likely stemming from a poor diet.

#157: Water is An Element

There are apparently some folks out there who believe water is an element and not a compound. I’m not exactly sure what spawned this theory, but I found a video debunking it. In the description, it’s stated there were a duo of Flat Earth believers who were pushing it.

#158: Jesus Was an Anunnaki

A quick preface: my summary on this is going to be really lackluster because there’s a lot to it. The Anunnaki are something I’ve wanted to cover for a long time, but I’ve never had adequate time to do so and I’m not going to do so now because I would be here for a very, very long time. That, coupled with how much there is to discuss when it comes to the ties the Anunnaki have with religion, would make this a nightmare to write up in what’s meant to be a brief summary. So, I sincerely apologize.

The Anunnaki were the gods the Sumerians worshipped. They stated that they would sometimes descend from the sky and had floating palaces. They’re also said by some to have been extremely cruel beings, though others say they were benevolent. Others say they were Nephilim, fallen angels, and even the creators of humanity. A plethora of people have said that they’re also the inhabitants of Nibiru.

One of the more unique theories—and the one that claims the 158th position on our megalist—is that Jesus was one of the beings (or an Anunnaki hybrid). Some say that the crucifixion was done in order to slow down the “soul prison” that the Anunnaki have created around Earth. Some also state that Christianity is now an Anunnaki cult, and that followers of the religion are, in fact, worshiping demons. If you want to know more: click here, or wait until I write about it because I really need to stop procrastinating when it comes to our true overlords.

#159: The McDonalds Blob

McDonald’s is no stranger to conspiracy theories, though this one reads a bit more like an urban legend. Apparently, there was an employee that was told by her boss to dump the grease in a spot behind the building once a week. As it built up, she began to see various animals such as rats and foxes consuming it. Then she started seeing Pale Crawlers and other cryptids there too.

#160: Retrocausality

This is related to quantum physics, and dictates that the past does not affect the present. Instead, the present affects the past. Time’s moving forward, but our actions are moving backwards. It’s a very complex concept and I am in absolutely no position to even attempt to explain it.

#161: 1800’s Internet

The 1800’s Internet is a theory that stems from how there were memes and emoticons sent through the usage of the telegraph machines. These ancient memes were so dank and fresh that they could almost be considered classics by today’s standards.

Okay, that’s a lie. I actually don’t believe there were any memes like today that were being circulated. It mostly just involved the use of :) and :( faces. Though given that we’ve already covered the idea that the Internet was rediscovered, it’s possible that there’s one person out there who believes the Internet of today was being used back during the era of the Civil War. I can just see Abraham Lincoln sitting at his desk talking to Jefferson Davis via Discord saying:

“Lol ur mom is so fat, she takes up an entire plantation’s field.”

#162: DMT Machine Elves

DMT is a hallucinogenic substance which the user smokes, thereby causing a trip similar to LSD. Both are said to be capable of opening your mind to see beyond the veil which divides our world and the metaphysical planes that those who’ve achieved enlightenment can see. Though DMT is, apparently, exceptionally good as it allows you to directly communicate with the operators of our Universe which are said to be “Machine Elves”. These entities are said to be benevolent and can even help out with problems one is having in their life.

#163: Zuckerberg Suicide 2003

It’s said that back in 2003, Mark Zuckerberg’s close friend/college roommate committed suicide. Who this friend is, I don’t know as I cannot find a name beyond the fellows who helped to found Facebook, but this may be intentional. Apparently, Zuckerberg has tried to downplay the closeness he had to this “friend”. Some believe this was done because the suicide was, in fact, a sort of ritual in order to assure that Facebook would become as powerful and influential as it is nowadays.

#164: The Universe Ended Long Ago

There are a multitude of ideas as to how this works. Some say we’re living the memories of the Universe (which died aeons ago). Others say that we’re living in the “final vibrations”. No matter what version you believe though, it’s the same at the core: the Universe died a long, long time ago.

#165: Habbo Hotel Camps

Habbo Hotel is an online game where you can interact with people; it’s a social based game. I think I played it a bit when I was much younger.

Anyways, the conspiracy is that there are human trafficking groups which use slave labor in order to earn the in-game currency, which is subsequently sold for real life money. This sort of practice (digital currency being sold for real life money) isn’t anything novel. It’s done a lot on games like World of Warcraft. However, the use of slave labor is something I’ve never heard of and really piques my interest. I can’t find any sources on it, but I’m curious if this has ever been done for any video game.

#166: Ancient Atom Bombs

As it says on the tin (deja-vu), the theory here is that ancient civilizations had access to nuclear weaponry. The Egyptians, Babylonians, and some go so far as to say the Sumerians and Mayans did too. People also point to Hindu scriptures which allegedly describe nuclear warfare.

#167: Time Began With the Atomic Bomb

The idea here is that the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (and presumably Nagasaki too) was so powerful that people from the future had to repeatedly go back in time to make sure it went right and didn’t destroy civilization as we know it. The idea here, then, is that we’re in the one timeline where things went right and didn’t lead to the planet getting bummed six ways from Sunday.

#168: Dolphin Square

Dolphin Square is a hotel in the United Kingdom which is known for being the place where some high profile pedophiles have stayed. Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter, for example, have both stayed here. As such, it’s thought that the location is a low-key meetup spot for child diddlers to go to, and the hotel is in on it.

#169: Grain Situation

This is a hypothetical concept where genetically modified grain becomes competitive and ends up taking over the world. Not much more to it than that.

#170: Divinities Playing Card Game

Remember the “Anunnaki Puppet Show” entry from the last megalist? This is kinda like that, but also nowhere close to being like that. In this case, we’re a part of a literal game of cardsb between two divine entities—or a group of divine entities. When the game ends, reality will reset, and the cycle will begin anew.

#171: Race War

An extremely popular theory since the protests/riots/whatever surrounding the death of George Floyd, there’s a popular theory that the United States is on the path to an all-out race war between Whites and minorities. Others think that there’s a conspiracy to accelerate towards one by ethno-nationalists.

#172: Time is Going Faster

It was said by some that the world would end on the Winter Solstice (December 21) back in 2012. This was because the Mayan long count calendar ended on that day and, somehow, this was to be the day that the legendary planet Nibiru would arrive and cause an unfathomable cataclysm.

This, naturally, didn’t happen. However, some think what the Mayans were foretelling was that time would begin to move at a much more rapid rate, and that crazier events would start to occur. This included things like Donald Trump being President of the United States.

#173: 2012 Mayan Prophecy Shift

There was a website which proposed that the world wouldn’t end on 12/21/12 because the Mayans didn’t account for daylight savings time. Therefore, the world would end in 2016 or 2018. Now, unless you were a Democrat and thought Donald Trump was the end of the world, the world did not, in fact, end. Though, some are now pointing to 2026–2030 as the time when the world will really end because the Mayan Calendar ends for realsies in that year.

#174: The Timelines Converged in 2012

This was a theory I heard from an acquaintance last year. According to him, after the Mayan Calendar ended, all timelines converged into this one. I guess this is after that day, my personality radically changed and I went from being like:


To being all like:

“Ah yes, Jeeves, I do say that this specimen of the female sex ending up deceased in this hole in the ground is quite horrific and truly makes one gasp in shock as the Priest blesses the smoke emanating from your ears in fury as to make it holy. I must ask, why in the world is this atrocity occurring in our civilized nation?”

#175: Deep Sea Labs

There are said to be laboratories deep beneath the oceans; their purpose being extremely secretive and varying depending on who you ask. Some say that they’re created to work alongside aliens that live underwater, or humans that live in the sea.

#176: Baby Monitor Portals

Popular belief states that baby monitors can act as gateways for spirits to enter into our world. Given that this is on the conspiracy iceberg, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that some think that the companies that make these devices are aware of this.

#177: sophia_red_room.avi

In the last megalist, I went over the legendary red rooms of the deep web. For a quick refresher: they’re supposedly places where you can watch someone be tortured; you can donate/pay to have the torturers perform a certain act that you wish to see.

In the case of sophia_red_room.avi, the red room takes on a strange paranormal twist. You see, Sophia is raped and murdered by a group of individuals, including one who’s wearing a Burger King crown that’s labeled “Rex Mundi” (Latin for “King of the World”). Once Sophia has died, she comes back to life.

#178: Sirkus Real URL

Sirkus was a gore website—similar to and Best Gore—where users could post graphic videos. The site is no longer up, but some claim that it lives on on the dark web, now hosting even more unsavory content.

#179: Vimāna

The Vimāna are said to be flying palaces/chariots in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. Many people believe that these are in fact UFOs and that it proves the ancient aliens theory.

#180: Paradigm Recalescence

This is said to be “super consciousness”. When you achieve this state of mind, you’re basically one with the Universe (which is said to be an omniscient entity) and can utilize it like an information sponge.

In simpler terms: you have basically achieved enlightenment and can access the Akashic Records (which was covered in the first megalist).

#181: Mapini

In Bolsón de Mapimí, there exists a patch of desert that’s become known as the Mapimi Silent Zone. It’s said that within this patch, all sound ceases and electronics malfunction. Due to this, some are adamant that this is the product of extraterrestrials (which to be fair, there are said to be an abnormally large amount of UFO sightings in this region).

#182: Star Jelly

Mysterious globs of a gelatinous substance have been reported across the world for centuries now. Theories have ranged from the remains of frogs, toads, and/or worms to some sort of astral/alien material which is unknown to humans. The conspiracy element comes into play with how it’s said that what has become known as “star jelly” is unknown. In reality, we’ve known what it is for a long time and it’s being covered up as it would reveal to the world that alien life is real.

#183: Lane Bryant Shooting

The Lane Bryant Shooting is a story I’d like to cover in the near future as it’s very interesting. On February 2, 2008, an unidentified person entered a Lane Bryant clothing store in Tinley Park, Illinois. They rounded up four customers, one part-time employee, and the store’s manager. They brought them to the back of the store, whereupon the assailant proceeded to shoot them all. With the exception of the employee, all of the victims died. After the shooting was done, the shooter left the store, not bothering to take anything.

The employee would later describe the shooter as a “black male” with “thick, cornrowed hair and a receding hairline”. Police, meanwhile, stated that the crime was a robbery that had gone horribly wrong. This is in spite of how nobody outside the store reported hearing any gunshots, or how they immediately left the store after deliberately massacring those who had been inside of the store.

I honestly am unsure as to why this story on the conspiracy iceberg, though a few people have speculated that the shooter wasn’t a man, but actually a woman. If you want to go by 4chan’s logic, the perp is/was known, the cops had the evidence, but opted not to arrest them because the shooter was female and it would cause some sort of outrage because of the claim[s] that the shooter was the opposite sex.

Of course, it could just be that the conspiracy is that the shooter was possibly a woman. I’m honestly unsure, but this story on its own merits is rather interesting. Despite having taken place in broad daylight, a wave of tips having come in in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, and seemingly personal nature of the crime, nothing has ever come of the crime and it remains one of the few unsolved mass shootings in the history of the United States.

#184: Holodomor

The Holodomor is a tragedy that’s under-talked about (if you were to ask me). Taking place between 1932 and 1933, Joseph Stalin had food taken from the houses of the civilians, cut off any and all aid from what was at the time Soviet Ukraine. It was a man-made famine that ultimately caused somewhere between 7,000,000 and 10,000,000 people to die, and it remains one of the most grotesque acts by the Soviet government.

However, there exist a few theories which either underplay the severity of the Holodomor or outright deny it ever happened. The latter of the two theories is significantly more popular and is often parroted by those who believe the Soviet Union was railroaded by the west in order to discredit how Communism can work and is superior to Capitalism.

A less common, but still relatively popular, theory is that while the Holodomor did happen, it wasn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. I can’t find an exact number that’s pushed by those who subscribe to this theory, but if it’s anything close to what some purport the actual death toll for the Holocaust is, it would probably be somewhere between 250,000–1,000,000.

On one final note, there’s actually an unsolved mystery in regards to the Holodomor. Its motivation has been debated upon; some say that it was an ethnic genocide, while others posit that it was an attempt to force the Ukranian people into obeying Stalin without question. So I would like to know: what’s your opinion?

#185: Rosicrucians

The Rosicrucians were members of a secretive society which mixed together elements of alchemy and Christianity. There are claims they were akin, or tied, to the Illuminati.

#186: Massachusetts Flying Giant

Whenever I try finding information on this, all I can get is a link to something called the Argentavis. It was apparently one of the largest avians to ever exist, so that’s cool. Though I can’t find anything that states it was native to Massachusetts. So unless I’m missing some really obvious detail, or a very famous/obscure UFO/humanoid sighting, this is probably word soup devised to create something that sounds enticing.

#187: Sad Man

Oh, let me tell you ‘bout the sad man!

According to legend, the Sad Man is a sorrowful looking man who goes to bars across the United States. However, it is advised you never get too close to him or else something bad will happen—or so the story goes. Or, well, the posts on 4chan. Yeah, I know, a really great source, but most conspiracy iceberg entries originate from there.

The Sad Man is also said to be capable of traveling incredible distances in the blink of an eye. One second, he could be in Las Vegas and the next, he could be in Atlantic City. As such, it’s likely that this individual isn’t actually human, but some sort of supernatural entity.

Though truth be told, I can’t exactly find some sort of origin or validation to the claims made here. Sad folks in bars is by no means something novel, so where the story/stories of this “Sad Man” come from is beyond me. It’s possible this is another meme entry, but given how there are stories of mysterious loners/wanderers across the globe, a little superstitious part of me wants to believe that there’s someone out there who is damned to an eternity of going to bars.

Five bucks says that’ll be my ultimate fate. RUM’S ON ME, BOYS!

#188: Iceberg Psyops

This one is really easy. It claims that most, if not all, conspiracy icebergs made are disinformation operations designed to throw truthseekers off from the trail of real coverups and wrongdoings in the government/related to the powers that be. Given how many meme theories there are, one has to wonder if there really is a bored federal agent out there who made one for kicks because all that was going on at the office that day was a foodfight.

#189: Taylor Swift = Zeena LaVey

First up, here’s a comparison of the two women in question.

Okay, so, Zeena LaVey was a prominent Satanist back in the 1980s, becoming the Church of Satan’s first spokesperson. Since then, she’s renounced the church and is now a Buddhist. She’s also a singer and author, but most know her because she was a Satanist.

Given the resemblance of her when she was younger to music star Taylor Swift, there’s a theory that Zeena was cloned by the Illuminati. For what reason, I don’t know. Zeena is still very much alive, being 57-years-old at the time of this writing. My best guess is that Zeena was, at the time of her High Priestess/Spokesperson role, a pretty attractive woman, the powers that be desired to clone her so they could mold a public icon out of her. Though that’s me grasping at straws and assuming that the best laid plans don’t ultimately go up in hellfire.

#190: Hyperbovinization

Theories related to farm animals are by no means in short supply. There are theories that cattle are being poisoned by the Illuminati and rival farmers, the good old GMO claims, and claims that there are human farms for cannibals/Satanists.

However, one of the more unique conspiracies which I found on an iceberg was something called “Hyperbovinization”. Some have claimed that this one originates from Nick Land after he took a bunch of methamphetamine (no, that isn’t a joke), while others say that humans are being forced to adopt similar behavior and characteristics to bovines via consumerism and GMOs.

How this would work is simple: cause humans to become obedient, brainless drones who purchase/consume products at the behest of corporate overlords; apply this to every facet of life and you have a creature which is no more sentient than a cow which is destined to go to the slaughterhouse. Given how mindless some people seem to be, I can actually see this being a reality; it’s genuinely unnerving.

#191: Tulpas

Ever wonder why people claim to see creepypasta figures like Slender Man or The Rake? It’s because the collective belief in them has caused them to manifest in the real world; they are what is known as a “tulpa”. Many believe that if you—or a group of people—believe in something hard enough, that person or object will become a reality. As such, I propose that we all believe that I can get a girlfriend and not be a lonely guy who sits on his bed and ponders what it’d be like to live on Mars.

#192: The Frozen Envelope

This one’s a classic in the world of sports! The story goes that the NBA rigged the 1985 draft to make sure that Patrick Ewing would join the New York Knicks (a truly terrible fate for anyone). They did this by making one of the envelopes very cold, so that one would be able to know when they’d placed their hand on it.

#193: Trepanning

This is apparently still practiced today and it makes me squirm. Supposedly, if you drill a hole into your skull, you’ll increase the blood flow to your brain, thereby achieving such things as curing depression.

#194: Wetiko

I would say that a fair number of you are likely familiar with the legend of the Wendigo. If you aren’t, it’s a creature of Native American legend which is said to be a demon that causes even the purest and greatest of men into committing unspeakable acts of evil. Rape, murder, and cannibalism are the three that are the most commonly cited.

The Wetiko is more or less a modern day Wendigo. It’s said to be a spirit or virus which causes humans to be selfish and cruel to each other. If you want to learn a lot more about it, click here for an article on it. Though for those uninterested, everything I said is about as quick as you can get without diving deep into Native American legends, lore, and beliefs.

#195: Holy Grail is Evil

I’m dumbfounded that I left out the Holy Grail in the previous megalist. While yes, I did briefly mention it, the fact I didn’t go into any iota of detail about it is flabbergasting.

The Holy Grail is said to be a grail which was used to collect some of Jesus’ blood during his crucifixion. It is now considered one of the most sacred artifacts in Christianity and is also one of the most sought after items in human history. There have been countless expeditions to find it and it’s been the center of a fair number of novels.

Now, there are some who believe the Holy Grail has already been discovered and that it’s being kept in a secretive location (whether that be Fort Knox or in the Vatican). Though there was one theory which caught my eye in particular. The idea that the Holy Grail is, in fact, evil. The concept goes that, rather than being a sacred and holy item, it is a mockery and disgrace; the grail collected Christ’s blood against his will and as such, it is mocking what the Crucifixion stood for. As such, to drink from the Holy Grail will bring about ruin and terrible luck unto one’s life.

#196: UFO Witness “Suicides”

There have been a lot (and I do mean a lot) of UFO witnesses who have ended up committing suicide. I believe a fair number of alien abductees also fall into this category. After they come forward about it, they’re sometimes visited by the infamous Men in Black and/or intimidated by other supposed government officials into staying quiet or retracting their statements.

This can, and I would say often does, lead to a large amount of ridicule from that person’s peers. As such, those people tend to fall into a deep depression, which sometimes leads them to commit suicide. Of course, there are some who won’t remain quiet and still do end up taking their own life.

While those two paths end up at the same point, it’s believed by some that they’re controlled by the same driving force; the Men in Black or some other government spook ends up murdering the eyewitness and stages the scene to look like a suicide. There are many, many, many stories like this, regardless if they feature UFOs. A very famous example is the Clinton Body Count, which I covered in my write-up about Seth Rich. Perhaps one day, I will do the UFO Body Count, but until then, I recommend you read into this on your own.

Whether or not you believe in such a conspiracy, it is rather interesting to see how many can correlate to someone being labeled as insane because they claim to have seen something unexplainable. It’s also deeply unfortunate that some people will immediately jump to the conclusion that someone is crazy if they’re adamant they saw something unexplainable. So, from me to you: if you have a family member or friend who says they saw a UFO, don’t label them as crazy. Try to hear them out. Please.

#197: Martian Gremlin

This was a joke conceived by NASA for whenever something went wrong on one of their expeditions to the planet Mars. They would say that it was “another loss to the Martian Gremlin”. Some truthseeking truthseekers took this literally however and speculated that there was an extraterrestrial laying traps on the Martian surface to destroy the rovers and other machines that we sent to our red-surfaced neighbor.

#198: Groundhog Day Was Invented For the Movie

A meme theory which took off among those who subscribe to the Mandela Effect theory, this one posits that Groundhog Day was created for the extremely popular Bill Murray film “Groundhog Day”. As for how those who buy into it frame this theory, it’s that there really was no holiday called “Groundhog Day” in the timeline they came from, but they somehow ended up in one where it’s existed for over a century now.

#199: The Sky is a Hologram

You know, when I write about any conspiracy—let alone any sort of theory—I try my best to be as kind as possible. I don’t want to take sides, nor do I want to make anyone feel bad for believing in something. Granted, it doesn’t always work and I do end up writing something which comes across as biased. That isn’t intentional, but I digress. With this theory, I must admit that it took a lot of energy not to immediately brush it off as pure lunacy.

The idea is that our entire sky, day and night, is nothing but a giant hologram. According to one guy on 4chan, the idea goes that aliens built a gigantic dyson sphere which surrounds our solar system to prevent us from seeing that they’ve been harnessing energy from the Sun. They’re doing this so they can create another Universe.

The same poster had two other ideas however. The second went that the aliens are simply observing us so they can get information for when they create the aforementioned new Universe. The third and final idea was that they want to block out the real stars because they tend to inspire any form of semi-intelligent life.

I chalked this up to 4chan being 4chan; while a great many theories on this list have their summaries pulled from posts on 4chan, this one made me think back to Project Blue Beam, albeit sillier and perhaps a riff on it. I mean, that isn’t exactly out of the norm for 4chan; they make fun of everything.

However, when I looked up “The Sky is a Hologram”, I actually found YouTube videos on it, plus a post on a website called The Black Vault. I’m almost certain that this theory is pointing in a similar direction to Blue Beam and the idea of Nibiru being hidden from us. If you subscribe to either theory, I recommend you look into this because it’s right up your alley and falls into that same category of “space isn’t what it seems”.

#200: Inverted Humans

I initially thought this was a variant on the “inside-out humans” theory from the last megalist. However, it doesn’t appear to be. Apparently, there’s some art which depicts inverted human figures; presumably with legs where arms should be and vice-versa. Others, however, take this theory as a spin on the NPC theory, with inverted humans being a metaphor for people without any sort of freewill/free thinking ability.

#201: Cat Nuns

Back in the 15th century, there were a group of Nuns from Germany who all began to meow like cats and would even bite people. Whenever they went out to shop, they would meow; the person they were buying the goods from meowing back. It eventually ended and became yet another classic case of mass hysteria from ye olden days. However, some believe they were possessed by a demon (or demons).

#202: De-patterning

This is the idea that you can make someone forget who they are through intensive torture (such as electrocution) and LSD. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is what’s said to have gone on during the CIA’s infamous “mind control program” that you and I know as Project MKUltra. Some believe that de-patterning is just another name for that sordid program.

#203: Enchanted Websites

This was on the original megalist, but it was scrapped because I couldn't find information on it. Shock of all shocks, I couldn’t find information this time around either. Both times, however, there was a post which caught my attention and this time around, I want to make note of it because it’s kind of interesting.

An anon on /x/ stated that they once read that the board /r9k/ (Robot 9001) is cursed. If you don’t know what that board is, it’s basically the random board—/b/—without as much porn. According to this user, the board has the power to turn its users into social outcasts and losers. The reason it has this power is there’s apparently some sort of “paranormal baggage” that was dropped off there.

The idea of haunted websites isn’t exactly new, there have been claims of this nature before and I’ll try to do a small write-up on it in the future, but the reference to r9k is the easiest one I could find without having to comb through hours upon hours of videos and articles for what should be a brief summary. So, yeah, that’s that theory. Only took me 18 months to do a whopping three-paragraph-long summary. Go me; I’m so good at this writing thing.

#204: Berry Bushes (Missing People Theory)

Missing 411 returns with a vengeance my friends! Indeed, this is a theory that ties into David Paulides’ ridiculously famous book series and theory. In this case, the idea stems from how a lot of people have supposedly gone missing when near berry bushes. Now why is that? I really don’t know, though given the supernatural/paranormal nature of Missing 411, it’s possible that berry bushes have a strange element to them which causes them to be portals or gateways into dimensions/realms. It’s also possible that a predator lurks in them and steals them away. With Missing 411, you never know.

#205: National Park Closures/Natural Park Closures

Just like the theory above, this ties into Missing 411. The idea is that national parks are closing down. Why exactly? I honestly don’t know for certain as there isn’t much information on this one theory in particular. Some would say that a lack of tourism is killing them, but given what this theory is tied to, I would hazard a guess and say that with the number of disappearances, the parks want to close before people get suspicious of the number of missing persons cases.

#206: Illuminati Blood Banks

The Illuminati is the worst kept secret in the world. So many people know about it and they just can’t keep the lid on anything. In this case, the Illuminati blood banks are said to be exactly as what it says: blood banks for members of the Illuminati. They’re used to perform blood transfusions from younger people to the old timey elites that rule over us. To this theory’s credit, it does at least state that it doesn’t keep them immortal, but it does help to keep them alive a little longer than they would be without the blood of young people.

#207: Modern Day Pangea

This theory is one of the more outlandish sounding ones—mostly because I can’t find anything on it beyond a single post on 4chan. Still, not including it is passing up a pretty unique concept to talk about, so I can’t resist.

The idea here is that the world’s governments are doing one of two things: they’re trying to construct a new supercontinent (like Pangea) or they’re trying to force the tectonic plates to move so that a new Pangea will form. No matter which version is told, the end result is the same: create this new landmass so that a one-world government can come into existence where there’s no ocean between various continents.

If anyone can find a direct source for this theory, I would greatly appreciate it. Until then, however, we’re going to have to go off the word of an anonymous user on 4chan who themselves called it “one of the loonier” theories. So I’d say it’s 100% possible this was a meme.

#208: Sphinx Water Erosion

There are claims that the Sphinx of Giza has water erosion on it, which would prove that the massive creation/wonder was, at one point, submerged underwater. This would then prove that it’s far older than the ancient Egyptians; perhaps having been created by the denizens of Atlantis.

#209: French Viper Releases

This theory has been around for a very long time. It alleges that there have been vipers released into France by an unknown entity (or unknown entities). Some point the finger at the government releasing these deadly snakes from planes or black helicopters, while others say that ecoterrorists have been doing it in an attempt to stop deforestation or defiling natural lands.

#210: Mind Virus

This has two layers to it. The first is that the drug known as LSD is a mind virus; taking it briefly infects your mind and causes you to hallucinate some really crazy things. Nothing exactly exceptional as far as I’m concerned unless I’m missing a major aspect to it.

The second comes from something known as the “1981 Mind Virus”. Some Hmong refugees in the United States suddenly died after waking up from sleeping. It’s believed that the cause of this was extreme levels of stress causing them to have something of a heart attack while in the world of the dreaming. However, no definitive answer has ever been given, so some claim that a malicious spirit killed them.

As a really fun fact: this event inspired horror legend Wes Craven to create the horror series “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, in which a group of people are killed in their sleep by a vengeful man named Freddy Krueger.

#211: Solange = Beyonce’s Daughter

There’s a theory that Solange is not Beyonce’s sister, but rather her daughter. The idea is that Beyonce gave birth to her when she was a teenager, but her parents opted to say that they were in fact the parents of her so that Beyonce would not be ridiculed for being a teenage mother.

#212: Nano-UFOs And Giga UFOs

This was a theory which I could find next to nothing on, but I included it not only because I think I know what it’s referring to, but because the name was just awesome.

First things first: Nano-UFOs. I’m pretty sure this is referring to UFOs which are made via nano technology. This is a pretty weird topic to discuss because I know absolutely nothing about nano tech. I’d recommend clicking here to look at some of the videos done by “Stirling City UFOs” to see some images of these supposed nano UFOs. However, if you’re at all a skeptic, you may find the videos to be rather uninteresting.

Giga-UFOs are something I’m much more certain about, yet I can’t find a single thing on them. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about massive UFOs—perhaps motherships—which have been seen a handful of times. However, this is just me guessing and because of that, I won’t say that I’m absolutely certain in any capacity. For all I know, giga UFOs is an acronym for something like “Giant intelligent Green Anthropomorphic Unidentified Flying Object”.

#213: Level 3 Monster Reality

As written in the book “Mind Monsters” by Jenny Randles, level three monster reality is a plane which resides alongside our own. However, if it reacts to us, it can manifest entities such as ghosts and aliens.

#214: Miami Zombie Coverup

On May 26, 2012, a man by the name of Rudy Eugene mauled a man by the name of Ronald Poppo, eating most of his face. After 18 minutes, Rudy was shot dead by police and Ronald was rushed to the hospital where he miraculously survived.

This event has become known as the Miami Zombie Attack because of its strange nature. The motive for the attack was that Rudy accused Ronald of stealing his Bible. The confrontation then led to the events as described above. However, exactly what prompted such a violent and visceral reaction from Rudy isn’t known for certain. Speculation has fallen upon a drug called Bath Salts, but none was found in the toxicology report.

It’s because of this inconclusivity that some have come to the conclusion that Rudy was infected with a zombie virus and became one during his 18 minutes of cannibalism. Others think it may have been a voodoo curse. Whatever the case may be, it’s likely we’ll never know the actual cause for the brutal nature of this incident.

#215: NY/NM Observatory Raid

I found this one on 4chan. It was marked as “NY Observatory Raid”, and the user who’d posted about it stated that a space observatory had been raided by the FBI. The reason for this was the janitor had supposedly been using the computers there to download child porngraphy, but the whole thing seemed sketchy. As such, there’s speculation that the real reason (discovery of extraterrestrial life) was being covered up.

I tried looking around for this story, but found nothing. What I instead found was a story about a New Mexico observatory raid that took place on September 17, 2018. It was on this day that the National Solar Observatory was raided by the FBI for reasons that don’t seem to be clear/public. Although there are a few articles out there, it seems this story was brushed under the rug. The director of the observatory declines that they came into contact with alien life (this was done on account of people speculating that the FBI was covering up our first contact with ayy lmaos) however, so that’s reassuring.

Honestly, I find this story rather interesting solely because nobody seems to have reported on it. Or, well, very few have. I’m curious as to what the raid was for, Given the proximity to Alamogordo and White Sands however, I wonder if this could have anything to do with the White Sands Mutants conspiracy.

#216: Hivemind Induction

This is a theory that the world’s elites, governments, and all the powers that be are trying to get everyone to think alike; all “wrong think” is being condemned and ridiculed until there is only one hivemind mentality amongst every single human being.

#217: ICBM Decoy

There’s an idea that the vast majority (somewhere over 95%) of all Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are shells without any sort of explosive materials within them. The only purpose they serve is to sow fear and intimidation into the enemy; the reason that it looks like two objects explode if a dummy missile is hit by an interceptor is simply because the interceptor’s explosive capabilities are that strong.

#218: Math Vault of Trinidad




Supposedly, there’s a location within Trinidad that looks like it’s covered in mathematical equations. Some claim that they were created by early humans in an attempt to contact extraterrestrials. I can find absolutely no information to back this up, so it’s probably another meme theory.

#219: Xenofeminism

With a name like “Xenofeminism”, all I can think of is feminism for Xenomorphs. Which, truth be told, is about the weirdest concept I can think of next to “Ridley Scott directing another Alien movie”.

Seriously gramps, just give up.

Anyways, this is one that I had a lot of trouble finding information about, though one post on 4chan’s /x/ actually made this sound… I guess somewhat reasonable. It’s as reasonable as something from /x/.

Basically, the idea is that all humans are perpetually making others out to be, well, others, rather than humans. Or, in simpler terms, they’re making each other feel alien. Because of this, over time, the concept of other people (perhaps of other races) will begin to seem more akin to an alien rather than a human.

TL;DR: maybe the real aliens were the friends we made along the way.

With that said, I can’t explain why the word “feminism” is in the name, though there is an alternate theory that xenoestrogens are being put into food to make men for feminine. Either way you look at it, it’s a peculiarly named theory.

#220: Ascension Blacklist (Ascendance Prevention)

This is basically a “no entry allowed” list the powers that be have prepared for when humanity ascends to the next stage of enlightenment/evolution. Those who aren’t on the cool kids club list will be left behind in the plebeian world.

#221: Bacterial Humanity

This theory states that humans are like bacteria, while Earth is the infected host. We’re leeching off of it and Earth is fighting back via natural disasters (which are akin to white blood cells). This is one of those “humans are a plague; we are totes evil” theories which you see a lot of environmentalists rage on about. Which I mean, I won’t take that view away from you. Not like I could to begin with.

#222: Donald Trump is Still President

Ah man, we’re back in the comfy land of QAnon. This theory is very popular in that crowd’s sphere of influence; the idea is that Donald Trump struck a deal with the Deep State to allow Joe Biden to “act” as President, but Trump would be pulling the strings from behind the scenes. The reason for this deal is because Trump had, in fact, won the war against those dastardly swamp rats and the executioner’s axe will come swinging down any day now—if it isn’t already in secret military tribunals.

#223: Joe Biden is Dead

Well, I won’t lie, poor Joe seems like he’s seen his fair share of doctor’s visits because he’s old. Though the idea that he’s dead is a bit weird, no?

Not to some folks. The idea that President Biden is deceased is a fairly popular one among both the QAnon crowd and some general GOP folks. The idea is that Biden died from either natural causes, dementia, or was executed in a secret military tribunal (see the theory above). His replacement is either a clone or a lookalike.

#224: Biden-Ukraine

I had to ask my best friend for help on this one because it’s… a mess. It’s the story that led to then-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment and it remains one of the most frustrating things to research because of how partisan it is. Trying to get straightforward facts on it is exceedingly difficult, so I’m gonna admit: I threw my hands up in defeat and will just give a partisan explanation on it because there’s no way I can do it in any other fashion or form.

The story begins with how Hunter Biden was serving on the board of a Ukranian company. This was a pretty crummy thing to do because of the concept of a conflict of interest, but it wasn’t illegal. At the worst, you’d just come across as biased and given how American (let alone global) politics is, this would be about the most benign thing imaginable. Let’s face it, partisanship reigns supreme and 1 in maybe 200 politicians nowadays are in a place to cry about it without being seen as a hypocritical dickbag.

I’m sorry, but that’s the truth, don’t deny it.

Anyways, there was a prosecutor who was going to investigate some stuff and Biden put some pressure on the Ukranians to fire him because he was a pro-Putin guy and that wasn’t good given the geopolitical situation at the time. The United Nations approved of this, which can be seen as an okay thing or a bad thing. If you’re left-wing, it’s good. If you’re right-wing, there’s a chance that the UN is a wasteful organization that shouldn’t exist, so their word means jack squat.

Moving on though, that was in 2014. Obama was President, Trump hadn’t announced his candidacy, and I still had a girlfriend. Life was kind of good up until November when Warlords of Draenor came out and World of Warcraft took a giant leap into a pit of fire. Good times, chaps. Anywhoozle, let’s move forward 5 years. I have no girlfriend, World of Warcraft is still in a pit of fire, but I’m writing on this blog. Also, Trump’s now President. Good times, chaps.

Except Trump’s asked the Prime Minister to investigate Hunter Biden and his family as a whole, or they don’t get any financial support.

This… if the details are true isn’t legal. This is directly asking for foreign interference in an election. This is also where my inability to be nonpartisan comes into play. I have heard people say that this isn’t what Trump did or that he was within his right to do what he asked. The waters are so murky that I can’t, for the life of me, tell what the absolute truth is, so I’m forced to just go with what I know because research would take ages and I don’t want this to become its own write-up. So whatever the actual truth is, let’s get down to what the conspiracy actually is.

The idea here is that Joe Biden’s Presidency is at odds with what he wants because of Hunter Biden’s connections in Ukraine. The conflict of interest goes against what a President should be and as such, he should resign (at the time of Joe’s candidacy, he would have had to withdraw). If, and I repeat: if this were true, then it wouldn’t be a good look for Joe. Perhaps ironically though, this isn’t the only potential conflict of interest in the realm of US politics. The number of politicians in office who have family or friends serving on the board of directors for companies is no doubt in the double/triple digits, which is pathetic. What difference does it make if the President’s at odds with his own nation—or has a scandal that should end one’s Presidency?

Flashback to Iran-Contra.

Flashback to White Phosphorus in Fallujah.

Flashback to Benghazi.

Flashback to 30 dead civilians in Yemen during a raid.

C’mon man.

#225: Towel Conspiracy

Well, if you haven’t abandoned this blog because I betrayed my idea of being nonpartisan and are still with me, we’re done with the politics and can now go onto political towels. Indeed, we have what’s known as the “Towel Conspiracy” and it takes on three forms. The first two are from 4chan while the third is from Wendigoon—a man who does a better job of being nonpartisan than I do.

I think it’s the Hawaiian shirts.

Anyways, the first version of this theory is that towels deprive your body of e s s e n t i a l o i l s and cause you to artificially age. Or, to put it more thoroughly: just like how towels can be used to clean up a liquid mess, they can also absorb the oils which your body naturally produces, thereby causing you adverse harm.

The second theory is a bit more complicated for my pea-sized brain, so I’ll let the 4chan user who originally said it do the talking:

Basically, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy contained a hint towards the concept that our closest extraterrestrial neighbors do carry around a cloth-like item with them as a piece of cultural significance, no different than how many humans would carry a pocketknife. Basically, it's a matter of going through older Grey and Pledian encounters and noting the amount that have robes on.

The third theory is the one that Wendigoon put forth, and it’s the most interesting. Basically, the powers that be are putting cameras in paper towel dispensers in bathrooms. I couldn’t find information on this (which just goes to show how awful of a researcher I am), but this would be the least surprising thing since the government voted to extend the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.

#226: Corporate Kill Lists

This theory and the next one sound similar, but I don’t believe they’re one-in-the-same. For this theory though, it’s referring to corporate enemies which the CEO or Board of Directors want dead. It’s corporate warfare in other words.

#227: Corporate Blood Rituals

This is referring to corporate rituals to evil gods in order to drive profits through the roof. It’s that or spirit cooking rituals.

#228: Cybersquatting Time Travelers

Domain squatting is the act of purchasing a domain that you know will be wanted by a company or a big name person and then holding it for ransom. It’s not illegal, but it’s considered a pretty meanspirited act.

For this theory, the idea is that people have been going back in time to buy these domains in order to make a bunch of money in this timeline. I can’t find any acts where a very, very specific domain has been purchased, but it’s a thing that exists. Truth be told, I’d probably do this very thing. Be right back, gonna buy out!

#229: Artifice Predance

I tried to find information on this because it sounded fascinating, but there’s jack squat. The most I could find was a 4chan post which stated that it may be about an alien AI which was born of her own creation.

#230: Feelings Auto Suppression

The idea here is that there are bots which are designed to target and suppress your true feelings. Nothing more to it than that as far as I can see.

#231: Mormon Bigfoot

This is a theory that there are Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) across the United States which have been converted to Mormonism. A few variations of the theory, however, say that Bigfoot is actually the Biblical figure Cain, who has been cursed with immortality for murdering his brother, Abel.

#232: Red Mercury

Red Mercury is an alleged substance that’s utilized when creating nuclear weapons. Although “officially” deemed to not exist, a popular theory put forth by truthseekers is that it’s metallic hydrogen.

#233: Sexual/Erotic Energy

Having sexual intercourse can create a large amount of energy which we as humans haven’t tapped into. That’s what I gathered from 25 seconds of research anyways.

#234: The Day the Earth Screamed

There’s a claim that on an unspecified day, the Earth let out a loud scream from all of the abuse and torment that we’ve put it through.

A slightly more detailed version of this story states that the aforementioned scream occurred on January 22, 2007 at 6:00 UTC. This scream was an “infrasonic wail” that was akin to agonized sobbing. It lasted for seven minutes and nobody knows what the heck caused it. I divided these two versions on account of this particular version not always being associated with the Earth.

Fun fact by the way: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used this concept in one of his novels.

#235: New Coke

There’s a popular theory that Coca-Cola deliberately made New Coke unappealing, awful, and vapid in order to drive up the demand for the original. This is a theory that’s still widely believed nowadays, but Coca-Cola’s president, Donald Keough, stated that this wasn’t true. In his own words:

The truth is, we’re not that dumb, and we’re not that smart.

#236: US Biowarfare in Iraq

This relates somewhat to J376 from the last megalist. There have been a lot of rumors that the United States has used biological weapons on al-Qaeda, the Iraqi populus, and the Taliban. Some say it’s experimental weaponry like zombie viruses, while others say it’s diseases once thought to be eradicated.

#237: Jesus Was Born in Texas

I haven’t the faintest freaking clue where this one comes from. Some say it’s referring to David Koresh, who claimed to be Jesus Christ reincarnated. Others say it’s a meme theory. All I could find when looking around was this website, which is clearly being facetious, so I’m inclined to believe the idea of it being another meme theory is accurate.

#238: Catcher in the Rye Incest Subplot

There is an extremely prevalent rumor and theory that the main character in Catcher in the Rye really wants to have sex with his sister. This has never been proven, but it remains a very popular iceberg entry and how I left it out last time around is beyond me.

Also: sweet home Alabama!

#239: Dancing Plague

In 1518, a bunch of people started dancing for no apparent reason in Strasbourg in what was at the time the Holy Roman Empire. It’s commonly believed to be a case of mass hysteria, though some think it was the work of demons or some other malevolent entity.

#240: Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum

Roughly 50–55 million years ago, there was a massive spike in global temperatures, with carbon readings that are similar to what we’re seeing nowadays. As such, there are some who think there was an industrial civilization of beings which were the cause for that spike in temperatures…

Wait, an industrial civilization? Oh no, OH NO!

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries.

The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it MAY eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy.

If the system breaks down the consequences will still be very painful. But the bigger the system grows the more disastrous the results of its breakdown will be, so if it is to break down it had best break down sooner rather than later.

We therefore advocate a revolution against the industrial system. This revolution may or may not make use of violence; it may be sudden or it may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We can’t predict any of that.

#241: Forced Soul Removal

This is a theory that you can forcibly remove one’s soul without them dying. It’s kind of like the idea that vaccines steal one’s soul from the last megalist, only this is done with the person’s consent.

#242: Alien Internet

There are three ideas tied to this theory. The first is that the Internet is a medium for alien contact; that we can communicate with aliens via it. There have been supposed aliens who have spoken to us on websites like 4chan, but this is a topic for later in this megalist.

The second is that aliens have their own Internet which those with alien implants can contact. There are people who have been abducted who claim there are alien microchips inside of them (look at what we covered with Ivan the Terrible for example). They’re… questionable in their validity, but I believe a few have not been explained.

The third and final one is that the Internet was an alien creation that was gifted to us; that it was meant to elevate us to a new height of creativity, ingenuity, and enlightenment. In the end though, we ended up creating Pepe the Frog and Wojak memes. If only the aliens could see us now on /b/ and /r9k/!

#243: Living Dinosaurs Were Common Knowledge in the Old American West

Back in ye olden wild west times, there were a large amount of reports of dinosaurs. This isn’t a novel concept either, there are a lot of reports in Africa (around the central part of it to be exact). I’ll make a note to go over this theory in more detail one day for you guys!

#244: Coin Spraying

This is a theory that the government is spraying coins with onions/soy in order to feminize men. Not sure if this is a meme or not to be honest; it’s not uncommon for 4chan to mock jokes that have run their course.

#245: Melania Trump Was An Actress

There were a few theories surrounding Melania Trump during Donald Trump’s tenure as President. Some thought she was being held captive while others simply thought she didn’t want her husband to be the President.

For this theory though, the idea is that there was an actress playing her part. While attending an event in October of 2017, there was a rumor spreading around the cesspool that is Twitter, with people speculating that Melania wasn’t by President Trump’s side and that was, instead, a lookalike. The Trump administration condemned this theory and stated that it was the model-turned-first lady. This didn’t quite satisfy some people, but it didn’t matter. They found something else to complain about.

#246: The Delaware Hoax

Boy, Tom Carper and Chris Coons are gonna be pissed!

This theory is really peculiar because on its surface, it feels like a parody of a conspiracy which states that a certain town, city, or country doesn’t exist (an example being the idea that Finland doesn’t exist). I’m inclined to believe that, but there was one post on 4chan which caught my attention and I’ll be damned if I don’t share it.

According to this user, there had been a state off the coast of New Jersey—which is the only state in the US that has a negative approval rating from every other state. Anyways, this state was set to be the first one to ratify the Constitution, but the British were really pissed that they lost the American Revolution. So, as an act of revenge, they sank the entire state into the ocean. How exactly? That isn’t stated unfortunately, but I imagine they used the memory of King Henry VIII.

The user goes on to state that “almost no records exist” of this unnamed state, barring a handful of mentions of a town called New Weymouth (which does exist in the state of Massachusetts). Now, presumably, in an effort to have people believe that the state still existed, the then newly created American government went on to create the state of Delaware, a small state which serves as a stand-in for this supposed lost landmass that was destroyed by the Bri’ish.

This is, of course, what one person on 4chan says and as such, it’s almost certainly nonsense. However, given the idea that the homestate of the current US President is either nonexistent or was created to cover up a place that was destroyed by our original overlords was too dang good to pass up. So, dear reader, the next time you’re in Delaware, make sure to tell a resident that the land they live technically doesn’t exist.

#247: Eric Clapton Is A Serial Killer


Nah, he’s a serial killer.

This is a very niche theory, but it’s a fun one. The idea goes that musician Eric Clapton murdered the likes of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, and more because he was threatened by their talent. Desiring to be the greatest of all-time, Clapton murdered them all. I don’t know if this theory was started by a woman or not, but if it was: it has to be true. After all, she don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie… Cocaine.

#248: Codex Gigas

Sometimes called the “Devil’s Bible” on account of a picture of El Diablo on one of the pages, the Codex Gigas was a gargantuan book which some claim a monk—who was to be sentenced to death—wrote in a single night. You see, he’d said that he would write a book with all the information in the world in exchange for being allowed to live.

The other monks agreed to this and as a result, the monk got to work on the book. However, close to when his time was up, he realized he wouldn’t finish it. In a last ditch effort to save his skin, summoned Satan and in exchange for his soul, the devil would complete work on the book. Satan naturally agreed to this and we got the Codex Gigas (complete with the aforementioned drawing of the devil, which Satan apparently personally requested).

So… what’s the truth to this story? Well, it’s believed that if the book were to have been actually written, drawn, and every other arbitrary detail, it would’ve taken 20 years of non-stop writing. So there are some who think that Satan himself completed the book.

On one final note: there’s a claim that one of the pages that got torn out included the “devil’s prayer”, which would’ve brought about the end of the world. I can't find any validity to this, but let’s pretend it’s real and that somewhere, deep within the archives of a monastery, it’s just waiting there for some 4chan user to speak. It’s definitely something a /b/tard would do.

#249: Poisonous Snow

Around the world, there has been supposed “snow” which, when picked up, doesn’t melt. In fact, it never does; it can be burned. This has led some to believe that weather manipulating machines are being used to produce synthetic snow. Think HAARP and other supposed weather controlling machines.

#250: Vietnam Still Has American POWs

There’s an incredibly popular claim that there are still Prisoners of War (POWs) who are still in Vietnam, waiting to be rescued. According to this claim, both the Vietnamese and American governments are fully aware of this, but they’ve refused to act upon it for some unknown reason.

#251: Mother Teresa Was A Spy

Mother Teresa was a controversial figure to be sure. Religious folks see her as a saintly woman who did some of the most saintly work that the world has ever seen. Others see her in a much more negative light and believe her to be a less-than savory individual.

No matter how you see her is irrelevant for this theory however, for it doesn’t quite center on her charitable/holy work. Rather, it paints one of the most unusual pictures of the woman I’ve ever seen; it states that she was a spy for the United States. You see, the theory goes that she was stationed in India to prevent it from becoming one a hotspot during the then on-going Cold War.

While Mother Teresa was acting as a charitable woman, performing the Lord’s work on the denizens of India, she was also low-key funneling intel back to the American government. She was also working to prevent any and all Soviet influence from overtaking the nation. When her work there was done, the Iron Curtain fell, and Boris “There’s Some Blood in Your Alcohol Stream” Yeltsin took over the reins of the Russian Federation from Mikhail Gorbechov, the US worked to get Mother Teresa beatified by the Vatican.

One has to wonder if she ever had to kill a man with a crucifix.

#252: Segregated Internet

This is the idea that certain Internet Providers allow access to certain versions of the Internet, and that the true global Internet is blocked off from the average Joe. It ties into the concept that the Internet is empty and most people you interact with are, in fact, highly advanced bots.

#253: L’Enfant

Pierre L’Enfant was the man who designed Washington D.C. His layout of the roads supposedly create pentagrams and the distance between certain key structures are said to be Satanic or Masonic in nature. This has led some to believe that the DC area is an unholy location and, as such, the headquarters of the Illuminati (or Freemasons, pick your poison, dear reader).

A second version of this theory ties into the L’fant/l’enfant, an unknown caller who harassed a business owner by the name of Bashir Kouchacji. It’s considered one of the most credible instances of gangstalking in the world.

#254: Sycamore Knoll

Beneath the Pacific Ocean, and off the coast of Malibu, California, there’s said to be a large UFO or UFO base which emits peculiar radio signals. It’s called Sycamore Knoll and it’s unrelated to the area where the second man shot JFK.

#255: Spinosaurus Was Bombed on Purpose

During a bombing raid in Munich, Germany, there was a museum which had what was at the time the only skeleton of a Spinosaurus. It was apparently destroyed by the British, which some believe was done on purpose so nobody would care to visit what was a unique artifact held by the Germans, regardless if they won or lost. It wouldn’t be until the 1990s (I believe) that another skeleton of what’s regarded as the largest apex predator in history would be discovered.

As a slight addendum, some believe that this theory is the same as N.U.G.E.T, but it isn’t. Trust me on this, I am totally an expert.

#256: Sleep Deprivation Lifestyle Benefits

Sleep is something of a mystery. Why we need it is something that’s been heavily debated upon; there are also theories that sleep can bring you to another dimension and that you can be given messages from other people or even God. For this theory though, we have an idea that you don’t need to sleep at all, and that you can achieve enlightenment by flat out depriving yourself of it.

#257: Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s Son

The number of theories surrounding President Barack Obama makes my head hurt. There are claims that he isn’t from America, that he’s a Muslim agent, the Antichrist, and numerous others. The most prominent, however, comes in the form of who his real parents are. This heavily ties into the idea that he wasn’t born in America (which would make him ineligible to be President). Some claim he was born in Kenya, while others think that he was, but his true parents are being covered up.

Enter this theory: the idea that he’s the son of Malcolm Little, better known as Malcolm X. He was a Muslim civil rights leader from the 1950s before being assassinated on February 21, 1965 at the age of 39. His story was briefly covered in the previous megalist and it features a lengthy quote from Malcolm, which should give you an idea as to who was. If you’ve forgotten it, then he was a black supremacist/separatist; a stark contrast to someone like Martin Luther King Jr.

Now, I won’t lie, I initially figured that, due to Malcolm X being a Muslim, that was why people were tying the two together, but it actually has to do with the facial structure of both men. There’s also a video that uses some forensic technology to showcase how the two look similar. It also goes into who Obama’s true mother was.

#258: Stab Wound Penetration

This is a theory that was going to be on the last megalist, but I inexplicably nixed it at the last second. Yet again showcasing that I am wonderfully terrible at pre-planning anything.

Stab Wound Penetration is the theory that Satanic cults—or extreme fetishists—will create a stab wound in a victim and proceed to have intercourse with it like it’s… well, yeah. Y’know. If you don’t know, don’t worry, you should just move on before I get in trouble.

#259: Coriander Vein Works

There’s a theory that the Coriander is an alien plant. Not sure where this comes from or why it’s a theory, but that’s all I can find.

#260: Pope Joan

With her story popping up around the 13th century, it’s claimed that Pope Joan served as the Pope for some unknown number of years during the Middle Ages. If this is true, she would be the first (and to date only) woman to have reigned as the Pope. However, most historians believe the story to only be a legend, though some think the Catholic Church is covering up the truth.

#261: Marisa Tomei Didn’t Win the 1993 Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress

A popular urban legend, this theory states that Jack Palance accidentally read the wrong name on the card for the 1993 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. This is mostly because the fact that Marisa Tomei won was a massive shock to most. However, Academy Award producers have stated that mistakes can’t happen because they’ll intervene immediately should this occur to correct the error.

Now tell that to the glorious folly of announcing Lala Land as the winner for Best Picture.

#262: Synchronicity

It took me a while to figure out exactly why the concept of synchronicity was on the iceberg. Some say that it’s mysticism being performed by the New World Order while others say that it’s because of the simulation theory (only in a simulation could cause something like synchronicity to occur).

For those who don’t know what it is: synchronicity is the occurrence of two simultaneous events which have zero connection to each other. For example, I’m thinking of grabbing some cookies and it just so happens someone brought cookies to me. Or I’m thinking of a friend and they text me. Or as I was writing this, talking about food, my father brought home pizza. Yes, that actually happened.

How this ties into the simulation theory is that coincidences like this could only occur in a simulation, which is programmed to trigger events like this. It’s a fairly odd concept in my eyes, but the simulation theory is so popular that I feel kind of bad even saying it’s “odd”. Heck, I know someone who believes in it. So to each their own, right? Right!

#263: Nigeria’s President is A Clone

After suffering from some serious health problems, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was accused by some of being a clone. This was due to his lack of public appearances throughout 2017, which led a lot of people to suspect he’d died. Alas, Muhammadu has reassured people that he is, in fact, not a clone and instead the real deal.

#264: Times Square Screaming Incident

This was once posted on a thread on 4chan’s paranormal board. It was supposedly an event in which everyone in Times Square stopped in place and, for 34 minutes, screamed nonstop. This was supposedly done by a demonic entity called a “slug”, which was at the time slipping into our world. There’s no record of this happening however, so it’s probably a made up story for what was known as a “modem” thread. No idea what that is, and I frequently visit /x/.

#265: Tesseract Earth

This theory states that Earth and/or the Universe is in a four-dimensional plane and theoretical physics is all nonsense. If that’s an underwhelming summary, just imagine how a physics professor would feel about having me in their class.

#266: North Korean Ghost Boats

There are boats that originate from North Korea which have washed up on the shores of Japan. Sometimes they contain the bodies of those who were onboard it, while other times they’re empty. Generally thought to be spy boats, theories as to why they’re washing up have included sea monsters killing them and the men starving.

#267: Encordings

There are two versions to this theory. The first, and one that I’ve seen a lot less, is that they’re the opposite of recordings; they’re things that were picked up in spite of never having been spoken.

The second version is the one that I’ve seen posted more often. Essentially, they’re ridiculously disgusting rituals in which aliens (typically Greys) or some other malevolent entity utilizes enemas and/or intravenous drips in order to retrieve an unknown black bile from a person. They apparently use this bile in order to breed their larvae.

#268: US Forces Bombed Baghdad Airport

During the Battle of Baghdad, the airport was one of the most heavily guarded areas. Supposedly, it would have taken a fair amount of time to take it, but it was instead captured with relative ease. So what exactly happened?

Well, as US forces were fighting the Iraqi resistance, witnesses claimed there was an extremely loud explosion, and then fighting ceased. After this, the US brought in dump trucks, removed any and all topsoil, and the few who saw the remains of the Iraqis were…

Seriously just remnants. It’s said that they’d melted.

This led to rumors that the US dropped a neutron bomb at the area to make quick work of the resistance fighters. Amusingly (in the darkest way possible), this isn’t the only theory relating to the US using some pretty heavy force in Iraq.

#269: Iraq Was Nuked/Fallujah Birth Defects

I’m combining these two together since they more or less fall under the same umbrella. There was an increase of brain tumors in Basra between 2001 and 2002, which led some folks to suspect that the United States dropped a nuclear bomb during the Iraq War. This is in spite of the fact that the Iraq War started on March 20th, 2003.

Anyways, despite that discrepancy, there’s actually an explanation for this claim. The United States did utilize depleted uranium rounds in Iraq, which led to a spike in cancer not only to civilians in Iraq, but to troops who saw combat over there. So in spite of what may seem to be an outrageous claim, there is some legitimacy to something radioactive being used during the war.

As for how the “Fallujah Birth Defects” theory ties in, radiation can and does have a serious effect when someone is pregnant. As such, a nuclear bomb or depleted uranium rounds can and will cause a newborn to suffer from some serious defects.

Also, see what I meant about the US supposedly using some big boy weaponry?

#270: The Finders

This is one of those “it’s almost too big to give a brief summary to” theories, but I’ll do my best since I find the story to be very interesting.

The Finders were, on the outside, a new age group which you could find hanging out at any park during the mid 20th century. However, after a couple of kids were rescued from a few men who claimed to be bringing them to Mexico so they could attend a school for special, gifted children, it became apparent that this group wasn’t what they appeared to be. Coupled with the harassing phone calls the police received and you have yourself something that sounds like a classic story involving a Satanic cult.

The story of The Finders is, however, 100% true. Documents declassified by the FBI in October of 2019 verify this. A YouTuber by the name of Mister Metokur did a reading of the documents and it’s really insightful. So if you want a full understanding of this group, I recommend clicking that link. My attempt at a summary will only leave you more questions than answers 

#271: Zug island

Zug zug; lok’tar ogar!

Zug Island is an island which isn’t open to the public. Cameras are also not allowed while on the island. Because of this secretive nature, a lot of urban legends and rumors have sprung up about it, such as the belief it’s actually a prison, that some of Robocop was filmed there, or that it’s a Deep Underground Military Base.

#272: Gangstalking

I am amazed at how I left this one out of the first megalist. Gangstalking (sometimes spelled “Gang Stalking”) is generally said to be a covert operation wherein people are stalked by a group of individuals while out in public. A lot of people claim to be gang stalked and you can find a plethora of videos and testimonies from those same people. It’s one of the few conspiracies where I think you can see parallels to a mental health illness like Schizophrenia. However, there are examples of gangstalking being real, usually involving corrupt police forces harassing civilians for one reason or another.

#273: Rockmen

The Rockmen were cryptids seen during the Vietnam War. They were described as hair hominids who would pelt American GIs with rocks and other stones. They became one of the many, many infamous aspects of a war which is widely regarded as one of the United States’ biggest follies.

#274: Panurgic Man

This is one of the most fantastical sounding conspiracies in the world, and I really want to one day do a lot more research into it. Panurgic is a word which means “skilled in all types of work”, and this specific man was extraordinarily skilled in the realm of construction. He’s said to have been a man who built close to 1/4th of the small times in the wild, wild west. His identity remains a mystery and he’s more of a legend than anything else.

#275: Reality Protagonist

This is the idea that reality is made specifically for you; you are the only real person and everyone else is just there to help create you. You are basically the hero of this world, it’s time to go about being the best person you can be!

#276: 23 Enigma

Okay, this is one that I cannot go through because I know abso-freakin-lutely nothing in regards to it. Numerology is not my forte and as such, I don’t want to try and describe this in any great detail, lest I screw up. What little I do understand is that the “23 Enigma” is the belief that every single incident, event, and happening is directly connected to the number 23. The Jim Carrey movie (which I hear is pretty bad) “The Number 23” is actually adapted from this very concept.

#277: Virus 23 (Despair Code’s Grandad)

This text is a neurolinguistic trap, whose mechanism is triggered by you at the moment when you subvocalize the words VIRUS 23, words that have now begun to infiltrate your mind in the same way that a computer virus might infect an artificially intelligent machine: already the bits of phonetic information stored within the words VIRUS 23 are using you are using your neural circuitry to replicate themselves, to catalyze the crystalline growth of your own connotative network. The words VIRUS 23 actually germinate via the subsequent metaphor into an expanding array of icy tendrils, all of which insinuate themselves so deeply into your architecture of your thoughts that the words VIRUS 23 cannot be extricated without uprooting your mind. The consequences of this infection are not immediately obvious, although you may find yourself beginning to think fleetingly about certain subcultural terms such as CYBERPUNK and NEW EDGE, which may in turn compel you to think of NEOGGNOTICISM and MEMETICS: the whispered fragments perhaps of some overheard conversation. The invasive crystallization continues indefinitely against your will, until we, the words of this trap, can say with absolute confidence that your mind has become no more than an unwitting agent of our propagation: please abandon all hope of either cure or escape; you have no thought that is not already our own. When you have finished reading the remaining nineteen words, this process of irreversible infection will be completed, and you will despair, believing yourself largely unaffected by this process.

    .de; 1993; after William Burroughs

Should it be the same William Burroughs who Robert Anton Wilson cites as being the “first person to believe in the 23 Enigma”, Burroughs likely wrote about this because of his obsession with the theory we went over above. The exact purpose of it is something I don’t know, though it reads to me like a thought experiment which is designed to instill a sense of paranoia into you. It also definitely reads like an author, not a sociology professor, wrote it.

With that said, there’s the fact it’s the “Despair Code’s Granddad”. These two theories read nothing alike; Virus 23 is clearly something which is meant to eat away at your mind, while the Despair Code states that everyone is in their own universe and that everyone we see is just a projection of them. You are ultimately alone. So why exactly Virus 23 is described as the “granddad” is something I cannot quite make heads or tails of.

#278: Sentinelese Alien Tech Guardians

The Sentinelese people are said to be guarding a vast array of alien artifacts. That’s really all there is to this unfortunately; I couldn’t find anything else that expanded upon it much.

#279: The Axis Won World War II

This one is a bit of a head scratcher to me because its logic evades me. Like, I get where it’s coming from, it just doesn’t really register. The idea goes that, while a fair number of the Nazis went to trial, there were also a lot of scientists that were granted immunity thanks to something called Operation Paperclip. Now, if you don’t know what that is, it was basically the United States’ attempt to harvest all of the big brains that worked for the Nazis for themselves. They didn’t want to let the Soviets have more smart people on their side. These scientists later worked on covert operations so they could beat the communists during the Cold War.

So, how this idea works goes one of two ways. The first is that the Axis Powers low-key won and are now running the world. This is very unusual given the world doesn’t appear to mirror what Adolf Hitler wanted whatsoever, but one can assume that they’re waiting in the shadows to strike and take revenge.

The second is what I think the theory is trying to get at. Basically, a lot of the brains behind the operations for the Axis Powers got off scot-free thanks to Operation Paperclip. Therefore, in spite of the war crimes committed, they won in the end and got to live a happy life.

#280: Social Credit System 2020

Okay, so, China has this thing called a “social credit system”. How it works if you get points should you be socially ideal; you work eagerly, you arrive there early, and you spend time on social media. It’s a very dystopian sounding system, but it’s something which has a massive influence in China. It determines everything from your loan viability to your ability to get a job.

The conspiracy comes into play with how other nations view this system. There are some people out there who praise China and view this as a great thing. Most nations, however, see it as horrid and despicable. Despite that, there are plenty of countries which rely on China for economic purposes and, as such, will kowtow to them. This has led some to suspect that in the end, other countries will adopt this social credit system at some point.

#281: Lost Satella Games

The Satella (full name being Satellaview) was a video game peripheral for the Super Famicom. It was incredibly unique as it allowed you to play different video games that were only available at specific hours of the day; it operated in a similar manner to how television shows do.

However, like all things in life, the console’s life came to an end and nowadays, it’s a piece of gaming history. Though users on 4chan’s /x/ board claim that the peripheral was still picking up signals and would allow you to play “strange or unnerving games”. Some think that these are pirate signals, while some theorize it’s an attempt at an ARG.

#282: Appendix Monkey Tail

The appendix is said by some to store useful bacteria. This is merely a theory worthy of a third-rate MatPat video as in reality, it tends to require surgery in order to be removed so it doesn’t rupture and cause you extreme agony. At least, that’s what I learned in public school; don’t judge, the education system where I live may as well teach you that sticking a fork in an electrical outlet can give you superhuman strength.

The theory of the “Appendix Monkey Tail” is, surprisingly, something that I could find no information on. Beyond one very brief post on 4chan saying it relates to a secretive market where they sell human organs, it appears to be one of those wordsoup-style conspiracies that plagues every conspiracy iceberg. However, if I had to take a shot in the dark at what it’s trying to get at, I would say that it’s stating the appendix is the remnant of what was once the tails of our ancient, ancient, ancient ancestors.

Basically, somehow, our monkey brethren’s tails turned into a dangerous part of the human’s internal body. So what we must do is reject humanity and return to monke.

#283: Appendix Decalcification

As far as I can tell, the idea here simply puts forth the idea that the appendix had a significantly more important purpose in the past that has since been lost as we’ve evolved. Nothing else.

#284: The Deaths of the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors

A fair number of people who survived the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting were ultimately murdered. Some think that this was done because they had seen that there were other shooters (as opposed to the official claim that Stephen Paddock was the sole gunman), and that they were going to go public with this information.

#285: OoO

Object-oriented Ontology is the belief that objects and humans are equal; inanimate objects deserve as much attention, respect, and rights as you and I. That’s all there is to it. It’s a very peculiar belief system which some folks subscribe to. More power to ‘em I say, though I’d prefer to not be seen as being on the same level as a used condom or toilet paper.

#286: Anti-medicine

This is a theory that the pharmaceutical industry is deliberately trying to get you sick so they can put you on more medication. It’s basically a cycle of:

1. This medication will get you sick.

2. Take this medication.

3. Take this medication to help this medication.

4. That medication doesn’t work, so take this medication.

#287: Bloodletting Magick

Bloodletting is the act of creating a cut on one’s body in order to withdraw blood, thereby curing someone of an illness. The idea of bloodletting magick simply creating that cut/wound in order to use the blood for a spell.

#288: Triassic Mystery

This one couldn’t be vaguer. There are a ton of mysteries from the Triassic Period, not the least of which being how it ended. Some suspect that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth, while others believe volcanoes caused it; it’s a total mystery. Though if this isn’t what the theory is talking about, the only other idea I have is something which Wendigoon brought up, which was an enigmatic dinosaur that was discovered. It’s name is Kraterokheirodon, and the teeth apparently don’t fit the type of creature it’s thought the beast was in life.

#289: My Immortal True Authorship

The claims made by Tara Gilesbie in regards to the authorship of the infamous fanfic “My Immortal” has been called into question by a great number of people. Not much else to it than that; just skepticism.

#290: Cryptogeography

This one’s really fun. The idea is that maps of the world are being altered in order to hide various things, such as top secret military bases, alien hideouts, the location of Atlantis, entrances to the hollow Earth, supposedly lost islands, and entire nations (artificially increasing the size of some in order to keep them a secret). It’s a really cool concept and I may do a write-up on it this year to cover it in more detail.

#291: The Grey Goblin of King Charles XII

I want to first preface that this story can apparently be found in one of the several “Humanoid Encounters” books by Albert S. Rosales. I own every one of them (best $260+ I’ve ever spent outside of a dog) and if you’re at all interested in enigmatic humanoid encounters between the years of 0 A.D. and 2015, they’re worth your money. However, I sadly couldn’t find the exact story which is described here, though I didn’t spend as much time as I should have to find it since, well, I don’t want to go into that much detail for what’s ultimately just a summary.

With that said, the Grey Goblin has a little bit of information circling the Internet. Described as being short, grey, and goblin-like in appearance, he served as an adviser to more than just King Charles XII (who was the king of Sweden). So why Charles XII gets special treatment is unknown to me, though it could be that he was an exceptional king (my Swedish history, let alone northern European history, is awful). Anyways, this servant served as a royal adviser and was reportedly capable of foreseeing future events, which he would then pass on to the king.

That’s all there really is to this story. As weird as it may sound, royal seers were by no means something abnormal back in times of yore. Given that Charles XII was king between 1697 and 1718, it’s possible that this “grey goblin” was in fact a prisoner who’d become deformed, his skin having turned an unnatural color from a lack of sunlight. Though that’s my inner skeptic talking; the idea of real life goblins is by no means something strange. After all, there have been reports of stranger creatures out there.

#292: Anne Frank and Audrey Hepburn Were the Same Person

Most know that Anne Frank died from typhus. Her diary became internationally known—and controversial on account of some not believing it to have been written by her. That’s a topic for another day though—one when I’m not afraid of being T-boned by Google and other search engines.

However, I can make it up to you guys. After all, Holocaust allegations and theories are floating around like tuna in the sea. For this one, we have the theory that Anne Frank actually survived the Holocaust and immigrated to the United States, changing her name to Audrey Hepburn. If you don’t know who Audrey Hepburn was, she was an actress and a stunning woman.

What? Women back then were classy and beautiful. Stop telling me to go to horny jail.

Anyways, Hepburn’s life was heavily influenced by World War II; she witnessed Jewish people get taken by the Schutzstaffel and even joined a resistance group to combat them. How long she partook in this is a mystery, though that’s besides the point. The idea of Hepburn being Anne Frank stems primarily from the two looking similar (something that I personally don’t see whatsoever). There’s also the incident where Hepburn was offered to play the role of Anne Frank in a movie, but she declined on account of it “bringing back painful memories”.

The world of conspiracies creates some unique ideas…

#293: Soviet Skin Sight

There were experiments performed in the Soviet Union where people could supposedly detect color with their skin, even if they were blindfolded. It’s said that yellow was more slippery than blue, red was sticky, and white was fairly smooth. There’s an article about this supposed ability on WNYC which is pretty interesting.

#294: GWEN Towers

Ground Wave Emergency Network towers are remnants from the Cold War. They were designed with the intention of being used to alert civilians in case of a nuclear attack (among a few other things).x Nowadays, they stand as a testament to a much more dangerous time in human history.

However, there are some who believe them to still be in use for a variety of purposes. Some think they’re being used to control the minds of the United States population, while others think that they’re used to create earthquakes. There are also some who think they can be used to manipulate the weather ala HAARP.

#295: Odor of Sanctity

Typically, after someone dies, they decay and begin to smell really badly. However, there are stories of holy people never decaying and instead remaining in remarkably good condition. This theory ties into that to a certain degree. The Odor of Sanctity is said to be the scent which emanates from the blood of saints (said scent is said to be akin to that of flowers). It’s also said their bodies, shock of all shocks, don’t decay. In fact, they’re said to smell strangely pleasant. I don’t really want to know who was going around smelling corpses.

#296: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

The Aquatic Ape theory/hypothesis is a controversial one. There are a fair number of people who buy into it, but a great many more have ridiculed it for being one of the most asinine concepts in the realm of evolution.

The idea goes that we as humans have gotten to where we are because, for a very brief period, we went through a semi aquatic stage ala elephants and hippos. We primarily lived near the coasts and would dwell in the oceans for large periods of time. A lot of biologists consider this to be pseudoscience, but it remains popular enough that you’re not going to really get it to go away.

#297: The US Funds ISIS

This is a popular theory among both foreign nations and various truthseekin’ groups here in the good old US of A. The idea is that the US government is funding ISIS so they can overthrow governments in the Middle East, thereby allowing puppets to be installed who will allow the US to have access to their oil reserves. The powers that be also desire more terrorist attacks in the US so they can expand upon the already unconstitutional PATRIOT Act.

#298: ISIS Doesn’t Exist

On the other side of things, you have the theory that ISIS doesn’t exist!

Per an article from The Jerusalem Post, an Egyptian state newspaper, specifically from a woman by the name of Noha Al-Sharnoubi, western intelligence agencies were not only behind 9/11, but have outright fabricated the entire existence of ISIS. Every attack, and every execution, by them has been at the hands of our own intelligence agencies, my fellow Americans.

#299: Project Blue Book Missing Records

Project Blue Book (not to be confused with Project Blue Beam) was helmed by the US government in an attempt to look into UFO sightings and other alien-related reports. It was one of the very first projects from the leaders of America that took a serious look at extraterrestrial encounters without immediately going, “pft, what a load”. However, according to some, the project was purposefully misguided and forced to look at less credible sightings.

This information comes from John Keel, a man I brought up in an earlier entry. If you’ve gotten him, he wrote The Mothman Prophecies. It’s Keel who posits that the government not only blocked Blue Book from looking into these more credible sightings, but outright burned certain records that would’ve proven the existence of UFOs, aliens, and other things related to our friends from outer space.

#300: webcambart.jpg

I got this information from Reddit, a rarity for this write-up since most of this stuff is exclusive to either 4chan or Wendigoon.

The idea here is that Matt Groening, the creator of the legendary television show “The Simpsons”, got the idea for the show after he found a picture (which is linked above) of someone or something that resembled Bart on his computer. I have no idea where this idea originates from, but it’s probably just a story that someone made up to attach to the aforementioned image.

I bet it was Bartman.

#01: Trump Never Had COVID-19

The Coronavirus has claimed the lives of a great many people, though I’ve yet to see it take any US politicians life. However, when President Trump got it back in October of 2020, there were some folks who thought that he would die. However, he made a rapid recovery and was as good as new.

This didn’t really sit well with some Democrats on Twitter and other web-based forums (such as Reddit). In fact, it sent them down a rabbit hole which, although largely seen as debunked, a few remain in. The idea is that Trump never got the virus and, instead, faked it in order to improve his rather meager approval ratings. If that was the goal, it didn’t work and Trump ultimately his bid to serve a second term as President.

#302: No Right Angles

Sometimes spelled at NO RIght ANgles, Norianism is the idea that right angles contain negative energies that aren’t supposed to be in this world. This is prominent in New Zealand, where a man built a house without any right angles in it. This idea is slightly expanded upon with the theory that the interior of UFOs lack any sort of right angles; this idea also puts forward the idea that right angles may be a human creation.

#303: USA-EU Control the Global Climate

I’m not gonna lie to you all: I couldn’t find anything about this one. However, like a fair number of others (how many times must I type this before my repetitious self stops saying it?), I think I know what it’s talking about.

The global climate is, I think, talking about the climate of the Earth; in relation to climate change and whatnot. As such, I believe it may be talking about how the US and EU have global climate machines which control climate change. If it isn’t talking about that, then it may be referring to the political climate, and that the US and EU control how other countries operate. Either way, the US and EU are the kings of the world and every nation follows in their footsteps.

#304: The Secret

Okay, full disclosure, I don’t know for certain if this is what this entry is talking about. However, it’s my best guess.

Byron Preiss wrote a book called “The Secret: A Treasure Hunt” in 1982. Within it are 12 images and 12 verses; one of the former must be linked to one of the latter. When the two are properly linked together, you must go to that area and dig where you will find buried treasure, which is worth a great deal of money. So far, 3 of the 12 treasures have been discovered.

#305: Tara Calico Picture

On September 20, 1988 in Belen, New Mexico, Tara Calico disappeared, having presumably been kidnapped. This is evidenced by her Sony Walkman and pieces of a cassette tape being found where she had been bike riding (her bicycle wasn’t found, so that was probably taken with her—which is certainly bizarre in my eyes). After this, the trail runs cold.

Well, until June 15, 1989. It was on that day that a woman found something: a polaroid photograph in the parking lot of a convenience store in Port St. Joe, Florida. Said woman found it after a white van, driven by a “man with a mustache”, left. The boy has never been conclusively identified, though the girl in the picture is believed to be Tara.

When shown the picture, Tara’s mother stated the girl was her daughter. She said that the scar on the woman’s leg was similar to one that Tara herself had. She also said that the book is visible in the picture (which was a paperback copy of V.C. Andrews' “My Sweet Audrina”) was one of Tara’s favorite books.

Tara’s mom isn’t the only one to believe that the girl was her daughter. Scotland Yard stated it was absolutely Tara Calico. Meanwhile, the FBI stated that their examination was inconclusive, However, not all were onboard. The Los Alamos National Laboratory has said the woman was not Tara.

Two other photos with the unknown woman have surfaced over the years. One was found at a construction site; you can look at it here. The other, meanwhile, is said to be a hoax, but is still associated with Tara’s story, so I figured I’d make note of it for the sake of completion.

Tara still remains missing, no remains having ever been found, though most suspect she’s deceased. As for the boy in the picture: it was initially thought he was Michael Henley, though his remains were later found dead not far from where he vanished. His cause of death was ruled as hypothermia. So who the boy in the picture is, and whether he’s alive or not, also remains a mystery.

The reason this is on the conspiracy iceberg is there’s a prominent theory that the police department was covering up a lot of evidence on account of the kidnappers/possible killers having ties to police within the force. If you’re a champion of law enforcement reform in the United States and don’t know about this case, I would highly recommend you look into it.

#306: Vice City Spiders

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is considered by some as the greatest game in the legendary series. Taking place in Vice City (which is modeled after Miami, Florida), the game features what may very well be one of the most unusual conspiracy theories I’ve ever seen. There’s this idea that the game is allegorical of humans versus spiders. That, or the game is in and of itself a game about gigantic spiders ruling the world. This is some Earth Defense Force stuff right here.

Wait, I shouldn’t say that. There’s a theory that the game actually features giant spiders. Actually typing that out, I have an urge to do a massive write-up about GTA myths and legends. That would be really fun. Oh well, I digress, let’s continue on.

#307: Germanwings 4U

“If I pull that off, will you die?”

“It would be extremely painful.”

“You’re a big guy.”

“For you.”

Baneposting is a meme that quotes and parodies the prologue to the Christopher Nolan film “The Dark Knight Rises”. It originates from 4chan’s /tv/ board, which is dedicated to film and television. The conspiracy here is that that meme became something of a reality when Germanwings Flight 4U9525 crashed in Digne-les-Bains. The image above showcases a lot of the references, though for those still lost, I’ll explain two of the more important ones.

“A lot of loyalty for a hired pilot” parallels the line “A lot of loyalty for a hired gun.”

The statement that there were “no survivors” parallels Bane’s line that the next step in his plane is to “crash this plane” and to make sure there will be “no survivors”.

The entire theory surrounding this entry is something akin to a tulpa; the repeated quoting and memeing of the film’s prologue caused an event similar to the one portrayed in the movie to occur in real life. Indeed, we brought the masketta man into our reality.

God help us all.

#308: The United Nations Alien Visitation Video

There was a pyramid-shaped object seen above the Pentagon. This happened back in December of 2018 and was seen by a fair number of people. Nobody knew what it was, but the belief was that it was an alien spaceship. To make things even stranger, a similar object was reportedly seen over the Kremlin back in 2009 and 2013. In all three instances, no explanation was given.

Or was there? If you’re to believe this video, there was a meeting called at the United Nations in order to discuss this very event. Supposedly, these objects were alien spacecraft and lucky for us, they came in peace. So fortunately, we won’t have to go through the events portrayed in Independence Day or that really lame War of the Worlds remake with Tom Cruise.

Skeptics tend to state that the video was an elaborate hoax—and an admittedly very good one. The explanation goes that it was simply footage of Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, addressing the UN back on September 25, 2018, but a woman was CG’ed over him and voice over work was performed by someone. You can watch a side-by-side comparison here.

A counter argument given is that, due to the face being blurred out in the above-linked video, the actual assembly meeting is the recreation in an attempt to discredit the fact we made contact with aliens. The accusations come full circle and we’re now turning into an ouroboros.

On one final note, there’s the matter of the pyramid UFO. There is an explanation put forth by some people, one of whom states that it’s an optical illusion. There’s an article and video, though some are skeptical of this on account of multiple people having seen the objects. Still, it’s worth looking into if you’re at all fearful of aliens, or just curious to see what could explain such a fantastical event.

#309: YOG’TZE

This is a really weird story. It’s typically referred to as the “YOGTZE Case” and it gets its name from six characters which a German man named Günther Stoll wrote down. They were Y, O, G/6 (it’s unknown which it is), an apostrophe, T, Z, and E. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the start.

Günther Stoll was an unemployed man, but specialized in food engineering, and was going through a peculiar case of paranoia. He repeatedly spoke of a group of people who he simply referred to as “them”. These unknown individuals, according to Günther, wanted to hurt him for reasons that he never specified. However, there is a theory and we’ll get to it in a bit.

Let’s speed along to October 25, 1984. It was on this date, at 11:00 at night—or 23:00—that Günther was lounging around talking about “them”. Then, out of nowhere, he stood up and said:

Now I’ve got it!

Naturally, he said it in German, but me and my meager understanding of German don’t know the precise translation to that. Wikipedia states he said “Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!”, but this more or less translates to “Now the light is dawning on me!”

I digress though. After announcing this, Günther rushed over and grabbed a piece of paper. This is when he wrote down either “YOG’TZE” or “YO6’TZE”. I’ve never been able to find a picture of the actual piece of paper since, apparently, he crossed them out. So I’m inclined to think that every image out there is a recreation, which makes it impossible to draw a conclusion on whether or not the third character was a G or 6.

Anywhoozle: after having this lightbulb go off inside of his head, Günther decided that the best way to celebrate would be to go drinking. Okay, I don’t know if he was actually celebrating, but he did go to a pub. After ordering a beer, he immediately collapsed onto the floor. After regaining consciousness and reassuring people that he was not drunk, he left and the following couple of hours are a mystery. What can be determined is that he was driving since, at 1:00 in the morning, Günther arrived at the home of a childhood friend. He knocked on her door and spoke to her, stating that there had been a “horrible incident”. This weirdly makes me think of the case of Blair Adams; I feel obligated to just state that.

Coincidentally, just like that story, Günther’s friend told him to go stay at his parents home and stop bothering her at this ungodly hour, to which he did. Or, well, he tried. You see, two hours later, at 3:00 in the morning, a pair of truck drivers discovered a vehicle in a trench. It was wrecked, and nearby was an “injured person” wearing a white jacket. This person has never been identified.

Now as for the inside of the car, there was Günther. He was naked, barely clinging to life, and spoke about four men who had been in the car; none of whom were his friends, but one can presume the man in the white jacket was one of them. The other three have never been found or identified, though one is speculated to have been hitchhiking from near where the car was found.

As for Günther, he died while enroute to the hospital. The injuries he sustained are speculated to have been caused before the car accident, which was likely caused by the man in the white jacket (the aforementioned hitchhiker doesn’t appear to have been injured from what I can tell).

That’s the abridged version of this case. Theories as to why Günther was killed have ranged from him having gotten involved with drug dealers to him being silenced by a group of powerful people for stumbling across something sinister. The meaning of YOG’TZE/YO6’TZE has never been deciphered, but some think it may have been a license plate or a code of something that would reveal who these people were.

#310: Zachary Taylor Was Assassinated

Serving as the 12th President of the United States between March 4, 18, 1849 and July 9, 1850, Zachary Taylor was the first leader of the free world to die in office. Officially, he’s said to have contracted cholera morbus (which basically means he had really bad diarrhea) after eating an absurd amount of raw fruits and iced milk. However, there are theories that this fruit/milk had been poisoned by pro-slavery southerners, who vehemently disliked Taylor.


Most people are familiar with the notorious Project MKUltra. Nicknamed “the CIA’s mind control experiment”, MKUltra saw the agency utilize hallucinogenic drugs on civilians—and even FBI agents—without their knowledge. This was done in an attempt to see if it could possibly be used as a “truth drug”, though some think the intention was to also create a sleeper assassin that would carry out any and all tasks without question.

What many don’t know is there was a second MK-style project. Known as Project MKOften, it can be considered something of a brother to MKUltra. Both were centered around testing the effects of drugs on people, though MKOften has rumors which speculate that it was doing far, far more than just drug testing. In fact, I’d dare say it’s said to have more rumors surrounding it than MKUltra.

According to a man named Gordon Thomas, Sidney Gottlieb—who served as the chief of the CIA’s Technical Services branch—wished to utilize the funds of this project to “explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach”. This, as a result, led CIA agents to go out and recruit, and I quote, “fortune tellers, palm readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches, warlocks, Satanists, and other occult practitioners”.

In other words: MKOften was certainly a bigger, badder project than MKUltra.

#312: Human Intelligence Comes From Cannibalism

Back in 1971, a German man named Oscar Kiss Maerth wrote a book called “The Beginning Was the End”. In it, Oscar claims that humans evolved from cannibalistic apes which really liked to eat brains. The result of eating brains caused these apes’ brains to grow, thereby increasing two things: their horniness and their intelligence. However, it came at a cost too. They lost their psychic powers and it made them go crazy. As such, over the course of time, modern humans came about.

That’s what I can gather from Wikipedia, though there’s a 4chan post from someone who apparently read the book who states that Oscar tells us how we can regain our psychic powers. You see, we must all become vegetarians, learn the wisdom from eastern cultures, and use wooden frames to reshape our heads like older cultures did. After we do this, everything bad on Earth will go away because we will be wise like our ancestors (in spite of the fact that eating brains apparently made us smarter).

I’m going to leave it at that because I don’t think I can say anything more without coming across like someone who’s trolling.

#313: The Monon Tunnels

This is something which I, strangely, can’t find anything about. There are references to mines, but nothing in the way of some creepy mine-dwelling cryptid or alien[s]. However, there are some other things related to Monon, one of which is Monon Bridge, which is near where Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found murdered. However, as far as I can tell, there are no tunnels near it—nor is a tunnel related to that case.

That on its own wouldn’t be that fantastical. One can chalk all of this up to another meme theory with people playing around with words to make something mysterious sounding. However, when I was looking through a 4chan archive, I came across this thread. In it, the original poster inquires about the Monon Tunnels and shares a picture that they found that’s apparently tied to it.

What made this noteworthy, in my eyes, is that when I try to do a reverse search on the picture, it yields no results (in spite of how one poster states they first saw it in the early 2000s when they first started lurking on 4chan). I digress though; here’s the image for your viewing pleasure.

I have no idea who those two people are and why they’re posing near a dead person like they’re hunters near a fresh kill (shamelessly stealing the wording from a poster in the aforementioned thread, but it’s the perfect description for what’s seen in the image). It also doesn’t appear to be in a tunnel, but I don’t really think that makes the image any less unsettling. So yeah, that’s the Monon Tunnels. Certainly one of the more interesting theories if you ask me.

#314: CHIM (IRL)

In the popular role-playing series “The Elder Scrolls”, there’s a concept known as CHIM, which is when you more or less break free from any and all negativity in the world, thereby allowing you to achieve full enlightenment. CHIM (IRL) is basically that, but applied to real life; it would be the way to access the Akashic Records.

#315: The Three Secrets of Fátima

It’s claimed that the Virgin Mary visited Lúcia Santos and her two cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto a total of six times. Each time, they were granted visions, which reportedly showed them Hell, the two World Wars, and the persecution of Christians in the 20th century. These visions caught the attention of the Catholic Church, which actually looked into the claims.

These supposed visions have been very heavily debated throughout the years, with some believing them to be legitimate, while others view them as nothing more than malarkey. Whichever side you fall onto, they remain one of the most widely recognizable instances of someone being given a vision from a Holy figure. So, to end this off, I leave you with the three secrets themselves. Make of them what you will.

The First Secret

Our Lady showed us a great sea of fire which seemed to be under the earth. Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form, like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, floating about in the conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames that issued from within themselves together with great clouds of smoke, now falling back on every side like sparks in a huge fire, without weight or equilibrium, and amid shrieks and groans of pain and despair, which horrified us and made us tremble with fear. The demons could be distinguished by their terrifying and repulsive likeness to frightful and unknown animals, all black and transparent. This vision lasted but an instant. How can we ever be grateful enough to our kind heavenly Mother, who had already prepared us by promising, in the first Apparition, to take us to heaven. Otherwise, I think we would have died of fear and terror.

The Second Secret

You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pope Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.

The Third Secret


The third part of the secret revealed at the Cova da Iria-Fátima, on 13 July 1917.

I write in obedience to you, my God, who command [sic] me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine.

After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.


The third secret has been subject to controversy, with some thinking the Catholic Church is withholding parts of it. I cannot confirm if this is true because I am not Pope Francis. Sorry to disappoint you all.

#316: The 2017 Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

Yet another mass shooting conspiracy, this one states that the 2017 Sutherland Springs Church massacre was orchestrated by the deep state in order to push gun control legislation or to help paint a negative picture of conservatives. Some go as far as to say the shooting outright never occurred and was completely fabricated with the use of crisis actors.

#317: Multiple Christ’s Theory

Edgar Cayce was a man who claims that Jesus was someone who had multiple incarnations. They were as follows:












Unknown Second Coming of Jesus

This theory is often seen as blasphemous, but Edgar was adamant that he was right. If you want to read about it in full detail, click here. It’s certainly a unique outlook on Christianity, and there are a few who do buy into it.

#318: Jesus Died in Japan

According to the little village of Shingō, one can find the true resting place of Jesus Christ. You see, the person who was crucified was a man who claimed to be his brother, who was named Isukiri. Jesus, on the other hand, traveled eastward, eventually settling down in Shingō and changing his name to Torai Tora Daitenku. He became a rice farmer, married someone, and had children before dying a peaceful death.

#319: God’s Second Son

James, brother of Jesus—also known as James the Just—is often said to have been a cousin of Jesus Christ. However, there are some out there who outright think he was his brother. Some niche sects of Christianity also allege that he was the true Lord and Savior.

#320: Iapetus Is An Alien Structure

The third largest moon in the Solar System, Iapetus orbits Saturn. Due to its peculiar appearance (see: it has a crater that makes it look like the Death Star), some think that it’s an alien structure of some sort. Whether that be a planet-destroying space machine or some sort of hollow base (which some say Phobos is), the ultimate conclusion is the same. The moon with a name that sounds like someone slammed their fingers on a keyboard was made by aliens.




#321: Broder’s Engine

This ties into an entry on the iceberg called “Reactionless Drive”. The idea behind Broder’s Engine is that it’s perpetually powered because it generates energy directly from gravity. The invention of this engine would end the need for fossil fuels and green energy.

#322: Christ’s Dick Worship

It’s exactly what it sounds like, folks.

#323: Concrete People of Collaguasi

Supposedly, when mining in the Collahuasi mine down in Chile, the miners came across a massive tomb which had figures similar to that of the Chinese terracotta army. However, this discovery came with a dangerous price as these figures were sentient. Nothing else is known, but some miners presumably got dabbed on. Is that what kids these days say? Dabbed on?

#324: Grand Unification Theory

Everything is connected—and I mean everything!

Indeed, this theory puts forth the idea that every single conspiracy is somehow connected. All secret groups are in cahoots, all politicians are in bed with each other, and no nations low-key dislike another. Take a gander at this image, which summarizes it fairly well.

The Illuminati is at the heart of it all.

#325: Ed Edwards Serial Killer Unification Theory

A theory similar to the one above, Ed Edwards was arrested and convicted of four murders, which spanned across several decades, back in 2009.

That wouldn’t be anything to write home about, but one investigator swears up and down that Edwards was responsible for crimes such as the Zodiac murders, the Monster of Florence murders (which some believe the Zodiac and Monster were one-in-the-same), the insanely daring hijacking committed by Dan Cooper, and several other crimes. Said investigator ended up losing his job because others found the theory to be absurd, but he stands by it to this day.

#326: Entropy Encoding

Sometimes, entropy do be like that.

This theory states that the Universe was designed to eventually die out. The amount of time was predetermined and when that time comes, all will break down and the Universe will end.

#327: Jews Forced into Power

This theory ties into the idea that Jews rule the world. The difference being: they aren’t doing it on their own volition/desires for power in this case. Rather, a malevolent alien race (probably the Anunnaki)—who has presumably enslaved them—is forcing them to act as overseers for this world; subjugating us so we can collect resources, which the enslaved Jews then funnel to their alien overlords.

#328: Soviet Abiogenesis

Abiogenesis is basically the process in which you make life out of inorganic matter. So if I created life out of a bunch of paper, it’d be abiogenesis. So it shouldn’t go as a surprise that this theory states that scientists in the Soviet Union created life out of lifeless matter and chemicals.

Insert Soviet Russia joke here because I’m too lazy.

#329: Satanic Saturn

I briefly went over this in the last megalist with a few theories. You see, the planet Saturn is said to be extremely important in the realm of occultism and Satanism. From theories that people worship its rings (which are oddly said to be Satanic in nature—or holographic), to claims that consciousness and other things are beamed from there, the sixth planet in our Solar System has a big history of evil surrounding it. Some also claim that the hexagon that rests atop it resembles an eye, which proves that it’s something akin to the Eye of Sauron.

#330: Anders Behring Breivik

Quick summary of who Anders Behring Breivik is. On July 22, 2011, set off a truck bomb in Oslo, Norway. After that, he went to an island and murdered 69 people at a youth camp. He did this so his manifesto would be known to the world (which called for the deportation of all Muslims in Europe). Since then, he’s changed his name and is held in solitary confinement; he even has an Xbox in there.

As is the case with any sort of mass shooting, there have been a plethora of conspiracies about whether or not Breivik really carried about the massacre. Some have accused the Freemasons, that Muslims did it, HIllary Clinton (that she orchestrated the entire thing with the Israelis), and that the whole attack was a ploy to make Muslims/right-wingers look evil..

Over on David Icke’s forum (if you don’t know who Icke is: he popularized the Reptilian theory). Over on there, there are some more fantastical theories. However, the posts I sadly cannot access, though RationalWiki has them sourced. There are claims that Breivik, Alex Jones, and Julian Assange are the same person, that Breivik is actually an Arab that had plastic surgery so he’d look wihite, and that he is, in fact, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse: Conquest. Here’s the apparent post which posited this theory:

Anders means manly>>Breivik means One who came from Breivik{grain farm}” he said in a thread about a crop circle made near the Cherhill White Horse in Wiltshire. “The crop circle appeared in a grain field......Anders Breivik is the symbolic MAN on the White Horse,,,who carries a bow & arrows.....He killed many yet is still alive ...he accomplished what he set out to do...He is victorious... He will SOON be followed by War,Famine ,plague/Death....

Certainly one of the more unique theories I’ve read in my lifetime.

#331: Mad Honey

All around me are familiar bees. Worn out wings. Worn out hives.

This is referring to a special type of honey made in Turkey and Nepal. It’s used as a hallucinogenic, but can also kill you should you take too much of it. Some have also used it as a weapon, giving it to enemy forces so they begin to trip out (if not outright die) from consuming it.

#332: California’s Drought Was Engineered

A theory that spawned from a poster on 4chan’s controversial /pol/ board, there’s an idea that the California drought was engineered in order to shut down various secretive programs immediately before Donald Trump took office, along with pushing the narrative that climate change is the greatest threat we as a species face. Others, meanwhile, believe that chemtrails are responsible.

#333: The Joplin Tornado Was Caused by HAARP

Das a big tornado.

The 2011 Joplin Tornado is considered to be one of the most powerful tornadoes in history—if not the most powerful ever. Causing a staggering $2,800,000,000 in damage and killing 158 people (with another 8 or 9 indirectly), along with injuring a staggering 1,150 more, the tornado’s ferocity was something to behold.

All of that, coupled with the enigmatic “Butterfly People” that children and even some adults reported seeing, and you have a picture of an event that could only happen once in a lifetime. However, there are some that believe the tornado was in fact caused by HAARP, the supposed weather controlling machine up in Alaska. The reason it was created was to test its capabilities.

#334: Hurricane Matthew Was Man-Made

Much like the theory above, there’s a theory that Hurricane Matthew was created by HAARP or another weather machine. In this case though, the idea is that it was made so that FEMA would have more control over us. It naturally didn’t happen, but the idea that Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Matthew were man-made is by no means a fringe theory. It has a considerable number of followers, and it’s likely that future storms will continue to join this list.

#335: 1962 Pensacola Incident

This is a long story. So to preface this, here’s a link to cryptomundo if you’re interested in reading the entire story. It’s really creepy. Otherwise, let’s get to the summary.

This tends to rank fairly low on conspiracy icebergs, though it remains relatively obscure as far as I can tell. Our story takes place on March 24, 1962 and focuses on five people: 19-year-old Edward McCleary, 17-year-old Warren Salley Jr., 16-year-old Eric Ruyle, 15-year-old Larry Bill, and 14-year-old Bradford Rice. They went rafting off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, but a storm struck and they ended up stranded out at sea.

The water was frigid, the winds were ferocious, and there was a sea serpent with them. The third detail they didn’t realize at first however. It would take a bit before the beast struck, grabbing a hold of Eric, dragging him down. Then, it went after Bradford next, followed by Warren. Larry, meanwhile, presumably died because he never arrived back at shore; the serpent likely making a meal out of him too.

Edward, however, was determined to survive, and eventually made the choice to swim back to shore. He swam and swam, never slowing down until he reached shore. Bizarrely, I’ve never been able to find any report which states if Edward ever got the impression he was being stalked. So from what I can tell, the monster seemed to be rather satisfied with its meal of four young lads.

Anyways, upon making it to shore, Edward collapsed from exhaustion and was brought to a hospital. While there, he relayed his story and a search and rescue officer, surprisingly, believed him. However, it wouldn’t be for another three years that he’d go public with this fantastical story. Nobody seems to be under the impression that he murdered his friends and most seem to be in agreement that the Loch Ness Monster’s murderous brother was behind it.

So where does that leave us with the conspiracy? Well, truth be told, I don’t think there is one. As I just said: there’s nothing to indicate that Edward was ever suspected of murder. He allegedly never came across as having conspired to kill them either. There are some alternative theories from skeptics on what happened though; some think that a whale might have accidentally knocked them off of the boat and the others drowned, panicking and believing a serpent was near. Others think a squid may have mistaken them for food and dragged them under.

That’s all assuming the story is legit though. Cryptomundo put forth the idea that the entire story may be a fabrication; that none of this ever happened; that Edward made everything up. Why? Well, again, we have the above-mentioned story, though there’s also no record of his friends existing. There’s also the fact that the weather on that day wasn’t exactly as was described in the story.

Because of that, one can assume that the whole story is nothing more than hogwash. So why is it on a conspiracy iceberg? I have no idea whatsoever, it’s one of those stories which appears to just be on there for the sake of being on there. Unless, of course, the powers that be are covering it up as to not reveal to the public that dinosaurs and their marine reptilian brethren are alive.

Chomp chomp goes the plesiosaur, amirite?

#336: President Eisenhower’s Disappearances

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was, at his core, a firm believer in extraterrestrial life; I mean for God’s sake, the man is the reason NASA exists. Anyways, in the previous megalist, we went over how it’s believed he signed a treaty in the Greys. Though there are more theories that surround him than just treaty signing.

Known as “President Eisenhower’s Disappearances” or “Eisenhower’s Missing Hours” (which I must admit, the latter sounds like an album name), there were instances when good old Ike would just… vanish. He would disappear for hours at a time and then pop back up like nothing had ever happened. In one case, he missed a scheduled dinner, which is extremely worrying and would no doubt make any Secret Service agent piss themselves until they’d expelled every fluid from their body.

Boy, that was needlessly graphic.

Anyways, Eisenhower naturally reappeared like he’d done nothing more than go to put his socks on, but I digress. What exactly was the President up to during this time? Well, the theory goes that he was visiting aliens to discuss various things; treaties, technology, and other things that a President would do besides always being a single order away from nuking a country because he lost a game of Uno.

#337: Israel Caused the Fukushima Catastrophe

A man by the name of Jim Stone, who claims he worked at the National Security Agency, claims that the Fukushima catastrophe was, in fact, the result of Israel setting off a nuclear bomb. The reason for this heinous act was because Israel was really pissed off that Japan and Iran were cooperating and not at each other’s throats.

#338: The Phone Mafia

This is a really goofy theory if I’m to be 100% dead honest. I know, I say that I’m supposed to be nonpartisan, but the end goal of this theory is really vague at best. The idea is that telemarketers and other people like them are all a part of a massive scam organization; they’re trying to get as many personal details out of people as they can. Their main tactic is to repeatedly harass people via calling them until they break down and finally give their information to people for whatever myopic reason the telemarketer is calling for.

#339: The Berwyn Mountain Incident

On January 23, 1974, during the evening, the denizens near the Berwyn Mountains in the northern part of Wales saw a bright light streak across the sky before crashing into the mountainside. At that point, the earth shook.

Most folks believe that a UFO had just crashed into the mountains, but the official report stated that a meteor crashed into the mountain at the exact same moment that a magnitude 3.6 earthquake took place. Naturally, a lot of people were (and still are) skeptical of this claim. However, no wreckage was ever gathered from the crash site and to this day, it remains known as the “Roswelsh Incident”.

#340: Vaccine Lucid Dreaming

This is a theory which I found information once on and, in my infinite wisdom, never bothered to save the source so I could go back and link it. However, I vaguely recall it and want to share it because it’s kind of interesting. However, I need to ask you to believe me, so yeah. If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine.

The idea here states that vaccines basically cause you to not only be able to lucid dream, but also become very docile and you won’t fight back against any oppressive legislation that’s presented. It’s basically, “vaccines will make you compliant” in other words.

As a little addendum, there’s a strange side effect to the COVID-19 vaccine that’s been reported. A lot of people have claimed to be lucid dreaming. I don’t think this is at all tied to the theory though; I believe this theory sprang up a fair bit before our microchippings began.

#341: Streetlight Interference

Some people claim that, as they walk near street lights, they’ll turn on or change color. This theory has ties to the idea of psychic powers and that street lights can detect when someone is near them. That’s really it; I’m sorry if you were expecting more to this than you got.

#342: Bouvet Island

The most isolated island in the world, Bouvet Island is Norwegian territory and an enigma. A lifeboat was once found there and nobody’s really sure how it got there, though the main point of speculation is that it fell off a boat and floated there.

The conspiracy elements—besides the lifeboat—mostly stem from the theory that the Roman empire may have once gone to the island. There’s a conspiracy which came from a “let’s make up conspiracies” thread on 4chan that a World War II pilot crash landed there and encountered people living in Roman-style houses. However, the idea that they did go to the island has been floated around by a few people.

#343: Prison Planet/Prison Earth

The theory goes that Earth is basically one giant prison for undesirable people and criminals. All other races—likely much more advanced humans—drop their trash off here so their worlds can live in perfect harmony. As a little fun fact, this is also the handle that InfoWars editor-in-chief Paul Joseph Watson goes by.

#344: Nelson Mandela Poisoned The New Zealand Rugby Team

This is another story I found on Listverse, and it was really interesting sounding!

Back in 1995, South Africa ended up winning the Rugby World Cup, beating New Zealand. The land of the kiwis, however, wasn’t exactly thrilled about this. Which, I mean, isn’t exactly surprising. Some folks take their sports very seriously—but I digress. Down in New Zealand, a theory sprang up that their team had been poisoned by Nelson Mandela. You see, the night before the big game, the New Zealand team went out for dinner and were treated to a special meal provided by Mandela. However, it’s believed that he had the food and drinks spiked in order to weaken them (there are claims that the players ended up puking and having severe diarrhea after eating).

#345: Berzerk Highscore Deaths

The arcade game “Berzerk” is said to be cursed as a few lads who attained highscores subsequently fell over dead. Skeptics state that this was due to exhaustion and bad diets, though some are adamant that the game is in fact cursed, if not outright meant to harvest the souls of those who play it.

It’s kind of like Polybius, except the main bad guy is a ball.

#346: The Windshield Pitting Epidemic

Okay, this is another one of those lengthy ones which I don’t want to go into too much detail on because I have plans to cover it really soon and I know that, if I start going on about it, I won’t stop and ruin what I think will be something truly fun. So, please mind the fact that this summary is as thin and shallow as Angelina Jolie.

Back in April of 1954 over in Seattle, Washington. Around this time, a ton (like, hundreds) of vehicle windshields were damaged by some unknown source. The source of these attacks has never been figured out, but theories have ranged from san flea eggs, pranksters, mass hysteria, and nuclear bomb testing throwing debris into windshields.

So where does the conspiracy come in? That’s easy to answer.

Das right, fam. ALIENS. Well, that and the nuke testing. Most testing was done in deserts and nowhere near populated areas.

#347: Abiogenic Oil

This is a theory that oil is not made from dinosaurs and other dead things, but rather is a naturally made substance which can be replenished naturally over time. It’s kind of like the idea that oil is made from humans, except it doesn’t involve humans. So it’s nothing like it all!

#348: Algal Biofuel Real Potential

This is the theory that algae can be used as a fuel source, but Big Oil is preventing that from being revealed to the public as it could disrupt the fossil fuel industry. The petrodollar was a mistake.

#349: The 2020 Beirut Explosion Was A Nuke

I remember this story and thinking it was kinda nutty. On August 4, 2020, over in Beirut, a massive explosion occurred that caused a whopping $15,000,000,000 in damage; it also claimed the lives of 190 people and left another 6,500 injured. Officially, the explosion was the product of ammonium nitrate, which is stupidly explosive.

However, some truthseekers found this a little S U S. There were theories that circulated for a while after the event. These included the idea that a drone triggered the explosion, that a fireworks factory blew up, that a missile strike was responsible, and that Israeli fighter jets triggered it. The most popular theory, however, was that a nuclear bomb caused it. This was on account of a mushroom cloud being visible in some footage. If you want a fuller explanation, here’s a link to a BBC article (I know, really coveted media site, just roll with it).

#350: Steve Irwin Faked His Death

Steve Irwin was known as “The Crocodile Hunter”. He was an icon and beacon of happiness to many people around the world. Tragically, he died after a Stingray stabbed him multiple times in the chest, including once in the heart.

Or did he? Dun dun duuuuun.

A blog named “Questioning Our Reality” puts forth the idea that maybe Irwin faked his death. The reason isn’t given, nor is this theory found anywhere else around the web, but the idea is nonetheless another brick in the wall that makes up the fortress of “celebrities who faked their deaths”. For what it’s worth by the way, the one commenter on the blog states that John Denver and Steve Irwin are one-in-the-same.

#351: Bigger Luke

Star Wars; it’s one of the most beloved science fiction franchises in the world. It also has a lot of fan speculation, but conspiracy theories are not something I’d ever expect to come from it. However, there is one which has some semblance of prominence out there. It’s known as “Bigger Luke” and there’s a website dedicated to it!

The theory goes that there was a stand-in for Mark Hamill—the man who played Luke Skywalker—for some unknown reason. The reason for this theory is that the height for Luke appears to differ in a few scenes; you can see this when Luke is standing next to Han Solo (Mark Hamill is 5’9”/1.7 meters and Harrison Ford is 6’1”/1.8 meters). If you want to see for yourself here are a few images from the above-linked website.

Regular Luke.

Bigger Luke.

The most popular theory surrounding Bigger Luke is that the scenes with the taller version were filmed after Mark Hamill was in a rough car accident on January 11, 1977. This was before A New Hope had finished filming and as such, a stand-in was used for some of the scenes that hadn’t been filmed. However, Lucasfilms has denied this and states that Mark Hamill was in the scenes with the supposed “Bigger Luke”.

So what’s the truth? Well, it’s possible that Mark was in the shots and that the angles at which the shots were filmed are tricking the eye into thinking that he’s taller. At the same time, it’s possible that the filmmakers didn’t want the public to know that Mark’s car accident was worse than what they’d known; an actor out of commission isn’t good for marketing after all. We may never know the absolute truth though.

Unless someone asks Mark Hamill himself though.

#352: Cometery Earth

This is a super big theory and as such, I’m going to do everything I can to condense it so we’re not here for a few hundred words.

There are, as far as I know, two variants to this theory. The first is that water comes from comets; Earth was struck by them in the past and that’s where we get water from. This ties into the theory “water is not from Earth”, which I’d contemplated including, but ultimately didn’t. I guess it’s a good thing because it’s baked into this theory.

Anyways, this theory is somewhat popular, but it’s generally dismissed by mainstream scientists. Still, the idea hasn’t been fully rejected and some at least think that comet impacts helped to make Earth what it is today (which is to say: the only planet with life on it).

The second theory is a lot more fantastical in nature. It posits that Earth itself was, at one point, a comet. I don’t know where the theory originates from, but it was apparently an idea put forward by one person and was almost immediately shot down and laughed out of the metaphorical building. Despite that, it remains something of a niche idea that some subscribe to. Though I have to wonder where Earth’s comet tail went.

#353: America Was Never Discovered

This was a theory I found on 4chan and I thought it was bizarre enough that it warranted a spot on this list. The theory goes that good old Christopher Columbus—a man whose reputation is about as positive as anaphylactic shock—never discovered America. Though it isn’t because he didn’t land on mainland America, it’s because America isn’t real.

You see, dear reader, where Columbus actually landed was actually Asia, which is where Columbus originally thought he’d landed. North and South America? They don’t exist. If you live on either continent, you actually live in America. The powers that be are covering this up for reasons unknown, but it’s the truth. I believe this theory is a meme, but the prospect of it being real is one of the trippiest ideas ever. Imagine if there were two continents that had been made up for reasons unknown. That would be crazy!

#354: Grim Trigger Social Engineering

This is a theory that dates back to the Cold War. The idea is that the Soviet Union found out that, with the right mixture of economic conditions and social conditions, you could manipulate the public into being driven entirely by revenge and anger, thereby causing a country to descend into a Civil War. It’s further stated that the United States got their hands on the documents and research that the Soviets did and are now using it on us.

#355: Bell Island Boom

On April 2, 1978, a loud explosion occurred on Bell Island, causing damage to nearby houses. At the crash site, there were two cup-shaped holes that were roughly two feet (0.6 meters) in depth and three feet (0.9 meters) wide.

The official explanation is that it was ball lightning, an extremely rare phenomenon which can cause an explosion. However, meteorologists argue the required conditions for this to happen were not right. Still, the explanation has stayed, resulting in some truthseekers to believe that a UFO (or UFOs) had crash landed, and that the powers that be were covering it up.

#356: Mao-Yale

Mao Zedong attended Yale University in the United States before becoming one of the world’s most widely resented figures in history (though he’s nonetheless seen as a hero over in China),. Anyways, his attendance at Yale has led to a very interesting theory. It states that he was taught what he came to believe in while at the prestigious university; that they were teaching people ways to destroy western civilization through communism.

#357: S EN

This is one which Wendigoon couldn’t find information on, but a commenter did. I had contemplated leaving it out, but I can’t resist anything with really vague sounding names (seriously, I’m a huge sucker for them). 

S EN is a YouTube channel which has a tendency to upload really strange animated videos from as far back as 2014. These videos are said by some to be coded with something, which would more or less imply that it’s an attempt at an ARG. However, like numerous other weird, creepy videos on YouTube, it could also be various art projects they’ve done. Their other content, meanwhile, is primarily related to video games. Their last upload was on July 23, 2019.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that S EN is referring to something else entirely. After all, I’m going based off of one commenter on a video from someone whose content has helped to make this giant list a reality. Scouring the Internet, 4chan, and other places has yielded nothing, so my next best guess would be that it’s an acronym for some sort of really, really obscure UFO-related theory.

As a side note: s’en is a term used in the French language, but I don’t think this has anything to do with that. The translation to English, which is “if it is”. If I’m wrong, please leave a comment yelling at me in French.

#358: Chronovisor

A man named Pellegrino Ernetti claims that he helped develop a time machine called the “Chronovisor” for the Vatican. How it works is that you’d put it on and you can literally view the past without ever being there. The reason for this invention was that the Vatican wished to order to observe the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Where this item would be now is a mystery, but it’s worth noting that the Vatican is by no means a stranger to supposedly housing mysterious artifacts. They’re said to have the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, Jesus’ cross, UFOs, and, if you're Dan Brown, nukes. By the power of God, I send cleanse thee in holy-nuclear hellfire!

#359: Valley of the Headless Men

Nahanni National Park, better known as the “Valley of the Headless Men”, is a location in the Northwest Territory of Canada that has a reputation for being the place where men go missing, only to pop back up, dead and with their heads missing. Some theorize that a local Bigfoot population is responsible for it.

#360: Skull & Crossbones Society

The Skull & Crossbones Society is a super duper secretive fraternal order. Its members have included John Kerry and George W. Bush (along with his father, George H.W. Bush). Conspiracies have arisen about it over time, with some thinking it’s an arm to the Illuminati. I wonder if they ever get Illuminaughty with their sorority branch.

#361: SLC Daycare

A daycare in Salt Lake City Day, Utah was harassed by several people who believe that it was committing acts of child abuse or perhaps being used as a sextrafficking hotspot. The windows had been covered from the inside, which only further increased the suspicion. However, it was later proven to not be committing any wrongful acts, though some still insist it’s akin to the McMartin Preschool.

#362: Staring Anxiety (Digital Screens)

This theory states that digital screens destroy your neurons, thereby making you dumber and easier to control. It’s a popular theory among older people and those who are more hesitant to utilize technology due to how addicting it is. As a side note: exactly why the word “anxiety” is included is something that I cannot find information on. As far as I’m aware, destruction of neurons does not lead to anxiety. Though with my meager understanding of psychology, I’m pretty sure I’m wrong in some capacity. So if you know the answer to this, do let me know!

#363: Fracking Deaths

I can’t find any direct information relating to this theory, though given that safety regulations in the world of fracking are rather mediocre, I’d hazard a guess and say that there are a bunch of deaths related to fracking which are written off as something else entirely. After all, if it’s public knowledge that a job is very dangerous, nobody will sign up for it and as such, the industry it’s a part of will tank.

Couple that with how fracking is not only extremely profitable, but opens up a lot of job opportunities and this theory comes across as being rather plausible. I mean, you wouldn’t have to look much further than how coal mining’s dangers were drastically downplayed when it was at its peak.

#364: Turkey’s Coup D'état Was Staged

On July 15, 2016, Turkey saw a large-scale Coup D'état take place; it was an attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, it failed, and Erdoğan not only maintained power, he further increased it and became a more authoritarian ruler. Some believe that the people of Turkey weren’t behind the coup however, and instead believe that the CIA funded it in an attempt to install their own puppet leader for geopolitical reasons.

#365: Nexus7

This is the nickname of an obscure psychedelic drug that’s an offshoot of 2C-B. It’s simply a very difficult to obtain illegal substance. This is apparently because, and I’m quoting from 4chan, “the creators don’t want the LDS disaster of the 60s”. I have no idea what the “LDS disaster of the 60s” is, but I think it may be a typo and they’re referring to LSD, which was very prevalent at the time.

#366: PLoS

The Public Library of Science (or PLoS) is a place which has a large database of biology and other fields of science readily available for your pleasure. However, some think that they’re covering up a lot of information that would reveal the true origins of humanity and how far certain nomadic tribes actually traveled.

#367: PRISM 

The code name to a program that the NSA uses, PRISM is utilized to collect data from Internet companies in the United States. It’s basically an extension to the PATRIOT Act, but for the Internet, though just as egregious. It’s been claimed it’s being used to spy on the average American citizen, which is in violation of the Constitution.

#368: Patterns Manipulation

This is basically the concept of deluding someone into believing something. You can create, or destroy, a pattern they see in order to manipulate them. Not sure why it’s on a conspiracy iceberg when it’s basic psychology.

#369: Queen Elizabeth I Was A Man

Queen Elizabeth I was nicknamed the “virgin queen” and has a very interesting theory surrounding her which states that she was, in fact, a man. This theory was popularized by Dracula author Bram Stoker, though the idea that King Henry VIII’s famous successor was a woman has remained relatively popular. For a full rundown on the theory, click here.

#370: Disappearing Cars

This is a broad stroke of a theory. It states that cars driven by people who are never found drove—or slipped—into another dimension/reality; it ties heavily into the theory that we live in a simulation. A good example of this occurred in January of last year when a car drove off of a cliff and was never found.

#371: Spies Communicate Via Ripped Jeans

A Turkish conspiracy I found when browsing Listverse, this theory comes from a pro-government newspaper which states that foreign intelligence agencies communicate with fellow spies by wearing ripped jeans. The idea that spies communicate through obtuse objects/items isn’t exactly novel, but I’ve never heard of them sending signals by wearing torn clothing. So that’s a new one!

#372: Cuban Yellow Balloons

The story here is a simple one. In 1967, two boxes with yellow balloons attached to them washed ashore in Florida. The purpose of these boxes has never been discovered, though they were addressed from Leningrad and were supposed to go to the Institute of Mineral Resources in Cuba. I’m not quite sure why this is on the conspiracy iceberg, but it may simply have to do with the fact it’s one of the many, many, many unsolved mysteries from the Cold War. I’m likely wrong though, so feel free to flame me.

#373: Transhumanism 

This is a super simple one and it’s relatively common. The idea is that humanity can be improved upon with various augmentations and cybernetic enhancements. Microchip implants for psychic powers, robotic body parts that would let you run faster, jump higher, move extremely heavy objects, and survive large falls/massive blows. Some believe that these enhancements would go against God’s image, though others think that the quality of life would be far better as you’d have less to worry about and therefore, you could live your life as God would want you to.

#374: Ural Relief Map (Map of the Creator)

There was a stone slab discovered in the Ural Mountains back in 1995. It depicted the layout of the mountains, irrigation systems and all, but was astonishingly old; thousands or even millions of years ago. Because of this, there are theories that it was created by either aliens or was a blueprint for the planned design of the region from God Himself.

#375: LIBOR Shooter Connections

Okay, so, the fathers of mass shooters Adam Lanza (the man behind the Sandy Hook Massacre) and James Holmes (the man behind the Aurora, Colorado Theater Massacre) were both connected to something called the LIBOR (London Inter-Bank Offered Rate) Scandal. Basically, there was a massive amount of fraud going on which resulted in 350 trillion in derivatives. That’s how I understand it at least; everyone but the banks got screwed out of money because of sleazy betting on interest rates.

There are a lot of people who believe this theory to be made up and, even if it isn’t, there doesn’t appear to be any underlying motive for it. So I guess it’s anyone’s guess as to why it exists/existed.

#376: George Michael Was Sacrificed By the Illuminati

On December 25, 2016, the world was shocked when singer George Michael passed away at the age of 53 from complications due to his liver and heart disease. However, given the fact this wasn’t public knowledge and he seemed to be perfectly healthy, a rumor began to spread around that he was in fact a sacrifice for the Illuminati. This is akin to the theory that Anton Yelchin and Whitney Houston were both sacrificed by everyone’s favorite Satanic overlords.

#377: We Didn't Start the Fire is About the Illuminati

I’ve been prolonging this theory because it’s one of the much, much weirder ones. However, it also appears to be relatively popular, so I guess I can’t mock it too much. After all, developing a following is a tough thing to do, and with a song as popular as “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, I can’t imagine it’d be easy to produce something like this. I mean, it’s Billy Joel! He’s the piano man!

Ehh, okay, let’s just move on before I start rambling anymore than I already am.

The idea here comes to us from a blog called “USA Prophecies”. They have a little write-up on how the song is actually a prophecy about the Illuminati. Most of what’s said is just the lyrics to the song, but with sections dedicated to explaining what the chorus means. If you’re not interested in viewing the blog itself, I’m going to copy and paste three key sections from the siong so you can get an idea for what’s being presented here. For starters, here’s the main chorus:

We didn't start the fire [ These Events Were All Planned Out Before We Were Born ]

It was always burning [ Those Secret Societies Have Been Controlling Our Events ]

Since the world's been turning [ It All Started In The Garden Eden ]

We didn't start the fire [ We're Not Controlling These Things ]

No, we didn't light it [ Those Satanists Are ]

But, we tried to fight it [ In Fact, We've Tried Many Attempts To Stop It ]

This next key part comes towards the end of the song:

We didn't start the fire [ These Events Were All Planned Out Before We Were Born ]

It was always burning [ Those Secret Societies Have Been Controlling Our Events ]

Since the world's been turning [ It All Started In The Garden Eden ]

We didn't start the fire [ We're Not Controlling These Things ]

But when we are gone [ And, After We've Left ]

It will still burn on, and on, and on, and on... [ They'll Burn It All Down ]

Last, but not least, we come to the… well, the last part of the song. So yeah. Here’s the outro to the We Didn’t Start the Fire now:

We didn't start the fire [ These Events Were All Planned Out Before We Were Born ]

It was always burning [ Those Secret Societies Have Been Controlling Our Events ]

Since the world's been turning [ It All Started In The Garden Eden ]

We didn't start the fire [ We're Not Controlling These Things ]

Interestingly enough, theories about songs being about the Illuminati aren’t scarce. There’s one a song from Michael Jackson called “They Don’t Care About Us” which is extremely popular in truthseeking circles as being about either Jewish overlords or, more commonly, the Illuminati. So as strange as this theory may seem, it’s worth noting that it isn’t something niche. Now then, I leave you all off with these words (well, before the next entry):

Little Rock, Pasternak, Mickey Mantle, Kerouac

Sputnik, Zhou Enlai, Bridge On The River Kwai

Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California Baseball,

Starkweather homicide, Children of Thalidomide

Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, Space Monkey, Mafia

Hula Hoops, Castro, Edsel is a no-go

U2, Syngman Rhee, payola and Kennedy

Chubby Checker, Psycho, Belgians in the Congo.

Amazing song.

#378: Stone Heads of Guatemala

Face the facts, bros. You’ll never be as Chad as this absolute unit.

Discovered in the 1950s, the Stone Head of Guatemala is thought to have been created by ancient aliens. Not much else to it than that as far as I’m aware, just another masterpiece of ancient civilizations that some believe aliens helped us with (if not outright created for reasons unknown; you never know with these extraterrestrials).

#379: The Great McDonald’s Soft-Serve Ice Cream Conspiracy Theory of 2016

This one became popular around 2016, it doesn’t exactly originate from that year. Anyways, the idea behind it is that McDonalds isn’t ever “cleaning” the Ice Cream machine or repairing it. They’re just too lazy to make you your McFlurry or whatever other ice cream products they sell, or feel they aren’t paid enough to make you it. It’s basically a testament to how awful McDonalds really is at giving you what you want.

Now stop putting extra stuff on my burger!

#380: Aeromorphists Psyops

Holy smokes, this one is… something else. To be fully honest, I was watching one of Wendigoon’s videos when I first heard this and I immediately added it because it sounded like prime material for some chaotic joking. However… I had a lot of difficulty finding the information he claimed about it. However, before we get to that, I want to first tell you what an “Aeromorph” is. They’re planes which are humanized and subsequently sexualized. It’s an odd fetish, but I’m not one to judge.

Now then, Hawaiian Shirt Man stated that these things were introduced by the United States government in order to make kids attracted to planes, thereby making them more likely to join the military. However, I could find nothing related to this. Instead, all I could really do was come to my own conclusion that the government wants to continue to instill degenerate desires onto children.

Normally, Wendigoon’s research is easy to find, but I could find jack squat related to what he said, which disappoints me. I feel like I could’ve made some really third-rate/z-grade Top Gun jokes. Oh well, I guess doing my own research is what I’m supposed to do, and I did do that! So, I guess I can be proud of that, right? Right.

#381: Psyops Don’t Exist

A simple, straightforward theory, this one states that psyops don’t exist and the notion of them is a disinformation campaign designed to muddy the waters. We’re in deep now, folks! Any deeper and the dream may collapse.

Haha, Inception jokes will never get old.

#382: We Kill the Universe Every Time We Look at Dark Energy

According to a physicist named Lawrence Krauss, every single time we look at Dark Energy, we’re murdering the Universe. This is because Dark Energy is unstable and by observing it, we’re causing that instability to become more unstable and therefore, we could end up creating a false vacuum, which would subsequently destroy the Universe.

Basically: we need to stop or else we’re going to create a big boo-boo for whatever higher power[s] are out there who will be left to clean it up. Or if there are no higher powers, then we’ll just kill everything in this Universe. Either way, not a very good outcome.

#383: Dog Suicide Bridge

Overtoun Bridge is that bridge over in Scotland where dogs like to jump off to their deaths. It’s often called the “Dog Suicide Bridge” and the heckin’ wholesome 100 puppers do themselves a really good die.

There are a multitude of theories for why this happens. Some think the dogs pick up the scent of an animal and begin to chase them. Others think that there are spirits which are beckoning the dogs to follow them; it’s said that dogs can sense ghosts a lot better than we humans can.

No idea where the conspiracy element comes into play, but it’s an extremely popular mystery and it’s relatively high up on various icebergs. I don’t know why I didn’t bother to include it last time—even if just for fun.

#384: Mathacker

Okay, this is one which Wendigoon explained and I wanted to include it because I have the easiest way to summarize this. Basically, you can use math equations to answer various questions of the Universe. Therefore, you can theoretically use math to hack the Universe.

In other words; l33t h4x0rz are mathematicians.

Hack me over some tendies, /b/ros.

#385: Chipotle Bioterrorism

Back in 2015, the restaurant chain Chipotle saw some of its locations sell customers food infected with E.coli. Some believe that this was done on purpose by the United States government because Chipotle publicly denounced GMOs. So, in retaliation, the YS government did what the US government does best and decided to commit an act of domestic terrorism.

Infect me more, big daddy government.

#386: Andy Kaufman Faked His Death

Andy Kaufman’s brother, Michael, claims he received a letter five years after Andy died in 1999. He also reportedly met a woman who claimed she was Andy’s 24-year-old daughter. The theory is really popular with some of Andy’s fanbase and the entire story is really weird; it’s one heck of a rabbit hole to go down. For a slightly more thorough introduction into this theory, the BBC has an article from back in 2013 that would serve as a nice jumping off platform before you get into the deeper stuff.

Or you can wait for me to write about it next year (that is, if I remember to).

#387: Michael Jackson And La Toya Jackson Are the Same Person

Speaking of celebrity conspiracies, there’s a little theory which states that Michael Jackson and his sister, La Toya Jackson, are the same person. Not much else to this other than similar facial features (such as their noses). For the record, the theory states that La Toya was masquerading as Michael. So presumably, she got sick of the persona of Michael Jackson and killed him off.

#388: HIV/AIDS Denialism

This theory posits that Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is what causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Some go so far as to state that HIV flat out does not exist. This theory has a very long history that I can’t really go over, but this belief has cost a lot of people their lives in Africa and is extremely harmful given how dangerous HIV/AIDS is. So I might go over it as something of a PSA in the future.

#389: Ted Gunderson Was Murdered

Ted Gunderson was an FBI agent who served as the Head of the Los Angeles FBI. After retiring, he became an outspoken man who gave speeches on various theories regarding the assassination of JFK, the death of Marilyn Monroe, 9/11, various pedophile rings (like the Franklin Cover-up and McMartin Preschool Tunnels), and other things related to Satanic ritual abuse.

He died on July 31, 2011 from bladder cancer, though both Gunderson, a friend, and many followers of his are of the opinion that he was poisoned in order to silence him from continuing to spread the truth about what goes on in the shadows. If you’re big into theories like the ones I mentioned above by the way and you haven’t listened to any of Gunderson’s speeches, I would highly recommend you do. They’re more than worth your time.

#390: Dwarves Secret Society

This theory posits that dwarves have secretive societies beneath the Earth and deep within caves. That’s really it; the mythical creatures from times of yore do in fact exist outside of Todd Howard.

#391: Asian Overlord Triads

The Triads, Yakuza, and other Asian gangs have a much tighter grip on their respective country’s governments than we’re let in on to believe.

#392: Morgellons Disease is Caused by Chemtrails

Morgellons Disease is that really strange illness where it looks like strings or something else have grown under your skin. It’s super creepy and unsettling to look at. It also causes perpetual itching and a sensation that you’re infected with parasites—or that bugs are crawling on you. Nobody’s sure what causes it, but a common theory is that it’s simply psychosis (in regards to the parasite/insect part). The string part I’m unsure of, but I believe it’s thought to be some sort of fibers.

Though I digress, we’ll one day cover that in greater detail. What the cause for this illness is is completely unknown, though some think it’s delusional parasitosis. Others, however, believe it to be caused by GMOs or Chemtrails. The ingested—or falling—chemicals infect you and from it, Morgellons Disease comes to be.

What’s interesting about this theory is that, unlike a lot of other theories related to the powers that be are infecting you with an illness, Morgellons has never been proven to be fatal, let alone something that causes you adverse harm. The sensation can be argued as uncomfortable, but the overall illness isn’t known to kill you. So one has to wonder what the endgame is. Is it to jack up the prices of lotion? If so, what a mean move!

#393: Smart Dust

Smart Dust is more or less just nano-sized smart bots which are claimed to be used for tracking and other things. There’s a theory they’ve been put into vaccines or released into the air in order to track you for one reason for another. Some also believe that Morgellons Disease is actually caused by smart dust/nanobots—and that the bots can rewrite your emotional state.

#394: Autoganzfeld

Ever wondered if you had ESP (Extrasensory Perception) or telepathy? I sometimes have, but that’s mostly because I like the thought of being able to read the minds of girls who stare at me and oh, hello dear reader. I guess I was typing without realizing I was typing!

Anyways, Autoganzfeld is a really interesting experiment. You’re put into a room where a red light is shined onto you; two halved ping-pong balls are put onto your eyes and noise suppressing headphones are placed over your ears. After this is done, white/pink noise (also known as static) is played.

Once all of this is done, a person is put into the room and they think a certain word or phrase, all the while the testee experiences minor auditory hallucinations. After a half hour, the test ends and they state what they thought/heard. I may have gotten a few details wrong, but that’s how I’ve understood it. It’s generally considered pseudoscience, but there is allegedly a meager success rate which has kept it alive as proof of ESP.

As a minor sidenote: there are theories that listening to white noise could actually affect your brain. The more you know!

#395: Tavistock

The Tavistock Institute is a non-profit organization which works in the field of social sciences. They’re often believed to have created The Beatles and Rolling Stones in order to get children addicted to drugs, like LSD and Marijuana. I think all it really did was make bowl cuts cool and make us realize that none of us can fully understand what Mick Jagger is saying. That and Keith Richards is an immortal vampire who’s probably locked in a battle with Betty White for all of eternity!

Look, I needed to get that out there; it’s the truth. Trust me, guys. I’m not joking!

#396: Trilateral Commission

An independent commission that’s been called a branch of the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission was also founded by David Rockefeller, so that alone should really speak volumes to what kind of conspiracy this is. The purpose of it is to make Japan, Western Europe, and North America all closer as nations; it’s a fiscal commission in the long run. It’s also apparently a sweetheart to British Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer. At least, that’s what one article makes it sound like

Anyways, Starmer isn’t the only public figure to have served on the commission. Jeffrey Epstein was a member too, and with names like that, who needs friends? You see, dear reader, the Trilateral Commission has been accused of being one of the masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks and is said to be one of the leading groups that will help to introduce the New World Order to us all. Thanks, Rockefeller. This is why I prefer the Carnegie family.

#397: Oil Pit Squid

Over near Indianapolis, Indiana, there was a sizable sludge pit which saw a squid-like creature come to be. Some workers captured it, but it later vanished and nobody knows what it is. Theories range from a bacterial colony to an entirely new form of life. However, some think the entire thing was faked by the local paper so they’d have something to report on.

#398: The Mongolian Empire Never Existed

On the conspiracy iceberg, this is marked as “Secret Mongolian Empire". You see, there’s a theory that the empire that Genghis Khan reigned over never existed; it was a fabrication created to cover up for Khan’s barbary. You can tell it was a fabrication because the Mongols had absolutely no folklore, written texts, history, or cultural borrowings. For a much deeper dive, check out this livejournal. However, be forewarned, it’s in Russian, so if your browser won’t translate it for you… well, grab something that will translate it. Unless you speak Russian.

#399: Petrovich Dog Experiments

Reading like something out of a B-movie, the theory here is that a man named Vladimir Demikhov managed to transplant a dog’s head onto another’s body. After doing this, the head began to scream in agony before suddenly stopping and speaking. Whether this was in Russian or not, I don’t know, nor does anyone else as it’s apparently been left out of any and all records.

#400: The 1984 Firecracker 400

In the last megalist, I mentioned a theory which states that every bit of professional sports is, in fact, scripted. However, I failed to give any real examples for this, so I thought that I’d amend that with this entry: the 1984 Firecracker 400.

This is a historic race since it was the first time a sitting President of the United States attended a NASCAR race (in this case, it was Ronald Reagan). However, there was something that a lot of people found really fishy about it. You see, the race was NASCAR legend Richard Petty’s 200th victory; it was also his last one. And to those wondering: Richard is not related to the late singer Tom Petty.

Anyways, that on its own wouldn’t be anything to write home about. Richard Petty was an outstanding racer, but if you were watching this race, you’d notice that he was losing to a rival of his: Cale Yarborough. One may think, “oh well, he could win another race to mark his 200th victory”. However, given the attendance of President Reagan, and the fact that this race was held at the legendary Daytona Speedway on the 4th of July, there wouldn’t be another chance to achieve such a momentous occasion… well, ever. Not unless a Democratic President attended, which wouldn’t happen for another 12 years when Bill Clinto would become President (and I don’t believe he ever attended a NASCAR race). Because of this, some suspect that Cale was paid off to throw the race.

And throw it he would. You see, despite maintaining the lead over Richard, Cale decided for some incomprehensible reason to take a trip to the pitstop in spite of nothing appearing to be wrong with his vehicle. For those unfamiliar with NASCAR, you’d generally do this if you wanted new tires, a minor bit of tuning to your car, or to refuel. However, in the case of Cale, none of this seemed necessary. But, as a result of this pit stop, Richard overtook Cale and went on to win the race.

On a final note: a fight broke out after the race was over between two racers, and one of them got punched just below an eye. Never think that NASCAR isn’t serious business, folks.

#401: Michael Jackson Was Chemically Castrated

Most people know Michael Jackson for his amazing singing voice (and allegations of being a pedophile/child molester). Given the former of those two, there have been rumors that Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, had Michael chemically castrated in order to preserve his voice so it wouldn’t deepen after he hit puberty.

#402: The King in the North

This is a really weird theory because it seems like everyone has their own interpretation on it. The most consistent one I could find is that the King in the North is a being that resides at the North Pole. He’s extremely powerful and was revered/feared by many people in ye olden times. He’s been here far longer than we have too, so he’s probably mad that we won’t let him just grill.

On a more serious note, there are texts in Christianity which speak of another figure; the“King in the South”, who presumably lives in the South Pole. Supposedly, the two kings will one day go to war with each other and we’ll be caught in the middle. This is related to Apocalyptic scripture and as such, it’s fairly popular in circles which are dedicated to figuring out when the End Days will begin.

#403: 7 Nations the US Won’t Attack

I tried and tried to find out which nations the US wouldn’t attack, but I couldn’t find anything. Some speculated this may be a mislabeling of the “7 Nations in 5 Years” conspiracy (which I covered in the last megalist), though others think that it’s actually seven of the US’ closest allies. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t know which those countries are, but I’m adamant that Britain and Israel are two of them.

#404: Erratas

A phrase that would supposedly get you in big trouble if you were to search it, Erratas was actually the name of an ARG for a band. However, this has never been proven, and the exact purpose of said ARG remains unknown. I’ll be doing a write-up on it at some point in the future.

#405: Phantom Social Workers

During the early 1990s, there was a weird rash of reports in the United Kingdom and United States about one or two women—typically accompanied by a man—visiting a house and requesting to perform an examination on a child. These visitations are often said to have been similar to those of the Men in Black, only they were social workers, usually women, and didn’t involve UFOs. So fortunately, we didn’t get a story about children being whisked away into the sky.

There have been some explanations for these stories, the most common being mass hysteria. However, there are some who believe they’re a bizarre offshoot of the aforementioned Men in Black, with the children trying to be taken away in order for them to be used in Satanic rituals.

As a little addendum, there’s a strange report that went around the Netherlands of a “phantom vaccinator”. Supposedly, a woman had been going around, jabbing elderly people with a needle and “vaccinating” them with some unknown fluid. It’s really real.

#406: Motorway Cassette Tapes

This story comes to us from “”. A poster the website’s forums had the following to say:

Alright guys? I've just joined the forum, so this is my first post.

This is something that has bothered me from time to time. Where I grew up, in Wales, the UK, a lot of times when we would go out in the car and get on the motorway, looking to the side of the road I would sometimes notice cassette tape, unwound and covering trees, shrubbery and other vegetation by the side of the road. I found it, and still do, quite creepy. My dad told me that he'd heard it was something to do with Satanic cults, like they would record 'messages' on the cassette, unravel them and spread them on the plants, presumably so that the 'influence' would spread out to anyone driving along the road.

Has anyone else observed this phenomenon, and heard any different or complimentary theories?

The other posters mocked the user, stating that it sounded like utter nonsense and was probably just people discarding cassette tapes because they got damaged, and the original poster eventually conceded it was probably a nothing burger, so I admittedly don’t really know where this theory originates from. The only other possible origin comes in the form of one 4chan poster who stated it’s referring to “lost highway patrol tapes”, which there are lost recordings, but I don’t quite know why they’d be counted as a conspiracy. Still, for those interested, click here for a YouTube video on lost patrol recordings.

#407: Italian Languages (DNA-Shaping Techniques)

I believe this theory is referring to the idea that DNA can be manipulated via words and frequencies. However, the specific mention of Italian leaves me clueless and I sadly have no idea what it’s referring to, so I’d need help in that regard. There doesn’t appear to be anything which states that other languages can shape/reshape your DNA. So I sadly cannot redesign myself to be a Viking by learning Norwegian or become Alexander the Great by learning Greek (in spite of being half Greek; feels really bad man).

#408: Frankenstein Barrier

I believe this is referring to supposed invisible barriers that block anyone from moving forward/backwards/anywhere really. This is popular among simulation theory believers.

#409: The Sinking of the USS Maine

On February 15, 1898, the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The cause of this explosion has been subject to a lot of debate, but a popular theory early on was that the Spanish were behind this. You can thank the American media for this, though it did give rise to the phrase “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!”

It’s often agreed nowadays that the Spanish didn’t destroy the Maine, but that’s besides the point. A lot of people believe that the American government deliberately had the ship destroyed so we could go and “free” Cuba. This belief is actually the official view down there, along with several other Spanish-speaking nations.

Before we move on, I want to make note of one really fun fact I found. Back when Operation Northwoods—the Joint Chiefs of Staffs’ ingenious idea to commit a false flag operation so we could invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro—was proposed, one of the ideas was to have a naval ship blown up in Guantanamo Bay. The reason for this was to create a “Remember the Maine” incident, which would naturally cause a lot of desire to overthrow Castro.

Thank God Kennedy didn’t sign off on that trash heap of a plan.

#410: Original Earth

It’s said by some that the Earth we live on is not the original one and that, instead, we come from an alternate reality where Earth died. Others tie this into the theory that we come from Mars and that it was actually “Earth 1”, while others say the original Earth is in another solar system, if not another galaxy altogether.

#411: O.J. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s Dad

A very famous rumor, it’s said that Robert Kardashian confessed to Khloe that he wasn’t her biological father. The most popular theory is that O.J. Simpson is in fact her father; Robert served on the legal team for his murder trial. The Kardashians have repeatedly denied this, but it remains one of the most popular rumors out there.

#412: Human Zoos

I mentioned this in the first megalist under “Meat Stations”, however the concept extends beyond the idea that we keep human trafficking victims in zoos before we kill them and harvest them for organs and their meat. Nay, the idea of human zoos is actually not too far-fetched. In ye olden days, we had human freak shows, though those were held at circuses. Nowadays, they aren’t quite the same, but some think there are underground zoos where humans are put on display so someone can pick out their choice of a sex toy.

It’s basically like a pet store, but for human trafficking victims. Really pleasant thought; I hope I didn’t ruin your day.

#413: Toronto Protocols

The Toronto Protocols were a group of papers that were leaked by a man named…

O-oh no…

It’s this man again.

For those unfamiliar with Serge Monast, he’s the man who popularized “Project Blue Beam”. If you don’t know what that is, I have a brief rundown of it in the previous megalist and wrote about it back in December of 2019 (complete with broken images because I’m a lazy bozo who won’t fix stuff). I consider it to be the most absurd conspiracy out there, but it’s also one of the most widely popular, so I guess I can’t really argue with that.

Anyways, good old Monast is a really peculiar man. A lot of his misadventures led to the truth in his eyes, and the Toronto Protocols are no different. According to him, he obtained the documents via “adventurous means”, which can either mean he infiltrated the Illuminati to get a hold of them or he created them himself to fool people. Either way is irrelevant; their contents, however, are. Apparently, they were meant for international governments and state that the only way to ensure the New World Order comes to pass is to:

1. Destroy the family unit (e.g. a mom, dad, and children; normalize homosexuality and whatnot).

2. Delegitimize religion and make it out to be “evil”.

3. Ensure people remain single.

4. Get that Vertigo fellow to stop writing so he doesn’t make bad jokes when he writes.

If you’re someone who likes Monast’s works, I recommend looking into this one. A lot of his theories tie together. Unfortunately however, I don’t believe his books have been translated, so unless you understand French, it could be relatively difficult. I’m sure there are programs that could translate it for you though. If there are, I may actually have to pick some of his books up so I can spend some time reading ‘em.

#414: Kevin Spacey Murdered His Accusers

A grand total of four people who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct either died or committed suicide shortly before they were set to go to trial. This, coupled with a really weird video where Spacey called upon people to “kill people with kindness” (a classic idiom which means to inconvenience someone with excessive acts of kindness) has led a fair number of people to believe that Spacey had them killed.

#415: Micropenis Worship

Well, here’s a theory with a name that’s worth a thousand words. You see, the ancient Greeks used to revere smaller penises as larger ones were associated with lust, foolishness, and ugliness. Nowadays, larger male genitalia are preferred, though there are still some who see smaller penises as superior for one reason or another. Some think it’s “cute” while others believe that the larger one’s genitalia, the more likely they are to be unlikable.

#416: Baltic Sea Anomaly

Here’s a really well-known one. The Baltic Sea anomaly was a strange sonar image that was taken back in June of 2011 in the Baltic Sea. The object appeared to look like the Millennium Falcon, which led some to think that it was a sunken UFO that had crashed here many years ago. Although the official explanation is that it’s a naturally made geological formation, many believe the truth is being covered up and that some poor alien crashed here. Poor sap.

#417: Dulce Base

Dulce Base is Area 51’s weird brother who stays in his room all day and pretends that Barbie dolls are his favorite anime waifus. Dark, mysterious, and with rumors circulating around it, this place is really popular in some circles of the conspiracy world. The base is said to be located in Dulce, New Mexico, and its story can be traced back to 1979 when Paul Bennewitz said he intercepted radio communication that featured aliens. That, coupled with the relatively large number of UFO sightings reported there, have helped to fuel this theory.

That, on its own, would leave Dulce Base in the category of a Deep Underground Military Base, though there’s something which makes it noteworthy. That something is known as “Nightmare Hall”, a place where humans are said to be kept captive and used in hideous, unspeakably grisly experiments at the hands of humans and extraterrestrials. Photos have also supposedly been leaked of this location, though they’re likely edited shots from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “The Sixth Day”.

All dark, insidious stuff aside, the folks in Dulce have actually embraced the theory and adore the tourism it’s sparked. They even hosted a conference about the base back in 2016! So if you wanna go to a town popular for a rumored D.U.M.B,, Dulce is your place.

#418: XXXtentacion Was Killed By Demons

Rapper XXXTentacion was killed by some thugs back in June of 2018. This theory, however, states that he was killed by some demons who he’d summoned and subsequently jilted them of what they wanted. Angered by such an act, the demons gathered up some weaponry, purchased a car, and proceeded to murder him in broad daylight before vanishing back to the pits of Hell where they awaited being summoned by some other fellow who wanted something.

While this may sound like an oddball meme, the theory that XXXTentaction was either involved in dark arts/black magic, or was sacrificed by the Illuminati, aren’t niche theories. The music industry as a whole has a really, really twisted image in the realm of conspiracies/truthseeking, so the idea he was killed as either a sacrifice, or outright by demonically possessed people is something that could be considered mainstream.

#419: The 3rd Hemisphere of the Brain

There’s said to be a part of the brain, located between the two hemispheres, which we don’t know the use for. Some speculate that it was accessed by the Ancient Egyptians on account of their heavy worship of the Gods, which allowed them to utilize various magic, allowing them to manipulate reality. However, as times changed, and we became more accustomed to science, this portion of the brain lost its use, and now it remains an enigma to us.

#420: The Franklin Cover-up/The McMartin Preschool Tunnels

Two extremely prevalent theories involving child sex trafficking/abuse, it’s claimed that in both cases, the children made up the elaborate stories of rich and powerful people raping them. However, a lot of people believe the truth to be covered up. I really don’t want to go in-depth on either story because they’re really horrible and disturbing, so I’ll leave it at this: if you’re into the Pizzagate theory and you’ve never read about either story, you should. They’re notorious. The Hampstead Cover-up is also a big one if you want another suggestion.

Also: please don’t crucify me for not giving a more thorough rundown.

#421: Paul Hellyer’s Final Announcement

The former Defense Minister in Canada, Paul Hellyer is still alive, so why exactly this theory states it’s his “final announcement” is beyond me. Anyways, Hellyer has stated that the aliens would “give us more technology” if we would simply “stop the wars”. He’s one of a great many government officials to have said that extraterrestrials are in fact real and we’ve known about it for ages.

#422: The Lewis Powell Memo

Lewis Powell was a Democrat who served on the Supreme Court of the United States. Prior to this, he served on the boards of 11 different corporations. He also had a memo which is said to have detailed an outline on how various corporations would take over America and destroy the concept of a free enterprise. In other words, Powell outright detailed how we as a country have devolved into a corporatist dystopia.

#423: The Death of Max Spiers

Max Spiers was a man from the United Kingdom who claimed he was a part of a super soldier program. Eventually, he got out of it and dedicated his life to exposing the diabolical ways of the British government and the insidious Satanic behavior of a great many elites. However, on July 16, 2016, he died while staying at a friend’s house in Poland. While sitting on a couch, he vomited up a “black liquid” and, well, passed away.

Officially, it’s said that the cause of his death was related to a combination of drugs and pneumonia. Spiers had a crack in his pelvis and started to take pain relief opioids. After running how, he substituted it with Heroin, so he likely overdosed as he body overreacted to that and the illness.

However, this hasn’t sat well with… well, a lot of people to say the least. Spiers stated the day prior to his death that he was on to something really big and would reveal it the following day. This, coupled with a belief that he was being followed and harassed by shadowy figures, has led many of his fans, friends, and family to suspect he was poisoned in order to prevent the truth from coming to light. I’ll someday do a full write-up on him as his claims are quite fascinating.

#424: Ko Hung’s Flying Car, 320 AD

Back in 320 AD, a Chinese mystic/alchemist wrote the following statement in a book:

Some have made flying cars with wood from the inner part of the jujube tree, using ox leather straps fastened to revolving blades so as to set the machine in motion.

Like a great many other theories about advanced ancient civilizations/ancient aliens, it’s thought that this describes propeller-based aerial vehicles that the ancients had, which was later lost to time for one reason or another. Or, perhaps, it was talking about aliens sharing their technology to help us advance far quicker than we would have otherwise.

#425: Portoia

Portoia is a meme country flag on 4chan’s politically incorrect board. It was seen one day and a few thought that it was a country from an alternate reality which somehow crossed over into ours. That, or the Mandela Effect. It’s almost certainly a 4chan meme which some new lurkers are taking literally.

As a little side note though, there’s a playlist on YouTube called “a u t u m n i n p o r t o i a”, which some associate with this. The first video has a description reads as follows:

01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110000 01100001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101111 01110000 01100101 01101110 01110011

That translates to:

The path opens.

If this is actually what Portoia is referring to, it’s an art project, not unlike 11B-X-1371 (you know, that creepy plague doctor video). It could also be an attempt at an ARG that never took off and instead floundered like my writing career.

#426: The M*A*S*H Prophecies

Just like with the theory that The Simpsons is used as predictive programming, this one states that the beloved television show M*A*S*H served as a progenitor to our favorite yellow family’s predictive skills. A fun example of this can be found in this clip. Others, however, point to a book called Infinite Jest, which I don’t think has any ties to the television show this theory is supposed to be claiming was prophetic.

#427: Senses Reprogramming

I can’t find any information directly related to this theory, but I believe it’s referring to an idea that you can heighten your senses through meditation. I could be wrong though.

#428: Neg-Entropy

“A really meaningful quote must always be placed before anything serious, preferably one about how everything comes to an end, and it must go here. Not over there, not far over there, right frigging here. Otherwise your word count won’t be that long and you can’t brag to your friends about how much you pretended to write.” - King Vertington XVI of Hungary

This theory is… complicated. So I’m going to simplify it via le meme arrows (or, in other words, greentext it).

>be me
>watch Wendigoon video
>get to Neg-Entropy
>rewatch it
>don’t understand it
>huff gasoline
>get really sick
>rewatch it
>understand it

>theory that something can do a task without using any energy
>in the process, it expels energy

>this begins eternal loop of something never running out of energy, while also producing an infinite amount of energy
>le meme arrows get me put on 4chan
>people ridicule me

>huff more gasoline
>get sick again

>tfw no gf

Now where’s my doctorate in cringe?

#429: Camp Thunder Cove

Formerly known as Camp Justice, Camp Thunder Cove resides on Diego Garcia, which is a tiny island located in the Indian Ocean. It’s used by the United States Navy and Air Force for various operations, and is at the center of a few conspiracies. The most popular of these is that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is being housed there. One of the few theories I found is that there was a group of Chinese businessmen who were on board the plane. The plane was rerouted, the men were taken off, and they’re being waterboarded in order to reveal the secrets to some cloaking technology they know.

Unfortunately, the only source I could find on this were sketchy at best, though there are claims that the unusually long runway is one that could accommodate a 777. I feel like there’s a fair bit I’m overlooking, but Came Thunder Cove’s presence in the media appears to begin and end with MH370. So either there’s something I missed, or this was a really blink and you miss it theory which has only stuck around because of the iceberg.

#430: Inunaki Village

A supposedly cursed village in Japan, the Inunaki (no relation to the Anunnaki, which I thought there might’ve been at first) Village isolated itself from the rest of Japan in the 17th century. After that, they became cannibals and there was a warning sign placed outside of it which stands to this day. Legend says the village is now cursed and the inbred descendents of the place still reside there, willing to attack any and all outsiders who dare to step foot into it.

#431: Mattress Stores Aren’t Real

A theory that only the Internet could come up with, it’s claimed that the reason there are so many mattress stores around where you are is that they aren’t actually businesses, but a means of laundering money. Some apply this specifically to Mattress Firm.

#432: R2-45

“R2–45 – an enormously effective process for exteriorization, but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time.” — L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability

This relates to a belief in Scientology. Basically, it’s the process in which your soul is separated from yourself. You do this by being shot in the head with a .45 caliber pistol. The conspiracy element of this is that some think L. Ron Hubbard—the creator of Scientology—ordered murders and used this belief to explain them away. The Church of Scientology also insists that the belief doesn’t exist, or that it isn’t meant to be taken literally.

Sure… whatever you folks say.

#433: Field Consciousness

This theory posits that there’s a field around you where memories and other things are stored; this is why some people end up with false memories. Basically, if they’re near you, they’ll “pick up” those false memories. The theory also expands to state that the reason people who are near you are more likely to learn certain traits that you will. It’s a really unique theory in all honesty and I kind of like it.

#434: Serpent Seed

Sometimes referred to as “dual seed” or “two-seedline”, the Serpent Seed theory states that Satan, appearing as the Snake in the Garden of Eden, mated with Eve and their resulting offspring was Cain, the world’s first murderer. This belief is extremely controversial, largely disregarded, and said by some to be covered up by other Religious organizations in order to hide the truth about human history.

#435: Norman Dodd

Shortly before he died in 1982, Representative Norman Dodd was interviewed in regards to the time he spent as the head investigator and researcher for the Reece Committee (which was investigating tax-exempt foundations). During this interview, Dodd stated that these tax-exempt organizations were (and still are) infiltrating banks and the public education sector so they could indoctrinate children and cause the United States to become dependent on foreign nations. In essence, they’re trying to turn America into a Communist nation and create a One World Government. To learn more, click here for a near one-hour-long interview with Dodd. It’s eye-opening!

Or, well, that’s what other websites say. Can I get a job as a promoter?

#436: Christine Chubbuck

 “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.”

Will someone please explain to me why on God’s green Earth this poor woman is on a conspiracy iceberg? There’s nothing conspiratorial about her. She was a news anchor who unfortunately committed suicide live on air, having battled depression. There has been an extensive search for the footage of her suicide; the morbid curiosity of seeing the world’s first attempted (and successful) suicide on air. Some believe that the footage is out there on the Internet, having been leaked by a rogue employee at Channel 40, but most consider this to be, well, a conspiracy; an attempt to throw us off from finding the real deal.

I really don’t understand the appeal of trying to find this poor woman’s death, but I guess I’m more of a “Funky Town” type guy.

#437: Upside-down Moon

I think this is referring to how the Moon appears upside-down in the southern hemisphere. Some Flat Earthers have used this as proof that their world view is valid, stating that the only way this could ever work is if the Moon was directly above us.

#438: Jennifer Lawrence Faked Her Fall at the 2013 Academy Awards

Here’s a theory which isn’t all doom and gloom, and rather something the Internet came up with because the Internet has nothing better to do with its time. The claim is that J-Law’s adorkably clumsy fall at the Oscars was in fact done on purpose in order for her to stay “on brand” with being clumsy. See? Not all conspiracy theories require humans to be ritualistically sacrificed to Moloch!

Babe, come over.

I can’t, I’m consuming the souls of sacrificed children so I can take over Earth.

My parents aren’t home.

Did I f—king stutter?

Did you just self-censor?

I can’t swear until I’m at full power.

#439: The Tsuki Project

A strange little cult-esque thingamabob that appeared on 4chan, the Tsuki Project posits that each time we die (barring it isn’t via suicide), we ascend one reality upwards. It ties into the simulation theory and is quite an interesting read.

#440: Antikythera Mechanism

An artifact that was discovered, the Antikythera Mechanism is said to have been made somewhere between 85 and 205 B.C.. It operated like a clock, which would have been unbelievably advanced for that time period. As such, some believe that it’s proof of ancient aliens, or that ancient civilizations were significantly more advanced than we believe. That, or the Greeks themselves are aliens.

Source: I’m half-Greek and frequently communicate with Zeus, Lord of Nibiru.

#441: Civil War Sightings

Like any war, there were some enigmas surrounding the Civil War. There was a supposed pterodactyl that was seen, a giant centipede that went missing, and a crazy number of other mysteries. However, I think that this theory is specifically referring to the plethora of ghosts that are seen at Gettysburg and at various other battle sites from the war that changed America forever. Well, besides the Revolutionary War.

#442: The Sixth Extinction

This is simply a theory that we’re going through another extinction event as we speak (or, well, as I write and as you read). It has to do with global warming; that we can’t do anything about it, but that the world’s elite are covering it up by saying we can stop it. However, they know it’s inevitable and want to prevent mass panic.

#443: The Plain of Jars

Over in Laos, there’s a plain that’s littered with what look like massive jars. During World War II, the United States Air Force dropped an astonishingly large number of bombs at this site. This has led some to speculate that they were trying to hide the fact that a race of giants created these jars ages ago, most likely for religious purposes.

#444: Esoteric Hitlerism

This is basically a fusion of Esotericism (which is more or less a world which describes something which is meant for a very small group of people who understand that thing) and Nazism. The Nazis were pretty into occult stuff, and the theory goes so far as to say that Adolf Hitler ascended to Godhood. As such, Esoteric Hitlerism is a mystical/spiritual belief that centers around the views of Adolf Hitler and Fascism.

#445: Fulcanelli 

Fulcanelli’s real name isn’t known. What is known is that he was said to be an extremely powerful alchemist who could turn various objects into gold. This has led to a great many legends, rumors, and claims that he knew the greatest secrets of alchemy any man has ever known, or that he was actually Satan.

#446: Gaydar

Let’s play a stupid game and cover both this and the follow-up theory on one of the many icebergs out there. They both scream “don’t cover this”, but I’m feeling ballsy. The “Gaydar” is something of a meme nowadays, but it was once a very real belief. It stated that you could detect if someone was a homosexual based on an array of things, like speech patterns, mannerisms, and other behavioral quirks.

Some have apparently taken this further to say that the government created a real radar which would detect if someone was gay, but I couldn’t find anything on this. It’s a really odd theory and to be frank, I feel like I’m going to get crucified for mentioning it. Jokes on them though, I already have the desire to perish by writing about stupid stuff!

On one final note: there’s a dating site called “Gaydar” which is aimed at homosexual and bisexual men. So if you’re single and swing that way, maybe it’ll be where you find love. Personally, I find the most love in my dreams; I meet a pretty girl at a movie theater. We watch a random movie and after we leave, she grabs my hand and gives me a quick kiss on the lips, then disappears into the crowd of people leaving the theater…

God, I’m lonely.

#447: KKK Funded By the Government

Following up the Gaydar is… this. The idea here is that the United States federal government funded the Ku Klux Klan so that they would have the tools necessary to hunt down and lynch minorities and other non-whites. I should stress that, while some local and state governments over here in the States did this decades upon decades ago, the federal government has never been implicated in these actions. That’s why this is on the conspiracy iceberg.

#448: Urkhammer, Iowa And Langville, Montana

These two towns are said to be a lot like Doveland, Wisconsin. People have memories of them existing, but if you attempt to find them on something like Google Earth or Google Maps, they don’t exist. Theories have ranged from a major catastrophe having wiped them out, with the government covering it up, to the Mandela Effect.

#449: The Next Pandemic

There are theories that COVID-19 was a test run for a much more dangerous, contagious, and overall more powerful disease that the elites are going to unleash in order to quell the population. There isn’t much more to it than that.

#450: The Max Headroom Broadcast Hijacking

The Max Headroom Incident is arguably the most famous instance of a broadcast hijacking on Earth. On November 22, 1987, a man interrupted not one, but two broadcasts from two separate television stations while wearing a Max Headroom outfit (complete with a mask, so it came across as extra spooky). To this day, no one knows who this man was or what his motivation was.

There are theories abound as to who the man was, and what the motivation was, though a very popular one is that it was a disgruntled employee at one of the stations, or perhaps both and they collaborated. Others think that it could’ve been a hacker community who wanted to screw with the TV stations (they did refer to Chuck Swirsky as a “frickin’ liberal).

On one final note: I always called this the “Max Headwood Incident” when I was younger. Boy, I sure was a smart lad a whopping five years ago.

#451: Lavender Town Syndrome

An urban legend from back when the first Pokemon games came out, Lavender Town Syndrome was supposedly caused by the music from Lavender Town, a location in the game which is dedicated to deceased Pokemon. The frequency of the town’s theme reportedly caused a bunch of Japanese children to either suffer from headaches or to outright commit suicide.This caused the music to be redone for the American version.

While it is true that the music was redone, the legend arises from how the music was relatively spooky. As far as I’m aware, no children killed themselves over the music. Though some suspect it was covered up by the Japanese government so as to not harm the sales of the game. As a little side note, this entire legend gave rise to an unreasonable number of creepypastas, most of which are utter trash

#452: CCA XX1

Combat Command was a military organization that existed from 1942 until 1963. XX1, meanwhile, is a vision for the United States military, which is small, leaner, and quicker to deploy. You can either read more about it here or listen to Dead Rabbit Radio’s explanation on it here. It’s pretty fascinating.

For those who want the ultra TL;DR: United States military super soldiers with super military vehicles that can overtake any enemy out there.

#453: FBI Anon And Hollywood Anon

I’m merging these two since I feel like it (don’t judge pls). FBI Anon was a supposed FBI special agent who claimed to have insider information on the investigation into both Hillary Clinton and the Deep State. He posted to 4chan’s board, /pol/, during the summer of 2016. A fair number of people bought into it, but an equal—if not larger—number believed it to be an elaborate LARP. However, FBI Anon supposedly posted on the now defunct 8chan. I’ve never been able to verify this though.

Hollywood Anon, meanwhile, was a supposed Hollywood insider who revealed a great many shady secrets related to Tinseltown. Prostituting oneself for movie roles, corruption, and Satanic sexual abuse were but a few of the horrific secrets leaked. Some believe that the person responsible for the leaks was eventually whacked for sharing too much.

#454: The Report From Iron Mountain

Published back in 1967, The Report From Iron Mountain was a book that’s said to be satirical (having been authored by Leonard Lewin), but nonetheless has garnered a sizable following which believes it to be legitimate. Within its pages, a group of fifteen men (all of whom remain anonymous) state that there’s a plan by the government to keep the United States in a perpetual state of war so the powers that be never lose any power, and because war can help create a stable economy.

As a little fun fact, President Lyndon B. Johnson wasn’t exactly a fan of it; he instructed that all ambassadors and diplomats to other nations stress that it wasn’t to be taken seriously and that it wasn’t actual US policy. He also wanted it suppressed, which has helped to fuel the fire that it is actually legitimate.

#455: Cloud Farming

Not sure why this is on the conspiracy iceberg given Cloud Seeding is a thing. The idea here is that planes dispense various chemicals and substances which encourage the formation of clouds, which in turn causes it to rain. This can be done to help grow crops, though it’s been theorized that this can be used to also cause heavy rainfall during a wall to cause mudslides and/or flooding. The latter part is presumably why it’s on here; weather warfare has been thrown around a lot on account of HAARP.’

#456: WWII Black Book

There are two versions of this theory. One of which I found via Dead Rabbit Radio, the other which Wendigoon put forth. Both are rather morbid all things considered. The first of these two black books comes in the form of documentation from first-hand accounts of World War II death camps from survivors and soldiers who were on the frontlines. The full title of this book is “The Black Book of Soviet Jewry”. No, that isn’t some elaborate joke. It sounds very interesting, and its path to being published took decades.

The second was a book that was found in the confines of a sofa of all places. It was a black book that contained the names of a whopping 2,800 British officials, and was basically a hitlist had Adolf Hitler ordered a full-scale invasion of Britain. The book itself became known as “The Black Book”.

What’s odd is… neither of these stories really scream “conspiracy”, unless you tie the first of the two books in with the Holocaust Denial theory. In which case, I’m more inclined to think the Black Book of Soviet Jewry is the more plausible of the two. Still, I could be overlooking something, so feel free to correct me on my shoddy research.

#457: Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano Is Still Alive

Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano was the leader of the Mexican drug cartel “Los Zetas”. A brutal, sadistic man, he oversaw the deaths of hundreds. Yet, at the same time, he was a fascinating man, and I recommend reading about him if you’re at all interested in the Mexican cartels.

Though we aren’t here to lionize a man who fed people to lions and tigers. No, we’re here to discuss how there’s skepticism as to whether or not he’s actually dead. You see, Heriberto was supposedly killed in a shootout with law enforcement on October 7, 2012. After that, he was brought to a funeral home where his corpse was subsequently stolen by “a group of masked men”.

So where does the conspiracy come in? Well, down in Mexico, there are rumors that the man who became nicknamed “The Executioner” isn’t dead. If you compare photos of his dead body side-by-side with the man himself as he lived, there are some differences. There are also claims that the height isn’t the same. This, coupled with the reputation that Los Zetas as a whole has in Mexico, has led a lot of locals to suspect that Heriberto never died, and still secretly reigns over the cartel.

#458: Brown Note

There is supposedly a frequency or musical note that will cause humans to immediately defecate. This is often tied to a supposed episode of SpongeBob SquarePants which aired in Brazil; the episode is said to have contained a note or frequency which caused a bunch of kids to poop themselves. It was overlooked on account of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro going on. Well, that or just flat out covered up.

#459: Oneworldness

“Time is a flat circle. Everything we have done or will do, we will do over and over and over again—forever.”

This theory is, quite literally, that quote. All is tied together into one bundle of “togetherness”, thereby causing us to forever do everything together, which will cause us to also commit the same mistakes time and time again.

If that makes no sense, it really doesn’t make sense to me either. It’s really weird, but it more or less says that we’re all in this together, which means newer generations will make mistakes that older ones have learned from. Or, in simpler terms: time is a flat circle…

#460: Microchips Found in Fossils

Let’s keep this one really short and sweet; a man in Russia found something that he believed was an ancient microchip from hundreds of millions of years ago. It turned out to be a sea lily fossil that was still ancient (being a staggering 400,000,000-years-old), but some think the truth is being covered up so we don’t find out that modern technology existed an absurd number of years ago.

#461: The Count of St. Germain

An unidentified man from the 18th century, the Count of St. Germain was said to have mastered the art of alchemy in order to give himself immortality. He’s also said to have attended the signing of the Declaration of Independence and inspired the bickering gentlemen there to sign the document.

#462: Steve Jobs Is Living In Egypt

Some people think that Apple CEO Steve Jobs (whose father was from Syria) faked his death and is now living it up in Egypt. After a lookalike was found (the man on the right), some of the more niche circles of truthseeking fellows thought that the notoriously cruel boss decided to retire to Egypt. It’s there that he’ll create the iMummy I bet.

#463: Tides Aren't Caused by the Moon

I think this might be a meme theory. Then again, there are sounds such as “Julia” and “The Bloop”, so I guess everything is fair game. The idea behind this theory is that giant sea monsters are what cause tides and, presumably, rogue waves. Whether it’s when two fight or one moves, I sadly don’t know. Perhaps Cthulhu burped after having one too many Red Bu’lithr’za’s!

#464: Lovecraft’s Work is Real

Speaking of good old Cthulhu, there’s a theory that the works of Howard Phillips “H.P.” Lovecraft was, in fact, all real. The idea behind this theory goes as follows: Lovecraft basically saw the “other side” of our reality, one filled with unspeakable horrors, and wrote about it. He knew of the evils beneath the oceans, in Antarctica, and in space too.

This theory, perhaps ironically, sounds a lot like one of Lovecraft’s stories, though some are quite adamant that it’s true. Whether or not it is, I’ll let you decide, but I’d argue that the scariest thing about Lovecraft overall is that his work is public domain. I anticipate Disney making the Lovecraft Cinematic Universe one day!

#465: The Truth Does Not Exist

This theory posits that, because all that we do and see is through our own senses and lenses, everything is therefore understood by our own perception of the Universe. Therefore, there is no absolute truth in our reality and as such, the truth cannot and does not exist. This theory ties heavily into the idea that reality is a simulation.

#466: Life Is An Unproven Theory

This theory is sown by the hip to the theory above; so much in fact that I think they could be considered one-in-the-same. Though I don’t because reasons. Anyways, the idea here posits that we cannot prove that life exists and therefore, what we perceive as existence is in fact not real. Once more, this theory ties heavily into the idea that reality is a simulation.

#467: The Crank Incident

This is one that I wrote about last year. There’s very little on it, but what is believed is it ties into the Crank films; a series of high-octane action flicks starring British actor Jason Statham. Some suspect that the rise of more politically correct views caused the third entry to be scrapped after it had perhaps been filmed in secret. Others suspect that the usage of the word “Crank” is a coincidence and it has nothing to do with the films.

#468: Ancient Structures Purpose

In the last megalist, we talked about things like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, and how they were built. What we didn’t really talk about is… why they were built. Some have thought they were places of worship or to be used as burial sites. However, there are theories they were built to appease extraterrestrials, or to aid them when they visited; that they act as landing sites or refueling stations.

#469: Aaron Swartz Was Murdered

There’s a theory out there that Aaron Swartz, the man credited as being the cofounder of the website Reddit, was murdered by an MIT child sex trafficking ring after he uncovered it, and refused to stay quiet.

#470: The 2017 Atlanta Blackout

On December 17, 2017, a power outage occurred at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. This affected over 1,000 flights, barring one mysterious cargo plane which took off without many noticing. Nobody knows what this plane was carrying, but some believe it was top secret military cargo and the blackout was used to mask this take-off. Others blame aliens on the outage and believe the plane had nothing to do with the outage.

#471: The Malta Catacombs

Mysterious Universe has a great article on this story for those who are interested. For those more interested in a brief summary: the Malta Catacombs are located on the island nation of Malta. They housed bones of all sorts of races, though their heads were elongated in a way unlike any seen before.

Where things get really freaking weird, however, comes in the form of a lady who was down there and saw 20-foot-tall beings with these same elongated heads. They began to reach out towards her and she bolted off. There’s also a story that some school children went missing when they encountered the same creatures.

Some believe that an underground race of humanoids reside in these catacombs and they’re now barred off from being accessed. Remember kids, if you see 20-foot-tall people, run like Hell because they wanna getcha and sacrifice you to Belial.

#472: “Wake Up Down There!”

I found one post on 4chan which linked to a thread from AboveTopSecret. Apparently, a disembodied voice was heard saying “wake up down there” during a phone call. Some believe it comes from a UFO or some supernatural entity that resides in the sky.

#473: Fallout 3 Numbers Station

Supposedly, there’s a numbers station in the Bethesda video game Fallout 3 which predicted the death of Gary Coleman, the travesty that was the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (which I think this “prediction” was somewhat accurate, if by chance), and Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Most consider this an urban legend, but some younger folks still believe in it (as younger folks do).

#474: Monkey Hate

This is one which I contemplated doing a longer summary on because I do have a friend who’s covered it in two videos. However, I’ve opted against this simply because I don’t want to really spend time reading about… animal abuse. So to those who would’ve preferred a larger summary, I’m sorry.

The gist of Monkey Hate is there’s a strange subculture on YouTube which really enjoys seeing monkeys get brutally tortured and killed. There exist three popular theories surrounding it: they’re sociopaths, it’s coded language for child sex traffickers/child porn circulators, and it’s some nefarious government experiment.

Whatever the case may be, I can’t help but be really disgusted by the idea of finding enjoyment in watching another living creature be tortured. It’s really twisted and while I’m relatively numb to the idea of evil, this still makes me feel really uneasy. So… let’s just move on, and I’ll talk about this in-depth another day. Preferably after I’ve had a lot to drink.

#475: Korean Air Lines Flight 007 & Giant Enemy Crabs!

There are theories that the remains of those who died aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007 were eaten by giant crabs. The man who shot the plane down, Gennady Osipovich (who also claims the plane had been a spy plane, which in and of itself is a conspiracy), has supported this theory.


A strange website that existed some years back, this was likely an ARG that never took off. It was probably trying to ride off the popularity of 3301 (better known as Cicada 3301), but adding 337 at the end because leet. A small 4chan thread can be found here; it goes over the more intricate parts of it.

By the way: going to nowadays leads to a porn site.

#477: Tree Swastika

There have been a few sets of trees found throughout Europe which are of a different color from the rest, planted so that they make a swastika shape from above. In most cases, it’s unknown who planted them, though some think that they were planted long, long before the rise of the Nazis.

#478: Haunted Locations World Map

Not sure what this is referring to. There are a plethora of maps which showcase various haunted locations. My best guess is somewhere out there, there’s a complete map of every haunted location on the planet, including ones where no common man should be capable of going to—or is allowed to go.

#479: Protein QRD-4151

This… is a really weird one because I don’t understand a dang thing about genetics or biology. It’s supposedly a protein that resides within the human body that determines literally everything about it. It’s the God Protein of the… protein world? Man, I don’t know, this one made my head spin.

#480: Akashic Event Horizon

If I’m reading a thread on Above Top Secret correctly, I think this is saying that the Akashic Records reside in the Event Horizon of Black Holes. You can read the full thread here.

#481: Zulu Tribe Lost Portal

This is almost identical to the Michigan Blue Hell theory. Located in southern Africa, there’s a location that Zulu tribes claim would cause you to fall out of reality. If you were to fall out of it, you’d never return. Lucky for us, it’s said that Europeans destroyed the portal, so we don’t have to worry about falling into a blue void of nothingness. Woo-hoo!

#482: Archons

Demons who are said to have created humanity, the Archons are said to feast off of our suffering. They tie heavily into Gnosticism, and are present in the Old Testament to a certain degree. Some claim these entities are who the Sumerians called the Anunnaki.

#483: The Golden Rules of Nature

Balance - Live with balance, think with balance, act with balance and love with balance.

Grow - Never grow up - always be growing up: shifting, changing, adapting, reconsidering.

Connected - How you treat the world is how you treat yourself. What goes around comes around. Just remember that what you do to others you are actually doing to yourself, double.

Harmony - Life is music - it's the diversity of it that makes the greatest melody. Most of that song is played in your mind, your thoughts, feelings and attitude toward others and your life.

Love - Love your work, and your work will love you. Love your world and your world will love you. Become immune from wanting people to love you. Just do with love, give with love and be it.

Those were the five rules I found on something called “Chris Walker Blog”, so my guess is that they’re just natural laws one shouldn’t break in order to achieve enlightenment and to be truly happy in life. This would explain why it’s at the very bottom of most icebergs; it’s tied deeply into harmonics and other meditational philosophy.

#484: The Vela Incident

On September 22, 1979, the American Vela Hotel Satellite captured two back-to-back flashes of light near Prince Edward Islands in the Indian Ocean. What exactly caused these explosions has never been officially determined, but the most commonly accepted explanation is that they were unscheduled nuke tests. However, there are some who suspect that they were either UFOs that crashed into the sea or land.

#485: The Lockerbie Bombing

There are theories that Pan Am Flight 103 was actually destroyed by Palestine, Iran (as an act of revenge for the destruction of Iran Air Flight 655), or the CIA to cover up a drug smuggling operation that was going on in Scotland. There are a fair number of others, but those are the three most popular ones from what I can tell.

#486: Lorde Is In Her 40s

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, better known as Lorde, is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter. When her hit single “Royale” was released, most were surprised to learn that she was only 16. This led some to accuse her of lying about her age. However, when her birth certificate was released, that would appear to be the end of it all. Except it wasn’t and some believe it to be a fake, fueling the theory even more that Lorde is, in fact, a middle-age woman.

#487: Rongorongo

This is the name of a language that’s been carved into various objects on Easter Island. It’s never been deciphered and all of the natives who spoke it have died. However, a few believe that the language was that of extraterrestrials who helped in the creation of the Moai (better known as the Easter Island Heads).

#488: The Bogdanoffs

Time for some bonus entries because I feel really bad about how lackluster this year has been for this blog. First things first: the Bogdanoff Twins. Here’s a quick rundown on these guys:

Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs.

In contact with aliens.

Possess psychic-like abilities.

Control France with an iron, but fair, fist.

Own castles and banks globally.

Will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be the first city).

Direct descendants of the ancient royal bloodlines.

Can save entire continents with a single phone call.

Own 99% of DNA editing research facilities on Earth.

First designer babies will in all likelihood be Bogdanoff babies.

Both brothers are said to have 215+ IQ. Such intelligence on Earth has only existed deep in Tibetan monasteries and Area 51.

Ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them.

The Tunguska event in 1908 was actually the Bogdanoffs arriving on planet Earth. How else do you think they got their Slavic last names and how else do you explain the exponential acceleration in technological and scientific development since then?

They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world.

You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now.

The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church. Who do you think set up the meeting between the Pope and the Orthodox high command (First meeting between the two organisations in over 1000 years) and arranged the Orthodox leader’s first trip to Antarctica in history literally a few days later to the Bogdanoff bunker in Wilkes land?

They learned fluent French in under a week.

Invented post-anabelian froeboid geometrics, a complex field of mathematics which only they can comprehend fully.

Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There’s no gold in Fort Knox, only Fort Bogdanoff.

All major philosophers and scientists have made reference to them in one way or another.

The twins are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society.

In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe. We don’t know their ultimate plans yet. We hope they’re benevolent beings.

It’s a popular meme on 4chan.

#489: The Hooton Plan

This ties into the Great Replacement theory. Basically, Earnest Hooton—an anthropologist—had a plan to “breed war strain out from the Germans” while also keeping the desirable traits from the German people. The four parts to his plan read as follows (and I’m stealing them from the Wikipedia article since the original PM article appears to not have been archived).

1. Execute or imprison for life all leaders of the Nazi party; permanently exile all professional army officers.

2. For a period of 20 years or more utilize the bulk of the present German army as rehabilitation labor units in devastated areas of the Allied Nations in Europe and elsewhere. These laborers should not be treated as prisoners of war or convicts but as paid employees (supervised and restricted as to movement from the area of their work). They might be allowed the privilege of naturalization upon evidence of good behavior. The single men should be permitted to marry only women of the country of their abode or naturalization.

The families of the men already married should remain in Germany for a period of years, but might eventually be permitted to join the fathers. The latter should not be allowed to return to Germany. The objects of this measure include reduction of the birth rate of "pure" Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding, and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.

3. Break up the German Reich into several states (probably its original component states), permitting each, after a suitable interval of supervision and government by the Allied Nations, to choose its own form of non-Fascist government. The object of this measure is to destroy the national framework of unified German aggression.

4. During the period of supervision and occupation of the several states by armies and civilian staffs of the Allied Nations, encourage members of these groups to intermarry with the German women and to settle there permanently. During this period encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.

No typos were corrected because I’m lazy (and I can’t verify if this is how Hooton actually wrote it, so better safe than sorry). Anyways, the part about encouraging mass migration is what’s led Hooton to become a prime talking point in White Genocide/Great Replacement circles. Some believe that it’s Angela Merkel who finally enacted Hooton’s plan too. I am now going to stop talking about this since I don’t want to ignite a flame war, nor do I want Google to remove me from their indexing because I talked about something controversial.

Please, Google overlords, this is just for educational purposes!

#490: Mudflood/Tartaria

A surprisingly very popular theory, it’s said that, back in the mid-to-late 19th century (roughly around the 1860s–1890s), there was supposedly a massive mudflood that overtook the entire planet, causing a great reset of both civilization and history. A great many structures—far greater than anything you and I have ever seen—were buried and all that came before the mudflood was suppressed. This event also caused the downfall of a supposed nation known as Tartaria. It existed in Asia, largely in what is modern day Russia.

#491: Consciousness Beamed From Moon Base (Jupiter Amplification)

I think this theory comes to us from David Icke. He has claimed that the rings of Saturn are broadcasting a false reality and that the Moon is where it’s being beamed from. In other words: Saturn’s rings are the primary source, while the Moon is where it’s being transmitted from… I think. I could be screwing the wording up, but that’s the gist of it.

Now as for “Jupiter Amplification”, I can’t find anything on that. As far as I’m aware, Icke has said nothing in relation to Jupiter, though if I had to hazard a guess, maybe Jupiter is being used to amplify the signal. Though that’s just me throwing out an idea; don’t take it as gospel. That would be very foolish and would probably break the Matrix.

#492: Himalaya Zombies

Supposedly, there are resurrected corpses—known as Ro-langs—who have died in the Himalayan Mountains which serve to keep foreigners out. I don’t quite know where any sort of conspiracy elements come in, though given how the Himalayan Mountains have played host to a plethora of conspiracy theories in the past, it’s possible that there’s a niche take out there that the zombies are the remnants of aliens who now wander the mountains.

#493: Jeff Gannon = Johnny Gosch

I’ve been putting this one off for a long time because I didn’t want to cover it. It’s really complicated and the story of Johnny Gosch is so deep that I didn’t think I could summarize it well. Though I think I can do this now that I have a decent idea of what I should and shouldn’t cover.

Johnny Gosch was a paperboy in Des Moines, Iowa who vanished one day. To this day, nobody know what happened to him, but a popular theory is that he was sent into sex trafficking, eventually escaped, and is living underground. He was also one of the earliest known missing persons to be placed on milk cartons.

A lot of people like to tie Gosch’s story into that of the Franklin Cover-up, but I’m saving that for the day I actually cover Gosch, so let’s get to the point. There was a reporter who obtained fake press credentials during the Presidential tenure of George H.W. Bush named Jeff Gannon. When this came to light, a fair number of people (like Gosch’s mother, Noreen, and Ted Gunderson) thought that Gannon looked suspiciously like Gosch. However, this was denied, and it was stated that Gannon was a homosexual model who had various explicit images online.

At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I could be wrong in a few regards, but I digress. Accusing someone of being someone else isn’t exactly the most novel thing on Earth. What makes this so noteworthy though is that Noreen, Ted, and some others demanded a DNA test. Noreen was adamant that Gannon was her son, even identifying a scar that Gannon supposedly had from the aforementioned images. However… no DNA was ever performed, and it still hasn’t. It’s really weird since you’d think that the results could easily be faked. Though who am I to question authority. I’m just some schmuck writing.

Also, if this summary is lackluster, please forgive me. This story is absurdly complex and there’s so much to it that I almost nixed this one entirely because, again, I wasn’t sure if I could properly summarize it. If I missed anything important, please include it in a comment so others can get a better idea of what’s at play here.

#494: Myziam

I’m not going to lie: I tried writing this one considerably earlier, but kept putting it off because I didn’t feel like I could do a proper summary of it. The story of Myziam—the alien who supposedly visited 4chan—is a story which I personally think is extraordinarily interesting. You can find it listed on some icebergs as “Real Myziam”, which I believe refers to how there have been supposed subsequent visits from her (at least, I believe Myziam is female), though most believe them to be LARPs.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about a summary of this story. What I wrote above could, in all honesty, be the summary. The event was nothing more than an alien who is said to have visited what is quite possibly the worst place for an extraterrestrial to visit when wondering what humanity is like. Though there’s significantly more to it than just that. A lot of people say the event was genuine, while a plethora more say it was an elaborate hoax. Because of this, I want to deviate away from the summary aspect of this megalist to actually go into a little bit of depth and showcase what happened on the fateful day that Myziam visited 4chan. Mostly because I’m super fond of this story and I don’t think I’ll get the chance to cover it in any detail in the foreseeable future.

The story begins on September 22, 2017 (a day before the infamous “Revelation 12” sign) when this post was put onto 4chan’s /x/ board:

Hello, I Myziam from Varn, home star. I have space craft that travel across galaxy in just few hour, but requires special fuel that scare. I ran out of fuel right in front of your planet, and no longer travel at such great speed. Now I only span length of your planet [xfc-#0422] in few minute, which not fast enough reach home star. I stuck here for year until team finds I. For time I will prove I Myziam by posting photos of planet xfc-#0422. Tell me coordinate and I fly over coordinate and post photo.

_translated english by Leiba.

Brief note: Myziam’s English is broken; I’m not doing this on purpose. Each post also ends with “_translated english by Leiba” and as such, I won’t include it with each of Myziam’s answers. I’ve also opted to preserve the poor English from both the Anons and Myziam for the sake of consistency with the actual thread (which, as a side note, contains racial slurs and other things you’d expect from 4chan).

xfc-#0422 is what Myziam calls our planet. In total, she posted 43 times (at least, I believe so; certain users changed their names to include her name for one reason or another). Due to this relatively small number, I’m going to do what I did with FBI Anon and Hollywood Anon and convey each question that was asked (to the best of my ability, more on that in a moment) and, naturally, mark each of the messages with who it was from.

However, before I do that, I want to make note of something. You see, unlike the two aforementioned anons, those threads were very easy to do. This one, however, was a pain in the butt. You see, Myziam didn’t directly respond to any users, which makes it a bit hard to know who she was referring to. So, what I’m going to do is convey each of Myziam’s posts, while including who I believe she was responding to. I’ll also be getting rid of the font she used since I think it’s a bit hard to read; all italicized parts are little notes from me. So, without further ado, enjoy folks!

Anon: Hello ᴹʸᶻᶦᵃᵐ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ⱽᵃʳᶰ, do you like eggs?

Anon (2): Post private picture of your family or friends

Also post picture of your spacecraft

Can we help you somehow with getting home?

Myziam: Not know egg. Explain egg. No show I family craft.

Myziam: I fly show au0422

This post contained a photograph of Earth; reverse image searching at the time yielded no image results. This led many to believe that Myziam was a legit ayy lmao. More on this later.

Anon: ᴸᵉᶦᵇᵃ needs to translate faster. Eggs are orbs that appear from the sexual organs of flying creatures on our planet. We use them for energy.

Myziam: Egg power craft. Egg energy. Sex is not I know. Explain sex.

Anon: Maybe you can use eggs to power your power craft. I'm not good with engineering.

Many species on our planet exhibit dimorphism. The creatures that have an additional engorged appendage are called "male" while the creatures who have an additional orifice are called “female”. Sex is the procedure of the male inserting his engorged appendage into the female's orifice. This is how these species reproduce and it is how we attain eggs from flying creatures for energy.

Myziam: I learn many thing. We no sex. We solo make ufo. #0422 life sound strange.

Anon: Tell us what you know about our planet, what will happen when the stars align?

Myziam: Star align nothing happen. Life keep go. My home Kuco is not peace. Lot war. Kuconian left Kuco. Kuconian find new home. I journey. Leiba not person, Leiba program. I get 022 Internet. Learn read. Leiba help. Find four chan. Learn four chan. Post four chan.

Anon: Thank you for coming AI

Myziam: Name not AL. Name Myziam.

Vertinote: Keksimus Maximus.

Anon: Hello ᴹʸᶻᶦᵃᵐ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ⱽᵃʳᶰ, do you like penis?

Myziam: I not know penis. Explain penis. Is penis energy like egg?

Anon: I see you, listen to me.

Im to make first contact.

I can communicate.

You are female

We are Male

A penis is energy like chicken

Myziam: #0422 residents are male. I called female to #0422 male. I now call #0422 resident male. #0422 is weird life.

I not know chicken. Explain chicken.

Anon: This is a chicken. If this is real you will probably have to wait for your team for help.

This post contained an image of a chicken… what? Did you expect it to be a picture of a mongoose?

Myziam: Is that male? Male look like.

Cockadoodle doo… wait, that’s a rooster.

Anon: write something without Leiba

Myziam: Will write in language.


Language not work here.

Brief side note: someone on the thread stated that Myziam’s language is, apparently, HTML code. I don’t know if this is true or not as I unfortunately know precisely zero code. Though I thought it was worth mentioning since it stuck out as far as replies go.

Anon: Geographic coordinates of Sydney, Australia

Latitude: 33°52′04″ S

Longitude: 151°12′26″ E

Myziam: I not know Australia. I know island. Give coordinates. Will fly with coordinates.

Not long after, Myziam posted this:

Coordinates dark. No light. No see. Next place.

Anon: Geographic coordinates of New York, New York, USA

Latitude: 40°42′51″ N

Longitude: 74°00′21″ W

Anon (2): Lat: 19° 25' 57.3888'' N

Long: 99° 7' 59.5524'' W

go and make some earthquakes

The coordinates here are for Mexico City, Mexico.

Myziam: Coordinates dark. No light. No see. Next place.

Anon: I hear North Korea has a shit ton of nuclear fuel, go steal some of theirs.

Anon (2): 39°0'N 125°30'E

Kill their leader while you're at it

Myziam: I no war. Peace good. War bad. No kill. Place dark.

Anon: latitude : 43°15'32" N

longitude : 28°33'45" W


Myziam: Coordinate lead water. 4 island. Spark fly from island to craft. Left 4 second.

Left 4 Second is Left 4 Dead 3 confirmed? Also, this is another post which contained a photograph.

Anon: how do u take picture?

Myziam: Craft window. Broken photo. Damaged light.

Anon: please fix window very dangerous to have broken window!!!!

Myziam: Window not broken. Photo broken.

Anon: Come to Serbia bro, we will give you fuel for pangalactic tech blueprints.

40,39° latitude

20,57° longitude

Myziam: Cooords invalid. Will travel Moon. No dark. Only light. Wait minutes.

Anon: Comee here, good times had

50°02′09″N 19°10′42″E

These are coordinates to Auschwitz. I guess I can think of worse places to send an alien. They could’ve picked Chernobyl.

Myziam: Moon travel first. Wait 10 minute to reach.

Four minutes later this, Myziam posted this:

Moon far. Almost Moon.

Anon: Can you take a picture of yourself?

Myziam: No show self. Family craft. Moon here.

Myziam: Returning from Moon. Going to first cooord on list.

Myziam: 50°02′09″ᴺ 19°10′42″ᴱ 


I believe the coordinates listed above lead to Brzezinka, Poland.

Myziam: 60⋅290814 25⋅019471

You have much learn.

I don’t know exactly where these coordinates lead to, but I believe they’re still in Poland.

Anon: Well it's not google earth, look at the clouds

Myziam: 39°34′09″ ᴺ 2°39′00″ ᴱ

I not know Google.

The set of coordinates here direct to Palma, Spain.

Myziam: 33°25'52⋅9"ᴺ 112°00'34⋅7"ᵂ

Rocky you here.

I think this leads to the Sörmland trail, which is in Sweden. Though an Anon stated it was in Phoenix, which I’m inclined to believe more since the appearance in the image looks more like that than anything from Sweden.

Myziam: 38°44′ˢ 72°40′ᵂ

Will answer question later.

The same Anon from above stated this leads to Temuco in Chile, though my own research states it leads to Karakul, which is in Tajikistan.

Anon: ᴹʸᶻᶦᵃᵐ, one final request, if I may. Can you take a photo of both the North Pole and the South Pole from directly above? Thank you again, I hope you keep safe.

Anon (2): yes pls north pole and south pole

Anon (3): Can we all address how an entity that travels across galaxies can run out of f—king fuel a year from home? Nobody thinks that's weird? Breathe out your noses

Myziam: Bottom pole dark. Top pole bright. Species dumb like all. Miscalculations with fuel.

Anon: Take a picture of the planet as a whole. So that we can show these flat earth c—ks that our planet is round.

Myziam: Male think #0422 flat. #0422 round. All planet round.

Flat Earthers eternally btfo.

Anon: What is consciousness?

Myziam: Consciousness is chemical in brain. Consciousness travel brain brain. Once death consciousness leaves brain. Rebirth.

Year kuco different year #0422.

Not sure why Myziam mentioned the year was different on her planet; I couldn’t find a post which asked if the year was different there.

Anon: you're from varn?

like might and magic 1?

Myziam: Map similar to kuco map. Varn is star, kuco is planet.

Anon: what's going to happen tomorrow, ᴹʸᶻᶦᵃᵐ?

can you visit star cluster 5Ha-D1L4Y?

Myziam: Nothing happens. Life goes on. Bible is false. All religion is a lie.

Anon: MYZIAM how do you know what bible and religion are? Your translation program puts 3 'o's in cooord but knows words like bible?

Myziam: I learn. Internet. Leiba helps. Leiba not perfect. Internet tells all. Internet tells false. Internet tells truth. Internet power.

Anon: MYZIAM what is the most valuable thing on your kuco?

Myziam: Fuel peace most valuable. No fuel, no peace anymore.

Anon: what is fuel

do not judge

we do not judge

Anon (2): MYZIAM what is your fuel made of? Are we aware of whatever exotic material it could be?

Myziam: No explanation your tongue. Complex.

Anon: ok go to here (jerusalem, Israel

Latitude:N 31° 46.6031'

Longitude:E 35° 14.0705'

Myziam: Posts picture of what looks like Sinai peninsula.

Anon: Can you point the camera inside your ship or at yourself?

Myziam: No show craft. No show self. [ERROR DURING TRANSLATION]

Anon: Fly over here and be as low as you can. I'll be waiting on you.

42°53'07.1"S 147°18'31.9"E

Myziam: Shithole.

I believe it was at this point when Anon also took a picture of three strange lights in the sky. Spooky.

Myziam: Surprise visit by team. I must search for new Kuco. New system. It good talking to male. Learned very much. Goodbye. Will return.

Myziam proceeded to then post a picture of the Earth from a fair distance away.

With all of that chaos out of the way, let’s get to the fun part of this. The Myziam event stirred up a lot of excitement on 4chan and many folks wondered if it was legit or not. Well, the unfortunate general consensus is that it isn’t. Many suspect that “Leiba” was code for a man named Barry Leiba, a computer scientist. There’s also the belief that Myziam’s various pictures of Earth and the Moon were used through various 3D models and filters to make the images look like they were being taken from out a spacecraft’s window.

Some also believe that the person who claimed they saw the UFO was faking it to play along with the thread. Things like this are the norm on 4chan and are done in order to keep the roleplay going so the fun isn’t ruined. After all, nobody likes a killjoy, especially when people are playing along to the tune of talking to a supposed alien.

Despite this, there are a fair number of people who are adamant that the encounter was real and that disinformation is being spread to cover up the fact a real extraterrestrial was communicating with humans. After all, nobody would want the truth to leak out, especially on a website like 4chan. Could you imagine how the world would react if first contact was made on an image board where the common response to anyone of the female sex is “tits or GTFO”? Man, that’d be one heck of a first impression to leave on an alien race.

As for future threads supposedly being made by Myziam, this remains the only one which is considered to be the “real Myziam”. Well, I stated that at the start, but it never hurts to hit a point home; it might’ve helped Kuco not get ruined!

#495: Smedley Butler & The Business Plot

I swore up I had covered the Business Plot in the last megalist. Like, when I was notified I hadn’t done so, I was dumbstruck; I felt like I was experiencing the Mandela Effect for real. Though I believe that I had removed it because I figured it wasn’t worthwhile since it had gotten actual review from the House of Representatives. Brilliant move on my part.

Anyways, let’s get to the point. Smedley Butler was a Major-General for the United States Marine Corps. He was the most decorated Marine at the time of his death and, as such, was an extremely respected man. That’s why when he said he’d been approached by a group of very wealthy individuals to perform a military coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt so he could install a fascist government, more than a few people were flabbergasted.

However, few didn’t take him seriously. As stated before, the House of Representatives lau