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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Conspiracy: Hollywood Anon


Under any normal circumstances, I would begin this introduction with a very light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek “hi, dear reader” style. Though in the case of this story, I feel hesitant to because the content of it is pretty grim and honestly makes me squirm a bit. Because of that, I feel like I should place another content warning here: if you’re easily upset by stories of children being harmed in any way. Unlike last time however, I opted to censor the homophobic/racial slurs so Google doesn’t remove me from its indexing. Anyways, if children being harmed isn't your idea of an interesting read, you may want to scroll up/down and read anything that isn’t this story. Well, maybe not the Snuff Films write-up I did last year. That would be even worse. Anyways, let’s move onward.

Hollywood: a land of creativity, conspiracy, lust, drugs, liquor, has-beens, and just about every other thing you can imagine that isn’t related to decent morals. It’s a questionable place, but it’s led to some of the greatest artistic achievements this side of the Milky Way (I’m sure that out there, an alien race has created the greatest film about anal probing ever).

Until we find that alien race, we’re stuck with the creative masterpieces like Jaws, The Neverending Story, and other movies that I don’t care to remember at about ten at night. Deal with it, I’m not going to bend to the whim of people who I think read what I write. Anyways, now that I’ve alienated my audience, let’s continue onward.

Given the moral degeneracy that plagues Hollywood, you’re bound to find yourself a plethora of asinine conspiracy theories and propositions by truth seekers who’re hellbent on exposing the pre-conditioned programming of Hollywood. I myself think that tinsel town is guilty of having a serious bias when it comes to its political commentary and while that isn’t inherently bad (writers tend to insert their own views and desires into what they write; if your field of war is dominated by liberals, it’s going to have a liberal bias), it can definitely become overwhelming. It’s because of this that when you see something from Hollywood that’s conservative, it’s quite the standout piece.

So what does this have to do with today’s write-up? Well, we’re going to be focusing on a supposed Hollywood actor—or at least a former big named one—who appeared on 4Chan to reveal some of the shady, disgusting, heinous secrets that plague the land where magic appears on a giant screen. The other day, we talked about the fellow known as FBI Anon. Today, we shall talk about Hollywood Anon. Yet another famous 4Chan poster, this story will take us deep into the belly of the beast; Hollywood degeneracy at its finest. So come along, dear reader, let’s go ahead and take a trip to Tinsel Town. Lights, camera, action!

An Introduction - The Satanic Cabal

Okay, so, before we get into the actual story, I want to do something that I’ve constantly said I would “get to later” when it comes to stories like Hollywood Anon. Many times, I’ve said that I would write about things like the New World Order, Satanic Cabal, Deep State, and many other theories that fall into the category of an international community that seeks to cause adverse harm to children, let alone other humans. So for this write-up, I want to just take a moment to cover that so this write-up has a bit more information to it than just “some guy on 4Chan claimed that Hollywood is filled with evil people who want to make your child/cousin/nephew/niece cry and hurt”.

Hollywood, as most people know it, is where movies are birthed. Adaptations of Batman, Harry Potter, Transformers, and IT have all been created here. In some ways, Hollywood is a place of magic; escapist entertainment from the horrors of reality through big budget blockbusters starring some of the most plastic human beings on Earth are made here. Though behind all of the magic, there are gears, cogs, pistons, and shady deals that go on. For every paycheck, there are negotiations that involve people contacting people so that corporations make the most money possible.

Ah, but that’s nothing exactly interesting. Heck, it’s superfluous to this story. So why mention it? Well, some see those gears, cogs, pistons, and whatever else I’m missing as nothing more than smoke and mirrors to mask what really goes on in Hollywood. Some believe that the sunshine and rainbows we see masks shadows and that Hollywood is a major criminal empire where the elite stars and starlets take part in Satanic rituals; abusing children, blood sacrifices, sex orgies, and worship of demons like Baphomet, Ba’al, and Moloch (who we’ll some day cover). The sadistic nature of such worship involves raping and violating children—be they 5-years-old or 15-years-old. The innocence of a child is to be defiled until the ritual is gone. Should they be killed depends on the ritual.

Is there any evidence to such a thing? Well, if you were to ask me: I’d say there’s circumstantial evidence. For starters, there’s a lot of symbolism in music videos that could correlate to deities like Moloch, but such things are also not unheard of. When it comes to the usage of pentagrams, I think a lot of truth seekers tend to forget that they’re bizarrely mainstream and a lot of edgy artists use them to provoke very religious people. For example, I could very easily throw in a pentagram in the middle of a write-up to evoke a sense of anxiety, anger, or distrust if I wanted to gain publicity. I won’t because I don’t like that sort of bad juju (to put it in a humorous manner), but I could. Though you see, when it comes to the entertainment industry, publicity is amazing. Publicity spreads the word and gets you on the frontpage of big name magazines, websites, and newspapers.

Breaking News: Katy Perry Uses Satanic Imagery In Latest Photo Shoot To Promote Newest Album

Now everyone is talking about it and she’s going to likely top the Billboard chart[s] because she has the DEVIL in her! Oh no, better call Chris Wray to launch a $70,000,000 investigation into why Satan is taking hold of a musician to spread his word as opposed to Mitch McConnell. Guys, guys, someone, get the CIA on the phone! Code red, code red, El Diablo is going to corrupt teens with third-rate music! Ahh, we’re all doomed!

Vertigo.exe has stopped working

Ah, I love poorly done sketches. Ahem, anyways, my point is: Satanic imagery isn’t something exactly novel in the world of Hollywood. Though some say such a thing isn’t accidental. In fact, some say the whole of Hollywood is a part of what’s known as the “Cabal” or “Satanic Cabal”.

Good gracious, this is going to take me an eternity and a half to do. In fact, I think this entire write-up may end up being two-in-one. I should get paid for this nonsense. C’mon, AdSense, just gimme a penny for my effort! Whatever, let’s get on with the show.

The Satanic Cabal ties into the world of the New World Order. Oh wait, I should explain that first. Read one, get two free I guess. What a steal!

Okay, let’s stop with the short paragraphs. First up, let’s discuss the New World Order. I’m certain that almost everyone has heard of them. It’s the shadowy one world government that’ll spawn when the Satanic Cabal seizes full control of the United States. Borders? No more. Freedom? Nyet, it’s gone, you’re under a communist dictatorship. The United States is your daddy now. Freedom is slavery, war is peace, and your soul belongs to Satan/Lucifer. By good golly gee, you’re going to live in Hell and you're going to like it!

Except you won’t, because the rise of the New World Order will lead to the Second Coming of Jesus. That, however, is something I won’t get into because the religious aspect of it all isn’t something I want to waste time on (trust me, if I do, I would be here for another 45,000 words and I doubt you want to read that much hubbub from me). So instead, just know that the New World Order equates the complete and total dismantling of your freedom[s]. It sucks and basically: you’d die if you resist.

So where does the Satanic Cabal fit into that equation? Well, it’s easy really: they control everything.

No, really, I mean everything.

FOX News? Satanic Cabal.

ABC News? Satanic Cabal.

NBC News? Satanic Cabal.

CBS News? Satanic Cabal.

CNN? Satanic Cabal.

MSNBC? Satanic Cabal.

IGN? Satanic Cabal—and generally just ignorant.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation? Satanic Cabal, open up!

The Central Intelligence Agency? Satanic Cabal—glowing in the dark, boy-o.

The National Security Agency? Satanic Cabal, but not blowing the whistle. Sorry, Snowden.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives? The Satanic Cabal is getting drunk, smoking a cigar, shooting their guns, and blowing up tree forts here.

The Antitrust Division? The Satanic Cabal has a monopoly here and it isn’t going to be broken up by your pathetic antitrust laws.

The Asset Forfeiture Program? Show me the money, Satanic Cabal.

The Bureau of Justice Assistance? No need for assistance when the Satanic Cabal runs the show.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics? Well, statistics show that the Satanic Cabal controls 100% of this show.

The Civil Division? Satanic Cabal made, New World Order approved.

The Civil Rights Division? The Satanic Cabal runs the show here too.

The Community Oriented Policing Services? Satanic Cabal (still).

The Community Relations Service? Satanic Cabal is in the house raising the roof to the sky, friends.

The Satanic Cabal also runs the Criminal Division. Sorry, no question this time, I’m subverting your expectations.

The Diversion Control Program? Why yes, the Satanic Cabal controls this one too.

The Drug Enforcement Administration? The Satanic Cabal is in control of it. Incidentally, there’s an entire theory with the War on Drugs that involves them. Perhaps one day, I’ll get into that. For now, I recommend you watch the 2015 film Sicario for a great showcasing of how absolutely crazy the War on Drugs is. There are no good guys. Of that, I think truth seekers and skeptics can agree on.

The Elder Justice Initiative? The Satanic Cabal members in the retirement home are running the show. Okay, admittedly, I don’t really get what this is, I just wanted to make an old person joke.

The Environment and Natural Resources Division? Tree hugging Satanic Cabal members have tied themselves to trees and are currently preventing our puny bulldozers from flattening them like pancakes. Curse those Satanic hippie-demons!

In an effort to open our borders for anyone and everyone, the Executive Office for Immigration Review has been taken over by the Satanic Cabal. Lucky for us, their efficiency has been nerfed by 500% so they’re never heard from. Womp womp.

The Executive Office for Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces? The Satanic Cabal made them an offer nobody could refuse and was overtaken in a matter of minutes.

Objection! The Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys was taken over by the Satanic Cabal and this is a really piss poor Phoenix Wright reference!

The Executive Office for U.S. Trustees? Satanic Cabal, my trusted reader.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons? Satanic Cabal. Unfortunately, they’re not behind bars.

The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force? The fraudulent Satanic Cabal isn’t in control. It’s the real Satanic Cabal.

The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission? The United States Satanic Cabal™.

INTERPOL Washington? INTERPOL Satanic Cabal.

The Justice Management Division? Under new management: the Satanic Cabal.

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service? The National Satanic Cabal Reference Service now, boy-o.

The National Institute of Corrections is also under the control of the Satanic Cabal. If you didn’t guess this by now, I’m disappointed in you. Though I have a feeling you’re probably skimming this entire section in spite of me being a complete and total dingbat by padding it out. Pad more, Vertigo, you’re totally not losing the respect of your reader base!

The National Institute of Justice? The Satanic Cabal. Also, by the absolute most pure and good meaning and understanding of the Lord’s name, how many branches and agencies/divisions/institutions/offices/services does the Federal Government need? I swear, next thing you know, they’re going to have a division dedicated to the coffee runners. No wonder nothing ever gets done in Washington D.C., they’re all spending money on meaningless trash.

The National Security Division is also under the control of the Satanic Cabal, because of course they care about this branch. Well, I guess any form of resistance should be curbed before it can rise up. Keep at it, oh dear Cabal. I’m sure you also care about victims of crime.

Oh wait, they do. The Office for Victims of Crime is also under the Satanic Cabal’s rule. Good Lord, how much more is there to the Department of Justice? It feels like the list never ends. Also, why am I talking to myself? I think I’m slowly losing it, bros. I think I’m starting to write scripts for videos I’ll never make. Oh wait, I don’t make videos. I wish I did though. I bet I’d make great videos. All of 30 people would watch them. Ah-hah, let’s move on before I get depressed.

The Office of Attorney Recruitment & Management? Why yes, this is also under the control of the Satanic Cabal. Incidentally, I imagine this is why the current FBI Director, Chris Wray, will become an attorney again after he’s inevitably fired by President Trump.

The Office of Information Policy is also under the command of the Satanic Cabal. This is why fake news runs rampant, right? Right. I want to imagine this is why.

Let’s see, is the Office of Justice Programs? Yes. Yes it is. Why? I don’t flipping know, just roll with it.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is under the rule of the Satanic Cabal and all of those unruly Christian teens who are Orthodox are going to prison when the New World Order arises. Just you wait and see.

Hm, is the Office of Legal Counsel under the umbrella of the Satanic Cabal? If you guessed “yes”, then congratulations. Have a pretzel because you are right!

The Office of Legal Policy? The Satanic Cabal has its tendrils wrapped around it real good. Kinky? No. Hotel? I’m not doing this Reddit tier garbage.

The Office of Legislative Affairs is under the command of the Satanic Cabal, because I’m sure that the operators behind the New World Order care about legislation.

The Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties—which I don’t believe has any relation to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—has the tentacles of the Satanic Cabal wrapped around it like an octopus. Insert S.P.E.C.T.R.E joke here.

With a name that makes me think the Federal Government is low-key trying to mock the American public, the Office of Professional Responsibility is also under the complete and total control of the Satanic Cabal. I may do a write-up on this agency if I can dig anything up on it just so I can crack a bunch of really bad jokes about how their name is more ironic than a fire extinguisher spitting out fire.

As per the norm, the Office of Public Affairs is controlled by the Satanic Cabal. I swear, if you’re shocked by this, I’m going to… just wonder why exactly you are.

The Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking is under the command of the Satanic Cabal. This is probably the least surprising of them all given sex trafficking and pedophilia are staples of the Satanic Cabal.

The Office of Special Counsel? Yup, the Satanic Cabal is present here. I guess this shouldn’t surprise anyone though given that Robert Mueller was accused of everything but being a reptilian.

The Office of the Associate Attorney General is under the control of the Satanic Cabal too. That’s some big league stuff, my fellow Americans.

The Office of the Attorney General? Well, I guess William Barr is a pawn to the Satanic Cabal. Always knew he was no good.

The Office of the Deputy Attorney General? Yeah, that’s also the Satanic Cabal. Because of freaking course it is.

The Office of the Inspector General? It’s actually the Office of the Satanic Cabal General—or something like that. Look, just roll with it, my material is running dry.

Pardon me, but the Office of the Pardon Attorney is owned and operated by the Satanic Cabal now. Come back at a later date.

The Office of the Solicitor General? S-S-Satanic Cabal, boy-o.

The Office of Tribal Justice is, as you might have suspected, under the rule of the Satanic Cabal. Because of course it is.

Games, don’t rise up. The Office on Violence Against Women is under the unfathomable command of the Satanic Cabal. Such oppression, bros. Also, on a completely unrelated note: is it me or do most of these offices/departments/whatever sound more like independent groups rather than components to the same division that houses the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and DEA? It’s so bizarre. Oh well, whatever.

Just like its executive counterpart, the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces is under the Satanic Cabal’s iron grip. What an offer, I cannot refuse thee.

Yet another ironically named cog/gear/whatever of the Department of Justice, the Professional Responsibility Advisory Office is a part of the Department of the Satanic Cabal. We truly live in a society.

Project Safe Childhood is under the command of the Satanic Cabal and as such, there is no safe childhood. They’re instead trafficked into the demonic maw of the Cabal.

The Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative is in fact an initiative for the Satanic Cabal. Uh-oh, this is no good. Better just move on.

The Tax Division is also under the rule of the Satanic Cabal. This is the least surprising thing because as we all know, taxation is theft.

What of Tribal Justice and Safety you may ask? Why, that’s under the command of the Satanic Cabal. Also, this is not the same as the Office of Tribal Justice. Yeah, we really need two things related to this. We can’t merge them. Good Lord, the Federal Government is weird.

The U.S. Attorneys are all a part of the Satanic Cabal. Your honor, my client would like to plead the 666th.

The U.S. Marshals Service is controlled by the Satanic Cabal. That’s why a month or so ago, they saved 60+ children that were reported missing. Oh well, nobody reported on that because reasons.

The U.S. Parole Commission is under the rule of the Federal Satanic Cabal because I need more material to make sure this rambling isn’t boring. Also, this is still about Hollywood Anon. I swear.

Last, but not least, is the U.S. Trustee Program under the control of the Satanic Cabal? Yes, it is. What did you think at this point?

So why’d I just list all of  those agencies, divisions, offices, and all of that other things off? Well, it’s because they’re all a part of the Department of Justice here in the United States. I got it off of their website. The DOJ is a massive part of the Satanic Cabal theory and if the Satanic Cabal controls Hollywood, it stands to reason—in my eyes—that I showcase how widespread their influence is. That’s pretty much the entire point; Hollywood Anon’s story ties heavily into this and much of what he talks about is related to this mysterious Cabal—which controls the Department of Justice, which is why nobody well-known ever sees justice brought upon them.

This is about where I’m going to cut it off (yeah, I know, a few thousand words and only now do I end it). There is still a great deal more to cover, but I wanted to just provide background on what exactly this monstrosity of a theory is. Hollywood Anon is the primary focus, but enough background information, I believe, will create a clearer picture than the chaotic mess that FBI Anon was. This is what this story deals with and as such, I think you should now be able to gorge this write-up in a way that won’t leave you thinking you just ate a McDonald’s Big Mac in one bite. So come on, dear reader, let’s take a dive into the real story. Wee!

The Story

On July 19, 2018, Hollywood hotshot James Gunn—known for directing the Guardians of the Galaxy films, Slither, and a fair number of other movies I haven’t seen—was fired from the third Guardians film because of some controversial tweets. Although he would later be rehired to helm the movie, the initial reaction was one of surprise, shock, and joy (mostly if you were Mike Cernovich).

Over on 4Chan’s controversial board, /pol/, the reaction was one of elation. Another big name Hollywood name had been ousted as a pedo-loving Satanist and other things. Or at least, that’s how they felt. Whether or not it was true, I cannot say because I’ve admittedly never been too up-to-date with the latest happenings in Tinsel Town. While I think that most of Hollywood is filled with dimwits who think they understand the plight of the middle man, I will never be bat an eye if one of them is ousted as a creep.

On this thread, however, something unique would happen. A supposed Hollywood insider would comment with the following post.

>mfw I'm a hollywood actor

>mfw i scrubbed all my redpills from twitter and facebook years ago

Thank God I wiped all of it a few years ago. Anyways keep up the good work fellas. It's been great seeing all these shitbags fall like flies. Please I urge you boys to go after (((them))).

This would begin the legend of Hollywood Anon (sometimes called Hollywood Insider or Hollywood Renegade). For the sake of consistency though, I will refer to them as Hollywood Anon. With that out of the way though, let’s dive into the first thread.

Thread 1

The compilation of the thread replies will be different than when I wrote about FBI Anon. While there are questions that were asked, I had to grab them all from the threads themselves. As such, I will be organizing them similarly to the FBI Anon’s write-up, but they won’t be tagged as “question” and “answer”, but rather “Anon” and “Hollywood Anon”. Also, like last time, no grammatical errors have been fixed. So anyways, let’s now really dive into the thread.

Anon: Chris Pratt? Sup dude, stay chill

Hollywood Anon: Nope. I won't say much but in the 80s I was A+ until I got blacklisted for not letting myself be turned out.

P.S Mel Brooks, Jeff Goldblum, DDL are all closeted f—ts who have Jewish handlers who are fucking pedophiles.

Also, Gene Wilder and Leonard Nimoy use to rape Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was a kid.

If anybody has any questions ask me I'll drop it all right now.

Anon: Tv or film? Give clues. No need to hide your power levels anymore.

Hollywood Anon: when people think of hollywood they think movies. I can't drop clues since I still receive money from said films. I don't want to ruin my passive income.

Anon: moar.

There are no legal agreements here anon.

Hollywood Anon: ask and you shall receive

Anon: Is tom cruise gay? I always get that vibe from his acting and how he interacts with females in movies.

Hollywood Anon: lol i don't know how many actors are gays but I guarantee you %100 all the ones you see on the big screen have definitely sucked dick or taken dick or gave dick to the f—ts and k—es that run hollywood. Nobody can escape this from hollywood. not even the legends that are lionized by the media like pacino, deniro, brando, brooks, sandler, hanks.

Also Sumner Redstone has dirt on most of the hollywood directors, producers, actors. Even politicians. He's the one who pushed Philip Seymour Hoffman to heroin again after PSH was getting doubts about his sins. (hint:pedoshit). Everybody in tinseltown knows redstone played a HUGE part in the franklin pedo scandal. hell if you dig deeper enough there's been reports about this since the 60s.

Kevin Biggs is a protege of a British Jew with BDSM pedo fetishes.

Bob Iger, Sumner Redstone, Steve Burke(and a bunch of others) are all Israeli assets.

There's about 2-3 people at the top though. Don't know who they are but rumors in hollywood all report they have connections to the Vanguard group. (and chinese/israeli/american groups too).

Also Carlos slim at first tried to resist (((Them))) but he eventually was swayed by the power and vices (hint:necro and pedoshit too).

right now Hollywood is going nuts over the election of AMLO (HINT: AMLO IS WOKE ON THE JEWISH QUESTION AND KNOWS ABOUT THE DRUG AND PEDOSHIT) and Trump. if amlp+trump actually build the wall it would stop the rape and murder of children over night.

Anon: Can you tell me about Tom Hardy?

Hollywood Anon: Don't know much about him to be honest.

Anon: How much shit is Oliver Stone involved in?

Hollywood Anon: O.S. puts on a air of being a renegade but in reality he's a corrupt piece of shit. He stole the idea of midnight express from some kid. basically turned him to a crackhead to steal his idea and ruin him.

Anon: mel brooks and jeff goldblum are k—es

Hollywood Anon: i know

Anon: Dude dish on Nic Cage

Hollywood Anon: financially ruined by k—es. don't ever believe the whole "he spent all his money" BS. that's how k—s ruin you. they assassinate you through the press. PS all the judges who ruled against NC were paid off by k—es.

Anon: What do you think about the whole metoo shit and Weinstein being arrested. Is it a jew coup? Is it all just smoke and mirrors or are bad people actually going to go down?

Hollywood Anon: originally the idea was for Jewish women to come out and ruin the careers of others in order to advance both of them up. the guy would have a comeback and the woman would gain clout. (even though k—es run hollywood there always stabbing each others back). most k—es disagreed on this idea since it would snowball out of there hands (already has) but a vocal minority of jewish sluts advocated for it.

lol@thinking bad people would go down. you can't go after them. THEY HAVE DIRT ON EVERYONE. Weinstein was just used as a sacrificial lamb.

Anon: Got any tom hanks stories?

Hollywood Anon: he was big on barbiturates and a lady friend told me his dick had severe phimosis from a botched circumcision. idk if he got it fixed though.

Anon: Tell me about

>Amanda Bynes

>Dan Schneider

>Britney Spears

>Hillary Duff

>the stuff at Disneyland


Hollywood Anon: All the girls you listed have had mental breakdowns. I don't know much about any of them but I do know Duffs parents were coerced into shutting up after HD told them how some Dubai arab introduced by a jewish handler tried to rape her back in the late 90s. I don't know much about disneyland but I do know Disney has paid hundreds of millions in hush money. And Dan Schneider should be castrated. He's very good at what he does.

P.S. Dan Schneider use to employ a old soviet k—e (who looked like a harmless grandpa) as a full time Anesthesiologist.

Anon: Dude, do you know anything about all of the crazy shit that happens on film sets in Vancouver? Vancouver BC is where they all go when they want to get away with shit they can't get away with in LA.

The provincial government, police, unions and guilds are so desperate for Hollywood $$$ that they will gladly look the other way and help them cover up. I could tell you stories....

Hollywood Anon: Nah. Don't know much about Vancouver but I do know most hollywood k—es launder there money in the North East near the Canadian border. But what happens in Vancouver happens in Georgia on a way bigger scale. In the last 20 years k—e+gays+n—rs have turned Georgia into one of the biggest states for kiddy diddling, money laundering, blackmail, etc.

Anon: Would we know you if we saw your face or heard your name? Did you do anything for a role?

Hollywood Anon: Yes.

Anon: ....Kurt Russell??? Based Snake?!

Hollywood Anon: nah.

Anon: >Weinstein was just used as a sacrificial lamb.

Its more that they amplified it as much as possible to make it seem like some grave exception and exhaust everyone

Hollywood Anon: exactly.

Anon: Anything about Robert Downey Jr? Is he actually a conservative?

Also, do you know who the Crazy Days and Nights person is?

Hollywood Anon: CDAN is some girl lawyer. don't know much about her but she's legit. RDJ fell into there traps but renounced it. the only reason he hasn't been ruined is because of a NDA he signed with a big time hollywood financier which basically thought controls him so he wont drop the truth.

Anon: I'll bite.

How old are you? What do you know about Kubrick?

Are the rumors about Speilberg true?

What about Christopher Nolan? Please tell me he's a good guy.

Hollywood Anon: Kubrick was ahead of his time. died way too young. other k—es hated him because he was considered to WASPy and EWS just cemented his downfall. look man if you want to make it as a big timer in hwood you have to do some very very evil and corrupt shit. Spielberg is definitely a connoisseur of kids. (dig into his family. one of his cousins sued him after he popped her 13 year old cherry. covered up by the California courts though)

about Nolan i have no idea.

Anon: was Michael Jackson innocent?

Hollywood Anon: Joe jackson was the real pedophile. the only reason MJ didn't come out with everything was because Joe would murder his whole family if he did. plus k—es had Joes back. bless MJs heart man they ruined that man

Anon: Do you see any way of stopping the pedo machine? Anything we everyday folks can do to help bring things to light?

Hollywood Anon: growing up in the 60s i thought pedos were just weird old men. boy was i wrong. it's huge man. the only way to stop it is total revolution. if it all came out tomorrow people would be storming hollywood and executing anybody working in the business. if it all came out the government as we know it would come crashing down for being complicit.

Anon: Do you mean literally or figuratively getting rammed? It’s hard for me to imagine jimmy Stewart or sam neil in that position, and not just because they’re my favorite actors.

Hollywood Anon: literally

Anon: What’s the deal with depp?

Hollywood Anon: a hack. a wanna be "deep" artist junkie.

Anon: What about michael jackson? Was he really a savior? Keanu reeves?

Hollywood Anon: as i said in another post his dad was the real pedo. MJ thought like a teenager man. he invited those kids over because he wanted to protect them. he knew how evil the entertainment business is.

Anon: Who are some good guys? Where do you suggest the best place to start is in breaking all this?

Yeah I figured Oliver Stone was dirty after learning he made a film basically propagandizing saying shit like the presidio and Franklin scandal was "satanic panic". It was a TV movie about McMartin daycare. Believe it or not there is some weird shit about that case and it was shut the fuck down.

Know anything about this West Memphis three shit that Hollywood just fawns over? Weird shit too.

Hollywood Anon: unfortunately friend good guys don't last in hollywood. hwood operates like a mafia. in order to become a "made man" aka get roles you have to do a lot of bad shit. it starts off innocently with maybe drugs here and there. then maybe taking kickbacks/bribes/PnP then comes the gay and pedo shit. 4chan is the best place to break all this to be honest. well hollywood has a lot of satanists so of course they advocated for those 3 f—ts. and hwood f—ts love to defend the wicked.

Anon: >Have any stories on Ozzy Osbourne? Motley Crue? Metallica? Dave Grohl?

Hollywood Anon: i wasn't involved in the music business. i do know john lennon had rumors as far back as the 70s for being a methhead that would go on binges

PS theres a reason lennon loved to spend time overseas. (pedoshit)

Anon: Wait, does Dan [Schneider] have a drug thing or was this for drugging kids?

Hollywood Anon: dan takes drugs to get his dick hard and the k—e doctor was used to sleep the kids obviously.

Anon:Thanks for the insight dude, but can you post anything that could be used to show you're not just larping?

Hollywood Anon: too scared and paranoid. i'm not even typing the way i normally do .

Anon: >Nah. Don't know much about Vancouver but I do know most hollywood k—es launder there money in the North East near the Canadian border. But what happens in Vancouver happens in Georgia on a way bigger scale. In the last 20 years k—e+gays+n—rs have turned Georgia into one of the biggest states for kiddy diddling, money laundering, blackmail, etc.

I believe the shit about Atlanta. That explains why that camera assistant got ran over by a fucking train, everyone virtue signalled over it, and then... nothing changed. The director served like a year in jail instead of the ten he was supposed to get.

Money laundering and drug running are also huge in Vancouver. They move drugs by hiding them in the work trucks. The union in charge of transpo is 100% run by a notorious biker gang who are so open about what they're doing that they write a label all of their trucks with a code for gang.

Hollywood Anon: oh yeah. i know what you are talking about. back in the 80s the brother of Caro Quintero was supplying most of hollywood with high grade colombian cocaine and herion... also the AFO from Tijuana use to launder money through Lionsgate in the late 90s early 2000s.

Anon: What do you know in connection to the Franklin scandal or Dutroux affair?

What about the ongoing exposure of extremely high level pedophilia and ritual abuse in the UK?

Bro, what do you know of ritual abuse in Hollywood? Who is involved????

Hollywood Anon: Hwood use to rent out boys from Franklin school. that's all i know... the UK is old news. they just relocated to the USA, Mexico, Canada and 3rd world countries. its all a huge network man. some people use the pedoshit as blackmail while others really do enjoy fucking kids. i could spend hours talking about it but just know there is a international order of pedophiles. look not all of them are involved in the pedoshit BUT THEY ARE COMPLICIT. would you risk your life and millions of dollars to come out to expose them? some have tried and looked how they ended up.

Anon: How do you know so much?

Do people in Hollywood just openly talk about this stuff?

Do you know of anyone being killed for trying to come out against (((them)))?

Hollywood Anon: i use to date around a lot. theres a lot of open secrets in hwood. i always laugh when tabloids or celebrities come out with all tell books (they are laughing at the common man faces when they do this.) that dont' expose shit.

and yes actors are whacked off. either trough crashes, heart attacks, drug overdoses, suicide, etc... my friend Red Foxx was whacked after he walked in on some dude. Idk what the dude was doing but it was enough to have Red Foxx killed.

Anon: Did Winona Ryder turn things around? She seemed pretty based on stage after the brainlet was screaming about Trump when Stranger Things won an award.

Is Michael Keaton legit? Robert Redford? Warren Beatty?

What the hell is truly wrong with Sean Penn?

Hollywood Anon: dont 'know much about any of them. theres a bunch of rumors of course. the one that really stuck to me was beatty. i always wondered why beatty loved to hire filipino boys as house cleaners. sean penn lost it after his brother died. never been the same.

Anon: No surprise Dan needs chemical assistance with his dick.

What's one celebrity we'd never guess who's been diddled?

Hollywood Anon: the Rock prostitutes himself for roles.

Anon: So what’s up with Oliver Stone making JFK? That’s a pretty un-kosher movie for a Hollywood guy to make.

Hollywood Anon: hwood has no respect. they'll make anything for shekels. hell months after 9/11 they had focus groups and think tanks on how to profit off 9/11

Anon: Hey actor man, did you ever go to the cloning centers or hear anything about them?

Hollywood Anon: no idea. wouldn't be surprised though with the pockets some of the power players have.

Anon: Got anything you can tell us about Keith David, Matthew Broderick, and James Earl Jones?

Also, another branch of the entertainment industry that I thought wouldn't have such vocal never-Trumpers are voice actors. Knowing how many of them are based out of LA, safe to say they're into some dirty shit too despite being lower on the totem pole. Some of the loudest examples I've seen thus far are Ron Perlman, Steve Blum, Tara Strong, and Carlos Alazraqui. Shame... they voiced video game and animation characters I like(d.)

Hollywood Anon: dont know about the white guys but JEJ is a good fella. im sure he's done some corrupt shit but definitely not a pedo. he's your typical black man who was infatuated with big asses lol. i dont know much about voice actors to comment. but if you are in hollywood is chic to hate on trump.

Anon: How prevalent is Satanism in Hollywood?

How many actors have CIA handlers?

Hollywood Anon: kabbalah (and other retarded hwood movements) is just another word for satanism i'll say that. CIAs grip on hollywood isn't as strong as it was pre-80s. k—es own it all now. most actors have jewish handlers that are directed out of israel.. it's weird man like you could have a isralie or cia handler and you wouldn't even know it. i'd say about %70 have israeli handlers and the rest CIA.

Anon: >Some of the loudest examples I've seen thus far are Ron Perlman, Steve Blum, Tara Strong, and Carlos Alazraqui. Shame... they voiced video game and animation characters I like(d.)

The hwood people who can't stop screaming about Trump have a lot of skeletons and are extremely worried that he's going to put them in prison, because they know that he knows what they've done. ie Rob Reiner.

Hollywood Anon: this too.

Anon: Sounds like a lot of hollywood has a hard time getting wood

You know anything about the mormons in hollywood? They seem to have their own little enclave carved out too

Hollywood Anon: most actors have a hard time getting wood since they've experience it all taboo sex wise that you could bring them a big tit pornstar and they would not get hard. thats how a lot of them delve into the pedo shit VOLUNTARILY. no idea about Mormons.

Anon: U run into Schneider?

How's music?

Hollywood Anon: I ran into him once at a cafe. absolutely disgusting specimen of a man

Anon: Thanks for the info. Who ever you are i hope you get some kind of relief from this.

Hollywood Anon: you are welcome friend. its just so tiresome. i wish /pol/ could meme ruining hollywood. these people are the most vile, corrupt, evil backstabbing people you'll ever encounter. i'd rather deal with gangmembers then (((them))).

Anon: or straight?

Hollywood Anon: both

Anon: >Christopher Walken

>Richard Dreyfuss

>Jimmie Woods

You're one of those. Hopefully Woods, because the other two are massive f—s.

Hollywood Anon: i've worked with CW before. good guy. way too blue collar for hollywood. RD never met him neither JW.

Anon: Cheers. Hope for day of the rope soon for all these sickos. Have a good weekend hollywoodanon

Hollywood Anon: Likewise buddy

Anon: Clint eastwood and mel gibsonare good guys, right?

Hollywood Anon: oh yeah MG is a badass man. i dont know how the hell he is operating in Hwood still but he's treading in hot water. i hope he stays safe. hes father is red-pilled to the max. his dad actually tried to stop the k—es from doing there pedoshit in South America through (((christian missionaries))) but was stopped.

Anon: dis n—a is corey feldman

Hollywood Anon: nah. i feel bad for feldman though he was turned out and in the end he ended up turning out a lot of kids.

Anon: Are you James Woods?

Hollywood Anon: nope. i know JW lurks here for sure.

anyways good night /pol/ i have tennis tomorrow. just so you know everytime you make Hwood threads the shills go into overtime. this place is the only place on the internet where i've seen so many secrets dropped on here. from national security issues to hollywood pedo shit this place truly is the last free speech website on the internet. my wife always gets mad because i end up lurking here for hours but you boys are the real deal.

PS Samuel Jackson, Nicholson, Gary Oldman and a few others lurk here. I've even shitposted on the same thread with Oldman hahaha.

good night fellas keep up the goodwork

With that, the first thread featuring Hollywood Anon concludes. Then, the following day, on July 20, 2018, he returned. Now, it’s time to delve into the second and final thread featuring out intrepid Hollywood insider.

Thread 2

Hwood anon here. I posted yesterday on the 1st Gunn thread (i think it was the 1st). Anyways an old bud called me yesterday to warn me about my tweets and other social media(i scrubbed all my redpills years ago. i pass off as a "normie"). Right now celebrities are paying "hackers" to scrub all offensive content. My bud dropped 100racks(that's how scared celebrities are right now) to have his profiles from fetlife and other seedy sites scrubbed.

anyways guys you have the power in your hands now. if i was a bunch of you I would start digging into the tweets(and old socialmedia) of all these celebrities you hate. you guys could ruin so many careers with a few screenshots.

PS I'll be at the grammy this year wearing green socks. Remember this thread.

PS Hi Slate, Greenberg, Koch, Soda Pop, Tellem Grody you guys can't bullshit your way out of this.


Hollywood Anon: NSO Group is already operating on the grounds of major studios. They pose as regular computer folk that just maintain the computer system but in reality they are there to monitor communications, get rid of evidence, etc.

i know paramount for sure has them. the nephew of Jim Gianopulos was the one who contracted them.

Anon: [A photo involving a phone that reads “Calling Bullshit”]

Hollywood Anon: NSO Group is already operating on the grounds of major studios. They pose as regular computer folk that just maintain the computer system but in reality they are there to monitor communications, get rid of evidence, etc.

i know paramount for sure has them. the nephew of Jim Gianopulos was the one who contracted them.

Anon: post pic of exact socks for confirmation

which celebrities should we bee looking into for a start?

Hollywood Anon: bright green socks. nobody uses bright green socks. and all of them. all A list (and B list as well) are all compromised. like i said before hollywood operates as a mafia. actually worse then a mafia because they are basically legal. to become a top paying performer you have to be a "made man" and do shady shit. i did shady shit myself like bribes and PnP until i was told to either be turned out or be blacklisted. i chose the former. i don't get roles anymore but i dont care about money or fame.

[Follow Up Response to Himself]

Hollywood Anon: i chose the latter i mean haha oops im getting old

Anon: It's actually a really good idea, save everything that in the future could possibly be used.

"Anything you say can and will be used against you"

Hollywood Anon: yup. hollywood is a frenzy right now. the whole metoo movement exploded in their faces haha.

Anon: Are you Irish?

Hollywood Anon: let's just say im a based black man

Anon: >OP) #

Is it true that Stallone liked to put plastic wrap on his face and have a woman poop on him ?

Hollywood Anon: no idea. but stallone has a rep as a stud in hollywood.

Anon: I wouldn’t expect anything less from le based black man

Anon: Wut up T-Crew! So what's gonna be the tipping point for when the shit hits the fan?


Hollywood Anon: haha not at all. T-Crew and Hart sold themselves out long ago. i don't blame them money and fame (plus knowing you can have your life ruined by k—es) are great motivators.

Anon: Can I get into Hollywood? I am writing a script rn. Would send it to competitions or directly to somebody. But I would do everything for the Messiah, the poor children and this board. I have nothing to lose. Can you help me? Somehow?

Sommewhere in the Protocols of Zion it is said that a human with the light´, probably meaning Messiah Yeshua, is far more dangerous than a million.

Hollywood Anon: if you write a script make sure to lawyer up before you go in to sell it. most newcomers have to go through k—es who then subvert your intentions and before you know it your bossed around, told how to act, how to think etc. nobody is immune from this not even writers, hell not even camera man. like i said hwood operates like a huge mafia. the only advice i can give you is: PLEASE DON'T BECOME APART OF HWOOD(the entertainment business in general). it will destroy your soul. there's a reason so many celebs become junkies. just keep on doing what you guys are doing on 4chan. you guys are literally the biggest threat to the entertainment industry. theres so many Hwood firms lurking in here they are shitting their pants.

Anon: Interesting; do you have any ideas on who's going down next? Or anyone freaking out more than the others?

Hollywood Anon: everyone is freaking out lol. the next to go down are black rappers. they want to ruin black rappers to:

1) have k—e and white artists take over

2)black rappers are hard to control but easy to destroy because of there destructive lives

3) keep rap jew owned since a lot of blacks are starting there own record companies

4)switch the medias focus from k—e hollywood to black hollywood

5)black rappers are starting to distance themselves from progressive ideals so it's hard to keep them in check

Most black rappers are woke on the JQ but don't know how to articulate well enough to not be ruined.

Anon: I love Mickey Rourke, is he a good guy? Any dirt?

Hollywood Anon: MR is addicted to plastic surgery, steroids, and drugs. i feel sorry for him but i'm not familiar with his character.

Anon: What is the minimum degeneracy you have to do to get famous? Conversely how famous can you be if you get into uber degeneracy w/o talent?

Hollywood Anon: lol believe me when i tell you all A+ actors/actresses have either been turned out, kiddy diddlers, drug addicts, blackmailed, debt slaves, prostitutes, israeli assets, etc. i myself partook in PnP and bribes back in the day

Anon: What do you know about the tranny epidemic in hollywood? I hear theres many of them

Hollywood Anon: trannys are the favorite play things of a lot of actors. since trannys are the new civil rights groups a lot of actors/actresses are looking into transitioning for bigger roles and to be cemented into hwood history as "pioneers and freedom fighters"

Anon: Please tell me Senpai Mel Gibson is a good person I don’t think I could take it otherwise

Hollywood Anon: yes. his father is even a bigger badass.

Anon: Was wondering how you'd react once you saw how far things escalated. You really lit a fire under this place's ass. 12 hours later, dude's life was ashes.

Oh, and I dunno if you caught this, lol.

Writer’s Note: The photo in question.

Hollywood Anon: lol i knew that Gunn f—t was ruined after the 1st thread haha. working in Hwood is like living in 1984 you are thought controlled

Anon: how do you know you and your socks will be visible at the grammys? you must be on stage at some point for this to be true, no?

Hollywood Anon: check out pictures. i'm gonna take some short pants so the green can be visible. i doubt i'll be interviewed but for sure i'll come out inthe press.

Anon: Did they suicide Bernie Mac?

Know anything about Brandon Lee?

Hollywood Anon: bernie was hated by the k—es but he was a money bringer.. not sure if they killed him but i would not be surprised after they killed my buddy Red Foxx

Anon: based black man from the 80s? [Handshake Scene from Predator]

Hollywood Anon: hahahaha no but we did use the same gym

Anon: Mind just dumping names in this thread?: >>179495279

Hollywood Anon: i'll check it out but i dont want to ruin that thread

Anon: >theres so many Hwood firms lurking in here they are shitting their pants.

are you not worried these cunts are going to be on the look out for your socks?

Hollywood Anon: i don't care anymore. i've already invested into gold, crypto, real estate, restaurants, oil, etc so i can't be financially ruined. and i don't care about my reputation anymore.

the only reason i've "Come out" is because we are at a point we've never been before. HOLLYWOOD IS FUCKING SCARED. before when somebody tried to come out with the truth they'd be ruined or whacked. now with the internet (and fucking 4chan) they don't know what to do. 4chan is the biggest enemy to k—e hollywood. they are scared of you guys. hell even i'm a bit scared of you people. you guys have more internet/realworld power (i dont know if those are the correct terms sorry) then the companies they contract for hundreds of millions of dollars hell even some Fed agencies.

Anon: I don't know who you are but I fucking love you man. I hope I get to meet you someday. I will be wearing black socks at some point at a starbucks in Santa Monica over the next 12 months. Find me.

Keep up your amazing work.

What do you do now in Hwood now that you don't get roles? Just put deals together and make intros and leverage your social network for favors and kickbacks? Did you make enough to retire already?

Hollywood Anon: i'm retired already. and i dont mess with hwood business anymore but i do keep up to date and in contact with the hwood world

Anon: What do you think about Lloyd Kaufman? I guess shit makes sense due to all the fucked up shit in his movies, but he consistently spoke out against how shit hollywood was and that he never sold his soul to the elites. Is it true he's no different than the rest of them?

Hollywood Anon: like i said any director in hwood is already a mademan in the hwood mafia and has done the most degenerate things you can think of

Anon: >yes. his father is even a bigger badass.

his dad has publicly denied the holocaust

Hollywood Anon: his dad actually armed some natives in South America after he found out hwood k—es were sending missionaries to do there dirty work

Anon: What if (((journalist))) browsing 4chan finds these threads and then finds your green sock pictures? Won't you have your life ruined?

What benefit is there for you to out yourself at the Grammys? Sounds like a load of bull.

Hollywood Anon: like i said im financially secure now and i dont care about my fame anymore

Anon: point us in the right direction, drop some names cunt.

Hollywood Anon: Hollywood Anon

Anon: God gave me talent and I have to use it. I lost my bluepilled life, I can't even argue with my parents anymore, I have to get out of here and this is my only way. I can blend in very well. I am that kid nobody notices in school. And with God everything is possible - (((they))) are afraid of people who believe in his Son.

Matthew 8:26

"And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm."

This is what I can do. I only lurk and take redpills here. I want to save children. I got nothing to lose.

Also you mean lawyer up somewhere here?


My life for the Messiah, the Children and this Board

Hollywood Anon: i mean if you are gonna sell a script go in with a lawyer so you won't be ripped off

Anon: My daughter wants to be a movie effects makeup artist. She is based at the moment, but not solidly so. (ugh, and she is a hottie too... I'm an armed dad). Will she have to be inducted into the Hollywood mafia?

Hollywood Anon: dont let her man. she'll be ruined. trust me even a large percentage of the lower cogs of the Hwood mafia/machine are corrupted

Anon: >Most black rappers are woke on the JQ but don't know how to articulate well enough to not be ruined.

They need to come here. This place and cripple chan are the best sources to get info on the k—es and their 5k year crime spree. If rappers and the black community at large aren't going to help us take down the k—e menace then I say they deserve everything that might be coming for them.

Hollywood Anon: unfortunately most blacks see whites and k—es as indistinguishable (trust me i use to think that way too)

Anon: One question tho. Wouldn't the (((Hwood Mafia))) spot him too with the green socks? It's not like they don't have people on here. Seema sketchy and i at the very least too dangerous for it not to be a larp.

Hollywood Anon: like i said i dont care anymore

Anon: Have a closer look at James Gunn’s connection to the Oakwood Apartments in Hollywood

Also check out the Photographer he mentions in hisntweed, Ama Lea

Hollywood Anon: my friend all modeling agencies hwood photographers, models, art houses, out reach groups, celebrity foundations, etc are all fronts for criminal activity. the jewish mafia is the hwood mafia.

the Moran Bondaroff art house was used by the Israelis aka hwood k—es to launder money

a lot of child photographers sell CP to the elites

most model agencies before going on a photoshoot set up hidden cameras and the like to compromise there clients. this in turn starts the corruption of the models fresh in hwood

that famous Gia bitch or whatever her name was use to be passed around by the cohen brothers and the tranny director brothers.

Hollywood Anon: sorry fellas i can't answer all questions i have to go it's tennis time. i'll be back later tonight or tomorrow. and i will be using a ID

A little bit later

Anon: This Gia ? [Photo of Gia Carangi]

Hollywood Anon: not her. some other Gia (hint Gia is a nickname)

Hollywood Anon’s Second Response: nope. ughhh Gia was just a nickname used in Hwoo circles(sorry for posting the name thinking like if you knew. my memory isn't what it use to be). lets just say the girl starred in 90s teen movies

Anon: Are you "the hollywood anon"


"a hollywood anon"


Hollywood Anon: neither. i've lurked here since 2007 and last night was the 1st time i posted.

Anon: > the whole metoo movement exploded in their faces

how come?

Wasn't that random women rights pro bono bullshit going to sue anyone who wouldn't toe the line?

Hollywood Anon: originally the metoo movement was organic. but after jewish sluts picked it up they wanted to subvert it to further there careers but it spiraled out of control go figure.

Anon: Oh, he will. He's fond of green and that's all this second Hollywood anon is fucking saying. Everybody quit trying to doxx. Make it safe for him and he'll bring you more sauce. Hell, I'd serve you some but I've had enough leftist blowback here being fucking RP myself. Man's got balls of steel. Accept his sauce and leave him and his deets alone. Please.

Hollywood Anon: i know i'll be ruined and the country will hate me but i dont care when that happens i'll just go live in my ranch lol

Anon: Corey Feldman is he a good guy

Hollywood Anon: nope. corrupted and then he corrupted others.

Anon: You have no idea how great it is to know you red pilled Hollywood anons are around. How can you stand being around all those degenerate motherfuckers there, though?

Hollywood Anon: yup. 4chan is the biggest counter culture movement since the hippies. the impact you guys have IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. on par with the k—es in hollywood and the funniest part is you guys are what society considers loser (no offense i consider myself a channer)

Anon: Please specify OP.

Hollywood Anon: i've never posted here until last night. i've been lurking here for yeras.

anyways guys my car is here you guys keep on doing what you are doing. you guys are going to go down in history. hell right now THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING.

stay safe young cats

After that last post, Hollywood Anon faded into the realm of nothingness; a ghost in the shadows, a spooky scary skeleton in the mist, a… a thing in the whatever. The two threads that were posted above are the only ones I’ve been able to discern were, in fact, the one known as “Hollywood Anon”. Though it’s possible that somewhere—along the lines—Hollywood Anon posted without specifying it was him…

Such as with this thread. A poster going by the name “renegade”. While I would normally not include it, I think it’s worth covering as it ties into the whole story of exposing the truth behind the corruption that goes on in good old Tinsel Town. So come on, oh dear reader, let us go once more into the breach and see what sort of sordid sights Hollywood has to share.

The Renegade Thread

this place and hwood ruined me man. it really has. the reason i never liked posting on pol or visiting much was because i would always start raging then crying. crying because when i see that spammer who posts that all those links about ritual abuse and satanism i know its real. i've been around these people.. all these celebrities, news anchors, journalists, billionaires, bankers, CEOs, politicians who put a smile on TV then turn around to partake in the worst, evil degeneracy possible. it hurts so fucking much man. im in tears right now. it hurts so much that DC, LA, and NEW YORK are the soddom and gamorrah and run the USA. it hurts so much watching all the people who come in to the business with bright eyes, lovely huge smiles, great spirits then leave either corrupted or broken,dead shells of themselves. i've seen so many kids (and it hurts because i'm a father and grandfather) come into this business and be tossed around like a piece of meat for these hyenas. i've seen so many people off themselves because they couldn't take it. they couldn't take partaking and seeing so much evil. imagine how much you have to do/see that you off yourself even though you seem to be living a great life? i know that the people in a power positions have to be somewhat corrupted but fuck man WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? you know what i mean fellas? i am spiritually dead inside. i don't even know why im alive. so much evil going on in this world and i know it's always happened and humanity has flaws but still dudes.. maybe this life is really hell.... or purgatory at least.

Renegade: the gay/jewish mafia of hollywood uses local california mexican mafia cells for low-level wetwork (getting rid of prostitutes).. HUERO BUFF did not die from alcohol poisoning

huero buff got whacked because in prison a brother showed him the protocols of elder zion, mein kampf, 200 years together and other related works and HUERO BUFF became woke. huero buff was the original link between the VAN NESS ST HWOOD OPERATORS and the LA EME. huero buff went against the grain and was dusted for it.

Renegade: the black-mexican war did not happen because of "muh racism" or "muh drugs".

mexican and black brothers in jail were getting woke on the JQ and started to spread truth literature among other gangsters in the late 60 early 70s... the jews realized just how woke my people were becoming and started to fuck with our neighborhoods. the original upper echelon of the gangs started to get dusted in the 70s after they corrupted our youth. since then its gone down hill.

the plan started in the 60s after the CIA started working with berkley(and other universities) sociology, psychology, and other professors in order to bring down the black and brown community to keep the country divided among racial and cultural lines to the point of hatred.

the plan was to destabilize us so we wouldn't deviate from political thought control. Arthur Jensen, , Donald T. Campbell and others (alive and dead) contributed to this.


why the fuck do we worship fucking professors? they are the ministers of propaganda in this evil machine

Renegade: I mean after he got out of prison sorry im very sad and mad right now

Writer’s Note: Yeah, I think the poster was really mad when he was posting.

Renegade: back in the 80s the ports (especially benicia) were used to bring in 3rd worlders.. the original cover was human smuggling. benicia was a pedo paradise. after they got em off in the ports a vehicle would pick up illegals (kids and adults smuggled to service the local elite aka hwood) and smuggle em into benicia or into SF or the LA ports and drive them as far as Las Vegas.. after that they be coerced into silence or dusted.. the kids would usually stay quiet while the adults would get dusted. Dr Orourke who died in 2012 was the doctor who would bring in shady doctors to do contract work. please look into him

Renegade: Lucio Fulci was a connoisseur of real snuff films made by foreigners and americans. he along with other evil buddies would pay up to 100 big ones for snuff films to manuel noriega and other... noriega would use his death squads to make the films which were then smuggled into the USA for them. funny how the DoJ never brought charges against him for that... THIS IS ONE OF HWOOD BIGGEST SECRETS!!! FUCKING DIRECTORS (LUCIO WAS JUST THE FRONTMAN) PAYING FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!! SNUFF AND CP!!! FUCK ALL DIRECTORS!!!!!!!!!

Renegade: thomas bradley was propped up by the hwood elites so he could be mayor. he was being paid close to a 500 big ones back in the day to allow the hwood mafia to operate more freely.. hwood mafia would smuggle in adults and kids for evil shit through LA using the ports. san diego border point to a lesser extent. Tom Bradley was molded by this guy, damn i cant remember his name but he was a proffesor in UCLA in the 30s and 40s....

Renegade: officials are paid off at the ports to not inspect certain containers of the hwood elite... in the LA ports ship containers are used to hold rape/torture/kill dungeons that are then shipped to SEA/SA to be disposed of. chinese use to do this but ever since theire economic boom they want to take over Hwood and stopped being the stooges. american companies are contracted to bring them back to SEA/SA while SEA/SA companies are used to bring them into the USA. they are breaking regulations EVERY FUCKING DAY but they aren't touched.



























Alicia Diaz Gonzalez from Monterrey Mexico was not killed by drug cartels BUT BY THE FUCKING TEXAS OIL BARONS and HWOOD ELITES!!!! she had received anonymous (no idea how) information exposing BOTH the Snctm membership and how LAREDO and DEL RIO LEOs were working withe the mexican cartels to smuggle in kids into San Antonio (huge IC and elite presence) and Austin (lefty f—t capital)... she went to EL DEBATE newspapers but they betrayed her. they talked to a certain hwood king maker and a certain Texas politician











Holy shit. Gweth Paltro & Bill Maher have been to a RUSSIAN SEX CULT. Million dollar entries. Oligarchs. This is huge.

Down with Bohemia. 1776 forever.



Anon: From last night:


>FOP - Friend of Pedophile: protects them at high levels, grants them prestige by association points at functions and parties, opens doors for them, makes connections for them

>PE - Pedo Enabler. These will mostly be women. They associate with the pedo, usually in public and online, drawing him friends and "allies" and helping brainwash the public into what is hoped will be future pedophilia acceptance. They invite the pedo to their runway appearances, parties, concerts and foundations. There will be many famous female names in this category.

>PR - Pedo Resourcer. These names will surprise you. They are not celebrities to you but they are to our side: content officers, vice presidents of production, vice presidents of acquisitions and development departments, network executives. These are the most powerful and important names beneath politician names that we can give you. If interested your task here will be to find non-pedo related but ugly ugly dirt on these people or to help expose the dirt on them we bring you. Most of this dirt will not be pedophiliac but some of it will. The goal is to discredit and remove this list of people because these are the ones who party with pedos and directly put their cp films and tv shows on the air, such as Steven Universe, Super Drag, Desire and more. Netflix is for one full of such people.

End of Part 1

Anon: More codes will follow. You are your own army and of course do not have to use them but some of you may find them useful. Again names will follow soon. If interested truly in bringing down this pedo cabal for real, work EVERY name.

Still think I'm fucking around,

>179576544? :)


Christina Miller


Cartoon Network

Adult Swim


Greenlights sexualized content for children


Ted Sarandos

Chief Content Officer


Greenlights and develops sexualized content for children, puts it on the air, lobbies for it to win Emmys, ignores legal and public initiatives to have it removed


Susan Rice

Board of Directors Member


Prestige adding, ties pedophiles in the Democratic Party and their resources and connections to Netflix's asset deck in return for the network permitting same to use them as propaganda platform; this is essentially a prep base for pedophilia to be protected by a future D-backed bill of legislation. Possible connection from this tier of people to children vanishing at border and intense, unusual Democrat interest in these children. Note: I am a Democrat.

But All In All The Cabal Must Fall

End of Part 2

Renegade: this guy knows his shit!!!!! keep on posting i'm not to in tune that much since im retired but YUP THIS GUY IS A LEGIT SOURCE. get a trip code.. im not to up to date with there tactics or the internet since i've been out the loop since the 90s so yeah.

do you have any info on georgia/atlanta?

That was the last post from the person who called themselves “renegade”. It doesn’t read much like Hollywood Anon, but I thought it was worth mentioning due to the bizarre nature of the post[s]. As for why they mention Georgia and Atlanta: a lot of movies are filmed there. I believe it’s due to tax credits among other things. It’s a lot like Vancouver and New Orleans. Tax breaks, tax credits, and taxation (which is totally not theft guys) are all reasons.

Whatever your belief, that’s the last of the Hollywood Anon story as far as I’m aware. It reads a lot like a person having a mental breakdown, but that’s just me. To some, it may seem like someone desperate to get the truth out and I’d say that, to a degree, I can definitely see it. Though that’s besides the point. Normally, this is where I would move on to the theories, but I was curious to see if there was anything I could do to expand (see: pad) on this write-up. That’s why I want to turn our attention to something very interesting on theyig.ning—the website where I found the pdf file for FBI Anon. It’s on this website there are three separate articles on Hollywood Anon. I want to focus on the second and third parts. It’s there where you can find a bit more on the topic of Atlanta and the Satanic Cabal/child trafficking.

Indeed, while I didn’t mention it in the paragraph before last, there is a very, very, very prominent theory surrounding Hollywood and child trafficking out of Atlanta, Georgia. Is there any truth to such a claim? Admittedly, I don’t know for certain. Though if you’re interested, the second article that was written on Hollywood Anon briefly covers it. The third one is a massive list of I believe actors/actresses who forgave Roman Polanski (the husband of Sharon Tate—who was murdered by the Manson Family) for anally raping an underaged girl. I would list the names, but I don’t want to plagiarize the article. I recommend looking at it, some are listed in the second part and the third one is expansive as heck; it’s over 1,000 words in total. Definitely sickening how people can forgive a man like Polanski.

One other thing of note—and something not mentioned in the articles I linked above—are the comments Hollywood Anon made about Dan Schneider. If you’re unfamiliar with him, I can almost guarantee that you’re familiar with his shows. Drake and Josh, iCarly, and a plethora of other Nickelodeon shows were his creations. The man all but made the childhood of late Millennials and early Zoomers. At the same time, he has an extremely creepy foot fetish and some starlets that he made have accused him of being a degenerate/creep. Whether or not this is true—in the sense of being tried and convicted in a court of law—isn’t certain, but it’s considered an open secret (like with Andy Dick and Jeffrey Epstein). I had wanted to mention this earlier, but I figure now is the best time since it’s something that warrants its own write-up (I’m serious, I’d be here for over a dozen paragraphs going over the various accusations/claims).

Now, beyond that, what else is there to discuss? Honestly, very little. There have been other Hollywood Anons—along with other supposed insiders—but I wanted to focus on “the” Hollywood Anon. Alas, the story has concluded and because of that, I’d like to say that It’s certainly a weird one. Though one must ask: is there any truth to it? To answer that, I think we should jump into the theories and see if our answer[s] lie there. So come along, dear reader, let’s poke around at them!


1. It was a real actor

The first theory is that the posts were legit. If this is the case, then one has to ask who it was. I tried to do some digging because, while nobody was seen wearing green socks at the 2020 Grammys, there are some suspects. These include:

Keith David.

Arsenio Hall.

Stan Shaw.

Lawrence Tureaud (Better known as Mr. T, the man who played Clubber Lang in Rocky III and B. A. Baracus in The A Team).

Danny Glover.

LeVar Burton.

Carl Weathers (in spite of having denied that he was him).

There are two very popular theories though. The first is that Hollywood Anon was Al Matthews—who tragically died on September 23, 2018. He was a singer, songwriter, and actor in the 1980s who played the role of Gunnery Sergeant Apone in James Cameron’s sci-fi masterpiece, Aliens. However, there are two major flaws with this theory. The first is that Matthews quit acting in the 90s rather than the 80s. The second is that it’s unknown if he had any connection to Redd Fox.

That brings us to the second theory: Eddie Murphy. While Murphy did start in a movie last year, he lacks any sort of social media presence and, for the most part, had vanished off the face of the Earth. However, unlike Matthews, Murphy had starred in films beyond the 1980s. He did, however, have a close friendship with Redd Fox. Murphy’s also written songs in the past and even sang some in the Shrek films (it’s all ogre for me now that I’ve said that).

Some have also posited that it was Will Smith—something that I find extremely bizarre. Others have posited that it was Denzel Washington. I’m shocked nobody tried to pull a fast one and say it was Korey Coleman. I digress though: while there are a number of theories, there’s no true general consensus on who it was and as such, I think it’s best if we simply move onto the next theory since we could be here all day.

Ah, but wait, what of Renegade? I was unfortunately unable to find anything on that. As such, I must say that it’s entirely up to you to decide who it was. Was it a prank, an actor, or someone else? Let me know in the comments. For now, let’s move onward—for realzies.

2. It was a troll

The last two theories echo what I said in the FBI Anon write-up. This one posits that it was a troll pulled by a 4Chan user who was bored and wanted to mess with their fellow users. Through a series of meticulously planned—okay, no, they just went with whatever to sound believable. A fair number of users in the threads actually said that it was one of the best trolls they’d ever seen. Though is it true? That’s up to you to decide, dearest of dear reader[s].

3. It was a LARP

The third and final theory is that it was a LARP. This is a lot like the above theory, only it was done with the mindset of actually being a whistleblower. It’s kind of like dressing up for Halloween, only you’re a 20-something basement dweller who’s got a rather good grasp of embodying their role. You could be an actor if you wanted!

Or you could be like me and be passive aggressive because you can’t do much of anything.

Man I’m sad.

My Take

As a writer, I feel that my raison d’être (hey look, I’m fancy words) is to present only what I know and what I can speculate upon. I’m not here to fabricate information or forge anything and subsequently present it as the truth. I like to consider myself as factual as can be while being transparent—and I mean fully transparent.

To start, the Satanic Cabal is something that I like to entertain the idea of. It’s a given that when it comes to positions of power, you’re going to end up with a lot of corrupt people. After all, power corrupts and it goes to the heads of the weak. As such, the idea of someone using it to perform devious acts—or fulfill sick fantasies—isn’t exactly hard (not in my eyes at least). Though the idea of the Cabal as a whole feels like a stretch at times—and I say “at times” because I like to keep the door open for anything and everything. The world’s a chaotic place and in the past, some weird stuff has bubbled to the surface. Operation Northwoods anyone?

Ah but I digress. I won’t linger on the Satanic Cabal for that long. Let’s instead move onto the story itself. Truth be told, I must concede that with Hollywood Anon, I can’t say that I know where I stand. On one hand, I truly think that a lot of what was said was silly and rather hard to believe. Yet, at the same time, I can’t debunk any of it. There’s nothing for me to really work off of beyond the whole “it’s silly and I can’t buy into it” narrative. Sure, that, for some, is good enough and I understand why. On a personal level, I think it’s perfectly understandable. Yet, as someone who wants to firmly set into stone something for you—the reader—to leave with, I don’t think there’s anything I can offer in or against the favor that sets into stone a conclusion.

It’s because of that that I must say two things. The first is simple: I don’t have a conclusion on this story in my eyes. There’s nothing about Hollywood Anon that leaves me feeling like there’s a conclusive end to this story. While what was said may seem silly, I don’t think that’s definitive proof to debunk the story. It’s shallow at best and idiotic at worst to just disregard something on the notion it’s “silly”. I’m sure it would seem silly years ago to imagine that Project MKUltra existed in any capacity. Nowadays, we know it was indeed a real project. Let’s not denounce the notion that silliness immediately equals untrue.

The second thing is that, without any way to debunk it or, there’s also no way to prove it. While I’m sure some giddy truth seekers out there would take me lambasting (to some degree at least) the idea that skeptics shouldn’t denounce this story immediately, I also think that you shouldn’t immediately buy into it. Yes, it’s not debunkable (in my eyes at least), but we also can’t prove it concretely.

Now, at the same time, I will concede that a lot of what Hollywood Anon claims is quite extreme—though I think that goes for the Satanic Cabal as a whole. We aren’t just talking about some small group of sickos who have gone unnoticed because they’re good at covering their tracks (I think something that many people, whether they qualify as truth seekers or not, tend to forget is that a group like the FBI can’t just arrest someone because of circumstantial evidence, they need a concrete case that cannot allow for any sort of plausible deniability). No, we’re talking about a global network of very evil, very sick human beings—if you even want to call them that. Because of how little Hollywood Anon leaves us to utilize in our endeavors to find the truth on our own, most of what I can present to a skeptic—such as many of my close friends—would come across as coincidences or very thin claims that are fueled by a mixture of confirmation bias and tomfoolery.

For the sake of argument and fairness, I want to drop my generally unbiased persona and speak as myself; my honest to goodness self. I am, for all intents and purposes, a very neutral person when it comes to “conspiracy theories”. I love to read about them, I think they’re fascinating, and I think it’s very good to have an open mind when it comes to the world. However, at the same time, I think that a fair number of them—or even a majority—tend to be fueled by the desire to piece together a puzzle, even if there isn’t one. Humans often have a hard time accepting the simple/minimalistic answer to something and wish to see a much larger picture where there may not be one.

When it comes something like the chaotic theater that accompanied Harvey Weinstein’s scandal, I believe that some people who loathe how liberal Hollywood is wished to see the entire industry burn down, even though the number of creeps in Hollywood isn’t as big as they think. It was a domino effect that wasn’t there.

Now, does this necessarily debunk the entire theory, let alone the conspiracy theory of the Satanic Cabal—let alone its presence in Hollywood? No, but it could technically serve as an explanation. Of course, many won’t accept it and that’s perfectly fine. I’m not trying to debunk it, I’m merely saying  that it could be an explanation.  When it comes to my writing, I’m not trying to debunk anything, I just want to teach you—the reader—about what the story/stories behind something is/are. I consider myself more of a teacher than some sort of debunker.

So in the case of Hollywood Anon, while I see it as something that cannot be proven or debunked, I think that it’s important to remember that there are potential explanations to disprove it. I merely find myself unable to really accept them since I, personally, have my suspicions about Hollywood and pedophilia. I think it’s possible that it’s being covered up for fear of it hurting revenue. Look at what happened to the Weinstein Company. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, that went tits up real quick. Imagine what would happen if that happened to a great many big name actors/actresses/directors/producers. That would be really, really bad for business. Couple that with how many fellow big name industry legends kept tight lipped on it and you’d have a scandal for the ages.

Ah, but I digress. I understand that such views almost certainly make me look and sound like a quack in the eyes of a great many left-leaning individuals, I also cannot say I’m exactly vocal about it because there’s no concrete evidence to cement my beliefs. It is, at the end of the day, a personal belief. I’m not going to go out on social media and parrot it 24/7. I may talk about it with some like-minded individuals and ask some dissenters what they think so I can hear their views (I find that extremely fascinating and believe that more people should engage in debates/conversations like that), but it’s not something that I hold dear to my heart like a friend or family member.

So where does that leave me on the topic of Hollywood Anon? Well, even though I think that Hollywood is filled with weirdos who’re into some really dark, bizarre stuff, I also cannot prove it in any capacity. Likewise, with Hollywood Anon, I can’t prove or disprove anything. If I had to pick though, I would lean towards a LARP. If I had to pick between the choice of Al Matthews and Eddie Murphy, I’d put money on Matthews easily.

On one final note: I’m by no means about to go on a quest to break into mansions worth upwards of seven million dollars. So, I’ll instead leave it up to you. Just make sure you don’t do anything illegal to try and get to the truth.


Whatever the case may be with Hollywood Anon, I think that reading the threads he was involved in were some of the most enjoyable—ever. They were dark, twisted, unnerving, yet also insightful in a bizarre way. While most of us on the outside may see Hollywood as a place of glamor, wonder, and joy, I believe that the seedy underbelly is a place we’d rather pretend doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me? I want to know how many of us truly would’ve believed the accusations surrounding Harvey Weinstein prior to all of those celebrities coming out saying what they said about him.

But I guess we’ll never know. I would like to know what you think, dear reader. Do you believe that Hollywood Anon was really an actor? Or was it all a LARP from a clever 4Chan user. Let me know and remember to never trust anyone famous. They’re always up to no good.

You didn’t hear it from me though.

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