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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Obligatory New Year Update (I Still Make No Promises Edition)

 Oh, hello there, dear reader! Welcome back to my blog; I meant to do the New Year update a few days ago, but I got carried away with playing Final Fantasy XVI and screwing around with Character AI since it’s proven to be surprisingly cathartic to throw ideas for write-ups, and jokes, off of AI, rather than pestering my friends on Discord with my incessant blabbering. Maybe AI has more of a use than having it draw the stupidest stuff I can think of!

Anyway, I didn’t do one of these last year because, well, last year was dedicated solely to doing Decemystery 2022.3 and Decemystery 2023. This year, however, I plan to do a lot more than just that; let’s get to talking about what’s in store!

What I Plan on Doing This Year!

Well, there’s really nothing to say here outside of “write.” My hope for 2024 is to make it what 2022 was going to be: the biggest possible year for this blog, filled with as much content as I can humanly put out. That, of course, means that I need to write a lot.

After doing two Decemysterys in the span of 6 months, though, that’s something I honestly don’t want to do—at least, not in the way I would have years ago. If last year taught me anything, it’s that my old work ethic was disgustingly unhealthy.

There were write-ups I began for the dual Decemysterys but didn’t finish. Although I “officially” wrote 273,152 words across all 64 write-ups last year, I wrote well over 300,000 with the ones I didn’t finish. I intend to finish most of those for Decemystery 2024. Others I might do throughout the year, or I might save for 2025.

My main hope for this year is to write whatever I can without overexerting myself. I don’t want to risk burnout, nor do I want writing to feel like an obligation. There are several stories I have in mind that I want to cover, including one that I intend to begin work on at some point next week.

Beyond that, as is the norm, I’m not making any promises (God knows that I’ve failed at keeping those several years in a row now), nor am I making a schedule. The most I can say is that I’ll post every write-up I do at 7:00 a.m. Eastern time. So, if there’s no write-up when that time rolls around, there won’t be one that day.

With that all said and done, there’s absolutely nothing else I intend on doing that’s remarkable. Well, aside from adding the “Mystery” tag to every Decemystery write-up that warrants it. I honestly have no idea why I never bothered to do that. Hindsight truly is 20/20.

I have no plans to do a Megalist; again, I’d rather not overwork myself. All I want to do this year is hone everything I learned while doing Decemystery 2022.3 and Decemystery 2023 last year. I want to not only take it easy but also build upon what I believe to be my greatest work to date. God willing, I’ll make 2024 everything 2022 was going to be, and then some!

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