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Friday, November 22, 2019

Conspiracy: The 2006 Volleyball Incident

It's time to don these, lads and lasses!

Let's have some fun with this write-up folks. We're taking a deep dive into a very strange story today. It's one I found while poking around for something to write about. I wasn't searching for anything special really, but Lady Luck decided I was a good boy and I deserved something extra special.

Nowadays, with how divisive the topic of the second amendment of the United States is, any school shooting—or mass shooting for that matter—is guaranteed to spark a 24 hour long debate about how we should repeal or regulate it. At the same time, the pushback against such a topic will cause the former group to push even harder.

That makes today's story all the more peculiar in its name. It's something called the 2006 Volleyball Incident and it's been called both a conspiracy theory and a case of the Mandela Effect. I try to avoid conspiracies when I can as I try to focus more on your normal mysteries of the world and crime. However, this particular one I'll make an exception for as it's truly something bizarre.

Off The Record: The Story of the 2006 Volleyball Incident

One major fact to this story that I should mention before we dive into anything serious is that I have precisely no idea when this story came into prominence. I can find references to it from a few years ago and that’s about it. Given that this story is from 2006, one can immediately assume that this story was fabricated based off of that. However, as we’ll soon learn, that may not be the case.

Anyways, the story surrounding this event is pretty simple. Supposedly, a shooting or bombing took place during a school volleyball event in either Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Oregon, or Montana (though the first two are the most commonly claimed). It’s stated that around 17–24 people were killed. From here, the incident was covered up completely—no word of the shooting/bombing was ever made public and the victims were effectively erased from the memories of their families and friends. How they accomplished this varies on who you ask. Some will say that the family and friends were all paid off to remain quiet; anyone who spoke out about the truth of the incident was silenced in a tragic accident like Jeffrey Epstein.

Others claim something a lot more psychological in nature. Whether by being repeatedly beaten or verbally abused, there are those who claim that anyone with any sort of relation to the victims of events like this (more on this later) were effectively “programmed” into having forgotten their family, loved ones, and/or acquaintances that were killed in this massacre. This is something I sadly can’t elaborate upon because I’m not terribly familiar with it, but I believe it has to do with basically creating a split personality of sorts. I think the Manchurian Candidate theory utilizes something similar to this.

I’d argue that that sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy novel, but truth be told: this entire story is something one would expect from an espionage or Black Operations story. Completely off the grid, off the record with the identity/identities of those involved being scrubbed from the books. This leaves some to believe the story is a case of the Mandela Effect. For the uninitiated—and to the best of my knowledge—that’s when people believe that one thing happened when it never did. I wrote about this a bit back when I covered what I call “The Line That Never Existed”. Click here if you wish to read more about it. As for the name, it’s derived from those who believed former South African president Nelson Mandela had died before he really did.

The story could in theory end there, but there exists a bit more to the story. For starters, most people say that a lot of information exists on the Dark Web. In my experiences, this is often not the case unless you’re someone who actively seeks out either child pornography or uses the Hiddenwiki. As such, I didn’t bother pursuing that lead and instead stuck to incessantly Googling until I found some more information. The reality of it was: there wasn’t much to be found.

What little there was amounted to some theories on what the possible motive for the shooting might have been. Some assume the United States government might’ve wanted a certain individual dead and those killed were merely caught in the crossfire. As for who carried out the shooting, some claim it was either paramilitary forces or mercenaries. Others claim this was a precursor of sorts to the Sandy Hook Massacre.

The final thing I’ll mention in regards to this story is the sources I have, which are a few archived threads from 4chan and a few posts on Reddit. I really dislike utilizing Reddit as a source as I think the website is filled with people operate under a hivemind, but it nevertheless was the only place to lead me to one plausible explanation for this entire story. Also, as stated earlier, I’m sure there’s more to this hidden on the Deep Web. If you’ve never been there by the way, I believe the easiest—or at least the most commonly used—browser to use is Tor. Some state that Tor is compromised however, so make do with whatever you wish to use. At the same time, anything that isn’t indexed by Google or any other mainstream browser technically qualifies as being on the Deep Web. So make of that what you will.

With that said, the story of the 2006 Volleyball Incident more or less ends. Unless there’s more to it on the Dark Web that I didn’t bother sniffing out, the story as is is something that’s as short as could be. So with that, let’s advance to the theories section.


1. It was real

This theory has a few variants to it in how it was real. Some will say it was a covered up government operation to murder a target that held information that they didn’t want to get out while others will say it was a social experiment. Let’s cover the latter first as it relates to Sandy Hook.

1a. Social Experiment

The Sandy Hook Massacre is another story in of itself that I may one day cover should I bother to tackle stories like it more often. For the time being, I don’t have the willpower to go down that rabbit hole. If you’re unfamiliar with the theories surrounding it, the gist is that the shooting was faked in an effort to erode the rights of the second amendment and other various freedoms.

To achieve this, the government—under then president Barack Obama—staged a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. How they did this is something I still don’t quite fully understand as I’ve never read into it much, but I believe it was that the children were never real and the families were crisis actors. Said actors are often used for FEMA training exercises and the like, so presumably they were all brought to the scene and paid to act out the part of grieving families while the police went in to “shoot” the perpetrator.

Some however claim that the shooting was real, but the shooter—Adam Lanza—was a Manchurian Candidate or government stooge. Others claim that the FBI or CIA really did the shooting. Either way, the end result is more or less the same. Erode the freedoms of the American people via brainwashing and/or mind control. The power of suggestion and repeated lies that become the truth in the minds of the masses.

So how does this tie into the 2006 Volleyball Incident? Well, to some, they see it as something of a reversal of Sandy Hook. Where as the shooting/bombing itself was real, the end result was a complete and total cover-up. For what reason, I’m not sure, but a common explanation is that it was to see if the government could really get away with it. The success may have emboldened the government to stage more and more false flag shootings in order to erode the aforementioned rights and now here we are today.

Now onto the second variant of it being real.

1b. It was a targeted assassination that spiraled out of control

I could crack about a dozen jokes regarding George W. Bush and how he was a warhawk. However, I’d like to think they make themselves.

Whether you believe that an Iraqi insurgent was at the school and Bush wanted him dead or John Doe 2 from the Oklahoma City Bombing was a janitor there and they finally put him down, it’s all the same. The operation went south and they covered it up with zero media coverage. As such, the incident now exists more as a conspiracy theory than act of heroism at a random school in Nebraska or South Dakota. No more, no less.

The belief of this theory and its variants will vary very heavily on who you are as a person. If you’re of the belief that the government is behind these kinds of atrocities, this may be more fuel and ammunition for your arguments against those who don’t believe in it. Personally, I’ve never been big on those theories as I think there are a fair number of factors that don’t quite add up, but to each their own. Here at Vertigo’s Fun House, we don’t discriminate against those who believe in things. So let’s move onto the second theory!

2. It was the Mandela Effect

Ah, the Mandela Effect. A theory that’s as peculiar as it is frustrating. I’ve never been a fan of it as it seems like a copout when dealing with a faulty memory. You think one thing, but the reality of the situation is another thing. You think someone is dead, but they’re alive until you read that they’ve died.

I already mentioned the origination of this theory and even elaborated upon it, so there isn’t too much to discuss. I don’t think this story is a case of it, but some will disagree quite heavily.

3. It was mistaken for the Platte Canyon High School Hostage Crisis

This is the first result I get when I Google “2006 volleyball incident”. On September 27, 2006 in Bailey, Colorado, Duane Roger Morrison, a 53-year-old man, went to Platte Canyon High School. There, he took 6 high school girls hostage and sexually assaulted them. All but one of the girls escaped unharmed; Morrison ended up shooting Emily Keyes in the head before he himself was killed.

I’ve had instances myself where I’ve heard or read about one thing and ended up misremembering them greatly, be they stories of mysteries I haven’t heard of in a while or locations I haven’t visited in some time. The possibility that they could be construed and contorted into other events isn’t too far fetched (in my eyes at least). However, could it be the true culprit? I can’t say for certain.

4. It was mistaken for a suicide bombing at an Afghanistan Volleyball Game

When I said earlier that Reddit helped considerably with this story, this is why. A user who commented on a post on r/conspiracy linked to an article regarding a Jihadi who detonated a suicide bomb at a volleyball game in Afghanistan. The link is now dead, so click here to read the full article on CNN. Yes, I’m aware that some of my readers may scream “fake news”, but it’s what I copied the link to first. You can berate me in the comment section should you so desire.

Now there’s one odd factor to the article in question: this suicide bombing took place in 2014 (though it does mention that another had taken place in 2010 at a men’s volleyball game). Given that this story claims that it happened in 2006, one would have to ask: how on Earth did we end up with a 4–8 year discrepancy?

There’s no doubt a psychological explanation—or perhaps even a case of the Mandela Effect (as odd as it is to say that given I said I’m not fond of two theories ago). The best one can say is that someone had read the article and years later recalled it when discussing it with someone, only to then claim it was in the US and was from the mid 2000s. How likely is this in practice? Probably not very, but it’s the only way I can rationalize it. That alone should speak volumes.

5. The entire thing was a hoax

This theory posits that the entire story—ever bit of it—was made up by someone to either screw with conspiracy theorists or to discredit the United States government. Both have their basis in reality; the former has been done to send people who are ardent believers of stories like this into a frenzy while the latter really takes little to no effort. In fact, you could say that it’s been done on a daily basis for the past century and a half.

Whether or not you agree, the burden of proof would rest upon those who claim this to be a real theory and as it stands, I can’t find anything. One can argue that the evidence rests on the Deep Web, but such an event like this would no doubt be more prominent given the prominence of school shootings in America nowadays. Exactly why this theory has never bubbled to the surface in some capacity is beyond me. Perhaps the government is that good at covering things up. Makes me wonder why they couldn’t keep Operation: Fast and Furious under wraps then.

My Take

As far as conspiracies go, the 2006 Volleyball Incident is one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve read. It’s quite interesting and brings up some points that could be food for thought in the way of psychological warfare. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth. To what extent can that fact be pushed then? How much that is said in the media is the truth? What is real and isn’t?

While some of that may be seen as nonsense and conspiracy talk, I think it’s something one should ask themselves at times. Given we live in a time when information can be sent around at such a high rate that we can receive a report that someone has opened fire at public area before we so much as know what color their pants are, is it not possible we could be lied to about what may have not happened? I’d say yes, it is possible. Everyone deep down has an agenda they want to push, so it stands to reason that someone we’re told to trust could push their own narrative in an attempt to have it advanced. That isn’t me trying to say that the Deep State is out to eat your babies and take your guns, that’s me trying my best to be realistic about human nature. So before anyone labels me a conspiracy theorist, just understand I don’t believe in most, if any at all.

With that said, I don’t think this particular theory is true. I think there are a few too many factors that require the US government to be competent to keep an event as big as this underwraps. They can almost never agree on a budget, so I’m skeptical of their ability to keep a school shooting/bombing under wraps. Who knows though, maybe they managed to accomplish this one thing without screwing it up.


I made an exception today to go ahead and cover a conspiracy theory for fun, especially since I had to delay Decemystery to March thanks to some real life stuff. While I may not be a believer in conspiracies, I think it’s always wise to keep an open mind to things like this. Blind trust can be a dangerous thing and let’s face, the government isn’t the most trustworthy entity on the planet. Boy, that statement is gonna get me in trouble from Google.

If I presented any misinformation, please let me know. Also, please don’t van me for this blog. I have so much to discuss regarding the Golf Rumors.


  1. Just doing research into the Conspiracy Theory Iceberg Wendigoon is covering, Thanks for you information on this.

    1. I recommend checking out the Megalist I did on conspiracies then! You may find that extremely useful. :)

  2. I also came from Wendigoon on youtube. lol there is little information on this and it's super interesting! I personally never heard of it before but I was only 11 in 2006 so not sure if I was paying the most attention to news, if it was ever on the news. I'm going to ask around see if any of my coworkers remember this event.

  3. I had to stop reading when the author wrote "anyone who spoke out about the truth of the incident was silenced in a tragic accident like Jeffrey Epstein." There was nothing tragic about Epstein's death. He was demonic pedophile that prayed on the young and weak. Calling his death tragic implies you feel for him. Maybe the author is a pedophile too?

    1. Ohh shut up, its a tragedy cause before his death he was set to oust many elites. if he didnt die then the public might know who he was in kahoots with.

    2. Massive reach to accuse an author of being a pedophile because of one single word they use

    3. I'm really late replying to this (I had a lot of health-related stuff go on in '22), but I wasn't being serious when I said that his death was "tragic". That bit was supposed to be sarcastic in nature, but I guess it wasn't conveyed all that well. Epstein was a horrible person and deserves to burn for all eternity. That said, I do think it's a serious tragedy that he didn't get to stand trial and oust those like him.

  4. Always interesting to see events such as these