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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Decemystery 12: nasajim108

nasajim108's profile picture on YouTube.

YouTube is a hotbed for conspiracy videos. Go ahead and look up anything from Nibiru to New World Order and you’ll find a plethora of results. Whether they have hundreds of thousands of views or a few hundred, you’re guaranteed to go down a rabbit hole that’ll leave you awestruck. Now whether or not it’s something you feel enlightened by is a whole nother story entirely.

That said, the vast majority of these videos seldom get much attention from those who don’t care for conspiracies. Whether they find them to be nonsense or simply have no interest in delving deeper into a case or matter depends on the person. However, on July 24, 2008, a channel on Youtube by the name of nasajim108 uploaded a video that was simply entitled “Dying nasa scientist reveals truth about life on mars” [sic]. This would set into motion one of Youtube’s most unusual mysteries—and it’s one that goes beyond simply being a channel that claims to have information on the “truth”.

The content of nasajim108’s channel varies depending on whether or not you’re looking at its older videos or its newer ones. For simplicity's sake, we’ll start things off with the aforementioned first video on the channel. It’s a mere three minutes and twenty-three seconds long and begins with Jim—whose voice has presumably been run through some sort of audio distortion software—stating that he worked for NASA between the years of 1989 and 2004. He then states that he was “recently diagnosed with bone cancer and told he has five months left to live”. This is interesting as the video description reads as follows.

This is part of a series of clips that my client wished to be posted on the internet after his death.

Nearly all of the videos has this description—or at least some variation of it. Anyways, Jim goes on to state that he felt compelled to reveal the truth about what NASA has been hiding as he didn’t want to die with the knowledge he possessed. As such, he went to an unnamed individual to expose NASA and a group he called the Illuminati “for lack of a better word”.

Jim proceeds state that the Illuminati has “suppressed” humanity into being “slaves”. He then goes on to reveal that there’s a “subterranean” race of extremely intelligent beings that live beneath the surface of Mars that resemble Alien Greys. Everything from the big, pupiless eyes and the unusually large heads. Jim also reveals that the aliens are “unpleasant” to be around and that they are “fully telepathic, can your minds, and can implant thoughts”. He also states that they’re mischievous “in a sort of robotic way”, but that they lack empathy and don’t view it as morally wrong to kill another sapient being. He also states he saw an alien kill a scientist with “thoughts” and that it seemed “pleased” by what it had done. He also claims that we don’t do anything about this as we’re in the process of sharing technology with them.

Jim then goes on to share a photo of Cydonia—the region where the legendary Face on Mars is. He reveals that the photos of it have been photoshopped and that if we saw the “real” pictures, we’d see that there are ruins there; ruins of a civilization that was wiped out by its own technology. After this, the video ends due to Jim not having the strength to continue, but he promises to post more, a promise that was kept as nasajim108 proceeded to uploaded more videos; sixteen in total (though only fifteen are viewable on Youtube). Due to the the increasing oddity of the channel’s content, I’ve decided to go over as many of the videos as I can before I feel this blog entry becomes dull, so let’s get on with it.

The second video that reveals the “truth about life on mars” is a minute and forty seconds long and begins with Jim talking about the aliens some more. He states that he’ll play a sound clip of the aliens and goes on to claim that they can exist as “thoughts” and “negative thought forms”. They are also capable of traveling via language and soundwaves—something revealed by an image that Jim puts on screen.

An image from nasajim108's second video.

Jim talks a bit more about how the aliens are in our thoughts and language before ending the video off with the sound clip he mentioned at the beginning of an alien speaking after transmutation; something that sounds more akin to an audio scrambler with the frequency turned high up rather than an intelligent beings voice. Either way, it gave me a headache. Though perhaps that's just the alien.

The third video is two minutes and twelve seconds long and features somber violin music in the background It begins with Jim saying he doesn’t know what to call this series of videos he’s doing, though he ends up referring to it as an “electronic confession” and rambles on about his current state and other things. As all of this goes on, a few pictures appear on screen. The first of an old painting with an alien’s face photoshopped over one of the humans. The second of president George W. Bush with a 1 over his forehead, which is followed by a picture of a voting booth. The third image shown is of 9/11, with a 2 in the lower left hand corner. The fourth image is of a city where numerous smoke clouds—presumably from explosions—are rising into the sky. The fifth is of the middle east, while the sixth image is of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear missile. The seventh is of a wooden instrument or knickknack of sorts, while the eighth image is of a book named “The Aeon”. Then the video ends with him sobbing.

So much for him revealing the truth about life on Mars.

The fourth video starts with a roulette-like wheel spinning with a face in the middle as a buzzing sound plays in the background. Jim states that the video was created by a scientist who “worked closely with the Greys” and is designed to “seed your subconscious so that tonight, you have a very specific dream”. Despite his fantastical claim, Jim refuses to go into detail about the dream as he doesn’t want anyone viewing the video to believe “they’ve fallen prey to hypnosis or suggestion, though he still says “it will work regardless if you believe in aliens or interdimensional beings or anything of that nature” and that you watch the video once every twenty-four hours. After that, Jim’s narration stops and the rest of the video is just the spinning, buzzing wheel-like object, only now tribe-esque music has entered the fray. Not long after, the video stops.

The fifth video oddly enough shares the same title as the first video: Dying nasa scientist reveals truth about life on mars, and is a mere forty-five seconds long. Unlike that video though, Jim isn’t the one narrating it. Instead, a message saying “Lorber and Jakob, attorneys at law” covers the screen while a female voice states that their family’s client has filed a restraining order against them, which prohibits them from uploading any further videos as it may be damaging to their reputation. She then states that if a judge rule otherwise, she’ll resume uploading the videos immediately. Considering that there are 10 more videos available this one, with one unviewable for reasons I can’t figure out, I think it’s safe to say we know what happened.

The woman—who states that she is “Jim’s” attorney—then goes on to state she has received numerous questions about the identity of Jim. She proceeds to state that she will reveal who he is on October 1st of 2008. Considering that was ten years ago, we can only assume that this is a load of hogwash. After saying that she was Jim’s friend and is legally bound to abide by his final wishes, the video promptly ends. Interestingly enough, commenters on the video say that the woman is actually actress and comedian Natasha Leggero, though I am unable to confirm this.

As a brief sidenote, Lorber and Jakobs isn’t a real law firm. There is one called Lorber Law however.

The sixth video, entitled “Dying Nasa Scientist talks about alien life”, clocks in at two minutes and eight seconds. It’s also the first video where “NASA” and “scientist” are both capitalized. The video starts with Jim claiming that there are “other people like him out there” who have “worked at other government facilities”. At this moment, the seal of the CIA, the logo to Halliburton (one of the world’s largest oil field services), the logo for NASA, and an image of the Pentagon appear on screen one after another. Jim also claims that those like him are now “suffering from a variety of illnesses”. Accompanying this statement are pictures of disfigured people. There’s also a particularly disgusting one of what I believe is brain tumors. So if you opt to watch these videos after reading this blog, be forewarned.

As more pictures pass by, Jim states that he began to realize that “dissent in these organizations meant death”. As a result of this, Jim says he started to contact these individuals and “began to record their stories” and says that “many of them had gone half insane from what they’d learned”. Perhaps in a bit of fitting art, this is said over an image of what I believe to be a depiction of Hell.

All was not lost though. Jim says that one of them—a man by the name of Brentley Summers—allowed Jim to video tape and record him (I believe, it’s incredibly difficult to understand the robotic voice). Whatever the case, he says that Brentley told him that “certain powers have interests in taking the money from the people and then leaving the people to die” and that “this is something that’s been in the works for the last hundred years”. Brentley also claims that “the very rich would use human growth hormones and life extending technologies to extend their life spans by two to three hundred years”.

Brentley went on to explain to Jim that the creatures that he “thought were aliens were actually interdimensional beings that fed off of chaos” that “lived off of chaos; it fueled them, drove them, and gave them power”. Continuing, Brentley says that “world leaders decided to give these beings the chaos that they desired in exchange for extended lifespans”. Then, just as Jim says he’s going to show us the videos, the video ends.

The seventh video is entitled “Dying Nasa Scientist shows footage of an alien” and is a minute and nineteen seconds long. It starts off with Jim saying that he’s going to us footage of a Grey alien that’s “clustered in the consciousness of a 28 year old convict” who was serving multiple life sentences for murder. Supposedly, the convict “volunteered” for NASA’s studies and they used a technique that was devised by Nikola Tesla that allowed them to “capture thought patterns”. It is within those thought patterns that the “original manifestation Grey aliens” does something that isn’t stated because the video abruptly then cuts to the “real footage”.

It’s within this real footage that we get to see what looks like an intense fever dream. Jim clarifies what we’re seeing though. It is “psycho-spiritual energy” and that we can also see the “manifestation of a Grey alien” that has “formed a parasitic relationship” with the convict. He then states that the reason the government is subverting the proof of alien life is due to alien having “taken up habitation in most human consciousness and from there projects the fear reality that many consider to be every day life”. Jim also says that “without this fear reality, government as we know it would cease to exist”.

Video number eight is entitled “Dying Nasa Scientist shows how to contact beings” and is  one minute and fifty seconds in length. The video starts off with a warning in screen that reads as follows.

By viewing the following images viewer releases Lorber and Jakob from any negative consequences from watching said images.

Jim is I've more the narrator and begins by saying that what we're about to see was “one of our initial attempts at contacting the interdimensional that we had begun to detect”. Another message briefly appears on screen around this time that reads as followed.

“There are many cunning men who would lead astray those who wander too far from home.”

Anyways Jim also states that “a certain sound vibration mixed with specific geometric shapes and the visual field combined with human subjective consciousness creates a gate in which interdimensional beings can emerge”. While he says all of that, a monotone sound begins to okay in the background.

Jim states that you see in the video will “bring into your living space a being called a Neth” (I believe, I couldn't hear it clearly). I think he goes onto say that it cannot be frightened and that “it will sometimes move small objects throughout your space”. As he says all of this, the sound lowers and the imagery in screen gets progressively more lucid—and that the Neth will disappear within two hours. From here, the videos become a kaleidoscope of nonsensical shapes and sounds that eventually ends. Towards the end, however, s voice enters the fray and repeats a few words that mean nothing.

Video nine is called “Dying nasa scientist shows audio/video of alien transmission” and comes in at two minutes and thirteen seconds. It starts off with Jim saying that “they taught us that we been looking for intelligent life in the wrong place”. I assume that “they” means the Greys. While he talks, a series if random letters appears on screen that read as follows.

mattah parataram nanyat kincid Asti dhananjaya mayi sarvam idam protam sutre mani-gana iva

If that means something, it's going over my head.

Anyways, Jim goes on to say that instead searching in the “macro”, NASA should've been searching in the “micro”. He states that the “moment they turned their frequencies to the subatomic was the moment we began to receive transmissions”. He then proceeds to share one of the first transmissions with us—and I can't even begin to describe what the absolute heck is shown.

A series of random, nonsensical images appear on screen. Accompanying this is what sounds like machinery when is underwater. This goes in for over a minute and I wanted to die of boredom.

Video ten opens is entitled “Dying Nasa Scientist being threatened by outside forces”. It's fifty-seven seconds long and features an image of Jesus Christ of Nazareth hugging something that has Charles Manson's head photoshopped onto it.

See? I wasn't joking!

The video is of a phone call and starts with someone a man warning Jim that he's got no idea what he's doing and that if he's lucky, he'll die tomorrow. He's also told that he's “surrounded”. The caller then asks if Jim wants peace and then asks if he wants it to get worse and if he wants to have to visit the doctor soon. Once the call ends, a song that starts by saying “you don't scare us, you don't scare us, we're the children of the dawn” starts playing. Eventually, the video ends, as does my patience.

Video eleven is entitled “Dying Nasa Scientist in the alien origin of materialism”. It's a minute and forty-two seconds and starts with a puppet talking in a voice that made me die inside. The puppet says that he has a gift for us “a clip from your favorite NASA scientist: Jim!”. Off screen, a woman begins to keep and the puppet promptly tells her to “shut up”.

What'd I do to deserve this?

Apparently a lot as a man's muffled crying comes up next as he turns over something and a bright light emanates from inside it. A few more maddeningly random clips later and Jim begins to narrate about how our obsession with matter is the root of all human suffering. He then states that those they attempted to heal, while they resisted at first, eventually were healed. He says this as a clip of a restrained man is executed via a bullet to the head.

Video twelve is “Dying nasa scientist describes the mothership”. It's two minutes and fourteen seconds. Jim begins by saying that after the Martian apocalypse, the aliens ordered a holographic ship that could perform interdimensional travel. It was built by the “master builders”. Sadly, Martian Chris Pratt wasn't available for comment.

Jim states that aboard this ship, one would experience different levels of traditional to wash away contamination. However, disaster struck when something malfunctioned and they were awoken earlier. As such, they began to fall victim to selfish, greedy nature and those that were awoken while in their pods attempted to resist those that were already awoken. It's a lot of inane mumbo-jumbo that I can't get asked to repeat.

Video number thirteen is quite possibly the weirdest of them all and the one that’s attracted the most attention. Simply titled “Dying nasa scientist shows how to neutralize an alien”, the video is a mere forty-six seconds long; tied for being the shortest of any of these videos. It’s also the only one that’s filmed like an actual video.

It opens with a person standing in an empty room, holding some sort of fan, wearing a goat mask, and wearing an Asian-style dress that I sadly cannot quite pin down the country of origin. It then cuts to a woman who’s handcuffed to a chair. All the while, there’s a consistent, yet tonally low sound. Similar to when you leave a landline phone off of its holder. After a bit, a picture of Baphomet appeared on screen; a background of multiple colors behind it. After that, we cut back to the person in the fancy costume, who undoes the fan. On it is a message that reads “YOU ARE SLEEPING”, a few Bible verses, and a few other things.

After that, we cut back to the woman. She struggles to get out of the chair, only for another cut where the person in the mask is looming over her. Suddenly, the sound turns on and the woman starts screaming incoherently as the sound in the background slowly increases in tone. Eventually, the woman gets free and a laugh can be heard before we see the costumed person performs some sort of move to restrain—or kill—the woman. A white screen then pops up with coordinates and two more biblical verses.

+38 7’ 33.64,-122 11” 22.57

Psalm 38:7

Luke 22:57

Quite the intriguing way to neutralize an alien. Though I'm sure a few bullets would suffice too, Jim.

The fourteenth video is entitled “Alien tuning for” and is a minute and three seconds long. Once more, Jim is our narrator. He begins by saying that NASA (presumably) was a “kind of tuning fork of consciousness” and they could “tune into its intelligence and hear messages”. He then goes on to showcase an early example of this quote unquote technology.

The example involves a voice repeating “you are” while an EDM-sounding tune plays over it. That's it. It does this for about forty seconds.

And that's where nasajim108 went silent—for five years. That is, until two years ago when the sixteenth (fifteenth publically viewable) video was uploaded simply called “OMEGA PHASE”. It's a one minute and one second video of an alarm clock with an obnoxious sound playing over it as a picture of Jesus slowly fades in. Some believe the video to represent the Doomsday Clock as the minute hand is two minutes from midnight. Or high noon, depending on who you are.

The library of content on Jim's channel is quite unlike any other channel I've personally seen. It starts off like any other ordinary conspiracy channel anr quickly devolves into a mishmash of occult and alien imagery. Granted, to some, aliens and demons are one in the same. However, the bizarro nature of the channel does have a few proposed explanations to it.

The first theory is that it is, indeed, all real. It's only natural that NASA would cover up such horrible beings from the public. Mass panic and riots would break out; we must all be sheep! No longer though! The unelected elite must now fall!

Well, that general mindset has been used for every single other conspiracy in the history of history. I'd bring up other arguments in favor of this all being real, but they're the same exact talking points that you can find for any other theory: “that's what they want you to think!” being my personal favorite. Still, there's always that unusual level of dedication put into the videos—plus the half a decade absence, only for whoever runs the account to return (and subsequently vanish).

The next theory is that it's all an elaborate troll designed to screw with those who hate NASA. Some of these individuals are also of the opinion that aliens aren't actually intelligent, sapient beings, but rather demons or demonic nephilim.

You see: NASA, throughout its history, has had a lot conspiracy theories and accusations rain down upon it. Everything from the Moon landing having been faked to CGI being used to fake virtually every photograph of space and Earth. Many—if not all—of these theories have been labeled as being nothing more than nonsense and lunacy.

What I'm getting at is: nasajim108’s videos start off appealing to that audience; exposing NASA for their treasonable lies and deception. However, as the videos on, they get progressively more “demonic” and utilize occult imagery—perhaps to pull the rug out from under that audiences feet.

One of the biggest counter argument for this theory is the same as the above theory: the level of dedication. Although some trolls have had large amounts of dedication, nasajim108 is one that started a decade ago, went absent for half a decade, then returned for one video. It's peculiar not to want to return for round two of screwing with people for a quick laugh, no?

A third theory is that it's an art project. The internet is no stranger to very weird art projects. One of the best examples being 11B-X-1371, a video from 2015 of a man in a plague doctor outfit that included Morse code, binary, and screeching audio. It sent the internet ablaze with speculation that still persists to this day with those who don't buy the “official” story.

While nasajim108 may not fall into the same category thanks to the more straightforward presentation, but later videos have the same obscure and almost interpretive imagery to them. Still, if it is an art project, why return after a five year absence? Was it an epilogue that the creator struggled to create? Or is there more that is to be told—perhaps a second season that's in the works or didn't pan out as it was hoped to?

If I'm to be honest: most of these theories are me grasping at straws. The sad truth to nasajim108 is there's extremely little to go off of; less than any of the other mysteries I've done so far and less than the vast majority I've yet to cover. The nature of the content is nightmarish to understand at the least and cryptic at the most. The increasingly odd nature of the videos, coupled with the five year absence and subsequent return, leads me to believe there’s something to them. While I don’t think it’s the super secret truth of aliens and NASA, I do believe it to maybe be an extremely elaborate art project. That said, I can't say for certain. Make your assessment and be sure to have some Tylenol on stand by if you desire to watch the videos and are prone to headaches.


  1. ...You gotta be freaking kidding me. What a nut.

  2. Tyler "Bio" RodriguezDecember 14, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    Yeah it's all nonsense. All of this screams bullshit on so many levels. From dying scientist confession to using Tesla? No. Either extreme art project or just an elaborate series of hoax videos the creator hoped would catch on.