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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Decemystery 2019 Preview

Last December, I did a daily blog series called Decemystery. Although there were a few days I missed, I did ultimately conclude the month with a total of 32 mysteries. In hindsight. They're rather rough and could've been significantly better. Still, I'm proud of it and loved doing it.

That's why this year. in doing it again! Only this time, instead of 32 mysteries, I've got a collection of 75—I think. I could be wrong as my math talent is absolutely awful. I digress, the normal Decemystery is still 32 mysteries. The other 43 are gifts to some of my closest friends. This'll definitely hinder the progress of A World of Terror, however I still anticipate having the first entry released this year.

But Vertigo, you promise so much and never follow through with it! How can we know that this won't end up like that?

This is something that I've not been told, but rather that I repeatedly think about. Admittedly, I have more ideas than I can realistically handle. I'd argue that this entire series will be me compiling nearly every unused idea into one massive series, but that's besides the point. This blogpost alone will light a fire under me to make sure I don't ignore it. Stress level be damned!

Now then: allow me to show you some of what will be in store this December!

With last year's Decemystery, there was a much bigger focus on disappearances and deaths; aliens sprinkled in-between with some internet weirdness. This year, I decided to spread out the mysteries more; a much greater emphasis on variety. Here are three to showcase that.

The first example is, which will be a mystery very early on. This is something I've wanted to write about since early in the year. was a website that was taken down by the FBI itself for reasons that remain unknown. The website was nothing but a page that read “mortis” and had a login prompt if you clicked a certain area. It was also discovered that the website housed hundreds of terabytes of data.

The second example is The Waco Siege, which will be a mystery we cover around the middle of the month. One thing I've been wanting to do is not restrict the mystery choice to merely one disappearance or myopic aspect of a larger mystery. I did this last year with the Georgia Guidestones, which had the mystery of who built them and what their purpose was. I feel I didn't cover both in an adequate manner.

As such, I'll attempt to amend that and the first example will be with infamous Waco Siege. It's here that notorious false prophet (among many other things) David Koresh met his demise after a long, tense standoff with FBI agents. However, there are many unanswered questions surrounding the siege. Easily the two most prominent are:

Who shot first?

Who started the fire that claimed Koresh and his followers?

This type of entry will be vastly different from the others in many aspects structurally. It will contain significantly more background to the major players and events. Where as the normal mysteries will out the mystery at the forefront and go from there, entries like Waco (of which there are three; there is one that precedes Waco, but it won't be like this one in any way, shape, or form) will put the events, individuals involved, and the aforementioned major players first before the mystery.

I ultimately opted for mysteries like this as both a way of showing variety in how mysteries can surround events that are historical. Whether or not their explanation is mundane however… that's another story.

Moving on though, the third and final example is one that keeps in with the theme of last year's Giant Shrimp entry: The Georgia Raptor.

Living dinosaurs… is something that I've wanted to cover, but never have found the time to devote to it because many of the alleged sightings are often hogwash. Mokele Mbembe comes to mind—his Hollywood debut in this year's Godzilla: King of the Monsters notwithstanding.

However, I've finally found time to cover it with this little mystery. The Georgia Raptor is a mystery that centers on a supposed living raptor in the state of Georgia. It also comes with the added mystery of the alleged Velociraptor having feathers. That, plus the raptor not eating the witnesses, will all be covered.

Now, those three and 29 other mysteries are all planned. I've got them lined up and ready to write. The real fun however comes with the 43 gifts. It's there that some of the more famous, well-known, and exciting entries like. I'll showcase 4 of them, but not tell who the mysteries belong to.

The first is on the Wendigo. The friend that this gift will go to knows who she is and will likely be excited to know that this won't just stop at the Wendigo in the way of YouTube Scary Story video stars I'll cover.

The Wendigo is a creature of legend and is easily one of the most terrifying things I've ever heard of. While I firmly believe that reality is scarier than any work of fiction, the Wendigo is an exception to that rule. Described as a tall, lanky figure that has no pity or remorse for its victims, the Wendigo is said to reside within forests, along with the Goatman and the Skinwalker.

Both of those will be covered alongside the Wendigo for the sake of separating the three in the way of their size, build, and powers. This'll be done as the Wendigo is very closely related to the Goatman and Skinwalker and I find it imperative that they all be covered so one understands the differences.

The second example is the classic legend and mystery of King Arthur!

The friend that requested really deserves more than just a write-up gift and there is a chance I'll get him something other than simply this. I digress though, the story of King Arthur is one of my favorites. Whoso pulleth out this sword from this stone, is right wise King born of all England…

Yet I never thought to write about it. Ever. Why, I don't know. To my friend: I'm deeply appreciative for you having suggested this.

King Arthur's story is one that'll be a bit tricky to cover as it's expansive. In the way of what I'll cover. I may opt to simply focus on the question as to whether or not the man himself was real as opposed to him, Merlin, The Knights of the Round Table and other tales. However, that's subject to change. I may choose to cover them in subsections.

The third is one that I'm as eager to write about as I am daunted. It's on The Controversies and Mysteries Surrounding the Church of Scientology.

If you're unfamiliar with the Church of Scientology, it's a can of worms that's best described as a cult that masquerades as a legitimate religion. That alone may get me threatening phone calls from them telling me to back off, but I'm nothing if not ambitious in my endeavors.

This gift will cover everything I can feasibly cover without having to do my own investigating and I'm not about to fully investigate Scientology. Besides them being more than a little prone to doing everything they can to destroy one's life, I'd also like to live to do these write-ups before I have a “tragic accident”.

As for what to expect in the way of content in the blog, I'll let what I have written of the entry speak for me:

I'll be putting on display everything I can find related to their criminal acts. Extortion, conspiracy, fraud, endangerment of the ill and handicapped, physical and mental abuse, and potentially even murder.

The entry will be very rapid fire after giving a brief background to the church's history. It'll also be one of a fair number to have a coauthor.

The fourth and final is the legendary Exorcism of Annelise Michel.

The real-life Exorcist. The story that inspired the Scott Derrickson film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Annelise Michel's exorcism is a story that's widely regarded as the exorcism and it's hotly debated as to whether or not she was truly possessed or merely suffering from a mental illness.

This mystery will rondout the gifts and will cover both the mystery of her being possessed and a second aspect that'll be much more serious and even a bit controversial.

The nature of exorcisms and whether or not they're truly effective on humans.

These are but 7 of a grand total of 75 mysteries I'll be covering in December. To make that a more round number, three others are Atlantis, the Zodiac, and the USS Cyclops. All of that and much, much more! Now then, lemme cover two points for… well, my own sake.

How will I release these Christmas gift entries?

This is something I've been contemplating. More than likely. I'll release them in small batches over the course of the day. Or I'll schedule them to be posted over the day. I'll decide at a later date. Maybe I'll post an update on this or maybe I'll surprise you guys.

So how can I promise this will actually be done by December?

Well, to be truthful, I can't promise the regular Decemystery will be done. My top priority is the gifts, followed by the earlier normal Decemystery entries to get the month going. I've actually laid out the month this year as opposed to picking at random like last year.

To minimize this, I've begun writing now and hope to have a fair chunk of this ready by December 1st. I do promise that, at the absolute least, some of it will be done. If there are days where there isn't a post, I'll amend for that by doing two posts the following day. As stated before, however, my top priority is the gifts I've got planned for my friends. If this affects the normal Decemystery too much, then I'll simply carry it over into January and we'll pretend that we're stuck in Groundhog Day.

With that said, I hope you'll all enjoy this year's Decemystery when it arrives. I've had a rough, arduous year that's kicked me time and again, but things are on the upswing. Life's looking genuinely good. I want to share that with you through the excitement that the unknown can provide. There's a comfort to be found in what we don't know. Hope you'll join me!

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  1. Tyler "Bio" RodriguezSeptember 18, 2019 at 9:03 PM

    You can do it man. I'm very excited to see this all come out piece by piece. Kick ass!