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Monday, June 14, 2021

A Kinda-Sorta Midyear Update (Because I'm Bad At Keeping Promises)


Hello there, dear reader. Welcome back to my blog—which has been as active as a sloth is. I did say at the end of last month that I was working on something, and I am! It’s nearly complete, but I want to make an announcement first. It’s both about the write-up and about what’s in store for the rest of the year. So, click the jump button so you know what’s going on!

The Big Reveal!

I wish to showcase what the first actual post of this year will be: a follow-up to my megalist on conspiracy theories. Indeed, I’m doing a big old follow up to my biggest project ever. So far, it’s been exhausting and truth be told, I almost wish I hadn’t done this. The unsolved crimes megalist is something I’m thankful I didn’t do to be frank because if I’d followed through with it, I think I’d be in a hospital right now, hooked up to an IV, rambling about how I only have 1,250 more to go.

That’s besides the point. As stated in the intro, I want to push it from the 21st of this month to the 4th of July. Although it’s nearly complete, I don’t want to post something which I feel is only “decent”. I really want to make this a worthy successor and as such, I want to make sure I’m distancing myself as far from Wendigoon’s video series as much as possible information-wise (which is easier said than done given he’s the only source of information I have in a lot of cases). So, I’d rather have the extra time to do that, and to make sure that the more humorous approach doesn’t fall flat on its face. I also want time to make sure I maintain an intellectual/unbiased view (which I must admit, I feel I’m failing at right now, and the last thing I want to do is come across like I’m bashing someone’s worldview).

Though even if it does in the eyes of a few/some/most, I want to simply be happy that I managed to complete a list of this size once again. The thought of feeling like I failed is the last thing I need after going through months upon months of suicidal thoughts and nonstop depression. So, I hope you can forgive me for the minor delay. I’m truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart, for not being able to make a deadline I myself set; I didn’t do this to upset any of you and I hope you’ll all love it when it’s posted (which will be at 7:00 EDT).

Decemystery 2021 (Because I Screwed Up Last Year!)

Okay, now for the choice that I think will probably upset more people than me delaying something. I doubt I’m anyone’s favorite content creator, though if I am… well, I’m beyond flattered. Though anyways, the Decemystery series has become my favorite time of the year. I love closing out the year with something special, and I want to make up for what I think was a terrible outing in 2020. So while writing the megalist, I decided that I would nix everything I had in mind for the rest of the year to focus on Decemystery now so I can make it not only extra special, but to make up for everything last year. This would mean I’ll be taking another hiatus, but I’d still post at least one thing a month (even if it’s just an update).

Anyways: I chose this because I wanted to feel like I did something right in a year which has made me feel like a failure dang near each and every day. I know I said at the start of the year I had all of these grandiose plans, but the fact of the matter is: bipolar is a terrible thing and right now, I feel like I’m on top of the world. Whenever I get sad, I rebound almost instantly and I’m back in the game, ready to roll and resume whatever it is that I was doing. As such, I want to take advantage of this before I reach the inevitable fall from grace and can’t write without wanting to bawl my eyes out.

So once more, I’m sorry. I know I’ve apologized a lot already, but I hope you can understand my decision and will enjoy Decemystery 2021 as much as I will. I can’t promise it’ll be the greatest thing ever (God knows promises from me likely mean as much as they do from Todd Howard), but I will do everything in my power to make it a truly great thing.

The Future of Megalists (Or: How I Shouldn’t Overwork Myself)

This is something I wanted to just make a note of because I know that my first megalist was wildly popular and I’ve been blown away by reception from friends and strangers alike. I’ve had a lot of people say they’re amazed I could even write something like this and in a way, I am too. So it stands to reason that megalists on other topics would probably get me some praise and notoriety.

Well, truth is, I’ve had a lot of ideas for them (heck, I was working on an unsolved crime one after all), but I’ve come to a realization that they’re dang near not worth the effort. If I ever do one, it would be a surprise, not something I announce. The level of effort that goes into them is taxing beyond belief and after this next one, I don’t ever want to think about doing it again unless I work on it over the course of several months. So, consider the next megalist the final one.

That said, I would love to do a megalist on lost media and unreleased video games/movies/whatever else at some point. Though again, it won’t be something I work on anytime soon.


I’m not making any promises, but I’d like next year to be yet another “I’m sorry” gift for how my own problems may have caused some of you to be disappointed by my outings this year.

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  1. Good to see you're back man!

  2. Great to hear you're back writing! Looking forward to reading it to cope with the awfully hot summer this year.
    I'd like to see you post more short and/or indeapth posts about one topic, rather one big megapost of multiple topics. That's just my preference and that way we get more lovely content from you!

    All the best,
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    1. Hm, some shorter stuff? I honestly never thought about that, but I'd love to try that! Once I've recuperated from the mammoth of a project I just got done with, I'll toy around with some shorter tales.

      Thanks for reading by the way, bud. It means a great deal to me! :)