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Friday, May 29, 2020

Mystery: The Manor Road Pig-Dog

Time to head over to Baltimore County. Our story today is the Manor Road Pig-Dog.

The Story

Today’s fantastical tale is one I found on the ObscUrban Legend Wiki. I love that website. Anyways, the gist of this story is that two men named Dave Monet and Mike J. (this is according to Hubpages—the only other website that had any information on this story) saw a very peculiar creature on Manor Road. It was around midnight back on February 6, 2009 when the two saw a quadrupedal creature with hindlegs that were larger than its forelegs. It sported features similar to those of a canine and a pig, being roughly the size of a Labrador Retriever. Both men were adamant that it wasn’t a bear—a theory that has circulated a fair bit (more on that later)—as its legs were thinner than those belonging to animals of the ursa family. It also didn’t move in a manner natural to that of a bear.

After seeing the creature, the men made a sketch (which serves as the cover picture for this write-up). Since then, I have been unable to find any other accounts related to this so-called “pig-dog” and it seems this is one of many one-time sighted cryptids. As such, let’s move onto the theories.


1. It was a bear

According to the aforementioned ObscUrban Legend Wiki, a bear had recently been seen on Manor Road. That alone lends a considerable amount of credence to the idea that this was a bear, but the fact there have been no sightings of this creature since then makes me ridiculously skeptical of anything besides this theory. In spite of that, there is one other theory.

2. It was an unknown species of animal

The second and final theory is that this creature was an unknown species that has yet to be discovered by science. While there are absolutely many animals out there that have yet to be discovered, would a pig-dog hybrid be one of them? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. After all, crazier things have happened—especially in recent years.

My Take

This had to have been a bear. While the idea of a creature that’s a cross of a dog and a pig is quite unique, the sketch strongly resembles that of a bear. Given that this encounter took place at around midnight, I have no doubt in my mind that the men simply mistook a bear for something a lot more fantastical. That, coupled with how memory is imperfect, makes me adamant about this.


While far from the most amazing story out there, the idea of a pig-dog hybrid is one that really makes me snicker. Though hey, it’s been a long month and I want to round it out with some light-hearted, brisk fluff. Apologies if it’s been a boring time for you all lately; I promise that this summer will have a lot more exciting stuff. Alas, life has been extremely difficult for me, but I’m far too stubborn to simply conclude what’s meant to be a daily blog post series short. Anyways, until next time though: stay safe.

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