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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Conspiracy: Meat Stations

I’ve been playing a lot of Borderlands 3 lately. I’ve chosen FL4K as my character of choice and have been using the Jabber as my pet. This, naturally, means that a lot of the time, I’m spent swearing to myself because the poor thing dies over and over and over. This has led me to ponder to myself why I even bother acquainting myself with it given its tendency to keel over the second that someone looks at it funny.

Oh well, I guess that’s just how game development is. Though we aren’t here to talk about that—at least not a lot. In the time I’ve spent playing the game, I’ve pondered exactly what order the stories I had in mind for this month would go. Naturally, a lot of stories got nixed while others were added in, but two have been on my radar recently that I haven’t been able to pick between. While I know for a fact they’ll both be covered this month, the one that would be up to bat first has remained contested in my mind. One of them is called, a very oddball theory with a name worthy of an award.

The other takes us to a crazy, grisly, and warped world filled with cannibalism, human farms, and human trafficking. It’s this theory I ultimately went with because for whatever reason, I was feeling a bit grisly. Known as Meat Stations, this theory is how I imagine Cannibal Holocaust would’ve been written if it was made by someone who doesn’t realize the purpose of the Conspiracy Iceberg. So rev up those fryers and let’s get cooking.

The Story

Sometimes referred to as “Meat Trading Stations” or simply “Meat Trading”, the world of Meat Stations is one that would make Jeffrey Dahmer proud. To learn about it, we must head over to 4chan—which is where my research took me. Now, as a brief and what I think to be necessary disclaimer: 4chan is, as most of you may know, not the most reliable source for information. However, given what we’re about to learn: reliability is the least of our concerns.

The idea of this theory goes as follows: there is a large market that is centered around selling, trading, and consuming human meat. In other words: it’s a cannibal market. Shocking, disgusting, but if you ask me: nothing exactly fantastical. Cannibalism is by no means some sort of novel concept and exists even in the modern day. Where things start to take a turn for the weird are the claims that this meat is from humans that are kept on “farms” after being sold into human trafficking. It’s also claimed that they’re injected with chemicals like real farm animals. This part I got from my summary of conspiracy theories and unfortunately, my big brained self didn’t keep the source after I wiped some of my irrelevant information from some notes I had. In the brief period of time I had, I could only find threads related to China, so make of that what you will. I do apologize for not having a source to back this up to though.

Moving on, one user raises a very peculiar point: they state that they’d heard about it on “one of the forums” (I’m going to assume that this is in reference to one of the 4chan boards) and  that a user told them about “consumption from non-humans”. On the same thread, another user states that the Meat Stations theory was very popular back when Usenet (where the Markovian Parallax Denigrate and Publius Enigma both took place) was around. Apparently, many users on there were aware of Meat Stations—or at the very least had heard something about them. However, what the contents of those posts on Usenet were about or discussed, I cannot say for certain.

So right off the bat, we have a very peculiar sounding story. While cannibalism is a thing, it publicly isn’t something that is wide-spread. Sure, the aforementioned Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal, as were some other serial killers. Though a few people isn’t enough to make up an entire market. So there has to be more to it than that, right? Well, if we’re to go by the idea of “non-humans” being a part of this, one can only assume that there are aliens that are also purchasing humans to consume us. Given the reputation that Draconians and Reptilians both have in certain areas of the UFO/Alien enthusiast community, I’ll hazard a guess and say that this is what those “non-humans” are. Whatever the case may be, they strangely don’t play a massive role in this story.

Moving on though, there was another thread that provided some insight into what this theory is all about. If you don’t care to read it, that’s fine; here’s the summation.

A user posted on June 19, 2019 simply asking what Meat Stations are. Aside from those who posted snarky, sardonic, and trollish remarks, some provided a bit more information to help shed light onto the topic. One user posted:

no it has to be deeper than that people are telling me not to research it

This is very reminiscent of Golf Rumors, which we discussed last December. A topic that’s so horrible that we can’t talk about it no matter what. This is, of course, nonsense—Golf Rumors is likely nothing more than just a made-up conspiracy to prank truth seekers and other conspiracy theorists.

In yet another interesting post, someone said:

Places where you can purchase and/or sell human meat and organs. However, some people argue that the ones behind this are Reptilians, Aliens or Demons. The latter part is mostly fake; but there have been several cases around the world of eccentrics selling and buying human meat on-line.

I’ve never found anything to support the claim about demons being behind it, but there are some who claim that Greys are in fact demons (or at least humans that failed to be accepted into Heaven). As such, it stands to reason that—at least in the way of conspiracy lore—they would be a candidate for the culprit behind these Meat Stations.

The third and final post that I’ll leave here is the most interesting. It reads as follows (no typos were fixed by me as a quick side note):

I live in México, long story short story family road trip, super weird random street tacos place at the middle of nowhere in the highway , i was a kid and i didnt like tacos that much, well i ate a lot that day, i loved them ! Family was acting weird and only ate one taco and were in a rush to go…

I think about that day and im pretty sure now that were human tacos, and im pretty sure most of us mexicans have eaten human meat at some point, we never know what kind of meat we are eating and usually tacos taste diferent in every street taco place so i think human meat is usual in mexico

This is certainly an interesting claim, though some Anons replied saying that it’s possible that what the man ate was actually dog or horse meat. I cannot vouch for this as I’m not a fan of tacos whatsoever, but given how many sketchy food stands may use questionable sources to produce what they sell, it stands to reason in some capacity that the meat may have been from a dog or horse. However, given the reputation from extremely brutal murders in Mexico, it’s possible that at least one food stand, someone decided to use human meat to make a taco.

However, with that, the trail on Meat Stations goes cold for me. At least, this version of Meat Stations. So let’s take a break from looking at all of the wonderful food and take a ride on the Midnight Meat Train.

Subway: Eat Flesh

Oddly, the idea of Meat Stations simply being a black market where they sell human meat isn’t the only variant to this theory. Three Anons posted to two separate threads (one on one thread, two on another) talking about something that I cannot find a single bit of information on. Here are the posts both made:

I think it’s like a subway station with bodies but the first layer has something to do with you not wanting to get to the next level

That post came from this thread. Now for the second and third posts.

picture a train station but meat

Meat stations and meat tradings, its a subway made of meat that sell the walls or something

Those two posts came from this really tiny thread. If I had to gather anything from this version of the Meat Stations theory, it’s that it’s both a much more literal version and that it sounds like something I’d see in a Doom game. I personally think this is a troll, but if it’s a legitimate conspiracy theory, I would love to know. As it stands, I can’t find anything on it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. So with that, the story of the Meat Stations comes to a close; onward to the theories section.


1. They’re real

For the first theory, we have the most obvious idea: they’re real. Basically, this black market is real and there’s a whole underground network where humans are butchered like cattle and livestock and then sold to sick, twisted people who consume human meat. Why? Well, for some, it would be used in a ritualistic manner. Others just like to eat human meat. Some find it arousing. It all depends on what sort of person we’re dealing with, but all of them fall into the category of being sick, twisted, and evil; the types of people who you’d rather pretend don’t exist, but unfortunately do in some parts of the world. Though is there any evidence to support this theory? Well, in the way of human trafficking and whatnot, yes, there absolutely is. Though in the way of cannibalism and ritualistic murders? I can’t find anything on this beyond claims related to other topics that I don’t believe are appropriate to discuss at this point. However, if you want to look into them more, look up the Hampstead Cover Up. While not directly related to Meat Stations, it’ll give you an idea as to why I both don’t want to talk about it and what Meat Stations may look like outside of the Conspiracy Iceberg. For now, let’s move on before I lose my appetite.

2. They’re as fake as mass produced food

The second and final theory, we have  the most obvious—don’t question it—idea: they’re not real. In this version, there is no black market and nothing that has been said in this entry is true. This whole theory is bunk and we wasted our time. Naturally, this is the stance that many skeptics take and I can’t blame them. There isn’t really much to go off of but proposals of what happened to missing persons from around the globe. Though the idea of all of them having been brought to human farms only to be butchered is quite odd if you ask me.

My Take

I had to contemplate this entire theory. To do so, I played more Borderlands 3 and watched as my Jabber kept dying.

And dying.

And… well, dying.

Finally, I got sick and tired of it all and ate my hand.

Okay, no I didn’t, but I did come to a conclusion. You see: cannibalism is by no means some sort of novel concept. It has existed for far longer than most of us would probably think and it persists into the modern day. Because of this, I believe that Meat Stations have a larger basis in reality than most of us would hope to be the case. With that said, I can’t say for absolute certain if this theory is legitimate or not

Let’s set aside the fact it’s on the Conspiracy Iceberg—which already makes this theory dubious at best. While I have no doubt that there are people out there who are into cannibalism (we needn’t look any further than people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Nathaniel Bar-Jonah to see that that’s the case), I have a very hard time believing that there is an entire market out there. While I’m sure someone would pay a fair amount of money for human meat, the idea of an entire market feels like a bridge too far for me.

For starters, I don’t think it would be quite so easy to keep something like this under wraps. Try as you may, someone is going to squeal—and it’s going to be someone prominent. Whether that be to a well-known news outlet or to a politician, I couldn’t say with any certainty, but it would happen. If we can’t so much as keep the lid on something like, say, the NSA’s spying scandal, what’s stopping someone from blowing the whistle on something like this? To me: there’s nothing. At least, nothing more than a bullet to the head.

It’s there where I must concede a bit of ground: it is always possible that those who were going to go public with this information were killed. Though as far as I’m aware, there’s never been anything like that. So perhaps, in that regard, these people truly are as good as truth seekers say they are. Alas, until I see some concrete evidence of such a widespread conspiracy like the one described here, I’m not buying it.

On one final note: I will say that I also believe it’s entirely possible that this theory was one of the many, many conspiracies made up to be put onto the Conspiracy Iceberg. Heck, I partook in one last week where I proposed a few myself. It was a lot of fun and it was quite interesting (not to mention really funny) to see people take some of them seriously.


As is the case with any conspiracy, I encourage you to make up your mind. While I may not believe the theory here to have any basis in reality, I don’t think that means you should take my word as the truth. We’re all free to make up our minds and as such, go ahead and look into this story for yourself. With that said: until next tomorrow, I bid you all farewell.

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