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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mystery: The City in the Sky

Going up to the spirit in the sky (spirit in the sky!)

It's where I'm gonna go when I die (when I die!)

When I die and they lay me to rest, I'm gonna go to the place that's the best!

And that place is the City in the Sky.

First of all: let me get one thing out of the way. This is the sister series to Monday Mystery. It'll focus on, well, mysteries—though I want it to be a bit more focused on stranger ones and be much more lighthearted with its writing style. With that said, let's get to the mystery!

The Story

Our story takes place no too long ago—October of 2015. The location: China. The mystery… well, a city in the sky. Below are two images, one from 2015 and one that purports to be from 2017.

According to Chinese media, the first photo was supposedly seen by “hundreds” of eyewitnesses, though this number was later increased to “thousands”. The video was uploaded to YouTube and caused a fair bit of excitement and speculation. This was further fueled when another city was seen. However, beyond that, the history of the city in the sky is as short as the concept of Chinese democracy. To the best of my knowledge anyways. So, let's just get to the theories.


#1: It was a city from an alternate dimension/reality

The idea of other dimensions, realities, and universes crossing over with our own is nothing new. The Man From Taured is based almost entirely on this theory. How it works is peculiar, but it boils down to the two overlapping in some capacity, thus allowing entities from the two realities to see and interact with each other.

In the case of this city, it’d seem that rather than one person—or a handful of people—appearing and being capable of seeing our reality (and perhaps vice-versa), an entire city crossed over. Now exactly why this city was floating is up for debate, but the generally accepted theory is that this reality was perhaps in a steampunk era; their cities being held afloat by some sort of airborne technology.

Now as for how believable this theory is… that’s an entirely different story. Alternate realities are a very, very controversial topic. Some believe them to be real while others believe them to be complete and total hogwash. Whichever side of the aisle you fall on is entirely up to you.

#2: It was Project Blue Beam

I’ve dreaded the day that I’d get to this thing. It’s by far and away the most unfathomably stupid conspiracy theory I’ve ever read. Anyone who’s ever spoken to me has likely heard me rant about this conspiracy, so allow me to finally explain why.

Project Blue Beam (not to be confused with Project Blue Book) is a conspiracy that centers on a very odd idea. The Illuminati/New World Order are working on holographic technology. With this technology, they’ll simulate Armageddon from the final book of the Bible: Revelation. However, it will all be stopped by the second coming of Jesus. Only, it won’t really be Jesus. It will be the Antichrist. Fulfilling the prophecy of the Antichrist being beloved by all however, he will ascend as the leader of a One World Government and will rule over Earth.

This theory relies a lot on some seriously gullible people and whether or not you believe humanity to be that gullible is entirely on you. Nevertheless, Project Blue Beam has its roots in many, many different conspiracies. Four examples are:

The Moon is a hologram; the real Moon either being hidden by this holographic Moon because it’s either inhabited by aliens or was destroyed by them.

Saturn’s rings are holograms. The progenitor for this theory is the infamous David Icke: the father of the Reptilian theory.

Nibiru is being hidden by a hologram of something that isn’t exactly clear. Some will say the Moon is hiding Nibiru while others will say that the Sun or holographic version of space is.

The September 11th attacks were done via Project Blue Beam as tests. This theory states that the planes weren’t real and that it was controlled demolition. At this point, one has to wonder exactly what kind of “holograms” Project Blue Beam uses. I didn’t state this due to this one theory, but anyone who’s read Revelation should know for a fact that holograms wouldn’t exactly be able to simulate the entire thing. Especially given the wide scale destruction that Revelation speaks of. No level of false flag attacks would be able to replicate it whatsoever.

I digress however, that’s just some of the nonsense that Project Blue Beam is a part of. As was the scale in the 9/11 theory, this city is a test for how convincing it is. If you want to know more about Project Blue Beam, I suggest trying to find a rational video on the topic since the vast majority of them are jaw-droppingly absurd.

#3: It was aliens

Indeed, the aliens didn’t come with a mother ship, but rather with an entire city. Why? I don’t know. How? I don’t know. They just did and that’s enough for me to believe that the basis for this theory is founded upon the idea that aliens can transport their cities like they transport their UFOs so they can probe us. It’s not exactly the most sound theory in that regard, so let’s just move on.

#4: It was Heaven

This theory states that somehow, in some way, Heaven was visible to the naked eye. Now exactly why: I don’t know, but that’s a theme with many of the theories behind this city. If this theory is correct however, I hope that God’s covering for the medical bills for the angels. Especially if there are parts of Heaven over places like New York City and Los Angeles.

#5: It was ghosts

Somehow, this doesn’t connect to Heaven. This theory dictates that it was a ghostly city from times long since past. Perhaps a past Chinese dynasty. Exactly how they have skyscrapers is beyond me, but perhaps Purgatory is the equivalent to real life, only you’re dead. How it appeared however is an entirely different story. It's often believed that it takes a lot of energy for a ghost to appear. For a ghost city to appear should cause an extraordinarily large blackout. The fact it didn't is, to me, proof enough this theory isn't believable. Y'know, next to the idea of an entire ghost city.

#6: It was a real city that’s covered by a cloaking device and the aliens are already here so hide your kids; hide your wife

Okay, I’m cheating with this. There have been theories that extremely intelligent beings exist in the sky and are using cloaking technology to stay hidden. How we haven’t flown into them is beyond me, but perhaps the cloaking devices make them one dimensional or some asinine idea along those lines. This theory has its roots in many other conspiracies, such as Jesus Christ having been from the hollow Earth.

Exactly how these hyper intelligent beings are both below and above us is beyond me.

As for this entire theory: it’s bizarre and has no real basis beyond likely being a joke. So make of that what you will.

#7: It was a Fata Morgana

Basically: it was a mirage that appeared over the horizon. Here’s a diagram explaining it I found on Wikipedia since I can’t quite explain it myself.

The best I can do is that these are extremely compelling. Fata Morgana’s are believed to be behind the myth of the Flying Dutchman. I recommend Googling them since I genuinely don’t understand the science behind it. Mirages and the like aren't my field of expertise. Sorry!

My Take

I've heard many cases like the city in the sky. One of my favorites is a “second sun” that was seen in China. This was later proven to be ice particles in the atmosphere that caused an optical illusion. Despite this, there those who believed it to be the mythical Nibiru.

Just like that case, I don’t believe the hubbub here. I cannot with any ounce of good faith say that I believe this to be a real city—or some sort of parallel dimension that crossed with ours. As fascinating and even cool as it’d be to have that as a legitimate possibility, it opens up more holes than the collective bullet wounds from the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. To that end, I believe it was a mirage or an illusion.


The so-called “city in the sky” is a mystery that, to many, never existed. It’s a fascinating example of optical trickery and just how grandiose our planet is in its ways. That said, I know I cannot convince those that believe the enigmatic conspiracy known as Project Blue Beam was not the cause. Try as I may, I know it’ll be impossible. If you do believe that holograms were behind China’s cloud-based city, then more power to you. Just please, don’t call me a sheep. I’d prefer to be a ram.

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  1. Tyler "Bio" RodriguezMay 2, 2019 at 9:03 AM

    Theory 8, the plot to Bioshock Infinite was actually a loose retelling of a real life story, obscured for our safety!!! ...or it's a Fata Morgana. I'll stick with that... for now.