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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mystery: The Sabinche Tomatovic Tape

A man standing in front of a giant web. I was going to use a rendition of the J'ba Fofi, but I figured it'd be best if nobody got night terrors from seeing one.
I mentioned this tape on my megalist from just under a week ago. I had no intention of writing about it yet, but I’ve decided that in order to bridge the gap between now and March, I should go ahead and share with you all the oh so lovely story of the Sabinche Tomatovic Tape. I hope you’re not arachnophobic.

Ravioli, Ravioli, Don’t Lewd the Spider: The Mystery of the Sabinche Tomatovic Tape

Our story today is on the Conspiracy Iceberg—specifically at Tier 4. The name is the first thing I’d like to point out. I can’t find a precise origin for it, but there are two explanations for it. The first is that it’s the name of the woman who appears in the titular tape. The second comes from a comment that I saw on a video that Dead Rabbit Radio did for this story. Someone said that the name translates to Tomato Sandwich (albeit the words are backwards in the name). I can’t confirm this, but if anyone who speaks Serbian can verify this, I’d appreciate it.

Now then, the story behind this tape is one that reportedly dates back to the early days of the Internet. As such,I traveled to 4chan for and as luck would have it, I was able to find a good amount of information and even a gif of human-spider women being quite kinky. Thanks, /x/. Never change. Supposedly, there was an Australian-Serbian porn actress (who, according to some, is named Sabinche Tomatovic; I will call her by this name for the sake of consistency) who told some of her friends and family quite a strange tale. She said that she had been sexually assaulted (or raped, depending on what version of the story you’re reading) by a giant spider that was four feet in size. This spider was (or is) a J’ba Fofi, though the incident didn’t take place in the creature’s natural habitat of the Congo. Rather, it was in Serbia.

Tomatovic went on to say that she wasn’t alone when this terrifying incident occurred. Supposedly, it was filmed and was subsequently circulated. This led to her quickly becoming extremely famous in Japan’s underground Genki-Genki circle. Since then, she’s allegedly also been the star of pornographic videos featuring giant centipedes and gastropods (the family that includes snails).

Since the story became well-known, many have claimed to have seen it, but no footage has ever surfaced. There are merely claims of what’s featured in it (which typically amounts to nothing more than “a giant hairy spider has sex with a Serbian porn actress”). Anticlimactic? Well, I guess if you expected something more from the Internet, then maybe. To most though, the insatiable curiosity of man overrides the unnerving nature of a giant spider and the horrific act of rape. After all, it’s a giant spider. That’s something we associate with tarantulas and huntsman spiders. Both, while definitely sizable (the largest generally having a leg span of 13 inches), aren’t exactly giant, nor are they man killers unless one is young, has a weak immune system, or allergic. Because of this, some still search for the video. None have succeeded though.

With that said, the story of this peculiar tape comes to an end. It’s certainly a head turning tale, one that I never could’ve fathomed I’d ever find myself writing about. Heck, if you’d told me two years ago that this is what I’d be writing about, I would’ve likely laughed you out of the entire galaxy. Yet, here I am. It’s pretty surreal to be frank. Anyways, enough rambling. Let’s move onto the fun section—the theories.


1. It’s a hoax

Pulling the old switcheroo, we’re going to start off the theories (of which there are only two; boy, I sure said theories a lot) with the idea that it’s a hoax. Due to the lack of any video having ever been presented throughout the existence of the theory, along with no proof of the existence of an arachnid (let alone a myriapod or gastropod) of the size as claimed to be seen in the video, the vast majority of people believe the video to be fake. The cherry on top is the lack of evidence of the porn star being real, which in this day and age is absurd.

2. It’s real

The other theory is that it’s real and its existence is being suppressed. Given the theory that the existence of cryptids is said to be covered up by the powers that be, it would only make sense that an underground pornographic video would likely be the target of suppression. It’s also not unheard of for seedy videos like this to be thought of as myths, only to later be proven as real. This was the case with Daisy’s Destruction. However, where as that video is child pornography, this is something entirely different. One has a history of being real and regularly circulated. The other is something that would change our knowledge of the animal kingdom.

My Take

While I don’t think that the J’ba Fofi is something that is likely just a mere legend (I firmly believe that we know significantly less about our planet than we think), the idea of a pornographic tape existing, where in a woman is raped by a giant spider, is a few thousand bridges too far for me. Though it isn’t impossible that something really unusual—and to some, skeevy—exists. There is a fetish for having spiders crawl on a men’s testicles and there are videos that circulate the web of people either being penetrated by their dogs or having them perform oral sex. So the notion of someone wanting to see a giant spider penetrate a woman isn’t one that I would label as improbable or impossible. However, if the tape exists—or existed—then I would expect it to have been submitted to an independent journalist long ago. So I’m going to chalk this up to being a mere legend.


This is one of those stories that I find truly fascinating because of how it can be seen as something that very much could exist. The Internet has given a platform to all sorts of kinks and fetishes. While it may seem rather funny at first, the idea beneath this tape isn’t one that is all that crazy. It’s merely viewable as funny because of the premise behind it (in my eyes at least). What about you though, dear reader? Do you believe that this tape is (or was) real? Or do you believe it to just be another strange urban legend from the era of the Internet?

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